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Hitboxes are fine..just kidding
Romania act1vcsgo 
I was about to die when this happened again and again
2017-06-03 17:36
Romania walle17 
man whats the problem, the hitboxes are ok
2017-06-03 17:39
yep...they really are
2017-06-03 17:43
Something in your end is broken.
2017-06-03 17:41
Nah...the whole video is completly fine...nothing weird
2017-06-03 17:43
Literally never happened to me in that extent. Fix your stuff m8 xD
2017-06-03 17:43
I don't know what to's insane Server was created on 128 tickrate and my rate was the right one (786432)..the rest of settings are pretty much default
2017-06-03 17:46
Your aim is shit Kappa
2017-06-03 17:49
yeah...this is definitely the problem xD
2017-06-03 17:49
2017-06-03 17:49
aim-botz and bots in general are known to have problems btw.
2017-06-03 17:53
I can understand that but still this is way too much
2017-06-03 17:56
Why does it matter?
2017-06-03 17:57
It matters because you don't know what's a headshot anymore and what's not.
2017-06-03 17:59
Only against bots and particularly that map. Bots do not matters and neither does that map.
2017-06-03 17:59
nice crosshair, i have the same :D
2017-06-03 17:58
haha ye I love it <3
2017-06-03 17:58
Xyp9x | 
Romania Old_Guy 
I don't see anything out of the ordinary here
2017-06-03 18:00
I know right? It's a common thing nowadays
2017-06-03 18:05
its because of the map aim_botz, idiot
2017-06-03 18:00
You've almost looked smart for more than 1 second
2017-06-03 18:10
He's right though.
2017-06-03 18:52
don't blame hitboxes your aim sux xD
2017-06-03 18:55
Yes, it's true. Please don't hit me in real life
2017-06-04 07:00
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