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Graphic design. Team logos
Europe TeamLogo 
Yo dudes making team logos and other stuff. My profile: My works:
2017-06-11 16:23
2017-06-11 16:27
Yeah u can have it :D
2017-06-11 16:33
oh thank you<3
2017-06-11 16:34
why you spreading trojan on hltv
2017-06-19 23:54
How much would a logo cost +/-? Just a simple team logo with PNGs and stuff
2017-06-11 16:40
Depends on logo
2017-06-19 20:58
cool shit
2017-06-19 20:59
Sure thanks
2017-06-19 21:00
do you use paint?
2017-06-19 21:02
I wish I can do that on paint. Using Adobe illustrator. Photoshop, tablet to skech
2017-06-19 21:04
cool i'm using for 10 years here is one of my logos:
2017-06-19 21:06
how much can i pay you for this kind of work PogChamp
2017-06-19 21:26
1 logo = 1 dlore
2017-06-19 21:27
Hahaha nice one dude ns logo :Ddd u need another 20 years to do smth better
2017-06-19 22:11
you challenge me? don't even try bitch
2017-06-19 22:23
Netherlands Nivex 
Fix me something with my name for on my steam profile and I'll rate.
2017-06-19 21:01
Would ur papa spend 4h min at work for free??
2017-06-19 21:02
Yep. So you gonna fix me something or what?
2017-06-19 21:06
how much for a simple logo with my name then?
2017-06-19 21:06
I make better grfx design with my eyes closed
2017-06-19 21:07
U really an experienced Senior graphic designer. I would love to work with u :)
2017-06-19 22:08
I actually am a graphic designer but don't make logos a lot :p mostly fonts
2017-06-19 23:42
That's really nice. Love to see some of ur work.
2017-06-20 00:00
whats ur average pricing at?
2017-06-19 21:24
It's depends on the logo. But its not too much depending on professional company or smth.
2017-06-19 22:09
You made kill confirmed? Gj
2017-06-19 21:31
I helped to author. His got more credit even balance ^^
2017-06-19 22:12
Eclipse logo is sick Good work man keep it up!
2017-06-19 21:31
Really liked the insight one. . Your work is amazing.
2017-06-19 21:45
Thanks mate
2017-06-19 22:07
You know that you've got the name of a german (battle)rapper?
2017-06-19 22:43
Actually when I got that name I never knew about it. Anyways when I play on esea with Germans they always mentioned to me. I'm glad I got it ^^
2017-06-20 00:02
i guess the primitive (thats how i read that) one looks amazing dawg
2017-06-19 23:48
aha! im guna steal your logos! muahahaha!!!1!
2017-06-19 23:55
Gl dude ^^
2017-06-20 00:02
Sick work dude
2017-06-20 00:05
i checked most of your work on your steam profile and most of it is unoriginal, did you make them like that on purpose?
2017-06-20 00:14
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