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1v1 fight, every country, who wins?
France blueslurpee478 
Take stereotype person from every country and throw them in UFC cage. Who wins? No weapons I say America. Got too much height, size, and weight. As soon as they lay on you you're done. Rip small frenchies like nbk or xizt from the shire.
2017-06-16 02:32
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United States gtmaniacmda 
1. That isn't a 1v1 2. I really don't know, probably a small guy who hides and waits until the end to fight, maybe Chinese? (stereotypical Karate practitioner)
2017-06-16 02:38
I meant more in the sense 1v1 fights. After fight, surivovoare magically healed. Then fight again. So on and so forth until last guy left.
2017-06-16 02:45
United States gtmaniacmda 
ah, probably an Austrian, they seem to pump out more steroid-ridden body builders than I can count
2017-06-16 02:46
BnTeT | 
Netherlands TEEZY 
you obviously have never been in austria...
2017-07-04 21:32
Brazil mexicowss 
>chinese >karate fighter
2017-06-16 03:35
New Zealand fuckislam 
sorry jujitsu
2017-06-19 02:51
Brazil mexicowss 
try harder noob baiting rating.
2017-06-19 03:41
New Zealand fuckislam 
card jitsu?
2017-06-19 03:45
Are you retarded? Stereotypical Chinese is a fucking stick nerd
2017-07-04 03:31
Honestly, I would say some CIS country. They are usually big and most of them are crazy enough to fight anyone (especially if they drink vodka before fights lul)
2017-06-16 02:42
Brazil FURIAtop1 
2017-06-16 03:01
United States VerySmartGuy 
+1 drunk slavs would beat the shit out of anyone
2017-06-16 03:39
Poland Homosexual 
Big? They are small
2017-06-16 04:13
Albanians for sure dude we all got big balls :D
2017-06-16 02:56
I said this is a fight, not a gay porno
2017-06-16 03:00
Turkey SLendeRuLeZ 
Calm down boiiii shots fired
2017-06-16 04:49
omg boiz dont :PP try to say that on our faces ii would love it
2017-06-16 04:51
so serious xD PS: FUCK SERBIA
2017-06-16 14:15
Think you ment "try to sit on our faces"
2017-06-16 14:22
+1 topkek
2017-06-16 19:26
Russia ez4u 
ahahahah you made my day
2017-06-16 15:36
2017-07-04 21:08
Germany liddeb0b 
you only have big balls with a knife in your hand..
2017-06-16 14:25
Me and my guys will be at esl cologne 2k17 without a knife :PPP
2017-06-16 15:24
Portugal dracø 
"Me and my guys" Nice 1v1
2017-06-19 04:21
Just because u don't have anyone to travel with, doesn't mean he is the same...Lul.
2017-07-04 03:50
+1000000, or when they are 5v1 x)
2017-06-16 15:45
If it's a big FFA in the same cage, then the result shouldn't be too different from randomness, given the fact that there are around 200 countries, which would mean a fucking insane mess with 200 fighters at once. A small advantage given to small and fast individuals and a disadvantage to big and slow individuals, but not by much I guess, still freaking random. If it's about 1v1s, then it's about who's a better fighter and the nationality is pretty irrelevant.
2017-06-16 03:09
Brazil FURIAtop1 
it's a 1v1 you imbecile, did you even read the post ofc nationality matters because he's talking about stereotypes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! w0w !!!!
2017-06-16 03:57
I read the post. And this sentence: "Take stereotype person from every country and throw them in UFC cage. " makes it unclear, since it's talking about putting a person from every country and only one cage, which is why I considered the possibility that he wasn't talking about 1v1s after all. The fact that I considered both options means that I answered both hypothesis anyway, so I don't know what makes you so upset. Just saying "stereotypes" is extremely vague, the stereotypes he's thinking about might or might not influence the outcome of a fight, hence why it's more likely to consider that it would be about who's the best fighter. If it's not about who's the best fighter, but rather about what stereotyped attribute would favor the most a fighter, then it means that we're not concerned about the fighter's nationality but rather concerned about the fact that he possesses the said-attribute. In other words, he could be from whatever country, if he has the attribute that corresponds to a stereotype, it would do the trick, which means nationality is irrelevant. Stereotypes do not represent the traits of people from a country anyway. They represent the distorted views people have on other people, which is a different thing.
2017-06-16 04:12
Friis | 
Canada uhJake 
You think to much dude.
2017-06-16 04:39
I don't think it's possible to reach a point where you have done too much thinking. Unless you needed to do something else instead of course, but usually discussions only require thinking.
2017-06-16 04:46
You think to much dude.
2017-07-04 03:37
lol any turk would win easily, i mean they raped us in the past and genocided us lol
2017-06-16 03:13
0/8. Worst fakeflag I've seen in a while.
