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how to lose pugs
SteveoH | 
United States bluezcluez 58 kills, we lose the pug, before you say I'm baiting, I literally enty/aggro lurk awp every round
2017-05-19 06:50
Why arent you clutching the rounds then
2017-05-19 06:57
Because I'm not baiting? I'm entrying getting two kills dieing, shit like that I never get put in those situations
2017-05-19 07:27
then think a bit and do those clutch situations ?? start baiting a bit more ? use your skill to its full potential ??
2017-05-19 19:13
playing on a laptop in 2017, LUL
2017-05-19 06:58
I have 280 fps consistently, and 60 fps on arma 3, its pretty decent.
2017-05-19 07:29
Norway Kimmiix 
Laptops are pretty close to desktops now though, my self built GTX 1070 / i7 6700k that I paid approx $1800 for 1 year ago, has pretty identical performance as a $2000 GTX 1070 Laptop.
2017-05-19 07:44
Ofc u gonna get the same price when u overpay ur desktop with like $600 =D
2017-05-19 19:07
Norway Kimmiix 
How is that overpaid? Just the GPU and CPU were $1000 alone one year ago :P
2017-05-19 19:10
Yeah but then ur comparing to todays pricing on laptop vs 1y ago on desktop. You're points are invalid. A laptop is still much more expensive and less value/power than desktop
2017-05-19 20:14
Damn that sucks, if you see that your team is shit and even with entry/double entry you are still losing rounds just bait the shit out of those fuckers and try to trade kill and Stay in clutch situations. You'll probably win those
2017-05-19 07:23
Yeah its pretty sad, grinding back to A luckily though got my alt to A- in first month. I have no idea why I don't bait its just not my thing i feel like i will win my team more rounds by entry.
2017-05-19 07:34
i feel like ive seen qcb on hltv
2017-05-19 07:29
2017-05-19 08:16
yes i feel like ive seen him on here...maybe not
2017-05-19 08:22
Norway Kimmiix 
Wow almost 60 kills, that's what I can achieve playing vs silvers (I am B- / GE) :/
2017-05-19 07:40
Same I'm B-/A- and MG I have these flashy role/games tho.
2017-05-19 07:57
Brazil Brazilian Wax 
3 aces and the second guy did like 20 kills. Lol.
2017-05-19 07:41
Hong Kong rite23 
stop whining LOL
2017-05-19 07:42
EliGE | 
Latvia kj! 
2017-05-19 07:57
Sweden NyXw0w 
Next level sad.. Some people just suck at this game. I tell my teammates to buy p90 if they cant hit shit at least with a p90 they're bound to get kills.
2017-05-19 08:31
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