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that's hot
2017-05-06 00:40
lmao it is actually
2017-05-06 01:01
Well this was inevitable, wasn't it...
2017-05-06 00:46
absolutly, those female-only tournamnt are pure cancer and brings this kind of shiit. First, some braindead grill claiming big prizepool/salary comparing themself to top players/team... now this... Counter Strike is sexfree, it's like poker. You only have to be good.
2017-05-08 10:52
Portugal dascouves
2017-05-06 00:46
wow, that's gonna stir up some shit, but then again saying males have no advantage over females in cs would be an insult to all the female pros
2017-05-06 00:50
JUGi | 
Denmark Khongen
if esl choose to let them play, she may get penalized from future events for those opinions. team secret should make her delete those tweets lmao.
2017-05-06 00:58
i mean it's pretty fucking obvious male players are better than female players, if biology isn't the reason then why the fuck is there not a single top level female player?
2017-05-06 01:17
I'm not sure if there's biological reasons, afaik haven't at least seen anything concrete. However the amount of female players is very minimal, combined with the fact that all of the decent female players choose to compete in female-only teams/tournaments pretty much seals the deal. If there were no female-only competition, I'm quite sure we would see a couple of females playing in tier 3 and upwards. It's just that when they decide to compete at a significantly lower level they won't get that much better either.
2017-05-06 01:29
Yea it's a good point that there are actually so little amount of grills who actually play the game. And even less who take it seriously, not being sjw, just think about it
2017-05-06 01:46
Males actually tend to have better fine motor skills, spatial intelligence (ability to visualize and see things in 3-Dimensional space), and reaction speeds than women. This is probably having to do with evolutionary adaptations that led men to do more of the grunt work while women focused more on child-bearing and other related tasks. I'd say these along with other social factors (stigma, etc.) are the reasons why men dominate a lot of gaming venues, particularly FPS games. The thing is, women are still allowed to play in these big tournaments, but more often than not, they cannot play at the same level. And yes, perhaps the best EU female team can beat an all-male asian team, but since tournaments are usually done based on regional qualifiers, the female team has to fight for the spots. It's still equality, meaning equal opportunity. I think if they really want equality and to remove the "male vs female" types of teams, organizations should drop female-only competitions. This makes it more of a "coed" type environment and it opens up people's mentality towards mixing genders or having female players play in large tournaments. However, I personally predict that it will still be stratified because of more biological barriers that will be hard to overcome, save for some exceptions.
2017-05-06 06:58
in no game can females compete with males, theres 1 female pro street fighter player that has gone up against male pros but that is the only game, transgenders are much more common and still maintain the male advantage theres trans pros in SF, LoL, dota, starcraft and cs
2017-05-06 07:22
Honestly, it really is unfortunate, but that's why we have things put in for equity. We put in female-only tournaments to cater to the fact that women in general are simply physiologically unable to compete with men in games. (just a note, equity means giving certain groups an advantage so that they can have the same things other groups do. Just search "equity" on google images and it should explain it well).
2017-05-07 23:10
Korea xtkjdtr01
Never heard about trans dota plsyers tbh
2017-05-07 23:18
That's a very nice post. I wonder if it's the same in Dota and LoL. It probably is. They have much larger player base, don't they? So there should be a few more female pro players coming out? Also I'd say they require a tiny bit less fast reaction than csgo (not trying to say it's not needed for Dota but I think 10ms play a bit less of a role than in csgo). But we don't see any mixed teams or teams with like 1 female player either in Dota/LoL right? Quite a shame.
2017-05-06 13:04
Yeah. when I see players like Juliano who are honestly able to compete at tier 3 EU/tier 2 NA minimum who don't join or attempt to form coed teams, I can't help but feel it's a shame. I think other dynamics organizations factor in is the fact that a lot of the players are essentially boys. Sure older players such as the members of VP are able to be professional about it, but if you have young adult/upper teenage players (which is the main demographic of professional CS), it will be very stressful and difficult for organizations to manage.
2017-05-07 23:16
That's a very good point actually!
