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Best players by role
World hltvsilver 
top 5 players in every role Example: IGL 1. gla1ve 2. fallen 3. msl 4. karrigan 5. stanislaw What is your opinion about the other roles? Lurker: ? Entry: ? Support : ? Awper: ?
2017-06-18 02:55
2017-06-18 02:57
2017-06-18 02:58
Portugal Nn1nho91 
Why Gla1ve? Fallen won all the championships in the time he won 2 majors
2017-06-18 02:59
the difference between astralis before and after him its just crazy.
2017-06-18 03:03
Portugal Nn1nho91 
Yes that's true, but Astralis was already a good team before he was not top 10 but he was a good team !! Fallen to catch a team of unknown and was bi-champion !!!
2017-06-18 03:08
World RamziMeister 
Yeah but they got carried so hard by coldzera whereas astralis werent carried and glaive came in and made them number 1 showing that he has more impact as an IGL , Glaive>Fallen
2017-06-18 07:25
Portugal Nn1nho91 
Not Really. btw Sk had 4 players in top 20 hltv. Fallen top 3 !!!! Coldzera is a very important player but I do not agree that he carried SK !! There is much in SK beyond coldzera FallenGOD>Gla1ve!!!!
2017-06-18 16:01
World RamziMeister 
Nope they wouldn't have won anything if they didnt have coldzera, same thing with astralis, they didn't win anything without glaive, Glaive > Fallen No doubt, plus Astralis are the best team in the world at the moment so theres that too
2017-06-18 17:08
Portugal Nn1nho91 
Lol Dude! in 1 team top 5 world you need 5 players world class!!! Fallen>Gla1ve
2017-06-18 18:05
World RamziMeister 
Nope Astralis > SK , Astralis has best IGL, Glaive > Fallen 100%
2017-06-18 18:49
Portugal Nn1nho91 
SK <3 TOP 1 HLTV!!! Sorry buddy!!!
2017-06-19 22:01
World RamziMeister 
Astralis beat SK last bo3 they played, Glaive > Fallen, Astralis > SK, no arguement whatsoever :D
2017-06-19 23:05
Portugal Nn1nho91 
2017-06-20 02:37
World RamziMeister 
Carried by cold as always lul, Glaive > Fallen
2017-06-20 04:59
Portugal Nn1nho91 
cmon!!! tomorrow we see , who is the best......... SK <3
2017-06-25 01:21
lol if cold is so good that he carries a bunch of nobodies to 2 times major wins then he is the best player ever in CS go. you can't have it both ways. Is Cold GOAT for you?
2017-06-25 04:05
Brazil adre221 
sk without fallen - top0 sk with fallen - top1 astralis without glaive - top5 astralis with glaive - top5
2017-06-25 04:09
HLTV rankings don't even mean that much in terms of impact. Because of gla1ve's impact as IGL he is a top player that brought Astralis to current form. He is not an amazing fragger but he can still make some plays - best IGL.
2017-06-18 21:57
Portugal Nn1nho91 
2017-06-20 02:48
Then we should talk Pronax here
2017-06-18 05:37
(all tier-2 tournaments)
2017-06-19 10:05
Macau Bent0 
igl: fallen support: nbk (I hate him when he is in his NBKry mode) awper: f0x or fallen (not fake flagging)
2017-06-18 03:00
Portugal Wazaq 
No way u are not fake flagging
2017-06-18 03:12
Lmao, fox, really? Great b8 fake flagger
2017-06-18 04:08
nickname : Bent0 "not fakeflagging" retarded.
2017-06-18 05:29
+1 nbk. every french team that was succesfull had him on the team.
2017-06-18 18:51
Japan etm 
I'm a SK fan, but KennyS is the best awper rn by far..
2017-06-18 21:31
I think fox is very strange. Hits every fucking awp shot ever, even the hardest, but still looks like he sucks. Maybe bad movement/gamesense? Still wouldn't define him as one of the best "awpers".
