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Salary for HLTV mods?
flusha | 
Sweden flusha_is_ugly_cheating_cunt 
I'm just curious, because I can't believe that someone like BATISTUTA or Jonathan would get paid for what they are doing here. If yes, how could they make per month? / discuss
2017-05-08 18:25
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around 5000/6000 euro per month after taxes
2017-05-08 18:26
You deserve ban
2017-05-08 18:26
Sweden lagcats 
I don't think they have salaries, not the normal forums mods.
2017-05-08 18:27
BATISTUTA is working
2017-05-08 18:29
there is no salary, or this forum would be clear everywhere, is happen sometimes you think a little bit before saying something stupid?
2017-05-08 18:29
One year ago there was page on HLTV with open jobs and there also was written that all of those positions are paid, thats why I'm asking.
2017-05-08 18:35
i would already be an admin if there was salary
2017-05-08 18:36
Couple of thousand.
2017-05-08 18:37
They do it for free. Forever.
2017-05-08 18:38
bump nomad come here plz
2017-05-08 19:33
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