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DDos or server hack? WTF
Denmark saDboy1234 
So my friends and i (all 5) played typical mm game on Mirage. Already in the start we suspected them for cheating, but that was not the only thing. During the 2nd half (when some of my team mates were dead) they made them write weird stuff in the chat, even though they didnt..... - like this "(/www..wue8500s9/) wjwsss". The server suddenly stopped working and we got autodisconneted Have any of you noticed this before? (btw the enemy team were cheating very obviously)
2017-06-11 20:27
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I know of some cheats that can crash the server and therefor corrupt the OW demo, usually done after the game is finished though, not during it.
2017-06-11 20:28
wow, i tried to find other stuff about it (reddit) but without any luck....... So weird tho
2017-06-11 20:30
Not to well known, but as a well versed german i know my stuff
2017-06-11 20:30
haha :D
2017-06-11 20:38
Europe FazetoGardian 
i already played against ppl that clearly put all of our team with 500 ping each so they killed us easilly
2017-06-11 20:32
i tried that one once too, but this time the whole server just went down - not even a demo was released.......
2017-06-11 20:40
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