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Czech Republic Phoenixor 
Hello. So just out of curiosity... I was offered a job in birmingham 35-40K year salary. I will probably pass on that since im quite well payed here in Czech republic. Its not that much... Basically half of that... but its nice here, peacefull, no muslims and its fuckin cheap to live here... But i was wondering what if I would go for it ? How living expenses in Birmingham ? Would i make it with 35-40K year ? I honestly have no idea how expensive is to live there.... Can somebody enlighten me please ?
2017-05-01 18:49
2017-05-01 19:16
2017-05-01 19:16
Denmark chrkloster 
If you don't like muslims, I would not suggest you living in Birmingham xD
2017-05-01 19:23
2017-05-01 19:31
Belgium Gaza 
doing what? I'm from Portugal, just moved to the UK, you should hurry up, they are closing the borders
2017-05-01 19:25
Don't do it lol, England is the land of stupidity
2017-05-01 19:27
35-40K/year? You need a real job.
2017-05-01 19:30
Yugoslavia pentatop1 
ez deport after uk leaves the eu
2017-05-01 19:33
Birmingham is one of the worst cities to live in england imo
2017-05-01 19:34
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