muslims at it again :)
2017-06-19 02:28
It was a white guy driving over muslims actually so no not really
2017-06-19 02:29
2017-06-19 02:29
World ZMDR 
read the fucken article
2017-06-19 04:13
United Kingdom Szbitzel2 
oh bbc so credible.
2017-06-19 08:43
the suspect is already in custody, ppl surronded and catched him after the attack, there is even a video out there that shows his face
2017-06-19 13:44
United States DC_USA 
You are actually retarded
2017-06-19 20:13
France France98123 
oh it wasnt a terroriste attack, thanks god
2017-06-19 02:40
LOL if a muslim does it its a terrorist attack, if the dude is not a muslim its just something sad that happened.
2017-06-19 02:42
France France98123 
no you didnt read what the guy said propely
2017-06-19 02:46
Not exactly sad. The driver have prevented one terror attack. this is good news.
2017-06-19 08:36
NiKo | 
France Sheld 
2017-06-19 09:29
2017-06-19 09:38
Finland k0rnEr 
Yeah I don´t know what all the fuss is about... Shouldn´t people be happy that he does a better job at preventing terrorattacks than the government deos.
2017-06-19 09:41
Prevented a terror attack by killing someone coming back from peaceful Taraweeh prayer. nice
2017-06-19 09:50
>the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. running over people because of their religion is literally a terrorist attack
2017-06-19 03:01
Religion is not literally a terrorist attack.
2017-06-19 09:50
I lolled, but with grammar he does have a point
2017-06-19 10:41
There's nothing grammatically wrong with my sentence; only missing punctuation.
2017-06-19 12:29
Hi "The whole system and structure of a language or of languages in general, usually taken as consisting of <b>syntax</b> and morphology (including inflections) and sometimes also phonology and semantics."
2017-06-19 12:49
Hi! Grammar and punctuation are two separate things. Your definition doesn't dispute that.
2017-06-19 13:14
The definition implies if the punctuation is incorrect so is the grammar.
2017-06-20 10:21
Please find <b> </b>
2017-06-20 10:40
Dosia | 
Vietnam Oida 
WTF? As if a white dude can't be muslim.... /thread
2017-06-19 02:52
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
no, he can't /close
2017-06-19 05:43
/open just 1 quick example that I immediately remembered. You're not only ignorant but clearly retarded, if you're not "baiting", to think like that. /close
2017-06-19 06:45
2017-06-19 08:39
Du bist die Art von Mensch die man beleidigen sollte.
2017-06-19 15:59
lul habt ihr in österreich schon die sprache erfunden? wtf man lernt nie aus
2017-06-19 21:00
Bitte hör einfach auf
2017-06-19 21:21
2017-06-19 22:26
United States NArocksEU 
That's what happens when you start defending these piece of shit. Stupid governments talking like if islam is a peaceful religion.
2017-06-19 02:29
Netherlands ItsKBS 
thats what happen if u talk blind, it was a white guy retard name checks out your iq
2017-06-19 02:41
United States NArocksEU 
You're basically taking the blame, you are the reason the terrorist attacks still happen. Wake up.
2017-06-19 02:42
Netherlands ItsKBS 
it wasnt a terrorist attack, and what did i do wrong so there are terrorist attacks?
2017-06-19 02:43
United States NArocksEU 
You think the terrorists are exceptions in islam. You think the religion should be respected and that most think differently, when it's obvious their 'book' supports all that crap. Same happens with bible, but at least christians have no courage to do shit - thankfully.
2017-06-19 02:56
Netherlands ItsKBS 
2017-06-19 02:57
Give me verses from the bible that has promoted terrorism
2017-06-19 08:21
Ever read the old testament? There is plenty...
2017-06-19 09:10
do you even know what a terrorist attack is?
2017-06-19 03:32
" the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature;" It definitely was a terrorist attack..
2017-06-19 18:53
United Kingdom HarryBotter 
It was a white guy driving into a group of muslims...
2017-06-19 12:50
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Religion of peace.
2017-06-19 02:30
read the article braindead
2017-06-19 05:40
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
First of all, "Braindead", The picture didnt exist when i wrote this at 02:30 AM, and also, it doesnt say "A WHITE MAN KILLED MUSLIMS", So shut up.