2017-06-16 03:55
0/8. Worst fakeflag I've seen in a while.
2017-06-16 10:30
Other TanriQQ 
0/8. Worst fakeflag I've seen in a while.
2017-06-16 14:20
France BigBlarg 
0/8. Worst fakeflag I've seen in a while.
2017-06-16 15:47
0/8. Worst fakeflag I've seen in a while.
2017-06-16 19:25
0/8. Worst fakeflag I've seen in a while.
2017-06-19 02:55
0/8. Worst fakeflag I've seen in a while.
2017-06-19 14:37
Argentina roulettesoad 
0/8. Worst fakeflag I've seen in a while.
2017-07-04 03:47
0/8. Worst fakeflag I've seen in a while.
2017-07-04 06:38
0/8. Worst fakeflag I've seen in a while.
2017-07-04 21:18
United States $hemlenie69 
probably africans lol
2017-06-16 03:19
Poland kurwafa 
niggers only strong in groups, same with arabs
2017-06-16 15:43
Nah, 1 stereotypical nigger would kill all other stereotypes
2017-07-04 03:34
Remove kebab - i win gg ez...
2017-06-16 03:37
lol kebabs raped you everytime.. brother they raped us too. Its okay they didnt rape your ass, just them for your grandpa and grandma. Relax
2017-06-16 03:42
Russia won.Cry is free.
2017-07-04 21:18
Iceland bro, they have the strongest guys on earth
2017-06-16 03:48
Iceland fatboislim 
this guy knows
2017-06-19 14:20
African Union ArisA 
I guess mongoliet they fucked every country in single combat style. But got tired in the end.
2017-06-16 03:55
fer | 
Brazil pedrok 
probably USA or Favelistan. In UFC the champion is always either brazilian or a hillbilly
2017-06-16 04:03
United Kingdom 3Head 
who is the middleweight champ atm
2017-06-16 15:40
Brazil jstrr 
one in a million though
2017-06-19 03:58
United Kingdom 3Head 
look at boxing too, uk is the best boxing country at the moment.
2017-06-19 14:10
Denmark smegma 
I would not want to fight Blanka
2017-06-19 03:50
FalleN | 
Brazil Feio91 
blanka is not brazilian, genius.
2017-07-04 06:15
Denmark smegma 
ofc he is
2017-07-04 22:16
United States Topunderscore 
Middle East would just suicide bomb every time, it will always end in tie
2017-06-16 04:15
2017-06-19 14:26
Iceland US Australia Brazilian martial artist?
2017-06-16 04:24
Australia? lol no
2017-06-16 10:31
United Kingdom Recks 
I agree with Iceland, USA & Australia. stereotypical speaking, Iceland has alot of big guys (vikings) Aussielanders seem to be real men, Aussieland is a wealthy country so the average man has all the opportunities to be in shape and work out. Very good weather, good beaches and surfing is popular so im guessing a large population of Aussielanders are in shape. (maybe i watch too much Home & Away) USA is similar to Aussieland but imo USA has alot more weirdo's & unhealthy people.
2017-06-19 04:20
United Kingdom Recks 
Also America are really good at sports, they dominate like every Olympics & have alot of good professional fighters. (i guess this is heavily affected by their population)
2017-06-19 04:23
I don't know why you think a poor skinny favela is strong
2017-07-04 03:34
Hence the question mark
2017-07-04 04:03
Korea is the gayest Asian country?
2017-07-04 06:11
Bangladesh is the gayest Asian country.
2017-07-04 18:10
Koreans gay and stupid. Can't even recognize evil Japanese flag lmfao
2017-07-04 20:41
2017-07-04 21:05
John Cena wins.
2017-06-16 04:26
the stereotypical asian kung fu master dude
2017-06-16 04:31
China ez, fucking clone wars
2017-06-16 04:32
America? bahahah you're kidding me. if we're talking MMA, yes maybe, but that is only because it's commercialised to the max in America more than any other country. Won't be for long though with Rizing and ONE FC gaining popularity. Just look at the roots of MMA, dating back from K1 to Pride and that was a global world wide tournament, not some tournament owned by American billionaires. I think out of like the 50 champs throughout k1 history there were only 1 or 2 American champions..?.. shows how shit they are. Same as how Japs still smash karate, as well as the Eastern Europeans (lol the americans at kyokushin karate is like watching thugs fight) and how Brazilians still dominate BJJ. Wrestling? yes America but lets be honest, like i previously said the best k1 fighters back in the days came from Europe and Asia. Americans are not that great at fighting, it's only due to the fact that UFC is owned by an American corporoation so obviously they're going to promote their own country's fighters more than say someone in Russia. (look at Khabib for example), also there's currently no US champion in the female roster but this is expected from someone that calls MMA, "UFC cage" lool. If we're talking wrestling, then yes, the US dominates that scene over other countries. Same as how the Netherlands would dominate the Americans in Dutch kickboxing.. or Thai fighters dominating americans in Muay Thai. P.s. I compete at a national level in Kyokushin Karate (full contact karate, GSP trains in and is known from) and also used to compete at blue belt level for BJJ. Still train 5 times a week to date lol
2017-06-16 05:32
World neomax360 
Are you mad about US my friend? Some Americano reck you hard in Kyokushin fight?
