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The life of MAIKELELE
Europe RKC 
2017-05-11 12:31
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Europe RKC 
2017-05-11 12:32
such a fucking pussy. Grow up and get some balls. Fucking pussy
2017-05-11 12:33
yzn | 
Sweden coolaogge 
ok fox
2017-05-11 12:35
nt maikelele. Login in your main acc and talk to me. Pussy
2017-05-11 12:36
Europe RKC 
I only post the link of his twitter-Post. I'm not connected to him in any way, just to clarify that.
2017-05-11 12:52
2017-05-11 12:34
United States CWalker 
Maikelele summing up his pro career and asking fellow pros if they really think he's toxic and shit.
2017-05-11 12:38
to carrie
2017-05-11 12:51
Europe RKC 
This is just some kind of mobbing tbh. And yes, I do really understand, why he feels like that. But tbh I just wouldn't care anything about what is written in HLTV threads and comments. It's a shame btw., that hltv isn't punish defamation harder and instantly delet such comments.
2017-05-11 13:16
Sweden lagcats 
yeh welcome to the cs community where you spew shit on players, death threat's, cheating accusations without any consistent proof, in general just trash talking ppl.
2017-05-11 13:27
Says the guy that spends half of his day talking shit on HLTV. Aquela moral...
2017-05-11 13:48
Sweden lagcats 
dude i never talk shit on hltv bro
2017-05-11 13:50
Czech Republic Prevodovka 
10 IQ Portugal baiting subhuman. I love bcs i can ignore all of your retarded stupit dumb comments
2017-05-11 16:14
I understand him, I wouldn't even want to play the game anymore because of these retards.
2017-05-11 13:32
s1mple | 
Turkey solfex 
I am really sorry about him.
2017-05-11 13:52
Italy Sh0WN 
I remember the first time he got kicked people saying that he was so toxic, but no one from nip stated that, though when he joined nip for the second time get_right said that he is changed, now he is the one that brings tranquillity in the team, that implies that before he was considered, at least for gtr, a person that creates problems rather than solving them
2017-05-11 14:02
didnt GTR8 also said, that he is now a person that can calm down the team if needed?
2017-05-11 16:55
Italy Sh0WN 
2017-05-12 09:34 maikel you don't have to read reddit and hltv everyday you dumbass. QQ
2017-05-11 15:54
poor maikalele european and americans are bullyzoids
2017-05-11 16:17
why would anyone care about opinions people write on online forums holy keks
2017-05-11 16:21
Poor guy, has to read threads on HLTV calling him a noob. Ignore the hate and just play, all you do by posting this story is create more attention towards you. If you think you had it hard, Maikel. Maybe you could learn something from players such as Fifflaren or SmithZz? They endured 10000x the hate you do. Grow up, get a team and just fucking play. Stop being a drama queen
2017-05-11 16:24
2017-05-11 16:27
United Kingdom Lightning_DC_ 
This didn't actually tell us anything interesting; people want to know what the heck is going on with Dignitas and why he seems to have been kicked
2017-05-11 16:35
pro's shouldnt listen to what i said by the community srsly guys who have spent over 6000 hours playing this game, that are insanely good at everything and they are listening to retards who are nothing and cant even aim right, and talk shit to let off some steam of their meaningfull frustrated lifes?
2017-05-11 18:17
another twit longer cant take those seriously
2017-05-12 09:35
Is he drunk? This is barely coherent
2017-05-12 09:49
05:20Global vs ViCi
14:00Zorka vs GODLIKE
22:00paiN vs DETONA
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