2017-06-19 13:38
United Kingdom HarryBotter 
It was a white guy braindead
2017-06-19 12:50
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Oi, idiot. The article had ZERO proofs that it was a white guy, the picture you see now got added a few hours ago. So dont call someone braindead when you are the braindead one.
2017-06-19 13:39
Probably dirty muslim did that...but if hes not a muslim, still, they did enough damage to European cities. Imagine how our fuhrer Hitler could clean these gypsy/muslim shits. There wouldn't be any subhuman gypsies, muslims, mentally sick faggots/LGBT people...but that time is over. In 20-30 years just imagine how much muslims,faggots and other scum gonna be in Europe. Sieg heil.
2017-06-19 02:32
It was a white guy that killed muslims outside of a mosque. This guy is just as evil as the islamists that committs the attacks.
2017-06-19 02:33
2017-06-19 02:34
look online and u can see people talking about it
2017-06-19 02:35
thats no proof lol
2017-06-19 02:36
ur ignorant and spread propaganda read a book
2017-06-19 02:37
no u spread propaganda because you dont have any proof lol fucking muslim
2017-06-19 02:38
Austria dinomen 
But what ur fellow germanistan friend said is also no proof and just a biased opinion. And ur the ones who opened the fkin borders, morons. Let them in and then hate them and blame for everything, how about not letting them in first?! Germanistan logic
2017-06-19 02:40
i didnt let them in and we obv didnt let them into the uk lmao go back to ur 3rd world country eu flag faggot
2017-06-19 02:41
Austria dinomen 
How not? What about ur open borders, what about ur money going to feed them and pay for their rent too?! Ur the only fag here and the only 3rd world country, enjoy mohammend in ur home
2017-06-19 02:44
where are you from?
2017-06-19 03:03
Finland kappaboi 
it was muslim like always, so.. you know that shit happens everyday in middle east
2017-06-19 09:31
2017-06-19 02:34
You sound like a pussy. These LBGT "faggots" you hate are probably manlier than you.
2017-06-19 03:38
stfu faggot
2017-06-19 06:38
You got mad from my post I see, you are either a faggot or a subhuman muslim. So I don't know why are you even replying.
2017-06-19 11:30
Hitler would probably gas you.
2017-06-20 12:10
Oh I see why are you mad. Because you are from arabic country. Sorry, I don't want to talk with 3rd worlder and subhuman muslim. I won't even bother replying you.
2017-06-20 14:29
Kuwait a2089884 
Stop defending Hitler. Defend your country!!
2017-06-19 04:30
Sweden s!d_xaxa 
nazi german talking lmao.
2017-06-19 05:53
hahahha lmao
2017-06-19 06:02
Sweden ConaN007 
Found the nazi lol.
2017-06-19 09:29
Found a Hurensohn right here
2017-06-19 16:45
Why? It's not true what i said? Everything in my post is true. Also, you should be proud that a great man and leader was born in your country.
2017-06-19 16:53
Well no surprise, It is basically muslim nation.
2017-06-19 02:39
Kys its a white guy who run over muslims you spastic cunt
2017-06-19 03:10
haha ok good thing then, all muslim must die, every week terrorist attacks because allah told so...
2017-06-19 03:14
Norway felt 
Muslims are just trying the thing Christians tried in 1095, you know... the Crusades? When God allowed killing the Saracens? You should know better, the Christians' toll of death is way higher. Muslims are new into this thing.
2017-06-19 04:24
1 fckng thousand years ago do fckng not justify those atrocities that happens today
2017-06-19 05:35
crusades happened because muslims came to conquer europe
2017-06-19 06:04
its 2017. adapt to 21th century or stay in your shithole where you can life like in middle age europe.
2017-06-19 09:05
Norway felt 
Maybe you want to talk about the holocaust or did that happen in the Middle Ages too? Shut the fuck up, you have more blood on your hands than terrorist Muslims ever will.
2017-06-19 15:01
nazi society was still far more modern than todays middle east. ofc you cant talk about shoa but dont forget to tell muslims to stop cheering when talking about killing all jews ;)
2017-06-19 15:52
Pls just stop Strache
2017-06-19 16:10
i dislike strache as much as muslims (that dont use their brain and are atheist)
2017-06-19 16:16
Norway felt 
When will you understand that not all Muslims are engaged in terrorist activity, are you this fucking retarded? 1.8 billion Muslims on earth, don't you think if they all cheered for blood we would have been dust in the wind? We should not make the amalgam associating all Muslims to terrorism just as we should not associate all Christians to the Ku Klux Klan. Gosh people, go read some fucking books already.