2017-06-16 10:43
brother, no offence but the US are complete garbage at Kyokushin lol. Eastern Europeans and the Japs dominate that art. There's not even a top 20 fighter from the US yet alone I believe top 50?... from my understanding they're dominant at wrestling though. and no it's just funny when the 'stereotypical average bum citizen' talks about fighting after watching a few 'ufc' fights lol. I mean who even says 'ufc cage' lol... some guy with a tapout shirt? P.s. if we're talking average citizen, Eastern Europeans or Pacific Islanders imo.
2017-06-19 02:48
United States $hemlenie69 
who else didnt read this paragraph?
2017-06-16 10:46
+1 I also asked for the stereotypical average bum citizen from each country, not professionals.
2017-06-16 14:13
Russian ez win
2017-06-16 10:27
Other TanriQQ 
It is not a 1v1, it's a ffa. I would say turks will win. this explains everything
2017-06-16 14:19
Rest of the world: Man fucks Woman. Turkey: Man fucks goat.
2017-06-16 14:30
Other TanriQQ 
people from ecuador on hltv are more than the population of ecuador
2017-06-16 14:33
That don't make sense no.
2017-06-16 14:34
Sweden PPH 
2017-07-04 08:39
Slurpee is retarded. /close
2017-06-16 14:22
"small frenchies like [...] xizt" kys
2017-06-16 14:26
Xizt looks like LOTR character.
2017-06-16 19:22
JD | 
Poland PSZ 
ofc polish warriors like pasha gonna win this 1v1 international tournament xd
2017-06-16 14:28
vp dude
2017-06-16 14:29
russians always
2017-06-16 14:31
realistically, America or some European/CIS country. America probably. yes the stereotype is they're all fat, but if we look at reality they have the best athletes and army in the world. compared to places like Asia, Americans and Europeans are bigger, broader and more bulky.
2017-06-16 15:34
France Kabby 
Iceland or some nordic country
2017-06-16 15:35
Poland Zobbe 
i would say china russia or usa
2017-06-16 15:36
Poland, papa will fuck them all
2017-06-16 15:36
United Kingdom HarryBotter 
2017-06-16 15:36
Russians. too many wrestlers/sambo fighters.
2017-06-16 15:37
2017-06-16 15:41
Brazil NaScene 
Obviously the us cd
2017-06-16 15:47
JW | 
South Africa Papa_Chango 
remove all ur weapons and Africa will won against any country
2017-06-16 15:51
United Kingdom jMz86 
The Scots, we wear Kilts without underwear in the coldest of weather. We eat sheep guts, heart, liver and lungs wrapped in sheeps stomach. Our national musical instrument requires your lungs to be fitter than any long distance runner. We drink Whisky by the barrel load. We throw massive logs of wood as a sport. We live on mountainous terrain. We are obsessed with fighting, drinking and getting our end away. We are Scotland the Brave!
2017-06-16 16:05
2017-06-16 16:08
Norway SkaMathias 
Scandinavian people>all
2017-06-16 16:11
Tell africans they will have the meal they want if they win and you got your answer.
2017-06-16 19:29
Hungary powi 
hmm yea some CIS or nordic country probably. USA too fat/lazy, asia too small, most of europe is just too pussy or simply average
2017-06-16 19:31
Look up tank abbot on YouTube. Try being stuck in an octagon with a fat drunk dude like him.
2017-06-19 03:16
The only advantage he has being fat is over untrained fighters. Now search up Royce Gracie. 85 kgs submitting 100 + kg bodybuilding sized fighters on the juice back in the early days of ufc when there was no weight categories.
2017-06-19 04:06
This thread isn't about trained fighters..this is about average joes from each country fighting. Look up Matt Hughes..he beat the shit outta Royce.
2017-06-19 04:46
exactly little one, so I have already stated my opinion that if we're talking average joes, Eastern Europeans (Polish, Lithuanian, Russians, Ukranians etc.) or Pacific Islanders (Tongans, Samoans, Fijians etc.) will win. Just based on the average natural size and strength of those nations is quite superior to a lot of other countries. Trained fighters, can come from any nation really. And yes, when juiced up Matt Hughes was in his peak whilst Royce was clearly not by then lol. i have a feeling you're only 15 or so but do you talk back to your parents or teachers like this? you're a little smart ass lol with all due respect.