2017-05-08 01:34
Germany Rubixx
2017-05-08 11:30
Germany Rubixx
Had to log in for this If you check some statistischen you will See that women haven fasten reaction time than Men on average due to the fact that the their brains are smaller so the Signal transfers faster + the difference in logical thinking and 3D visualisation is a hoax the differences are at a young age (pre 10-12 ) Source: I study psychology and well look it up
2017-05-08 11:29
Could you link some research articles? Would be really interested.
2017-05-08 14:05
Germany Rubixx
i will research some later on but the reaction time is just simple physics/biology our eye + brain is connected through nerves the shorter the ways the faster the information goes from a to b girls have smaller brains and smaller bodys so they have a better potentional for fast reaction times problem is: boys train it more due to their interests so in most of the studys done the boys are better on average (sorry if i said it wrong before) but girls have a better potentional
2017-05-08 14:50
Thanks! Would be great to get some credible links articles from someone in psychology who knows the properly peer-reviewed ones. I know about basic neuro-biology ;-) But the signals travel at speed of light, and I doubt there is some significant delay in each neuron it passes, or is there? It cannot only be about distance (brain size) since if a signal travels 2cm at speed of light or 1.7cm doesn't matter at all (probably below nanoseconds delay, speed of light is ~300'000km/s).
2017-05-08 17:14
Germany Rubixx
ill have to redo my statement it seems as if men and woman have the same logical thinking abilities buut men are spread further the go lower in the lower scores and higher in the higher ones so on average they score the same in 3d visualisatuon men outdo women in most studys and dont in some others if the object is becoming more complicated that one has to rotate men do better + if it moves (although there are not a lot of studies on that subject) i will message my prof in order to get more information and newe studys since he used one from 2004 if you want to check it out pm me or google harper 2004 to the reflexes i am looking into that aswell and will answer at wednesday i am sorry - it takes some time to research and since my gf is visiting me this week i dont have 2 much time hope i get us some answers cause its a really interesting subject :) on the other part women do score higher in communication which could give them an advantage :)
2017-05-15 11:00
Cool, thanks! I couldn't find anything relevant by googling "harper 2004" (seems like there are too many Harpers!). Looking forward to some articles :-)
2017-05-18 01:20
So I wanted to look into this more and a paper suggested that even though theoretically women should have faster reflex speed because of the shorter relay, women have slower reflexes due to the way information being processed in the brain being different. It may be the transit between the stimulus and the output. But Men do have faster reflexes than women and not just because they train it more.
2017-05-12 21:32
Germany Rubixx
can you send me the paper i would love to look into it! cool thing you checked it out i am currently researchjng it a bit by myself cause it confused me but i dont have much time :)
2017-05-15 11:01
oh wow didn't know that. I remember being told that men have faster reaction speed. The question is, is this a difference in reaction speed to certain things or is it general? Also, just for clarification, I assume you don't mean a shorter reflex pathway right? Also to add more as a "devil's advocate" kind of thing, length of the pathway isn't necessarily what determines the speed either though. Wouldn't you also have to look at the particular membrane potentials, myelination, neurotransmitter levels, etc. to determine reaction speed?
2017-05-12 21:26
female teams play in non-female tourneys quite often and they get fucked every time
2017-05-06 12:55
because there are way more guys who play this game than girls... (and more guys take it more seriously) are you really that stupid to not think of that?? there AREN'T biological reasons ffs
2017-05-08 07:44
Finland Slyp3
there is. Men have better eye-hand coordination and motor skills.
2017-05-08 08:08
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
There actually are biological reasons, do some research before trying to pass off your opinion as a matter of fact.
2017-05-08 10:08
Brazil adre221
Because they don`t commit enough, see SK for an example. They faced multiple obstacles to become the world`s best team, there was a time they didn`t even had beds to sleep, but they never gave up, they work hard everyday, creates strats, etc. That`s real commitment, and that`s what makes top players. Now there is those lazy fucks female players who wants to win thousands of dollars while playing like shit and not working hard at all just because they are female. If a female player commited into the game as much as a male player, she could be a top player. But they want things the easy way. You don`t become a pro for sitting on your ass and wanting to earn money because of your gender.
