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ugly idiot
World haram_police how can this ugly idiot be so rich and afford so much? I'm struggling to even put food on the fucking table and this dork has so much $?
2017-06-06 01:26
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lol someone is jealous
2017-06-06 01:30
yeah i am tbh, how do these ppl do it? my life is fuck s
2017-06-06 01:40
AdreN | 
United States kg773 
No life a game until you are good at it and make money. He makes money playing cs and you call him an idiot n1. maybe you can learn from him
2017-06-06 03:52
there's a lot of luck when it comes to money i guess you and me weren't on the lucky side, but that doesn't mean we will never be on the lucky side some day
2017-06-06 01:31
United States FatNick 
Car cost 70k, depending on his payment plan he probably pays around 300-500 a month. Then consider his salary is somewhere around 5-7k a month, it's really not that big of a stretch for him to have that car. P.s. corvettes are fucking garbage LMAO.
2017-06-06 01:36
Engines are fantastic and very reliable but the overall car is ugly as fuck.
2017-06-06 01:46
Ugly, consumes big amounts of gas and things will start to break after about 9k km.
2017-06-06 01:47
They get like an average 22 mpg, here in the us that isn't bad at all. My Daily driver truck gets about 14-15. "Things will start to break." Like what? Those LS engines are some of the greatest engines built and are put into almost everything now, drag cars, formula one drift cars, regular drift cars, dailys, etc. I have a feeling you have no idea about them lol.
2017-06-06 02:07
those american cars are hella trash compared to german ones.
2017-06-06 02:16
-> good car -> american car pick 1
2017-06-06 03:48
LS engines are the only good things Chevy still makes lmao.
2017-06-06 04:16
Shit car. If I knew e-sports would be this big I'd leave school at age 9 to invest in games. No lie
2017-06-06 01:38
but what if you never made it?
2017-06-06 01:39
get so good at cs you are kicked from a tier 2 NA team and you, too, can afford such things
2017-06-06 01:42
United States gtmaniacmda 
'benched' team house probably had no garage for him to put the Corvette LMAO
2017-06-06 02:43
Estonia MorsAlbum 
garbage* fixed it 4 u
2017-06-06 04:09
NA car 4Head just joking, i never see a car like this in Brazil :(
2017-06-06 01:48
United States gtmaniacmda 
don't wreck yourself so hard man, you're making me feel bad
2017-06-06 04:10
720 | 
Germany felixlulz 
looks pretty shit and cheap, just like pretty much all NA cars
2017-06-06 01:55
its all fun and games now but in 4-5 years he will struggle alot in life if he doesnt get super lucky somehow.
2017-06-06 02:07
one of those retarded moves, dont these guys realise that their career as a super short spam? i would do my best at racking 1.000.000 and saving it after that i wouldnt care, but i doubt shazam has done more than 200k and he buys a fuckin 70k car? mark my words in 5-10 years the money runs out and he has to work with no previous experience, going from hero to zero and with a unlikely chance to come back
2017-06-06 02:11
Yep, all he wants to do is create an imagine for himself so it looks like he comes off as being "rich" when he probably took a loan out for over half of it. He won't have shit in the next few years when his so called "cs career" deteriorates.
2017-06-06 02:49
i cannot understand these type of people and their lack of notion in reality, i've handled such individuals before, and i still dont know what drives them doesnt it make sense to save up to a 1m wich is the quantity you can live your life off with no work, and from there take risks and luxury whats the point of having a great twenties and then go back to work and even risk a shitty future life
2017-06-06 03:14
but in todays day and age if you do splash out your money and play cards right you can setup some social media platforms which make a lot of money so...
2017-06-06 03:20
playing the cards right is being marketable and valuable to a company not, blowing your lifes money in a car to take a picture, if he wants to ensure his future he better get some side deals going, like the pro's that associate with tons of companies example netcodeguides, this reminds me of that faze call of duty youtuber who made like 1m ish from youtube and bought a 1.5m car, youtube will die eventualy and even before that new youtubers will come, trends get old fast if he keeps blowing his money like that he is fucked this tale is as old as time, an athelet who throws his money away and then lives in misery
2017-06-06 04:05
Exactly, I'm 21 right now, but I started working when I was around 14 doing odd jobs and still working my ass off currently. If all plans out like I should have everything I want and house and shop will be paid off around 30-32, then I can start to slow down.
2017-06-06 03:39
life isnt easy, if we had a shot at making as much money as this guys make, i sure wouldnt waste it, i dont give a fuck about cars, its such a no brainer trend, having a sport car to drive it for show, is the same thing as having a 5000 gaming pc to go into facebook but the difference is a 5000 gaming pc for facebook is stupid but will set a person back less than a year, a 70k car for show will set one back for 10
2017-06-06 04:09
2017-06-06 02:13
So living in NA and being shit at CS = getting rich, hmm maybe i should move there
2017-06-06 02:34
maybe u should stop being jealous and start working and being grateful for what you have ?
2017-06-06 03:17
those cars arent too expensive in US. congrats to him though nice car
2017-06-06 03:17
Dosia | 
North America kqpr0 
50k car is rich?
2017-06-06 03:59
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
small dick compensation car i'd have had mad respect if he drove a 1981 coupe deville with 100 spokes.... wesssssstcooooooassttt!!
2017-06-06 04:19
that car is complete trash lol, im an American and I will never buy an American car because theyre all fucking awful
2017-06-06 04:39
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