2017-06-19 17:12
#notallmuslims okok. tell me one muslim state that isnt shit. our society will evolve back if we take everyone from those countries. we will have to discuss todays most basic things generations before us have fought for like seperation of state and religion again.
2017-06-19 17:28
Norway felt 
Speechless. "our society will evolve back if we take everyone from those countries" Absolutely speechless. This imperialist shit again? Don't you understand that it's because of this that all the aches of the world are happening, because we have taken everything from them? Have we not stolen enough of their resources? And we still are bombarding the fuck out of them. Wake up. Wake the fuck up.
2017-06-19 17:31
stay speechless idiot. like in every other country its mostly the elite that exploits the majority of people. they had their chance to change that in arabic spring but didnt wanted to.
2017-06-19 17:38
i think you are baiting or just a twat but i better think that you are a twat since your baits are awful
2017-06-19 12:30
If it turns out to be another person who was already known to services then there's gonna be a big turn against leaders and those who are supposed to protect us.
2017-06-19 02:40
Austria dinomen 
But uk has no leaders lol, they just have a bunch of retards in that country that want to elect may, what's there more to discuss, they deserve it
2017-06-19 02:42
May was the safest and smartest option last election. Now everything is worse. Could argue May made a mistake but she lost votes for domestic issues, and now the vote is over, no one gives a shit about domestic issues and only Brexit (which is why the election was called). Not to mention Labour wanted to tax the rich and businesses - SMART thing to do when we're leaving EU........ drive away our investors and rich LUL People give TM too much shit. May was better option for Brexit, then labour after her term. That is, unless the gov. at the moment comes out strong with Brexit somehow with all the bullshit happening in politics atm.
2017-06-19 02:45
Austria dinomen 
Yet again comes to what ive said, a bunch of retards in that country. First vote to leave eu because too many immigrants/refugees and then happens more shit in uk than any eu country. Then yeah may might have looked better before, but now she only wants the internet to be controlled. Last incident she didn't fkin say a fkin word about increasing security, or controlling some areas idk, theres a lot to do yet she only mentioned the fact to control the internet, and then people have to pay for it. She has mental problems
2017-06-19 02:48
I don't remember her talking about controlling internet, only that she wants social media to be more accessible since terror can thrive in hidden places like whatsapp. And that may be partly to do with her suggesting she will try rip up some human rights in order to combat the terror more effectively. The future is heading that way anyway, although there will always be hidden communications (security is usually behind threats). I don't mind it to be fair. If someone wants to check my logs for anything terror related go ahead, if they come across some juice with my girlfriend who gives a flying fuck. If I get hurt because of they leaked or used what they read for gain or else, I should be covered against that. I admit it could scare and worry most though and since the issue will just go elsewhere or on a new platform it isn't necessarily doing anything. What would be good is to tighten up sentences, warrants, make any form of terror a huge crime, which she has mentioned once too. edit: the problem now isn't really about being caught up in an act (because it's exceedingly unlikely still), but that the gov. knows of these people for terror yet doesn't do anything until they are 'actually about to do something' .... which is mental :D
2017-06-19 02:54
Netherlands ItsKBS 
It was a white guy guys, stop hating blindly
2017-06-19 02:40
2017-06-19 02:41
Portugal dracø 
Most people are hating on muslims, because given recent events this is the norm.. Since when do you need to be brown/black to be muslim? While it's true there is no info that he is a muslim, there is also no info that he is not.
2017-06-19 02:46
Netherlands ItsKBS 
it was a attack on muslims, and there is info. look at the news
2017-06-19 02:47
Austria dinomen 
Muslims cant attack muslims?! Lul
2017-06-19 02:48
Portugal dracø 
Show me, so far I've only seen "more info when it's confirmed by the police" in every news post.
2017-06-19 02:50
Netherlands ItsKBS 
just search london at twitter and you will find a lot
2017-06-19 02:51
Portugal dracø 
"Twitter users claimed the victims were Muslims leaving late-night prayers being observed for the month of Ramadan." "Police did not confirm claims Muslims leaving the mosque after Tarawih prayers performed for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan." Yeah, it was useful af. I think it's as stupid to hate them blindly as it is to jump in their defense. There is simply no info yet.
