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RandomRambo WTF
Slovakia raZ_svk 
He has 13 000 hours in CSGO and still pretty average Global elite player. Why no team signed him yet? Maybe he doesnt want, but maybe he just sucks :) This proves to me that hours dont matter as much. QUALITY > QUANTITY
2017-06-13 19:12
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ok kokot
2017-06-13 19:14
ok krowka kokot
2017-06-13 19:15
ok krowka kokot
2017-06-13 21:31
xD :D I love Slovak brothers <3
2017-06-14 12:00
teams dont want pedophiles
2017-06-13 19:16
how old is he
2017-06-13 19:41
2017-06-13 21:31
2017-06-14 00:28
Not true, he was found innocent by the police
2017-06-14 02:31
he banned me from his channel just for asking... lmao he must be the cp king at darkweb
2017-06-14 17:17
2017-06-14 18:25
United Kingdom swellis
lmao +1
2017-06-15 09:13
tbh why would he want people coming in all the time asking him about it? very understandable he bans u for that, especially since all the info about it is readily available on the internet, u dont need to ask about it. i think he is pedo tho, he did a drunk stream not too long ago and someone posted a clip on hltv where he was talking about hardcandy.
2017-06-15 13:31
African Union ArisA
shut the fuck up he is innocent u want the papers from the police?
2017-06-14 03:51
Syria polaker
Don't feed the retard.
2017-06-14 03:53
African Union ArisA
I think people generally still dont know that he has been cleared.
2017-06-14 03:54
genuinely is the word you were looking for
2017-06-14 18:23
I would love to see those papers. Where is the problem in showing them in this video.
2017-06-14 05:06
United Kingdom tr@c
Don't think he would be streaming if he was found guilty?
2017-07-01 01:37
show pls
2017-06-14 15:21
yes show paper. see who
2017-06-14 17:11
lol u idiot, he said he wont show the papers.. so there is no actuall proof of him being innocent, but if he were guilty he would not be streaming from his home lul
2017-07-01 01:46
African Union ArisA
Did i ever say, i had the papers? he literally spoke about the papers from the video. Meaning there was not proof and they would have to witch hunt and force him again.
2017-07-01 02:04
you asked him if he wanted to see the papers from the police? well, show them then.
2017-07-01 04:17
African Union ArisA
thats what i am saying, there was a video then he should go to rambo not hltv. And ask for it.
2017-07-01 07:53
Turkey Mustafa-
U said hes average global and asking why no team signed Nice brain brother
2017-06-13 19:22
well hes in FPL isnt he? even after "the cleanup" hes still there.. ppl from FPL get picked up to pro teams no?
2017-06-13 19:24
Yeah, I guess if they impress in FPL. Obviously, no ones been impressed.
2017-06-13 19:29
FPL is mainly for earning money tbh, almost nobody in FPL cares about getting picked by a team just earn some cash
2017-06-13 20:00
Turkey Mustafa-
nt krimz
2017-06-13 20:55
nt mustafa
2017-06-13 20:58
United Kingdom Hammondo
Very rarely.
2017-06-14 16:27
United Kingdom Bo2s
average globals dont play fpl , he deserves a spot in a tier 3 team for sure
2017-06-13 19:33
2017-06-13 19:35
lol fpl tier 3+ pick one
2017-06-13 21:32
average player plays fpl for years slav logic. they see him beeing average on fpl and they translate it to mm environment wich is completely different thing , almost different game. slav logic.
2017-06-13 21:04
idc about mm, just called him global thats all.. why you have to pick on every word you tard if the thread is about him having 13k hours playing in FPL and not playing profesionally, you must hate yourself really.
2017-06-13 21:28
"idc about mm, just called him global thats all" this first statement tells everything about how stupid you are.
2017-06-13 21:29
2017-06-13 21:30
wow, people here are so retarded, no wonder this community is cancer.. kys pls
2017-06-13 23:03
You are the retard here. I cant even read your comments without facepalming , you contradict yourself 3 times in the same phrase.
2017-06-13 23:51
Macau Lass3YAOW
Your English though. "It's not my native language", well that's not an excuse in 2017.
2017-06-14 11:57
It's not my native language therefore I'm allowed to be a retard
2017-06-14 12:09
Albania streetfame
its all about how much you focus on competetive gaming, you cant be good while you play 3000hrs competetive and 10000hrs surf.
2017-06-13 21:04
no its all about hours
2017-06-13 21:33
OFC u can look at DoCC
2017-06-15 13:27
Slovakia iLycan
what is this pedo thing?? Did i miss smth?