2017-05-08 09:21
+1 most Brazilian I met at oversea are hardworking
2017-05-08 17:18
she is 100% right lol
2017-05-06 01:17
Kazakhstan kanjargo She thinks males have advantage over female, this is why they cant even beat tier5 not cuz they dont even know basic cs LUL
2017-05-06 01:24
She is right to a point, men have advantages and obviously women make their own erros. She is right about the transgender thing. You shouldn't be able to entry a female exclusive league just because you say you feel like a woman.
2017-05-06 01:29
how have men any advantage please? why should she be right with the transgender thing? you shitty leftists wanted all that, now you will have to accept it. i love it when it backfires as always to you shitty "people".
2017-05-06 03:18
Didn't make that clear enough and should have said that I think men have advantages, there is not much proof out there yet. e.g. She doesn't want the transgender team in the female only league and I think so aswell. If I (a male) go to ESL and want to join a female league with my team (5 males) and demand entry because we feel like females, thats just stupid! There are 2 genders and if a league has a rule where only 1 gender can enter and you are from the other gender you shouldn't be able to enter. I don't know if you're just baiting me...I would be considered an Alt-Right nazi by most leftist and I'm quite the opposite of a leftist ;)
2017-05-06 03:37
men have faster reaction times, are more competitive and are more likely to play video games. Enough advantages to get to the top of cs
2017-05-06 07:24
reaction is the least that you need to play competitive cs. "more competitive" can vary at any gender. saying they're less competitive can not be a serious argument. also your third one is kinda funny... i mean... they already play... so how can you bring up such a dumb argument?
2017-05-06 07:31
"how have men any advantage please?" How is reaction the least thing you need? If you can't react quick enough you'll be dead before you shoot back. What do you mean "more competitive" can vary are you retarded?
2017-05-06 07:33
There's faster reaction times, faster neuromuscular relays, overall better spatial intelligence (ability to see 3 dimensional space), better kinetic vision, etc. Men also generally have more individuals that have a high drive for competitive gaming versus women. there's a whole list of factors that can explain why men dominate gaming industry more than women.
2017-05-07 23:12
..every fucking human can have ´the same reaction depends on the training ffs
2017-05-08 07:46
Finland Slyp3
But men "are born" with better one....
2017-05-08 08:09
Denmark Notallama
Well that's just simply a lie
2017-05-08 10:18
Finland Slyp3
Men have better reflex by far. Avarage wise
2017-05-08 10:24
Denmark Notallama
Well yeah, in average. And not by a large margin. It mostly has to do with the fact that women are smaller than men. But saying men are "born with better reflexes" in general, is very far from the truth.
2017-05-08 10:26
Finland Slyp3
Hence ""
2017-05-08 10:32
Denmark Notallama
What exactly are those quotation marks supposed to tell?
2017-05-08 10:35
Finland Slyp3
Not exactly born but you know it just is as it is
2017-05-08 10:40
Denmark Notallama
It's not even true by a large margin, so how is that a fact?
2017-05-08 11:04
men have naturally better reaction times ffs
2017-05-08 15:20
look at that emotional leftism overridden by hypocrisy as soon as she realises her privileges are under threat. like every leftist ever.
2017-05-06 03:07
haha +1!!
2017-05-08 10:26
vilga is mai new waifu she didn't drink the kool-aid
2017-05-06 05:31
she thinks women are naturally inferior to men in csgo without any proof (who knows?). so women should get their own csgo comps even though no one watches female csgo. so that she can continue to earn money for having a pair of tits. she thinks transwomen shouldn't be able to participate though. cuz that means some man-woman-thing might out compete her for her undeserved winnings. snakes with tits.
2017-05-06 05:37
Now, on a more serious note She is not wrong. Men have, on average, better reflexes and are more adept at tactical thinking, plus a few other factors that are genuinely important to competitive video-games in general. That's provable, too. It's a bit sad to see that her statement has become quite controversial, mostly due to the "EQUALITY AT ALL COSTS - GIRLS ARE INHERENTLY JUST AS GOOD AS BOYS PRETTY MUCH" mentality of the 2010s (resulting in absurdities like "FEMALE TEAMS DESERVE INVITES EVEN WHEN THEY CAN'T BEAT TIER 666 TEAMS"). I like vilga's mindset here (assuming she isn't being hypocritical and is consistent in her beliefs) - Women and Men have, in general, different aptitudes and that is made clear in competitive environments.
