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The New NiP
Sweden VeryNotOnTheListGuy 
The org will have to either drop the whole team or replace 2 or more players for them to improve. Xizt and draken have the biggest chances of staying in the team since draken is deffinately their best player and xizt is the only available swedish in game leader. Get_right underperforming for a year, doubt he will ever come back. You dont get into a slump for a year and suddenly go back. Friberg is a bot for even longer time, and f0rest is skilled, but he is really inconsistent. So what would the new NiP look like ? Draken,Xizt, ? , ? , ?
2017-05-20 09:47
Sweden JPKmad 
draken, rez, freddieb, barbarr and forest.
2017-05-20 09:50
Well, thats the older Epsilon with f0rest instead of doplan :D might work, but I dont see them winning a major or at least getting into semi finals. I would change barbarr for xizt and freddieb for Lekr0/doplan
2017-05-20 10:06
allu | 
Poland P4wl1k 
Winning major? They can't qualify for minor
2017-05-20 10:09
? Do you even know what this thread is about ? We are talking about a new NiP, holy fuck. A new lineup, thats what I was refering to, not current NiP
2017-05-20 10:15
and maybe he is referring to your new nip aswell what makes you so sure he means the old one u dumb fuck
2017-05-20 12:02
Maybe since they very recently failed to qualify for the minor with the current line up, does that make any sense to you.........? You hostile piece of shit.
2017-05-20 12:37
German logic lul
2017-05-20 16:25
-Draken awp -Pronax IGL (not best fragger but he use his team mates way better than xizt + his tactical mind is way above xizt) -REZ entry/second entry (1st-2nd star) -forest support/tank (not consistant enough to be the star player anymore) -Twist/Lekro entry/second entry (1st-2nd star)(twist/forest can split second awp) twist awp is only godlike when he really feeling it, he cant be first awper cuz he lack the confident to either make plays or just hold an angle after one failed round.
2017-05-20 16:41
Romania DavidLeBoz 
Yup pronax will totally leave his own fucking org
2017-05-21 15:07
stop ashaming slovaks, retards on faceit are enough
2017-05-20 19:00
Slovaks Lul
2017-05-22 13:02
jebte na to prosím vás
2017-05-24 22:28
Spain b1sS 
pronax, f0rest, rez, draken, lekr0(they need an igl a good one no need to frag)
2017-05-20 12:36
Sweden JPKmad 
godsent may even qualify for the major, dont think they would change anything, only teams i see changing in swedish ("top") scene are nip and episilon.
2017-05-20 15:04
Spain b1sS 
in that case i would change znajder for rez
2017-05-21 14:55
Sweden JPKmad 
i think doplan or lekro would be better but i dont think godsent will change anything, so this was pretty much new nip without touching fnatic or godsent.
2017-05-20 15:02
GODSENT will kick znajder, i can confirm that. And i think when that happens, there could be some shuffle between Nip, godsent and epsilon. Fnatic is slowly building up their game so there is a shame to ruin that already
2017-05-20 16:43
Sweden JPKmad 
how do you know??
2017-05-21 00:14
Denmark dR_JaCkPoT 
I like that
2017-05-20 10:48
surely it would be draken, REZ, twist, F0rest, Lekro
2017-05-22 13:08
draken xizt twist disco doplan lekr0 , pronax coach
2017-05-20 09:51
Problem is that pronax owns godsent. I really dont think he would leave something he built. That would mean draken amd xizt would have to move to godsent, which is probably not gonna happen. But I like this lineup the most.
2017-05-20 10:08
yes but he is trash he didnt perform well in very long time and i think its time to retire or to be coach
2017-05-20 10:10
He can own the org and have like, the old epsilon and the other swe players playing for godsent while he's in nip :p (never thought a fnatic player in csgo would ever play in nip ^^)
2017-05-20 16:45
allu | 
Poland P4wl1k 
-Draken +Forest and Twist AWP
2017-05-20 10:10
Twist is terrible awper, hes better rifler, draken better on awp position.
2017-05-20 10:16
Denmark slacking 
Twist terrible AWPer ok I'm done
2017-05-20 12:35
He is nothing compared to full time awpers like draken. He is classic 2nd awp material, deffinetly better with rifles than awp, and why would he play awp when he has more impact with rifles. Doesnt make any sense. Its like making kenny a rifler.
