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Unjustified ban
Hungary  fénycsík 
I got banned for this comment Because i stated that SS is expected to perform well on T side, because they're well known for strong T-sides? You can check their stats I don't know whats the deal with these admins but this is getting out of hand
2017-05-20 17:29
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How could this happen to me
2017-05-20 17:32
Best admin in HLTV. #RESPECT dont try to be racist next time.
2017-05-20 17:42
Lol how is that racist?
2017-05-20 18:29
Space Solidiers will be better on Terrorist side it means muslims are terrorists just because SpaceSolidiers are from Turkey and turkey is a muslim country.
2017-05-20 19:20
Turkey Yossi_Kohen
2017-05-20 17:33
Portugal chsJAH
its easy someone on hltv is rly mad couse they bet on ss and they lost so they baned you so they can feel better bro !!! i had the same prob on an old acc
2017-05-20 17:34
They shouldn't take out their anger on me, SS has always has stronger T-sides on Mirage (i was talking about SS' t-side on mirage)
2017-05-20 17:35
Portugal chsJAH
but this happens bro they are dictators and what ever you say that they dont like u will get banned bro its just stupid but its the reality as i wright this im about to being baned easy as that
2017-05-20 17:37
Turkey Yossi_Kohen
how about cut the crap? you are not funny, you are annoying only 40iqs like you may find these kind of "jokes" funny. well deserved and rekt Kreygasm
2017-05-20 17:38
go complain to united nations and get hltv shut down
2017-05-20 17:38
rain | 
Norway Norsk
Instead of publicly shaming the staff team, you can send jonathan a private message and you two will resolve the issue together.
2017-05-20 17:39
whatever i don't really care i can still use this one,i just feel that the ban was unjustified
2017-05-20 17:44
+1 on this. if the ban isn't justified they will reverse it, the admin team are not a bunch of unreasonable people they can also make mistakes we are all human afterall.
2017-05-20 17:45
I mean i've seen some really unfair stuff here banning people for saying "polak" and shit
2017-05-20 17:46
u realize some get banned on a certain comment but have made some really out of line comments before and thus that also has to be taken into account.
2017-05-20 17:47
idk why u got banned, space soldiers are obv t sided team
2017-05-20 18:22
ikr, i was even rooting for them before the nip match
2017-05-20 18:23
2017-05-20 18:24
African Union remiska
you sick basterd, good thing you got banned for this disgusting post
2017-05-20 18:24
2017-05-20 18:24
lost all respect i had for fenycsik
2017-05-20 19:35
2017-05-20 19:39
Well, i would consider giving you the benefit of the doubt here but not with your ban history of similar comments.
2017-05-20 19:41
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