2017-05-06 05:59
nt transphobe. your time is coming soon.
2017-05-06 06:03
Regardless of my personal opinion about transgendered individuals, when it comes to competitive sports, due to biological factors, their presence will always be unbalanced (In case of MTF, for example, trans person will be "stronger" than a female and "weaker" than a male). Fallon Fox would be the textbook example.
2017-05-06 06:20
vilga (and every social liberal ever): yeee you go girl! you should be able to call yourself nancy and declare yourself a woman and everyone should be forced to pretend you are one too! just don't enter woman only competitions because i might lose muh money.
2017-05-06 06:11
i don't get why you're going mad at her. She says trans are still males biologically. That usually ends you up in transphobe gulag in the liberal world.
2017-05-08 06:12
ofc transgenders they are still the same sex they were born with genetically, unless they are intersex. it's bullshit to say transgenders are the same as the gender they change into, and then try to make an exception. either they are or they aren't. she will just say anything to get free money for being a woman.
2017-05-08 07:26
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
You say "who knows?" as if there isn't scientific studies into this shit. Spend 10 minutes googling this subject and you'll see countless studies into the male advantages over women in skills that translate directly to gaming.
2017-05-08 10:12
yeah i don't actually give shit about whether it's their genes that make them shit or not. it's a moot point. which you missed.
2017-05-08 10:32
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
How is it a moot point? Obviously if there is a scientific male advantage, then why should transexual people (Males) be able to play in female only tournaments?
2017-05-08 12:13
it's a moot point because no one has definitively proven whether women are worse at games than men. and these competitions are not held on the basis of merit, otherwise there would be no female competitions anyway since they're all garbage and no one wants to watch female csgo. it's a special olympics competition held so CSGO can be seen to be diverse and sponsors can be seen to be good SJWs. so i don't see how they can have a female tournament for the sake of women, and then either not have yet another tournament for transgender or let them play in the women's one. see what happens when you follow SJW (il)logic?
2017-05-08 13:03
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
it's a moot point because no one has definitively proven whether women are worse at games than men. It's as definitively proven as women aren't as good at MMA than men. and these competitions are not held on the basis of merit, otherwise there would be no female competitions anyway since they're all garbage and no one wants to watch female csgo. As much merit as Womens Tennis. Don't get me wrong, I don't watch either, but it's fair to women to get their own tournaments. it's a special olympics competition held so CSGO can be seen to be diverse and sponsors can be seen to be good SJWs. Maybe so... Personally I can't see any other reason, it's not like it get's enough viewers to justify hosting a female tournament. so i don't see how they can have a female tournament for the sake of women, and then either not have yet another tournament for transgender or let them play in the women's one. Well this is back to point A, every gene in the transgenders body is male (if they were born male). Their brain too functions like a mans, so obviously they would have an unfair advantage and ruin any integrity within the female e-sports. It's like if Brock Lesnar came out as a girl, and had all the necessary operations... would you let him go and fight women? Ofcourse not, he will obviously be far stronger than them.
2017-05-08 14:52
i don't want to continue on this tangent. but transgenders already fight in mma. some dude mentioned fallon fox fighting as a woman. also semenya is intersex and competes as a woman in the olympics. so even competitions like the olympics blur the rules about such things.
2017-05-08 15:38
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
Which I hope we can both agree is retarded? :)
2017-05-08 16:31
yup it's retarded
2017-05-08 16:53
Finland kelvinha
t h e b a s i c s
2017-05-08 01:55
Europe ROMAG
Woman can't work together, they try kill eachpther when they play
2017-05-08 03:26
But she's right
2017-05-06 02:07
lul compare her twitter ava to actual photos LUL fak she looks dreadful
2017-05-06 02:22
shes sexist
2017-05-06 03:19
i think she's right
2017-05-06 03:41
hahahah funny how they are mad now when its the other one way around hahaha, why is there even female only tournaments to begin with when theres no male only tournaments LOOL
2017-05-06 13:03
wait, she is saying that women aren't as capable as men? rofl
2017-05-08 03:12
DAMN that bitch is retarded..."physical advantage" are you fucking kidding me!??!...ffs
2017-05-08 07:42
Finland Slyp3
there is phsyical advantage lol. Gotta love 2k17 where people dont accept that men are superior physically lol
2017-05-08 08:12 She has the right to be mad tho, in regular sports this happens too.