2017-06-19 03:00
China ene1nz 
Both conclusions are farfetched at the moment. Not every attack is made by muslims but muslims being the victim of an islamistic attack is nothing really new. There are enough out there that despise each other. Sunnits vs. Shiits e.g. But it looks like it was some right wing extremist.
2017-06-19 04:18
he was literally screaming death to all muslims...definately a muslim who did that
2017-06-19 05:42
Portugal dracø 
That info came out way after my initial comment. At the time all that was confirmed was that there it was done by one attacker and that he used a van. Timestamps are important my friend
2017-06-19 06:17
My bad amigo
2017-06-19 08:34
There was a movie called Londonhasfallen. It will be appear as true though. Now those terrorists kills people with cars and knives but in less than a decade, it will be a gun fight.
2017-06-19 02:54
Lorry and knife more scary than a gun for me tbh, at least the thought of it. Guess in my eyes with how I feel about it it's a trade between being more terrifying or doing more damage (gun).
2017-06-19 02:57
its ok usa government are the biggest terrorists anyway. and they r jewish.
2017-06-19 02:57
We need to ban vehicles already.
2017-06-19 03:11
Portugal dracø 
+1, this vans are really messed up. #MoreBikesLessWar
2017-06-19 03:12
United Kingdom Jeremy_Kyle 
Fucks sake I'm really tired of this stuff
2017-06-19 03:12
Maybe you should start another trendy love out trumps hate hashtag or whatever it's clearly working when these things happen Whether you agree or not, your government created the conditions for these things to happen.
2017-06-19 03:18
United Kingdom Jeremy_Kyle 
Love out trumps hate hashtag?
2017-06-19 03:25
All the dumb hashtags and sing alongs liberals do thinking love and inaction will somehow defeat the enemy.
2017-06-19 04:45
Just some good revenge fragging, about time someone did.
2017-06-19 03:35
Good to know you like revenge. You're the type of guy who would be happy if his family got run over by a car. Good ol' revenge fragging.
2017-06-19 03:40
Nah, just Muslims being run over I'd be happy about. The cancer of the earth, all of them.
2017-06-19 03:48
Go ahead, do that. I bet you'd be shivering you pussy.
2017-06-19 03:51
I'd never do that, why waste your own life like that by rotting in a jail cell or dying? I am not as retarded as Muslim terrorists.
2017-06-19 03:55
But people who run over other Muslims are not retarded?
2017-06-19 03:56
That's just entertainment.
2017-06-19 04:00
You're a terrorist. Or a mentally ill idiot. You find entertainment in other's deaths. You live in a civilized country with lots of hospitals. Go to one
2017-06-19 04:02
It's called well deserved hatred.
2017-06-19 04:07
Hate terrorists, not Muslims. If you want justice, enroll in your local police force. Contribute in other ways. If you want to do revenge crimes, it will only go get worse. inb4 all Muslims are terrorists.
2017-06-19 04:08
Anyone not distancing himself from that 'religion' and anyone seeing some sort of merit in their beyond sickening teachings does not deserve any respect whatsoever indeed. There are no 'normal' Muslims.
2017-06-19 04:11
So, the solution is running over them.
2017-06-19 04:12
They brought it on themselves, couldn't care less about them.
2017-06-19 04:14
These Muslims that were praying in the mosque are responsible for all the terrorist attacks? They brought it on themselves? Good to know your fucked up your mindset. Even you are too scared to do anything.
2017-06-19 04:16
Praying to get rid of all the infidels, I'd say they are part of the problem yes.
2017-06-19 04:21
That's not how it works mate. You're using the same ideology as ISIS.
2017-06-19 04:24
I know perfectly well what the verses say and it's not a matter of interpretation, it's what is being read by children and preached by Saudi-funded Imams, you can downtalk it all you want or cite a more 'mellow' Islam, the fact is the entire thing is based on a murdering immoral criminal, anyone that sees anything in the koran, a book full of hatred and unreasonable demands, deserves not even the slightest amount of respect.
2017-06-19 04:31
So, instead of fixing that, you want to run Muslims over?
2017-06-19 04:36
I don't, but if someone like this takes revenge (I assume he was related to the people that died in the London Boro attack a week back) like this I can't help but laugh, I simply do not care about people who follow this backwards Ideology, their lives became useless the moment they got indoctrinated long ago.