2017-05-20 16:26
lol twist is a top 10 awper
2017-05-21 00:18
draken,jw,kenny,device,guardian,cajunb,mixwell,jdm,ska,f0rest,allu,fallen... All better awpers than him. Mayb even jayzar. He is way better rifler than awper, you would know that if you watched his games, but you are probably a sheep that repeats what everybody says
2017-05-21 08:33
Sweden LimeyGaming 
I agree with you saying he's a better rifler. But way better is a huge overstatement. Twist is a hybrid. He is consistently one of the better awpers, not top ten right now but def top15. f0rest isn't a better awper, neither is jw or mixwell. jdm has been playing utter shit for the past few months so right now, not him either. I'd put oskar in there over twist right now though. But yeah, twist should stick to the rifles primarily because he is just insanely deadly with them and gets more impact frags with them right now. Twist and mixwell is a lot alike in that regard. Should both be rifling and secondary awping.
2017-05-21 08:48
jdm, jw and ska are not top 10 lol oskar, snax etc are way better than jdm jw and ska
2017-05-21 19:07
Dont need to be top10, but they are sure better than twist in awping
2017-05-22 12:54
Romania DavidLeBoz 
TOP 10 awper that's why some games he cant even get 1 frag with the awp so they give it to GODLekr0
2017-05-21 15:09
I doubt that it will happen because of GODSENT's Major Qualifier spot.
2017-05-21 12:18
Europe HowAboutNo 
they need some kind of mental coach like astralis. I'm serious. with pyth towards the end of 2016 they played great counter-strike and beat SK. imo their coach Threat is one of the greatest within the scene. the players themselves have nothing to prove. in my opinion it's clearly a mental issue. fix that issues and they gonna be one of the best teams again. noone can tell me they forgot how to play CS within a few weeks/months. the issue has to be mainly between friberg, forest, GTR and xizt. It's not about pyth, maikelele, draken, allu or whoever.
2017-05-20 09:53
Sweden Trkmag 
+1 +1 +1
2017-05-20 12:38
f0rest | 
France 1nkling 
Finally someone is telling the truth.
2017-05-20 13:02
I'd say Xizt Draken f0rest he definitely deserves to be kept on the team since he has been in a slump for much less then GTR and friberg +twist for the double AWP potential and we saw how he single-handedly carried olof and fnatic at atlanta major +REZ this should have happened a long time ago instead of pyth probably
2017-05-20 09:52
Agree with REZ, huge fan of him, but Im not really sure about twist. Hes good, sure, but there is something I dont really like about his playstyle. If you spectate him, you can see he is kinda "stressed" or something, and not really calm. And he makes dumb plays because of it which he could win ez pz.
2017-05-20 10:10
Twist has not been in a proper team where he doesn't have the pressure to carry.. Before in his earlier teams he was not pressured cuz lower tier and he was really good, then he came to fnatic when everyone was in a slump and he had to step up really big if they were gonna win.. then he came to godsent who is the same, big attention and less starplayers. I see twist as a consistant support/tank that can second awp like a beast, but u'll get wrong picture of him if u think of him as a star player ^^ He needs a consistant team with 2 other players who is supposed to be stars :)
2017-05-20 16:49
Finland tetuan 
I think best choice of action would be drop the team and make new competing t2 team.
2017-05-20 09:52
World SmooveP1 
probably someone will say that they need to mix with fnatic
2017-05-20 09:53
They need to mix with fnatic, there you go
2017-05-20 15:07
World SmooveP1 
2017-05-20 16:18
Georgia bazuking 
f0rest was best swedish player in 2016 and still is one of the best swedish so stfu kid. learn some basics of cs pls
2017-05-20 09:54
Learn some basics of cs ? Hell, I bet I know about cs way more than you. When did I say f0rest is bad ? I admire the guy, he has amazing aim, amazing awp skills,calm and smart. But he is inconsistent. Once he plays like the best player in the world and once he bottom frags and is even under get right, which is nearly impossible. If you want a really good team, you need to build it around consistent players that can always deliver and you can rely on them. Either f0rest would have to do some magic and become consistent again or you have to replace him. If you are mad because I said draken is their best player, its true. F0rest might be more skilled but draken has way bigger impact atm because of his awp. Dont tell me to learn cs when ur way worse.
2017-05-20 10:14
He is pretty consistent I would say, He has been not so good only in this qualifier
2017-05-20 10:20
We will see. A top tier player should not end up underperforming against teams like that when it matters the most.
2017-05-20 10:34
Georgia bazuking 
if he is incosistent how is he in top 20 every fucking year? he is the most consistent player ever so stfu kid
2017-05-20 10:49
hltv ranking. Lul.