2017-05-08 10:11
her team lost to mix of some polski faceit level 10s in PGL minor qualifier ofc she is mad she wants to play only against girls lul
2017-05-08 15:41
xddddddddddddd i wanna die
2017-05-06 00:55
dude btw im super_men and i wanna share how many accounts ive got ip banned LUL all of them are 10 year ip banned spread out on different ip's :)
2017-05-06 01:04
that's what happens when you are not HLTV VIP PRO DIAMOND TRANS™ member
2017-05-06 01:05
btw just got ip banned like 3 min ago, but i checked if any admins were online and none were.. (look at his friend section)
2017-05-06 01:06
dw my comment got deleted as well lmao
2017-05-06 01:07
please sign my profile
2017-05-06 03:39
are these shemales or what? wtf, shemale cs go
2017-05-06 01:05
they're shemale pornstars
2017-05-06 01:12
2017-05-06 01:06
It's so fucking satisfying to see the leftist scum tilting.
2017-05-06 01:09
retard lol, these are trolls trolling the whores who play female only cs
2017-05-08 02:44
Are you sure you know who I was talking about? Retarded
2017-05-08 05:36
2017-05-08 11:35
Turkey Anatoray
Lol I am dying. GJ ESL THERE ARE ONLY 2 GENDERS!!! If you claim that there are more than 2 genders, you are a fuckin idiot. (sorry for insulting idiot people since they are better than this brainless fags)
2017-05-06 01:12
2017-05-06 03:29
Turkey Anatoray
mad liberal is mad
2017-05-06 13:47
2017-05-08 09:37
im gonna become a "female" pro player and get that easy prize money
2017-05-06 01:10
Croatia mds818
this is fake as fuck
2017-05-06 01:11
Brazil coachdag3x
2017-05-06 01:15
this is outrageous. my blood is boiling.
2017-05-06 01:15
2017-05-06 07:54
Azylu | 
New Zealand Azylu
brb hitting up Forever 21
2017-05-06 01:17
Kazakhstan kanjargo
This is how they looks HAHAHAHAHAHAH
2017-05-06 01:18
I swear the first bloke is just taking a pic with fake hair before a costume party
2017-05-06 01:23
ESL is right on this. Men cannot be women, and Women cannot be men. Its just a fact. TY ESL
2017-05-06 01:22
Finland Jonzu95
That's a pretty shit fact considering there's already shit-tons of people who have changed their genders, including their genitals.
2017-05-06 01:27
Sorry, Men and Women don't have the same reproductive organs. Example, Men don't have ovaries even after they mutilate themselves. You can call yourself anything you want. I don't really care it doesn't affect my life, but it doesn't change the fact that you were born either Male or Female.
2017-05-06 01:33
Algeria mohamed27
u are right god create man and women only get rekt Jonzu95
2017-05-06 01:49
thanks mr mohamed
2017-05-06 01:51
Finland Jonzu95
>god created stopped reading right there, get brainwashed m8.
2017-05-06 03:02
DONT TELL ME WHAT GENDER I AM I DECIDE WHAT GENDER I AM I HATE YOU For real, I read some of posts and I agree with her and your posts, actually quite surprised and proud of her comments :o
2017-05-06 01:54
She's just saying it so guys don't win the EZ money.
2017-05-06 01:59
Sweden Trojka03
He's an American, he doesn't know better, his country has just regressed back to the 80's. Don't be too hard on him.
2017-05-06 13:20
2017-05-08 07:37
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
Would gluing a horn to my head make me a unicorn?
2017-05-08 10:16
Finland Jonzu95
Of course. You can be anything you want. Especially a deadly attack helicopter.
2017-05-08 15:32
+ i agree mr Trump
2017-05-08 02:53
Does it mean that they will banned Scream? XD
2017-05-06 01:44
2017-05-06 02:10
will banned....