2017-06-13 21:31
Bulgaria evilbg
Actually the last 4-5 months, he's playing really well on FPL. Even JW(known as a salty dude) said that he improved a lot, so I think he's ready to joint tier 2-3 team, but probably he wants to stream as a full time job.
2017-06-13 21:33
African Union ArisA
RandomRambo said he would join a team if he could. I guess he is out of his depression now, because of some mistake. And he can finally focus on the game.
2017-06-14 03:51
Sweden LoxXy
> "Pretty average Global elite player" > Pro Chose one
2017-06-13 23:54
If you think an MM rank means anything when it comes to playing on a serious team let alone professionally than you have alot to learn.
2017-06-14 03:54
idiot cant tell what is bait and not Xdddddddddd!!!!!
2017-06-14 12:03
I can tell ur bait.
2017-06-15 07:58
wtf i dont fish?!
2017-06-15 08:28
Then how does ur family eat cuz you know ur broke?
2017-06-15 09:05
eat like king (((((((((((((((((:
2017-06-15 09:38
found the silver
2017-06-15 09:40
China Grenadr
Average global xd
2017-06-14 04:43
jw is lem so RandomRambo > JW confirmed
2017-06-14 06:16
What is this about him being a pedophile? What did I miss?
2017-06-14 06:23
Netherlands HetIsPatat
HLTV: "PEDO!!!! YOU'RE A PEDO!!!!!" RandomPedo: "LUL No I'm not, the police said that I'm innocent, they even made a report but I'm not going to show it to you." HLTV: "Oh, okay, sry bout that, you clean dawg. Stfu guys, he's not a pedo even though none of us can confirm the existence of a report, i mean why would he lie???"
2017-06-14 11:29
KK | 
Denmark s0denone
If he was a pedophile he would be in jail, and certainly not have access to a computer, you dimwitted scrub he was cleared
2017-06-14 16:20
Netherlands HetIsPatat
You do realize being cleared does not equal being innocent, right? If the police can't find traces of crime activity, because f.e. if you dispose of the evidence, they have no lawful basis to lock you up. That does not automatically mean you never had illegal shit on your computer. They didn't say what that file was, nor did he. Files don't just pop-up randomly on your computer you dimwitted computer illiterate.
2017-06-14 16:24
KK | 
Denmark s0denone
He was innocent, you colossal jackass
2017-06-14 17:06
how to spot a pedo
2017-06-14 17:25
Austria db42
i dont really want to defend rambo, but a) getting rid of "evidence" on short term notice would mean he would have had to burn his pc and melt it into a single brick of metal, b) you clearly underestimate how serious such threats are taken by police AND what the people working in that department are able to do with computers. I'm talking CSI-esque recovery stuff. c) "They didn't say what that file was, nor did he. " everyone who's had to use a lawyer previously should know this, stfu about your own case asap when you might be in danger.
2017-06-14 18:06
u cannot cheat with 13k acc ... U must change acc every vac wave
2017-06-14 11:59
he is probably worst fpl player tbh, last time i checked his stats he had under 0.90
2017-06-14 16:13
Who is RandomRambo ? Btw: Zeus have 11000
2017-06-14 16:32
Brazil 1stworlder
Some pedophile streamer who (judging from this thread) is adored by half of Denmark
2017-06-14 17:19
could it be he has no understanding of how to play inside a team & has no god damn clue how to play properly instead of baiting his teammates 24/7......
2017-06-14 17:21
Ok, denmark so or so toxic csgo so he must have huge fans
2017-06-14 17:41
lol your prob dmg yourself soo stfu slovakien bitch
2017-06-14 18:17
hours played in cs doesn't mean shite it's not like you're playing mmo or something
2017-06-14 18:21
2017-06-14 18:22 Only 5.5k hours, not 13k, A LOT of idling. And i mean, it's apparently his first CS game and he was able to go to FPL with only 5.5k hours in all CS games combined with 0 deathmatch, it's decent.
2017-06-15 09:42
Sweden lagcats
13khrs idled.
2017-06-15 13:39
loba was in jail for rape..
2017-07-01 02:40
freakazoid was in c9 with 1k hours
2017-07-01 02:42
he's good enough for a team. it's just that nobody wants to sign a pedo
2017-07-01 02:43
1. He doesnt give a shit for pro teams. He has a wife and kid (I think) and makes money from streaming. 2. He's old... if he ever joined a team it wouldn't be a pro one cuz of his age. 3. A LOT OF IDLING. 4. He's definitely better than "your average global" if he's in FPL.
2017-07-01 02:44
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