2017-05-20 17:38
World neomax360 
"Hltv ranking. Lul" that is you answer? Just admit that you are wrong. Forest is a good pro player. Every pro player have bad times, but overall it will be a huge mistake to part away with him. And Hltv ranking is not the best, but surely One of the most accurate available out there.
2017-05-20 19:30
I never said f0rest is bad holy fuck, learn to read. Im fan of his since 1.6 but if NiP wants to get better he has to go together with get right. Will be better for him and for NiP too, since he will get new motivation in new team.
2017-05-20 23:09
f0rest was best swedish player in 2016 xD He's still one of the best swedish players though, for sure. But he hasn't been the best in many years.
2017-05-20 15:14
Georgia bazuking 
top7 of 2016 idiot? suck faucking kids there are go out idiot braindeads pls fknig typical finnish tard
2017-05-20 17:23
Look at the way you are arguing with us. You are the kid here, rofl. Or mentally unstable braindead no lifer.
2017-05-20 17:39
The latter, clearly.
2017-05-21 00:14
You're implying HLTV ranking is some kind of unquestionable divine authority on the matter of player skill, which it's not. One could argue that f0rest has not been the best swedish CS player since 1.6.
2017-05-21 00:15
Estonia elariBAY 
Xizt draken REZ F0rest GTR Not a fan of NiP, but cant see them without GTR and f0rest
2017-05-20 09:54
Albania Leutriim12 
2017-05-21 12:09
Austria P0w3RfuL 
-friberg -get_right +REZ +lekr0 I think the only good option for GeT_RighT is to change the team. There are a lot of examples where in a team the player was in a slump and he changed the team and he was even better than before. The perfect one is cajunb, he's the best player on North rn..
2017-05-20 09:54
I'd pick twist instead of REZ, nothing against the latter though. twist is an overall monster, great rifling and awping and more importantly, great consistency.
2017-05-20 09:57
Always liked Lekr0, hes just amazing. With some more experience he could be one of the best swedish players, if he already isnt. Rez is also a good choice. But I dont think NiP will get 2 players from 2 different orgs. They will either exchange 2 players with godsent or 2 with epsilon, but I doubt both. But yeah, your lineup would be sick.
2017-05-20 10:03
Europe HowAboutNo 
If I had to guess the main problem lies between the style the players wanna play and what threat thinks. in my opinon it's not possible anymore to play without any clear structure + high discipline. and I believe some of those legends got issues in this area. they can't outaim opponents anymore. noone can besides coldzera maybe. coldzera is a bad example because he's also a great tactical mind with high focus ingame + discipline.
2017-05-20 09:57
There are players who consistently outaimed the best of the best at their prime i.e cold olof snax shox niko etc. I honestly think that f0rest and get_right have the potential to outaim but it's just impossible when they keep putting less and less hours while hungry new comers/rising stars like magisk zero hobbit lekr0 etc are investing hundreds of hours into the game. Especially now that orgs are willing to pick up and offer full-time contracts to every team who can qualify for a closed qualifier. edit: I would like to add the twin brothers freddyfrog and relaxa to this post since red reserve(passions) just won against nip 16-4 after a day they got picked up by the org. They literally played only for semi-pro tier9 swedish mix teams and just destroyed NiP. This alone shows how NiP is just not there anymore.
2017-05-20 11:02
gtr f0rest draken rez freddieb
2017-05-20 09:56
2017-05-21 17:37
NiP org is overrated. you think gtr, forest, xizt turn to bad players and destroy their legend? i think there are troubles between player / org, bad conditions / problems (financial?). and what we see is a mixture of "refusing to work" and " no motivation because of the cirumstances". IN THE PAST, SKILL DROPS LIKE THAT WERE ALWAYS CAUSED BY SHIT LIKE THAT.
2017-05-20 09:59
Georgia bazuking 
i think so, they cant forgett how to play cs, cant win tier999 passions in online game and losing to everyone in every tournament, they have some internal issues
2017-05-20 10:01
xizt f0rest draken twist lekro get_right coach
2017-05-20 10:05
allu | 
Poland P4wl1k 
+1 but Pronax coach
2017-05-20 10:11
They need new igl...and 1 solid fragger in place of xizt and friberg...
2017-05-20 10:13
XD all these professors here, makes my face crack from the amount of cringe
2017-05-20 10:24
Same when I look at finnish cs.