2017-06-19 20:21
World neomax360 
Thrue. Fox is reliable awper, few miss with his awp. But somehow, peoples think that he is tier3 player
2017-06-19 23:13
I kinda think it aswell. He never misses but seems sort of bad anyway
2017-06-20 00:45
felps | 
Brazil LukeCS 
IGL: Fallen, Zeus Entry fragger: dupreeh, Stewie2k Support: coldzera, Xyp9x, KioShiMa Lurker: Xyp9x (i like him as lurker more than support), shox AWP: KennyS, FalleN and GuardiaN
2017-06-18 03:06
Netherlands ItsKBS 
How is coldzera support? he is the best rated player in SK and ur saying he is support? lol
2017-06-18 03:53
felps | 
Brazil LukeCS 
But he is
2017-06-18 03:54
Netherlands ItsKBS 
He definitely isnt my friend
2017-06-18 03:56
felps | 
Brazil LukeCS 
He is my friend, he's a madfragger but plays like support
2017-06-18 03:59
Germany zthoui 
He is a support, TACO said it on twitter
2017-06-18 04:11
If you compare to role to role on any other team Taco would be the support and Cold would be the lurker, SK's roles are so skewed, it's weird. In reality Cold plays much more like a lurker than a support.
2017-06-18 05:19
Brazil Saint_Jatai 
coldzera started to play like a lurker after they kick fnx.
2017-06-18 05:27
Exactly, but everyone still thinks he's a support player even though he wasn't even a pure support before. His job is simply to close out rounds for the team in end round situations after Fer and Felps get their entry frags.
2017-06-18 05:28
He will always play late round on T Side because he is not going in 1st or 2nd because he is flashing and smoking for the entry fragger and watching the flank and setting up the AWPer..... actually watch his povs and you will see that this is true, if that's not a support player to you then you dont know what support is.
2017-06-18 06:01
Then I guess they have 2 support players because thats exactly what Taco does too but if you look at their 4-1 setups Cold is almost always the "1" who cuts off rotations and then closes out the round at the other bombsite.
2017-06-18 06:13
North America SKELL666 
He is support, he plays a different style of support than a guy that runs in the site, after using his nades he lurks i guess you could say he supports as a first and lurks as a 2nd role.
2017-06-18 06:21
Like i said Taco does the same thing but doesn't lurk at all, he plays his spots i.e Door on Cache and Palace on Mirage. Coldzera may throw some support nades but IF the strat calls for someone to cut off rotations hes the one who does it.
2017-06-18 06:56
United States pieceofpi 
Nt TACO is the entry fragger: complete opposite of support
2017-06-19 08:29
Felps is the entry fragger and Fer helps him with it. Taco hasn't entried since Felps joined and he only entried sometimes before - Fer still did a lot of it, read #39. Also when have you ever heard of an entry fragger having specific spots on the map lol? So he can only entry frag on Cache if they're going A and same with Mirage? Because he literally plays those spots EVERY round on T side.
2017-06-19 09:50
United States pieceofpi 
Taco has said himself that he is the entry fragger, fer calls himself a rotator, and both of them say that felps is not a designated entry fragger
2017-06-19 09:59
Doesnt matter what they say Taco: thats INSANELY low for a supposed entry fragger Felps: That means that Taco only gets the entry kill 11% of the time in rounds they win which is the lowest on the team.
2017-06-19 10:02
Not entirely true, TACO very often runs in first in T Side of most maps
2017-06-18 06:57
No Fer and Felps do now. Taco USED to entry but no longer does because Felps has always been an entry fragger and they didn't want to change his role when he joined. And even if it was true that Taco was the entry that doesn't have any relevance to the argument that Coldzera is a lurker.
2017-06-18 06:59
device | 
United States Jax_xD 
Yes he is support, which makes sense because he is an amazing clutcher/late round player. Part of the reason he has such good rating as well. Because he is rarely the opening frag of rounds.