2017-05-06 13:54
Does it mean that they will banned Scream? XD
2017-05-06 18:28
Does it mean that they will banned Scream? XD
2017-05-08 07:35
Does it mean that they will banned Scream? XD
2017-05-08 16:50
they know that if a tranny comes through he will dominate the female scene with his obsene penis
2017-05-06 01:54
lmao i wanna see that happen
2017-05-06 03:20
she is not that cute but she is right
2017-05-06 02:13
so RIP JULIANO i guess..
2017-05-06 02:27
2017-05-06 03:22
What i love about this is that shitty feminist are going to cry while ignoring that the fact there is a female only tournament is already sexist.
2017-05-06 03:23
*popcorn time*
2017-05-06 03:37
Denmark mikey4320
2017 is fun
2017-05-06 03:30
fake news
2017-05-06 03:32
at AnyKey we believe in a policy of “you are who you say you are.” T wow this statement is total cancer if you got a dick you are a male. if you got a vagina you are a female. goddamn how hard can it be. i'm glad they got rejected. if we assume that males got better reflexes trough biology or testosterone what not it would be unfair for people who lie about their sex to join a female only competition.
2017-05-06 03:36
there are no differences between genders gender is just a social construct you are a bigot, sexist and probably racist too reported
2017-05-06 03:43
and you are a pussyyyy
2017-05-06 12:40
No difference?! I'm guessing you didn't attend biology lessons at school...
2017-05-08 09:40
are you some kind of dumbass?
2017-05-08 16:25
So if I say I sexually identify myself as a potato, I am a potato?
2017-05-08 16:39
very funny
2017-05-08 16:42
No I am serious, why is there no Potato CS:GO tournaments? I find this offensively sexist.
2017-05-08 16:43
you should talk to ESL about that, not me
2017-05-08 16:47
A dumbass for believing science and facts??
2017-05-08 17:12
science and facts lul ye if you were born during the 1930s smoking was healthy back then also
2017-05-08 17:15
are you denying biological differences between males and females? this question is for the record
2017-05-08 21:02
Am I being trolled? I certainly hope so...
2017-05-09 00:02
cant you kids ever think past dicks and vaginas
2017-05-09 02:43
testosterone and oestrogene also exists
2017-05-09 06:58
2017-05-09 10:57
Brazil adre221
women having way more opportunities on cs while doing much less is already outrageous for me, so sneaking up some men in those shitty tournaments to end their party would be freaking hilarious.
2017-05-08 09:32
All in trannys ahhahaha
2017-05-06 03:38
second bump this is pure gold female cs gonna have to chose between easy money and political correctness pure yoy
2017-05-06 03:41
This news is fake and you bore me to death with all that lower minded sexual confused bullshit about Transgenders and Homosexuality as if you guys couldn't think about anything else anymore. This whole shit insults my mind day by day. Some of you are responsible that this generation is the most lost and mindless ever existed and my job is first done when all evil living is punished forever and separated from the good. Means when it's about hell and heaven. Seriously every fucking day those mindfucking low mind topics which are a insult and shame for every godly and blessed mind. There were times a word like Transgender didn't even had a meaning. This is just sad and disappointing how weak humanity became. You guys are a creation of the highest and act like a creation of the lowest. This only shows how meaningless, weak and lost you become when god lets you fall and how much gods holy mind and power would be needed in some of your lost minds to bring you back on course again.
2017-05-06 03:53
The prince has spoken
2017-05-06 03:57
It's some mentally ill dude who broke out of some monastery. Also known as erwin-X. Since years he's already writing weird fucked up "I'm God's blessed child" comments but since everyone on HLTV acts like a crazy moron nobody realizes that this guy is actually for real.
2017-05-08 02:12
trannies have always existed
2017-05-06 12:59
+1 Speak it!
2017-05-08 10:30
How long before the liberal cuck brigade come in and force female tournaments to accept transwomen? Surely feminist politically correct morally upstanding people can't allow such exclusionary practices in the 21st century? This is 2017! BURN THE TERFS AND BIGOTS! Accept trans now!!!!!!!!! #FREETHEGIRLS! #NOTOTRANSPHOBIA! Is there a campaign on leftist Reddit about this?
