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KNG is onliner rating 1.30 lan rating normaly 1.14 now tier 1 lan 0.50 is this normal or cheater ?
2017-05-31 07:39
tarik | 
Brazil Flepo 
Cheater 4sure omg, how nobody noticed it before. U are a god m8. Well done, case closed.
2017-05-31 07:41
probably just onliner like the rest of NA, but I will not "rate" him yet since this is his first lan.
2017-05-31 07:44
He needs more time
2017-05-31 07:45
Switzerland Tangyre 
He is the worst replacement Immortals could have chosen. A primary AWPer becoming a support, fucking gg for them.
2017-05-31 07:52
Kazakhstan dc7 
they should just let kNg primary awp for now and let hen1 be support since he already understands the teams chemistry and playstyle but i guess brazilians arent that smart
2017-05-31 08:00
United Kingdom Lightning_DC_ 
It's normal, especially when he's just joined a new team
2017-05-31 08:12
it is not normal new team but before 1.30 rating now 0.50 not normal only onliner accepted
2017-05-31 09:25
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