2017-06-18 06:00
Netherlands ItsKBS 
He is playing a more safe role, cause Fallen lets him get the frags if Fer doesn't. Not entrying doesnt mea support bro
2017-06-18 13:47
Peanut brain dead retard can't understand the roles on csgo. Poor gay country, for the record, Support in CS isn't support in LoL that doesn't kill like the others.
2017-06-18 21:15
Netherlands ItsKBS 
support is setting up frags for teammates, but actually the others set up frags for fer and cold retard
2017-06-18 21:27
Well, he isn't the best-rated player on SK to be correct.
2017-06-18 21:17
coldzera legit said himself he was a support :P
2017-06-25 01:24
Netherlands ItsKBS 
Maybe it was so before i followed SK but now he is getting set up the kills :p
2017-06-25 02:23
Lurker : Get_right , Happy , Dosia Entry : felps , nitr0 , SHOWTIME Support : taco , shroud , znajder , ngin , legjia , spidii Awper : despe , allu , smithz , mou , keev
2017-06-18 03:13
Brazil LeoAv 
taco support ? showtime entry ?
2017-06-18 03:56
He must be new
2017-06-18 04:08
second account 620849 sure im new
2017-06-18 05:06
World ZMDR 
just clueless then.
2017-06-18 05:49
United States Jammin800k 
Taco is a support #122/125
2017-06-19 20:16
Austria iVolkan 
2017-06-18 21:12
Romania DAX1k 
lmao this obvious b8 tho
2017-06-18 21:29
India gucci_mane 
entry - apex support - xyp9x igl - glaive/fallen awp - kennys lurk - gtr (used to be.),
2017-06-18 03:34
GTR is THE lurker - the original OG mothafuka. Not the best anymore tho probably - plus in NiP he was doing more entry fragging. With the new lineup things might change a lot tho. We'll see.
2017-06-18 21:26
India gucci_mane 
its not 2014 anymore. as much as i want him to be back on top, not sure if he will though.
2017-06-19 17:39
Ex6TenZ | 
Portugal lvr1 
Entries : 1- fer - SK/Brazil 2- Krimz - Fnatic/Sweden 3- Lekro - Godsent/Sweden 4- ScreaM - EnvyUs/Belgium 5- Kjaerbye - Astralis/Denmark Supporters : 1- f0rest - NiP (sadly not in Fnatic instead of JW)/Sweden 2- Neo - Virtus.Pro/Poland 3- Niko - Faze/Bosnia 4- Edward - Na'Vi/Ukrain (So underrated...) 5- ropz - mouse/Estonia AWPERS : 1 - kennyS - G2/France 2 - Oskar - mouse/Czech 3 - shox - G2/France (fox - dignitas/Portugal to not repeat players of the same team, and shox is a better lurker) 4 - mixwell - Optic/Spain 5 - Olofmeister/dennis (Olof is a better lurker) - Fnatic/Sweden Lurkers : 1- shox - G2/France 2- Xyp9x - Astralis/Denmark 3- Olofmeister - Fnatic/Sweden 4- Snax - Virtus Pro/Poland 5- GeT_RiGhT - NiP/Sweden IGL : 1- Ex6TenZ - LDLC/Belgium 2- Zeus - Gambit/Ukrain 3- Karrigan - Faze/Denmark 4- Fallen - SK/Brazil 5- flusha - Fnatic/Sweden
2017-06-18 03:37
Can't tell if troling but at least 1 person in every role besides IGL doesn't even play that role lol.
2017-06-18 05:21
Tru dat hahahah, the part where he said forest sadly not in fnatic got me like wtf
2017-06-18 05:39
Yeah I'm hella confused, looks like he actually put time into making the post too lmao.
2017-06-18 05:40
Hltv dream place
2017-06-18 05:52
Ex6TenZ | 
Portugal lvr1 
What's wrong with that ? Do you even know anything besides SpaceSoldiers bruh ?
2017-06-18 21:12
I actually don't even follow Turkish scene but if you had clue about swedish scene you'd already know that nip refused to make any exchange with Fnatic players and stayed with root members which brought them to this point.