2017-06-19 05:09
Hughes passed every drug test, Royce didn't, wtf are you talking about lolol you're equating a KNOWN cheater to one never busted.
2017-06-19 14:02
And this is why u shldnt be asking any mma related questions. Tell me do u even compete? Only completion u know of is on cs go. What drug test lol, usada was introduced after Hugh's era but it's okay you're probably 15 and are new to the whole scene. Why are u even asking this on a gaming forum if ur so serious? There are better forums out there such as but don't be surprised if u get called a retarded kid, "ufc cage" lol
2017-06-20 05:56
Then how was Royce popped if there were no testing? Lol how about James irvin? Sean Sherk? Vitor belfort? Etc I wouldn't be surprised if Hughes was juiced, however you're comparing him who was never busted to someone who was CAUGHT juicing.
2017-06-20 16:14
2017-06-16 19:31
The only one of those the US got is Weight
2017-06-19 02:53
Winner would easily be Germany tbqh
2017-06-19 02:54
Iceland fatboislim 
not even close
2017-06-19 14:26
Russia Poland Est,Lit,Lat Ukraine Belarus Pretty easy for CIS basically
2017-06-19 02:56
2017-06-19 03:00
United States DeAlphy 
Russia Poland
2017-06-19 03:07
2017-06-19 03:13
US, western europe, and asia has no chance against eastern europe or africa
2017-06-19 03:16
liTTle | 
Macau napom 
Retarded opinion with ni valid argument or analysis.
2017-06-19 04:15
Russians or someshit, they're crazy and usually pretty big. Americans only have the weight...
2017-06-19 03:50
Brazil jstrr 
probably US since the non-obese americans tend to have a "be-ready-for-doomsday" obsession, being retired veterans who can't find a non-military related job, (and often being quite stupid, though that doesn't count here) so US would probably win
2017-06-19 04:02
liTTle | 
Macau napom 
Brazilians could win too so they can get out of the ghetto favela with the earnings, that way they can avoid getting robbed by motorcycle bandits every other day too.
2017-06-19 04:14
liTTle | 
Macau napom 
Just watch PRIDE Grand Prix fights. They had brackets for those competitions and winners kept fighting until someone won the whole competition. Or search, "pride grand orix champions" and it'll show you who won by year
2017-06-19 04:13
France RAFmerton 
French by rear baguette choke.
2017-06-19 04:32
Russians IMO. They are fearless and it seems they don't appreciate life too much
2017-06-19 14:05
The Asians obviously.
2017-06-19 14:28
Russia YUWA 
Puppey wins :/
2017-06-19 14:34
Germany BIG2020 
Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson would win
2017-06-19 14:41
Germany Rubixx 
i would go for thailand since their male inhabitants are either drug dealers of thai boxers so the stereotype would be thai boxer -> ez win
2017-06-19 14:42
Yugoslavia mult1sync 
some random mongol would win
2017-07-04 03:23
swedish viking 7"2 160 kg best warrior race in history
2017-07-04 03:37
United Kingdom HarryBotter 
2017-07-04 21:30
Europe ROMAG 
Ez for BR the monkeys would find out a big gorilla to fight for them
2017-07-04 03:45
We germans will win, because we got big street fight experience. We don't get hard punished from the law, so we are fighting alot in the streetZzzz
2017-07-04 06:42
Germany BIG2020 
Stereotypical? Iceland for sure.. stereotypical Icelander is Hafþór Júlíus „Thor“ Björnsson
2017-07-04 06:45
Brazil just_many 
probably a german, they are fucking giants
2017-07-04 06:51
Israel meztalinho 
2017-07-04 21:06
Brazil IguiN 
Usa lol
2017-07-04 21:07
United Kingdom HarryBotter 
... what fat person who eats loads of burgers
2017-07-04 21:30
Ez for Putin
2017-07-04 21:10
United Kingdom HarryBotter 
China because ninja
2017-07-04 21:29
2017-07-04 21:30
Ez for Brazil, we would rob all of your lives
2017-07-04 22:20
Ez for German.
2017-07-04 23:15
Sweden D1ze 
Conor Mcgregor /topic closed.
2017-07-04 23:16
Bulgaria - cuz the stereotypical guy here is the one who takes steroids for 3-4 years or more, is braindead, crazy and gets angry very fast, usually big and with thick wrists, trains some martial arts just to beat anyone who tells him that he sucks No chance for anyone brothers
2017-07-04 23:21
Someone black guy from US or Russian
2017-07-04 23:22
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