2017-05-06 03:58
3rd is fuckable
2017-05-06 13:54
Brazil adre221
Those guys just checkmated them hard LUL
2017-05-08 09:34
Portugal dracø
It's all fun and games until they see their free shit being taken away from them. There are no proof that females < males in video games. But even if this is true, I'm pretty sure that those differences don't make them unable use set plays with smokes, trade efficiently and all the basic things that make teams function. Whenever I see a female game they are fucking lost in the map 95% of the time.
2017-05-06 06:15
Brazil adre221
I`m very glad those guys checkmated those lazy cunts, I was already tired of this sexist bullshit. Their party is over, no more winning thousands of money with no commitment at all because you got a pair of tits. Well, I guess it`s time to buy a wig, wreck some females and get some easy money lol
2017-05-08 09:37
fucking stupid sjw nazis
2017-05-06 12:52
goood, fuck this retards, they should be in mental hospital without windows and handles in doors
2017-05-06 12:54
SJW brains melting when its suddenly the other way around, not so funny now when guys identify as females and play in their "female only" tournaments LOL
2017-05-06 13:05
also funny as always reading the fucking retarded feminazis "I think its important to note the reason that all-women tourneys exist: It isnt because women are less capable of pro play. Its because they face multiple barriers to competing professionally that men dont. Trans women experience these barriers too." Once again blaiming everything on male opression and gender inequality as the only reason why they cant play in the big tournaments hahahahah
2017-05-06 13:07
AHAHAHAHA pure yoy video games was like the only world where sex didn't matter and only pure results. any female team can go to any qualifier and go for the #1 spot but if they get beaten then the patriarchy is working again xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2017-05-06 13:50
Brazil adre221
You can`t be political correct when your privilage is at risk.
2017-05-08 09:39
Spain rezpekfull
that is good I think transgenders should be banned from earth too
2017-05-06 13:08
" HLTV_respectful_user" atleast stick to your name.
2017-05-08 01:37
ok sorry I won't do it again
2017-05-08 01:38
no trannys on HLTV, just autists you're good HLTV_respectful_user
2017-05-08 02:31
Actually hilarious, transgender teams would probably dominate the "female" scene and the current females are aware of it and doesn't want to give up on their gender privileges. For once I can support "you are whatever gender you wish to be".
2017-05-06 13:13
I sexually identify as your mother. Do you support that?
2017-05-08 16:41
Are you rich? Because that's going to determine my answer.
2017-05-08 17:09
Define rich ;)
2017-05-08 17:12
Enough dispensable currency to buy me a Supra!
2017-05-08 17:14
Yes, three times over in fact.
2017-05-08 17:16
Congrats you may now identify yourself as my mother sexually or even better, biologically.
2017-05-08 17:18
Okay son, first order of business. Clean your room, do the dishes and go get my groceries and put them in the refridgerator.
2017-05-08 17:19
Sure mom, I'm just going to take this paint screenshot to a law firm first, just in case you would happen to be in an accident during the upcoming days. Love you <3
2017-05-08 17:22
Looks like I didn't raise a retard. I'm proud of you ;)
2017-05-08 17:23
Wow, those prize pools for female tournaments. Certainly seems to need more budget to encourage more males into becoming transgenders.
2017-05-06 14:04
hltv should make its own transgender team.
2017-05-07 23:19
Finland kelvinha
2017-05-08 01:55
Norway SimonRed
if they can document that they are no longer male but legaly female its gg ez for ESL I guess <3
2017-05-08 01:47
Oh noes, some cunt is mad about someone taking her undeserved privilege away which she received using a contradicting and wrong concept of "gender equality". This is pure comedy gold.
2017-05-08 02:16
I actually meant Vilga (from the twitter link above), but this statement actually goes for both (the transgender dude and Vilga).
2017-05-08 03:22
The world was better off without transgenders, feminists, BLM, cucks and leftist autists.
2017-05-08 16:42
You can tell when a transsexual is a piece of shit because all they talk about is "the LGBT (etc.) community" and how everything done to them is a spite against it. Legitimate transgenders that want to live a normal and peaceful life as the sex they feel they should have been oppose this community and its abhorrent beliefs.