2017-06-18 21:21
Ex6TenZ | 
Portugal lvr1 
I know about that, I also know about the DreamHack Bucharest 2013 thing, I also know that GeT_RiGhT wanted to leave to Cloud9 a long time ago, and now I know that friberg left and NiP are in a big slump. Even tho they're not what they were, f0rest is still consistent, so consistent that most of the people still think that he's the best Counter-Strike player of all time. If Fnatic tried f0rest out right now, nobody knows if he'd go. If they replaced JW with f0rest, flusha would be the only player from that Bucharest line-up still there. Besides, olofmeister and dennis seem to be such good people. I think with that trade, fnatic could be dominant again, since f0rest , dennis and olofmeister in the same team would make them probably the best pistol round team in the world. They didn't want to exhange because Sweden was the single most dominant force in the CS world, now G2, Faze, Astralis and even VP are better than Fnatic, and the situation in NiP doesn't seem to be very good... If that ends up happening it's not so soon, because now they're gonna see what's going to happen with REZ in the line-up, but it has to be quick, because f0rest turned 29 a week ago.
2017-06-18 21:29
Too many people obsessed to kick JW and he is the one who brought the OG lineup and the only one who can bring the old fnatic power.
2017-06-18 21:37
Ex6TenZ | 
Portugal lvr1 
They can't replace KrimZ since he's the entry-fragger, nor flusha since he's the igl, nor olofmeister since he's arguably the best player in the world (i rather shox and f0rest, but that's personal opinion, because olofmeister has higher impact) and it makes no sense to replace dennis since he's so good in pistol rounds and has an amazingly incredible aim. JW is a great awper, but olofmeister and dennis can be as good, and he hasn't that much of an impact on the team like the others.
2017-06-18 21:40
Flusha wont let JW go, and JW deserves that spot more than anyone else in that team since he brought the team lineup back via facebook group chat when the other guys were afraid to do it.
2017-06-18 21:45
Ex6TenZ | 
Portugal lvr1 
If they think they could make it further with a new line-up, probably even win a major, then friends are friends, but business is done apart from friendships. Everyone thought that shox wouldn't let ScreaM go or fox wouldn't let maikelele go, but when you're professional, you'll do those efforts to become better.
2017-06-18 21:55
This is what I was talking about, JW is godlike
2017-06-19 18:05
Ex6TenZ | 
Portugal lvr1 
Awful on Inferno, decent on overpass and too many eco frags on Mirage (they pretty much went middle with no fear almost every single time). People are hyped, I'm definitely not. KrimZ, olof and Dennis still seem to be more important than him
2017-06-19 18:12
Ex6TenZ | 
Portugal lvr1 
All the lurkers and awpers are lurkers and awpers. ScreaM and Kjaerbye aren't main entries, but they can entry as well. Kjaerbye used to be more of an entry when he was in dignitas, now he had to addapt because dupreeh has always been entry in TSM/Astralis. ScreaM can entry frag as well, and a clear example for that is that sick headshot on fnx on dust2. Having RpK as main entry doesn't mean ScreaM has got to be a supporter all the time. Not true ? Then tell me who was the entry-fragger in VeryGames (Ex6TenZ, shox, SmithZz, NBK, ScreaM) ? My only doubt are Niko, Edward and ropz. I think ropz is a supporter, but I'm not sure if Niko and Edward are supporters or lurkers. Anyway, they're sick all-rounders.
2017-06-18 21:13
Not even sure what that first line means but whatever, I never even mentioned someone lurking and AWPing. Kjb is the main entry on Astralis now, a big part of their success has been having Dupreeh alive later in the round. ScreaM is NOT an entry fragger the main reason he wasn't put on the G2 lineup is because he wanted to be 3rd man in as the star player who closed out rounds and if he had been on the team it would have been in place of Apex entry fragging, he doesn't like entry fragging and hasn't been one for some time. Edward is a support and Niko is a lurker, his job is to take gun fights at the opposite side of the map and win them, and then close out the round on the site they are attacking, Kio is the support player for FaZe. Anyway to tell you some other roles you got wrong - Krimz is a support not an entry, Neo is IGL atm (but i guess when he's not IGLing he's support so w/e) Olof isn't even the main AWPer on his team and Dennis isn't even a top 3 AWPer on Fnatic. Xyp9x isn't a lurker he's a support (the best one in the game at that).