2017-06-19 04:46
Well you came to our countries. Nobody wants you here. This is our LAND and our RULES. If you don't like them then leave or never try to come to our countries. Nobody wants your fucking mosques here, we have our own traditions, we don't need yours. Stay in your country and develop it and don't use benefits of our. We have been working hard to get into level like this and only thing you want is to get advantage of this and soon capture our countries. But we will not allow this. We will fight, we will resist until our last breath.
2017-06-19 08:06
it's people like you who don't deserve to voice their opinion. go claim your benefits and then complain that all the immigrants are taking your jobs you yellow teeth scum... you're actually so fucking braindead it's unreal :D
2017-06-19 09:29
World ZMDR 
sounds like youre still stuck in the 1900s mate.
2017-06-19 20:15
You sound like a keyboard warrior. If you want to defend your country, enroll in the military, instead of running people over.
2017-06-20 12:11
World ZMDR 
You're essentially lowering yourself down to the level of the same people you hate. Good job.
2017-06-19 04:16
Not really for they gave people a reason to hate them. Meanwhile they keep killing innocents because their immoral prophet told them to, not because anything was done to them.
2017-06-19 04:22
World ZMDR 
"Meanwhile they keep killing innocents because their immoral prophet told them to". Thats essentially what this moron did, except it was motivated by his own blindful hatred and not a prophet. Im pretty sure hes connected to one of the terrorist attacks that occured in London, perhaps a relative of a victim. Hes a coward that decided to take the easy way out and kill innocent muslims that had no involvement, instead of doing the right thing of joining the armed forces and help fight the scum that actually carried out the attack. "they gave people a reason to hate them" Yes, ISIS did. Not Muslims that had absolutely nothing to do with it. I'm not a Muslim but I know for a fact that almost every single one of them is disgusted by what ISIS did. Stop generalising like a child and grow up.
2017-06-19 04:30
how so? blood feud is prevalent and customary in most muslim countries, especially in the middle east. in a way, what he did is very much muslim. btw, the "scum" some of the scum that carried out some of the attacks was british-born. the last time i checked isis do not have a base of operation inside london, they do however have plenty of mosques.
2017-06-19 04:37
World ZMDR 
"isis do not have a base of operation inside london, they do however have plenty of mosques" >implying that isis has anything to do with mosques. "how so? blood feud is prevalent and customary in most muslim countries, especially in the middle east. in a way, what he did is very much muslim." thats exact what i said. congrats. hes doing exactly the same thing the people he hates for doing did.
2017-06-19 04:42
thanks for agreeing with me that running people with a car is customary to islam. i wish all of my arguments were as easy. btw, islamic state in iraq and syria surely has nothing to do with mosques - a muslim place of worship. im pretty sure their delight in implementing sharia is a part of a vegan conspiracy.
2017-06-19 04:46
World ZMDR 
hey, if he ran over the leaders of the muslim community thats trying to enforce shariah law, i wouldnt complain. but he didnt do that.
2017-06-19 04:49
okay fair enough. i most likely misinterpreted you point. though i have to wonder if similarly to some voices often heard after a muslim attack suggesting that "if our government didn't do X in the middle east, this wouldn't have happened" a voice would be heard saying: "if we didn't worship islam this wouldn't have happened". knowing muslims though, being persecuted is their best reasoning for aggression. i bet the imams would welcome this act with open arms.
2017-06-19 05:05
World ZMDR 
actions like this will only fuel their anger. sooner or later london will turn into an all out war zone.
2017-06-19 05:28
"I'm not a Muslim but I know for a fact that almost every single one of them is disgusted by what ISIS did.." You'd be surprised, the day van Gogh was murdered in the NL, there were kids dancing in our streets in Muslim Neighborhoods. You obviously have no clue about what Islam is actually all about and naively compare it to other religions, read into it and ask yourself which kind of person would actually see any merit in the teachings of that hateful book. They are all part of the globally increasing problem, every last one. All indoctrinated from childhood, with often not even a choice to turn your back on Islam (In most families you would either be ostracized, and in some even killed or threatened to be).
2017-06-19 04:41
World ZMDR 
I agree that their religion is cancerous and that it teachers a lot of garbage. But I also know that most modern day muslims dont follow any of it. They simply go to the mosque to save face. I have many muslim mates that are forced to do that by parents etc.