2017-05-20 10:32
Hahah, true, you didn't deserve the self rekt m8
2017-05-20 10:46
2017-05-20 10:45
they need to split the core
2017-05-20 10:50
Russia Skygeddans 
I think that they need to kick their current IGL, maybe -threat as well and find a good leader and coach. Maybe they even need to find a good foreign IGL if there is no captains in Sweden. And of course -Fatburger. F0rest + GeT_RiGhT + Draken + LekrO/REZ + someone with brain in his head and stong mentality = swedish CS top-1 again.
2017-05-20 10:56
I was thinking about karrigan. Just imagine karrigan in NiP. Would be amazing. But he doesnt speak englisg + FaZe is way better than NiP so no reason to leave.
2017-05-20 11:58
Russia Skygeddans 
>But he doesnt speak english You mean swedish? I think that he's smart enough to learn this language fast. But yeah, there's no way he will join NIP. I think ninjas should try barbarr. It's seems like he's an experienced guy who can be a leader and a fragger.
2017-05-20 12:09
Im sorry, i meant swedish rofl. Ofc he speaks english when in FaZe
2017-05-20 16:31
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
Swedish and danish is pretty much the same thing when it comes to calling in game, tho real conversations might take time to learn to recognise the language correctly
2017-05-20 12:44
Why would Karrigan ever want to leave FaZe??? They have a superteam and he is the key to unlock the power of it
2017-05-21 00:17
Read my post again please. Or just learn to read.
2017-05-21 08:37
India gucci_mane 
Draken xizt rez f0rest and lekro
2017-05-20 10:57
mankzy | 
Denmark Phoey 
Disband, and make. Draken, Barbarr, Rez, Twist and Lekr0
2017-05-20 10:59
Draken tw1st Rez/xizt lekr0 forest
2017-05-20 11:04
draken rez lekro have to be there so then its add 2 more f0rest xzit gota keep the igl and have some experience on the team draken, rez, lekro, forest, xzit could work
2017-05-20 11:08
India gucci_mane 
2017-05-20 11:58
Sweden KEY3 
Draken - awp lekr0 - rifler / entry f0rest - rifler/awp freddieb - igl rez/gtr - gtr mostly for the chemistry and experience with f0rest --
2017-05-20 11:16
Sporn exist dragon robbanana forest gump
2017-05-20 12:20
Mongolia k0ng0 
Get Right f0rest Olofmeister Flusha Xzist U might wanna take Dennis over flusha IF u want a More Aggressive team. But i think flusha would fit better.
2017-05-20 12:32
If you want to mix NiP with fnatic the best lineup would be : flusha,olof,f0rest,draken,dennis Gtr is really bad, and you dont need xizt when flusha is igling, and take draken for awping since olof better rifler than awper.
2017-05-20 16:30
Mongolia k0ng0 
Flusha should not IGL, he was better during pronax era. GTR just needs a team where he feels comfortable, then i think he could perform. I think with these four other players he would get his confidence back. In this lineup either f0rest or olofmeister could buy the AWP if they felt like it, they could play 5rifles or double AWP setup when they wanted to. In the end the AWP isnt that important in todays meta of the game so it would benefit them more to have 5 good riflers imo. Maybe u could swap Xzist with pronax or just put Dennis as the fifth but that depends on what kind of style u want the team to go for. With Dennis it would be a lineup relying heavily on pure firepower. With Xzist or Pronax it would be a more execute oriented team. If i owned NiP i would get: f0rest Get_Right Olofmeister Flusha And then let them choose wich they wanted as the fifth, Dennis Pronax Xzist.
2017-06-01 14:15
I am You are He is She is It is The best and ultimate nip
2017-05-20 12:39
Turkey kaanberkjr 
Draken f0rest Twist disco Doplan Xizt GTR- coach
2017-05-20 12:39
GTR coach ??? drug or drunk?
2017-05-21 08:39
seangares n0thing shroud skadoodle get_right
2017-05-20 12:39
bring back pyth
2017-05-20 15:05
Barbar,freddieb,draken,xizt,get right easy...
2017-05-20 15:09
France t3r4byt3 
Xizt and friberg have to go: shitty in-game leading and zero in-game IQ respectively
2017-05-20 15:11
United Kingdom an0^_^ 
I think -friberg then +either Pronax or Barbarr would be a good choice for NiP. They need an IGL that will give them more structure ingame like fnatic did with pronax until he wasn't necessary anymore.
2017-05-20 16:33
Sweden Arachane 
Get_Right and forest will always be good but they need change. The team will never get better the mentality and the chemistry and the history make them bad right now.