2017-06-19 03:21
Ex6TenZ | 
Portugal lvr1 
ScreaM used to be an entry-fragger, didn't know he didn't like it. My life was a lie, I always thought KrimZ was an entry-fragger, wow Niko pretty much is a star player, he does whatever he wants to do it seems like. Neo switches with TaZ and Snax the IGL role, but when he's not an IGL, he's a very good supporter, so he can do it. I know Olof and Dennis aren't main AWPers, but it's a fact that they pick the AWP a lot and can AWP pretty well, there was a point in time where Olof AWPed a lot more than JW, and dennis... What can you say about dennis, those flick shots against VP when he aced with the AWP, that was amazing... Xyp9x can play lurker as well, he gets sneaky beaky like and does a lot of clutches most of the times he lurks. A nice example of that was when KennyS flick shotted Xyp9x on Inferno, you can see that the entire TSM team was on banana and Xyp9x was going to control apps all by himself
2017-06-19 16:18
United States Jammin800k 
Niko has a lot of freedom on FaZe but if you look at the others roles he is the lurker by default and you can see it in his play. Karrigan IGL Rain entrying Kio support/2nd man Allu AWPing. Yeah Olof and Dennis might be able to use the AWP effectively sometimes but they definitely aren't top 5 AWPers in the world when they aren't even primary AWPers thats just ignorant. Also Olof never AWPed more than JW except maybe on cobble, they just used to double AWP a lot. Xyp9x isn't lurking at all his job is to setup Kjb and device for success which often means he is behind them when entering sites with Dupreeh lurking now which is why you see them mostly on late round situations. The only reason you saw him in apts taking fights is because that's his position when they default on inferno, that's his job.
2017-06-19 20:26
Portugal Nn1nho91 
Ahhahahaahaha. Deu pa rir um bocado esses tops!!!! xD
2017-06-18 16:10
Ex6TenZ | 
Portugal lvr1 
Diz-me o que está errado, ou fizeste um post para ser mais um ?
2017-06-18 21:14
France Verdammi 
IGL: FALLEN Lurker: GTR Entry: APEX Support : NBK Awper: KennyS
2017-06-18 03:39
2017-06-19 10:26
IGL: f0rest Lurker: f0rest Entry: f0rest Support : f0rest Awper: f0rest Coach: f0rest f0rest is the best at everything, even at being the worst.
2017-06-18 03:40
Norway anMu 
2017-06-18 03:43
Ex6TenZ | 
Portugal lvr1 
f0rest is da man, da king, da legend, he deserves da spot in da Fnatic with da Olofmeister and da flusha
2017-06-18 03:55
2017-06-18 04:56
I love you, can we be friends?