2017-06-19 04:39
of course they are. there were much better ways to do damage than run over a few guys with a van. they are about as retarded as the average muslim. they should have taken an example from the more intelligent ones, the muslim "scientists", and attempted to make a home made bomb. im pretty sure that would be much more effective.
2017-06-19 04:21
Kinda sad that you have nothing to say so you try to be sarcastic.
2017-06-19 04:22
just stating the obvious. i'd never throw my life away to run a few people down if i was ideologically brainwashed. i'd make sure to do a thorough job.
2017-06-19 04:23
You're too much of a pussy to do anything. You'd end up shivering just thinking about it.
2017-06-19 04:23
that's the muslim mentality for you, thanks for demonstrating it: killing people apparently requires bravery. you should rather be proud of those guys in london, they completely satisfy your criteria. too bad they hit your brethren instead of kaffirs, otherwise you could even call them "heroes".
2017-06-19 04:27
What a retard. Keep talking. You'll never do anything. Never said I agreed with the attacks in London.
2017-06-19 04:31
have i suggested i would? you aren't the brightest one, are you? i'd never throw my life away just to take a few expendables with me. that was exactly my point. if i was so desperate to go and take some along, i'd make sure they were plenty. precisely why those guys were retarded, as you suggested, similarly to most muslim terrorists (of not the "scientific" kind, the bomb makers are half decent).
2017-06-19 04:43
So what's the solution for Islam in your opinion? You agree with running Muslims over but would never do, because it's "not worth it"
2017-06-19 04:45
as i see it there are two plausible solutions. the first being similar to what happened to christianity. islam has to die as an ideology, though it doesn't have to disappear. it has to be watered down and neglected. concepts such as sharia, the worship of muhamad as the "ultimate human being", all of the hadith etc have to be erased altogether. basically a further watered down version of the quaranists who will treat the religion as not binding but rather a tradition of sorts. while christianity hasn't finished this process entirely, it's very much on the way there and hold relatively tiny power to what it used to in ages past. the other alternative is that muslims abandon religion and become atheists but that's much likely to happen.
2017-06-19 05:01
Brazil Saint_Jatai 
Muslins are people who adheres to Islam. So, white and black people can be muslims too. Like Muhammad Ali.
2017-06-19 03:51
Denmark smegma 
those people are just seeking for attention
2017-06-19 03:53
World ZMDR 
are you aware of what your name stands for
2017-06-19 20:17
Denmark smegma 
yes it's dick cheese
2017-06-19 21:03
christian terrorists doing their thing again
2017-06-19 04:15
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
deus vult
2017-06-19 04:20
United Kingdom Jeremy_Kyle 
No don't besiege Constantinople!
2017-06-19 09:34
World ZMDR 
this will trigger the fuck out of isis cunts and theyll bomb the place again. mark my words.
2017-06-19 04:17
it will just help them recruit easily , they'll just say , look they hate you because you're muslims they want to kill you.
2017-06-19 19:32
World ZMDR 
that too.
2017-06-19 20:06
people who live in the west can't know it because the media doesn't translate and show ISIS recruitment videos , but i've seen them since 2003 , its all about one thing "revenge" , its not about islam , its not about killing none believers , its based on israel and palestine conflict and every other conflict the west have interfiered in.
2017-06-19 20:09
World ZMDR 
i was thinking the exact same thing, except i wasnt too sure. thanks for solidifying my suspicions. to idiots in the west its all about their cancerous religion, they cant see anything beyond that.
2017-06-19 20:10
You know , democracy like in the west can't just be introduced in most muslim countries because of the level of corruption and ignorance. you have to help the country become smarter before introducing democracy , just look at irak , before it had one of the best universities in the middle east , smart people that were going to MIT and american universities with scolarships. now its a shit country . sadam was right , motherfuckers in the middle east need a strong hand to make them sit the fuck down . but the west knows this anyway that's why they get rid of qaddafi , saddam , and now trying to get rid of Assad .
2017-06-19 20:14
f0rest | 
Algeria NS! 
Cancer people all over hltv, and they call us Terrorists? facepalm
2017-06-19 04:29
2017-06-19 04:49
United States fff 
anyone have link to videos?
2017-06-19 04:39
Poland b000p Beautiful scenes.. plow em' down!
2017-06-19 07:25
Ukraine vladik59 
2017-06-19 04:40
Lol you have nothing to say
2017-06-19 10:15
inb4 battle of britain 2.0
2017-06-19 05:38
African Union ArisA 
all these retards above me, defending the monster that ran the families over.