2017-05-08 02:37
gr8 troll guys, hope ESL gets sued for discrimination haha death to female CS
2017-05-08 02:49
esl did the right thing
2017-05-08 02:59
thank you esl this is fucking hilarious.
2017-05-08 03:14
is that timthetatman on the right?
2017-05-08 07:23
oh god this vilga is stupid :D expected from tier99999 grill gamer she is basically saying that females suck and male players are way better and she is scared that male LEM-ranked trolls will come and win their fe only tourneys but no, she cant say it out loud as she doesnt want to admit that males are better than females "not better but different" L U L
2017-05-08 09:47
imagine her saying men > women in cyber sport she would have lost all her female fans\supporters right away
2017-05-08 10:06
ikr cus there are only two genders
2017-05-08 09:52
LUL ESL Transgender tournament inc so no one won't be oppressed
2017-05-08 10:03
They should be allowed to play
2017-05-08 10:18
Austria t47ED
is this 1 "girl" gamer from that team?
2017-05-08 10:32
2017-05-08 14:11
CS:GO tournaments are already sexist, in the way that tournaments only for males don't exist, but only for females do.
2017-05-08 10:43
Germany vitzen
and the reason for that is, that tier 20 male teams would stomp top female teams. males are getting discriminated!
2017-05-08 11:48
+1 I want the 'transgender' (trolls) play in the whore tournaments!
2017-05-08 16:27
"Regardless of what it says on your passport or ID, or what judgements people may want to make about who they think you are, at AnyKey we believe in a policy of “you are who you say you are.” This means that anyone who self-identifies and lives as a woman should be able to participate in any women-only tournament." LUL
2017-05-08 11:17
"No males are allowed. Please take care, [faking] your gender can be penalized. "When I saw this I almost broke down in tears," xd america please don't let your shit ideas spread all over the world
2017-05-08 15:23
"Regardless of what it says on your passport or ID, or what judgements people may want to make about who they think you are, at AnyKey we believe in a policy of “you are who you say you are.” This means that anyone who self-identifies and lives as a woman should be able to participate in any women-only tournament." lmao get 5 tier 2 players and make them say they identify as woman and get all the prize pools
2017-05-08 15:24
Indonesia rareguy
Both female and male tourney confirmed
2017-05-08 15:51
2017-05-08 15:52
lueg | 
Czech Republic Lueg
i identify as a women but im a lesbian
2017-05-08 16:29
lol i had an erection when i look at the picture from the article in OP, putin help pls
2017-05-08 16:31
damn I'll go to watch some shemale porn
2017-05-08 16:35
I don't see a problem here. Transsexual girls are allowed to play in female tournaments if they have actually legally changed their gender. If they only would've sent a picture of their passport or such to ESL (where it states they are female) they could've played in the tournament. Now they failed to do so (because they probably aren't legally female yet) so thus they cannot play in a female-only tournament. They just gotta fix their gender legally and all problems would be solved. I don't see why they should be crying over this.
2017-05-08 16:35
2017-05-08 16:49
Romania Tise
ESL Pro Transgender League inc.
2017-05-08 16:57
brb changing gender for ez money
2017-05-08 17:18
yes, this.
2017-05-08 17:20
im in
2017-05-08 17:22
get fucking rid of female only tournaments for fuck sake, it's a sex free game, if females are good enough, they'll play in tournaments, nothing to do with sex
2017-05-08 17:27
get rid of female tournaments ffs. Also there is a reason why no good pro girls. Male-No lifer-Rejected by peers and girls-Plays CS 10 hrs a day Female-No lifer-Gets laid whenever she wants- Plays CS occasionally. NowI wouldn't be playing 4-6 hrs a day after college if I had any social life but all girls have social life since boys don't discriminate girls. sure we want to bang 10s but we will usually sex anything that moves and doesn't have a dick
2017-05-08 20:59
This is why donald trump was elected. Shit like this.
2017-05-09 07:07
Just because you identify as a female doesn't all of the sudden turn you into a biological female. This person will always be a male, like it or not.
2017-05-09 11:06
Germany ToxlC
Stopped reading after BuzzFeed
2017-05-09 15:24
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