2017-06-18 05:27
Switzerland Technofied 
2017-06-18 03:41
Switzerland purpbull 
IGL : karrigan, gla1ve Lurker : snax, gtr Entry : kjaerbye, stewie Awp : allu, device
2017-06-18 03:50
Netherlands ItsKBS 
Last 3 posts from you: >Best players by role IGL : karrigan, gla1ve Lurker : snax, gtr Entry : kjaerbye, stewie Awp : allu, device FaZe friberg -allu? lul their second sometimes third best player? 0/8 >Real top 5 awpers 1- allu 2- kennys 3- guardian 4- device 5- oskar Top 10 2017 imo >lul allu is way better than konfig. Especially in 2017, he deserves top10 :) I have a strong feeling you are using the wrong flag
2017-06-18 03:56
United States DemiFiend 
Guardian hasnt done anything at all this year he cant compare to oskar or device
2017-06-19 04:24
Netherlands ItsKBS 
2017-06-18 03:56
Sweden captain yolo 
stanislaw top 5 igl? nigga you gay
2017-06-18 03:55
United States _waterrr 
AWPer: kennyS Support: Xyp9x Entry: Fer Lurk: Coldzera IGL: Gla1ve
2017-06-18 04:06
Lurk: Coldzera
2017-06-19 10:27
Lurk: Coldzera
2017-06-25 03:01
BnTeT | 
Poland B4R73K 
IGL 1. TaZ 2. TaZ 3. TaZ 4. TaZ 5. TaZ Lurker: 1. snax 2. snax 3. snax 4. snax 5. snax Entry: 1. byali 2. byali 3. byali 4. byali 5. byali Support : 1. NEO 2. NEO 3. NEO 4. NEO 5. NEO Awper 1. pasha 2. pasha 3. pasha 4. pasha 5. pasha
2017-06-18 04:59
phr | 
Poland boltzzon 
Delusional: 1.B4R73K 2.B4R73K 3.B4R73K 4.B4R73K 5.B4R73K
2017-06-18 16:13
Brazil potat 
i was going with "Retard:" but well played
2017-06-18 21:52
not sure if id put karrigan so low on your igl list there look at faze currently a number 2 team that has surpassed his last team in terms of ranking
2017-06-18 05:12
+1 Definitely above msl
2017-06-18 16:09
United States No5712 
igl: fallen lurk: coldzera/shox entry: flamie support: xyp9x awp: kennys
2017-06-18 05:42
There is no support, it,s Awper Entry Trader Lurk (some team don't have a dedicated one)
2017-06-18 05:43
Brazil Saint_Jatai 
IGL: Fallen Awper: kennyS Support: Xyp9x Entry: fer/Kjaerbye Lurker: coldzera (after fnx leave SK)
2017-06-18 05:43
Lurk: Coldzera
2017-06-19 10:27
Israel Kryst1 
IGL: Gla1ve Awper: kennyS Support: Xyp9x Entry:KJB Lurker:Coldzera
2017-06-18 05:46
United States morkmodkip 
IGL: Gla1ve AWPER: KennyS Support: NBK Lurk: Coldzera Entry: Elige
2017-06-18 05:59
United States DemiFiend 
Nitro is entry elige is most often second man in unless they changed something like a month ago
2017-06-19 04:25
igl : Ex6TenZ AWPer : KennyS Support : Xyp9x Entry Fragger : apEX / Kjaerbye / k1oShiMa Lurker : Flusha / GeT_RiGhT
2017-06-18 06:03
United States STERBENVII 
IGL - FalleN AWPer - kennyS Support - Xyp9x/k1oshima Entry Fragger - rain Lurker - fer
2017-06-18 06:10
REZ | 
Mexico GEtiger 
IGL - pronax AWPer - JW Support - KRIMZ Entry Fragger - Olofm Lurker - flusha
2017-06-18 06:47
Lurker: coldzera Entry: fer Igl: glaive Support: xyp9x Awper: kennys
2017-06-18 07:20
Zeus mb not top 1 igl but much better than stanislaw
2017-06-18 21:13
Mongolia AfRiCaNnIgErO 
igl pronax- who is fnatic now without him awp snax or kennys, device is choker support krimz entry fer lurker get right most legendary player in history of cs, who else could be best lurker
2017-06-18 21:14
United States DemiFiend 
Terrible list pronax is a joke he succeeded because had 4 of the best 20 players in the world he cant do anything now he does have anywhere near that talent. Krimz used to be the best support not anymore. Snax is not even the main awper of his team. Fer is fine. But gtr has been a joke for the last year or so he does not belong in any top list except for washed up pros
2017-06-19 04:28
IGL Happy LURK Happy Support Happy Entry Happy AWP Happy
2017-06-18 21:16
United States BaitmasterDan 
XYP9X is the best support ever
2017-06-18 21:17
Russia Elvem 
IGL 1. gla1ve 2. fallen 3. Zeus 4. karrigan 5. Msl Lurker: coldzera Entry: Fer Support : Edward Awper: Guardian or KennyS
2017-06-18 21:19
Europe Eldi74 
Support: Neo Lurker: Pasha
2017-06-18 21:24
