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Conor vs Floyd
United States NippleInspector 
I think Conor McGregor will beat the shit out of old man Floyd Mayweather.. I already have a 100 bitcoin bet on McGregor to win it in < 6.5 rounds
2017-06-19 06:30
tbh, they both don't give a flying fuck who wins this fight. They are just doing business. Now they will promote the fight, shit talking each other and other business parts pre-fight and when fight night they couldn't care less, they can both retire wealthy. Pathetic over-hyped box fight and they are an embarrassment to other mma and box fighters.
2017-06-19 06:36
All should never pay for this match PPV. Floeyd nigger maybeder should earn less 1 mln$ and he should back to afrika.
2017-06-19 09:59
France The_Nail 
Username checks out
2017-06-19 10:24
who cares u want pay alot money invest to niggers.. wow tolerant crap. buy PPV real boxing like ggg vs alvarez. dont buy PPV afronigrasa circus boxer maybeder
2017-06-19 11:12
Singapore Nephalith 
Maybe Conor doesn't care. Floyd is a known chickenhead and he wouldn't fight a fight he knew he can't win. Floyd is also very proud of his legacy and undefeated streak.
2017-06-19 10:29
If connor beat floyd would he still be undefeated or is it an official boxing match?
2017-06-19 10:55
Singapore Nephalith 
This is an official boxing fight. Conor is eligible for this match because he's got a boxing license late last year.
2017-06-19 11:18
cool, thx for info
2017-06-19 12:29
allu | 
World Zata 
you do realize that Floyd has built a career on dodging and getting people wore down through his style right? Conor has a chance if he can land a good right cross and daze him but he has been fighting people a lot stronger and faster before so not likely.
2017-06-19 06:37
so are you saying i lost my 100 bitcoins?
2017-06-19 06:40
yes you hast lostered your baitcoins
2017-06-19 09:58
2017-06-19 10:43
Sweden Linoslele 
100 bitcoins = Ca 260200$, damn man you must be rich!
2017-06-19 06:40
conor will not lay a finger on Mayweather, floyd is just gonna dodge every punch
2017-06-19 09:34
Let's be realistic: Mayweather will win. Unfortunately it may as well be fact. But what can you do? It's a money fight, that's all, and for (an estimated) $127+m I can't blame McGregor for signing up. Also you didn't bet 100 BTC on this, no idea why you'd lie about that.
2017-06-19 09:43
Regardles on who wins still going to be a sick fight and a worth to watch
2017-06-19 10:00
Europe Neramun 
Puncher vs Fighter... Fighter needs to play the punching sport, why can't the puncher come and try the fighting sport and see who will come out alive? Dumbest shit ever.
2017-06-19 10:21
As much as I like Conor, I dont see him stand a chance vs Floyd.
2017-06-19 10:29
When is the fight happening?
2017-06-19 10:36
august 26
2017-06-19 10:40
ty m8
2017-06-19 10:45
United States s1x1337 
They will fight in a box. Btw - much faster Pacquiao cant even hit Mayweather, so do you think that McGregor without boxing footwork will do? Funny. Ez4Floyd.
2017-06-19 10:41
£10 on conor Kappa
2017-06-19 10:43
Even Nate Diaz overcame Conor on boxe. I don´t think Conor can even beat any professional pugilist on boxe rules. And i don´t think any pugilist can beat Mayweather. People don´t know how boxe works. This is the dumbest fight ever. Worst than CM Punk.
2017-06-19 10:58
Germany Rubixx 
how tf did nate overcome conor in terms of boxing? conors boxing is far superior, landed way more clean shots and outstroke nate most of nates strikes happened in the clinch
2017-06-19 11:33
Netherlands Phyrhex 
ez for floyd
2017-06-19 10:59
"I already have a 100 bitcoin bet on McGregor to win it in < 6.5 rounds" What u doin on hltv m8?
2017-06-19 11:22
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
maybe you bet like 0.001 btc not 1000
2017-06-19 11:31
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