2017-05-20 17:32
calm your tits guys...nothings gonna change in point in making daily threads about -this +that :v
2017-05-20 18:58
Tell me why not. They could not qualify to major 2 times in a row, NiP CEO said they are ready to do changes to the core if they get unsatisfying results.
2017-05-21 08:36
Because they don't care about results... All they care about is playing with friends I.e core 4... So whatever happens....they will only change their 5th guy after few months...
2017-05-21 11:40
Do you realize that players dont run the org? Rofl. Do you know what CEO means ? If NiP nip owners arent satisfied about the teams results, they will kick the players and get new ones. The NiP CEO literally said they are ready to change the core 4 .
2017-05-21 12:02
Explain friberg still in team then..
2017-05-21 12:06
The players probably have had a big say in everything concerning the lineup, but that was since they atleast could pull some results toghether now and then, now they are in shambles.
2017-05-21 17:52
India m1sTak333 
Who is NiP?
2017-05-20 19:00
if NiP swap players with EPS they can be an solid tier2 team if they want back to tier1 f0rest lekr0 draken Xizt bcuz igl or rez GeT_RiGhT looks terrible but we know he can do better
2017-05-20 19:35
They only care about selling some ice cream to random fanboys in Stockholm or something... lost all their motivation long ago.
2017-05-21 00:11
all those sweden possible rosters are washed up af! just make a team with young people start a new project on streams, and shit... to still make money with the legends, but if they want to win stuff they need to let the dinossaurs go! XD
2017-05-21 00:14
-Friberg -Get_Right + Lekro + Rez or Doplan
2017-05-21 00:19
-friberg + Lekro
2017-05-21 08:40
-friberg-Gtr +Lekr0+Rez
2017-05-21 08:52
gtr f0rest draken rez freddieb
2017-05-21 08:58
I dont think they will kick f0rest. He is inconsist. but only for 2 month cuz nip sucks so hard. Before that he was really-really good all the time. They will kick friberg and get_right and get two of this: - lekr0 - twist - REZ - valde (Denmark have the same language) - moddii - freddieb - znajder (only try to predict. Can be true but really low chance) Also we have tricked team who have b0rup and es3tag, they are really strong players. Sweden and Denmark have a lot of another talents but they dont have much experience so i dont think so they will get someone from there but still can be true. We dont know.
2017-05-21 12:09
nip is like vp they wil never replace the oldschool players cuz they just give to much marketing . they either have to retire or die
2017-05-21 12:15
India Gandhii4 
Idiots think Draken is their best player. All you gold novas see are awp flicks.. jisus christ
2017-05-21 12:17
Rofl. Call me gold nova but you play fucking MM and probably u are some low ranked bitch like LEM anyways. Draken has the biggest impact on the team with his opening kills that gives them early advantage. He doesnt need to top the scoreboard every game to be the best. Grow up mr LEM
2017-05-21 14:37
I'd say keep f0rest, draken and GTR: -cut friberg for sure -maybe cut xizt I could only see them keeping Xizt if they switch him off of the IGL role so he can be the solid third star he once was. As IGL he has a horribly inconsistent game impact, and his leadership is lackluster.
2017-05-21 14:43
Replace friberg with FREDDYfROG. Cant get any worse then the current situation atleast. Not sure GTR can get back to his star impact game any more either, you see short periods of it now and then but it's not consistent enough. If not they should replace him aswell with some fresh blood, havent seen enough of REZ but he seems to be on everyones mind. Draken f0rest Xizt FREDDYFROG REZ
2017-05-21 17:48
Feddyfrog hasnt impressed me enough to believe he would do better job than friberg. Better choice would be freddieb, if possible getting someone from godsent : lekr0 or twist Totally agree with rez, he deffinately should be on the lineup
2017-05-22 13:01
new nip: allu joelz sunny xarte zehn xD? ez #1 team
2017-05-21 17:49
Brazil thiagoblind 
draken freddieb forest gtr and disco? (maybe keeping xizt and throwing away freddieb)
2017-05-22 13:01
Russia grEminence 
RIP swe cs
2017-05-22 13:46
New NiP -draken +SpawN +Get_RighT +f0rest +xizt +fifflaren
2017-05-22 13:55
Spawn markeloff edward gtr forest
2017-05-24 12:52
Sweden kallespann 
NiP REZ for sure Draken "soon brother" also valde
2017-05-24 14:12
draken, rez, barbarr, freddieb, disco doplan
2017-05-24 14:14
HeatoN SpawN ElemenT GetRighT ForesT
2017-05-24 22:32
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