Igl: gla1ve, karrigan, FalleN, MSL, Zeus AWP: kennyS, FalleN, allu, device, draken/oskar Support: xyp9x, bodyy, kioshima, coldzera, NBK Lurk: shox, k0nfig, snax, NiKo, flusha Entry: rain, dupreeh, apEX, fer, Kjaerbye
2017-06-18 21:27
United States DemiFiend 
100 percent agree
2017-06-19 04:29
+1 best so far
2017-06-20 05:30
ty my american brothers
2017-06-20 20:47
IGL 1. Zeus / Gambit 2. FalleN / SK Sniper 1. Guardian (2015) / Na'Vi 2. OskaR (in HR) /mouz 3, Skadoodle/ Cloud9 Lurker 1. SnaX / VP 2. Dosia / Gambit Entry Fragger 1. ELiGE / Liquid 2. fer /SK Support 1.Edward /Na'Vi 2. n0thing /C9 Most Overrated: 1. shox /G2 2. ScreAm /nV 3. s1mple /Na'VI 4. allu /FaZe 5. byali /VP (someday he was god... WAS) 6. Maikelele (now - in 2015 he was quite good) /Red Reserve Most Underrated 1. pashaBiceps /VP 2. LEGIJA /BiG 3. mouz /Kinguin Rising Stars 1. Stewie2k /C9 2. ropz /mouz 3. HObbit /Gambit 4. MICHU /Kinguin
2017-06-18 21:34
Brazil Collee 
shox is a god, always a consistent player, even when the french scene is having its bad days. S1mple is also a really good player. He plays 1v5 in a lot of games for his teams, always having decent rating/KDA, getting imapct frags And pasha, LEGIJA and mouz are not underrated lol, they are well rated I think. Just my opinion. Especially pasha, he's on a slump with VP lately, not doing well at all
2017-06-19 10:25
stanislaw ofc idiot +ZEUS +ANGE1 +TAZ
2017-06-18 21:38
United States swiftScope 
2017-06-20 05:06
Sweden Zolity 
FalleN is sooo much better than gla1ve rn
2017-06-18 21:39
shoxie JESUS ( igl-entry-support-awper-rifler-fragger-lurker
2017-06-18 21:41
Other TanriQQ 
IGL : M4J3R Lurker: M4j3R Entry: XANTARES Support : Paz/ngiN Awper: Mini Rifler : Calyx
2017-06-18 21:49
If we are taking the whole cs:go then: Lurker: GeT_RiGhT Entry: friberg/apEX Support : xyp9x/markeloff Awper: kennyS
2017-06-18 21:53
Brazil Collee 
u mean from 2012 to 2014
2017-06-19 10:05
Brazil potat 
IGL: FalleN, Zeus, Gla1ve Awper: kennyS, FalleN Support: coldzera, xyp9x, NBK Entry: Kjarbye, fer, Taco Lurker: olofmeister, shox, coldzera, Snax, k0nfig Bomb solo: Taco, flusha, TaZ
2017-06-18 22:06
Poland mgister1337 
IGL: gla1ve awp: fallen support: colzdera entry: byali lurker: shox god: Snax
2017-06-18 22:09
Norway N8C 
Igl : FalleN/gla1ve Awp : kennyS Lurk : shox Support : NBK/bodyy/Xyp9x Entry : olofm/apEX/dupreeh/k0nfig
2017-06-19 09:58
2017-06-19 10:13
Brazil Collee 
Currently igl: gla1ve > FalleN > karrigan AWP: kennyS > FalleN = device Lurk: NiKo(support as well) > shox > olofmeister Support: coldzera(lurker as well, he can do everything) > xyp9x > kioshima Entry: fer > k0nfig > dupreeh = Stewie2k(felt like I should mention him, amazing playstyle/movement) Feel like s1mple should join the others here, but Na'Vi are holding him back. Especially by having GuardiaN awping instead of him. Also in top tier teams, a lot of players usually have more than one role, depending on the map/strat, so it's kinda hard to say sometimes. Except for igl and AWP
2017-06-19 10:28
Poland flikx 
s1mple is basically a "freestyler". He needs to have space & team built around him to play his best, he doesn't have any specified role to play. He joined Na'Vi, where every player had a role, and he also replaced an IGL, which forced seized to move out of his support role to become an IGL. But s1mple didn't take his role after him, he's still a "star player" playing a pug style, which isn't really good for the whole team. If you want to play pug style, the whole team has to play it, and Na'Vi was never a type of team to play it, they were always well built, tactical team. s1mple just didn't fit to Na'Vi, it feels like he's been brought in just beacuse: "why not?". He's lacking team chemistry & forcing the rest of the team to change their roles & play around him, that's why they're struggling so much right now, while he's the best, because he's playing his own game. Na'Vi may be holding him back, but that's partially his own fault. He needs to finally take a dedicated role & play the same way as his team does / does want, otherwise nothing will work out as planned.