2017-06-19 05:40
people tent to forget that ISIS murdering and raping muslims everyday, and here some kids saying " backpay is a bitch " " not a terrorist attack " ?? and he is a hero?? terrorism has no color or religion, and im sure you kids can't even dare say this shit IRL just hide behind your monitors you cucks
2017-06-19 06:00
Germany vitzen 
terrorsim has no religion? LOL
2017-06-19 08:07
germans are nazis ? LOL
2017-06-19 16:08
calm down racist hltv kids we dont even know if it was an attack and if the driver is muslim
2017-06-19 06:00
confirmed a white dude running over muslims exiting a mosque
2017-06-19 06:07
ye white people can be terrorists too
2017-06-19 06:36
Poland b000p Yes we can!
2017-06-19 07:24
felps | 
Brazil LukeCS 
Counter terrorism with terrorism, nice logic maaan
2017-06-19 07:15
that's new csgo strat , when you pick up the ak from dead terrorist in dust2
2017-06-19 10:34
Agree but can't blame after the same old shit from security and gov. 'Yes we knew this guy but we didn't do anything about him'. So people have a right to be afraid and do stupid things if they are susceptible ofc.
2017-06-19 19:54
2017-06-19 07:16
Poland b000p 
2017-06-19 07:23
this is all Muricas fault.
2017-06-19 07:27
Europe Tejmn 
If I get it right, it was attack on muslims ??
2017-06-19 07:31
Canada Trudoh 
How come you fake flag? Cbc is canadian
2017-06-19 07:31
oskar | 
United States tmbs1 
All part in parcel of living in a big city
2017-06-19 07:32
Germany vitzen 
expected. this will happen more often, i think.
2017-06-19 07:36
Luxembourg alex24 
its just getting normal weekly terrorist attack in UK we in EU like to thank brexit for this, all the terrorists are going to UK since last year
2017-06-19 07:41
2017-06-19 09:27
2017-06-19 08:00
Hope some day when you are walking down the street that some extremist run you over with a trailer. Celebrating the misery and death of innocent people is just retarded.
2017-06-19 09:53
2017-06-19 16:07
2017-06-19 10:36
repeatedly run over people, bomb people, stab people and people expect nothing to happen. realistic expectation?
2017-06-19 09:05
Muslims should stop these terrorist attacks before they wake up the Vikings and Crusaders. :*(
2017-06-19 09:27
Don't worry. This was not a Christian. This was a RADICAL Christian who does not represent the true message of peace that IS Christianity.
2017-06-19 09:45
Just like other other Muslim/Islamic terrorists right? They're not Muslim. They're cunts. Just like this guy.
2017-06-19 10:36
yes even though there have been around 150 islamic terrorist attacks in 2017 so far, it obviously has nothing to do with islam
2017-06-19 12:49
Plenty of terrorism attack caused by Christians and other religions, what's your point?
2017-06-19 15:10
Oh yea, sure. Refresh my memory again on all those terrorist attacks carried out this year and last year by christians. Oh and lets not forget the crusades
2017-06-19 15:25
What does the date have to do with anything? Recent years should be taken into account. Please explain.
2017-06-19 15:26
Im just curious when you say there have been plenty of terrorist attacks caused by christianity and other religions. Please enlighten me
2017-06-19 15:57
Panama Ben_Bait 
If only Muslims died, I praise the attacker.
2017-06-19 12:50
Jesus, even for HLTV standards there is a lot of retardedness in this thread
2017-06-19 12:51
United Kingdom stunnnn 
Haha we need more people like that attacker
2017-06-19 13:40
its not even worth mentioning it anymore it will be a daily thing soon .
2017-06-19 13:51
Turkey Mustafa- 
whats wrong with UK
2017-06-19 15:11
Brazil bandicoot 
just ban them all from EU already ffs
2017-06-19 15:26
UPS on time postal service seems to have gone huge
2017-06-19 17:21
Hi, please help me win this knife, if i get it ill give it away :)
2017-06-19 17:29
omfg, we are better than this.
2017-06-19 19:26
poorlack favels did it again
2017-06-19 19:59
terrorism in london will stop when Theresa May is elected but since this will never happen r.i.p london . soon germany elections prepare for some so called terrorist attacks again before that one . its not about religion is about pushing a election in a different direction .
2017-06-20 14:32
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