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low test in the west
Canada longsleeves 
There's a decline in testosterone level in young and older men compared to previous generation. In short, more men are becoming balding fags with little muscle mass and low sperm volume. What's going on guys? What's causing this? Discuss Source:
2017-06-16 03:24
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Switzerland zthoui
porn nowadays is better than before
2017-06-16 03:27
The fact the we come off more often or the fact that we watch other people fuck instead of fucking causing a psychological problem?
2017-06-16 03:33
Switzerland zthoui
the low sperm volume
2017-06-16 03:41
Modern life. Unclean eating/diet full of processed foods. Using steroids before the age of 24/25ish would be my guesses at contributing factors. Worse problems for Asian males, their Y chromosomes are degrading a shit ton faster than other ethnicities.
2017-06-16 03:31
My dad is over the age of 40 and he wants to start lifting, are steroids OK for him?
2017-06-16 03:31
Sorry I only offer hltv adivce to those in the West.
2017-06-16 03:37
Chile y u hef to be so rood help your friend Borat
2017-06-16 03:40
United States Freakmode
too many boys wanting to be grills is contaminating the gene pool
2017-06-16 03:32
rmr when you could smoke in the supermarket, on an airplane ? now that you can't anymore you no longer see the positive effects of 1st and/or 2nd hand smoke
2017-06-16 03:33
Finland mayrakoira
absolute genius
2017-06-16 03:38
2017-06-16 03:44
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