2017-06-19 18:49
Denmark Dane01 
You know since ANDI came in he wanted it to be like that. To just let s1mple and Guardian do their stuff and hten have the rest in the background to do support roles and trade them if they die. So ANDI (their coach) want s1mple to play like that
2017-06-19 20:35
Denmark Dane01 
Igl: Gla1ve (Astralis) Entry: fer/apEX/dupreeh (SK/G2/Astralis) Awper: KennyS (G2) Support: Xyp9x (Astralis) Lurker: Dosia (Gambit)
2017-06-19 20:33
fallen is by far the better igl
2017-06-19 20:33
Peru 2loro2 
-stan +Sean
2017-06-19 23:18
United States milkch2423 
Adam Sandler rocks, what a funny guy and he gets paid doing it.
2017-06-20 02:45
Turkey shellder;D 
igl: zeus entry: starix support: starix awper: markeloff lurker: flamie #makecsgreatagain
2017-06-20 05:10
You guys got it wrong. Fallen is by far the best awper, but not the best igl. SK's tacticts and reads are horrible...
2017-06-20 05:47
Brazil olocoxd 
IGL: 1. Fallen 2. karrigan 3. Zeus 4. Xzist 5.stanislaw Lurker: 1.Xyp9x 2.GeT_RiGhT 3.felps 4. snax 5. flusha Entry: 1.ApeX 2. ScreaM 3. seized 4. friberg 5. Taco CT hold: 1. Coldzera 2. NiKo 3. flamie 4. mixwell 5. Kjaerbye Awper: 1. kennyS 2. FalleN 3. Guardian 4. device 5. mixwell
2017-06-20 06:44
Finland vjlle 
IGL: Gla1ve Lurker: Shox Awp: kennyS Entry: k0nfig Support: bodyy Just opinions. Everyone has his own.
2017-06-20 12:24
IGL: gla1ve awp: kennyS lurker: flusha entry: shox support: bodyy
2017-06-20 20:49
Dominican Republic LoboRD 
IGL: Karrigan AWP: Allu Entry: Rain / NiKo Support: Kio lurker: kio/niko
2017-06-25 01:28
Australia hnry2536 
IGL: Karrigan Entry fragger: Rain, Bodyy Support: coldzera Lurker: Niko AWP: KennyS
2017-06-25 02:32
Lurker: shox, felps, Snax, NiKo Entry: kio, rain, dupreeh, fer, Kjaerbye, k0nfig Support : Xyp9x, bodyy, TACO Awper: kennyS, device, FalleN, allu IGL: gla1ve, karrigan, FalleN, MSL
2017-06-25 02:44
IGL: FalleN AWP: FalleN Support: Xyp9x Lurker: shox Entry: k0nfig AIM: NiKo
2017-06-25 02:48
Australia evarno 
2017-06-25 04:07
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