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Refugees ^^,
Poland jesh 
2017-06-19 19:02
its a save bet even if you take them. noone wants in those poor eu countries if they can live in 1st world.
2017-06-19 19:05
austria ( german dog) isnt 1 st world
2017-06-19 19:06
2017-06-19 19:07
2017-06-19 19:09
sweden (finnish dog)
2017-06-19 19:11
Finnish dog?
2017-06-19 19:52
pretty accurate
2017-06-19 19:57
how? :D
2017-06-19 20:30
they arent as cucked as us
2017-06-20 18:00
well then we are dogs to everyone?
2017-06-20 18:29
yes, well, stefan is so
2017-06-20 18:59
its true :) the eastern european immigrant number in austria is overwhelming-.-
2017-06-19 19:34
+1, even western EU w/ all those refugees is better than shitty slav countries
2017-06-19 19:31
2017-06-19 19:43
What do you mean "nope"? Yes you fucking moron western EU countries are way better off better, better infrastructure and better living conditions, stop being so delusional
2017-06-19 19:44
2017-06-19 19:44
don't waste ur time bro
2017-06-19 20:32
ik, hes some braindead slav pig
2017-06-19 20:32
he needs to convince himself his 3rd world country isn't that shit
2017-06-19 20:56
Being sound and safe > being rich.
2017-06-19 20:40
if ur rich in america and western EU u wont worry about crime or the possibility of dying in a terror attack, u wont be around shitty areas with criminals if ur rich
2017-06-19 20:41
Lol so who died in terrorist attacks in last 2 years?
2017-06-19 20:49
Refugees can smell social welfare from a very long distance, they ain't smellin anything in those countries
2017-06-19 19:07
Exactly also we are so racist and islamophobic and still eu want to make us take them. How can they wish so bad for poor refugees :)
2017-06-19 19:16
You retard, you entirely missed the point, he just called poorland and all those other shitty eu countries a bad place to live
2017-06-19 19:32
you missed the point, he is proud that his country is this shitty
2017-06-19 19:34
why is he proud of that? oh yeah, forgot he is braindead poorlack
2017-06-19 19:37
because it helps keep his bloodline pure
2017-06-19 19:37
Romania Tise 
Why the hell are you so triggered?
2017-06-19 19:40
Probably he didn't visit today mc'donalds to get his daily fat
2017-06-19 19:46
again, twofaced wojtek no brain hypocrite, you have mcdonalds as well. So everybody eats at mcdonalds ?
2017-06-19 19:57
+1 Why would refugees want to go to a 3rd world country?
2017-06-19 19:17
And we don't want them but still eu want to make us take them. If our countries are so bad why eu want to torture this poor muslims and send them to bad countries like Poland :)
2017-06-19 19:49
ahaha V4 is awesome I wish Lithuania was in it
2017-06-19 19:07
We can kick Czech because they don't like "Intermarium" plan and make a space for you
2017-06-19 19:14
Intermarium is pilsudski plan for a federation in east and central europe.. what a beurocratic mess... poor countries like Moldova and Ukraine would join. V4 political alliance of sovereign countries is solid as fuck.
2017-06-19 19:20
Because Intermarium is shit :)
2017-06-19 19:56 refugee talking shit about other refugees. wojtek 2 face toledo
2017-06-19 19:21
well, at least we work for minimum wage and don't complain
2017-06-19 19:26
2017-06-19 19:32
oh noes Poles are so bad ;/ I can throw at you hundreds of articles about "incidents" from muslim hands in past few months. At least Breivik tried.
2017-06-19 20:02
+1 ukrainians and hitler didn't remove enough polish
2017-06-19 19:31
and they talk shit about communists and communist propoganda while they were communists themselves FailFish
2017-06-19 19:33
they think they are relevant in everything, but in reality they are biggest refugee nation on earth plus they white flagged in world war 2 even they had 40 million population there is countries that fought and had from 2-6 million etc, third they didn't even defend europe from ottomans they just came to steal from ottomans and plunder like slavs do, in wiena war lul, red army raped their sisters and mother and on other side hitler raped them
2017-06-19 19:37
many russians in Europe and you never hear about them getting involved in crimes, polacks - every day. Can't change polack metality.
2017-06-19 19:40
I hate all of these poorlaks fakeflagger and eastern european jealous making topics about my muslim brothers... it's so sad to see this on a CS:GO forum website just look at reddit they have so many mods that these kinda topics would never make it to top :| yeah i get it that it's summer now and all of you fat no lifer kiddos are behind the desk 24/7 doing hate speech here and there but seriously get a life go talk to a brain doctor xD i hope Nomad sees my post and do something about these kiddos :| what do you think ? let me know your thoughts
2017-06-19 19:24
my thoughts are best muslim = dead muslim have a nice day you death cult worshipper/goat fucker
2017-06-19 20:33
and my thoughts are best swede = dead swede have a nice day with your moms somalian boyfriend, stupid cuck/gay/pussy
2017-06-19 21:26
its funny because slav countries manage to be shitholes even with few muslims
2017-06-19 19:29
half of the slavs moved the fuck out from their countries already, and yet they keep talking shit
2017-06-19 19:41
what you expect from polish shit my father told me that polish chesh slovakia and rest shit slavs came on sea like 20 ppl in one car and brought all food with them, that was like heaven on earth for them, and probably their mother and sister sell pussy on every petrol pump, central africa was usa for poland in 70s 80s russian used them like cheap slaves what they truly are no wonder germans called slavs sklavens which means slaves what they are in reality, if the polish pope didn't suck vatican stinky pedophilia balls and poorland didn't join nato and european union they would be worse then kenya, and now days they trash talk european union mean while they get most money from it and give nothing in flithy slav dogs i hope someone nukes them in closer future
2017-06-19 19:44
2017-06-19 20:08
The eternal jew will find a way to pollute the slavic nations as well. He wont rest until he has done so.
2017-06-19 19:32
Nepal OTAN 
Slavs are so poor that refugees don't even want to go to their countries xD They rather go to rich countries like France, Germany, Sweden and the UK.
2017-06-19 19:45
You all people from 1st world countries blame eastern europe 3 world countries and shit holes. Guess what happens in 5-10 years? Your own countries are like middle east aka 3 world countries because these refugees.
2017-06-19 19:47
Stop saying "refugees". They are not "refugees", they are economic migrants. You have been brainwashed by the media.
2017-06-19 19:52
thank mr fakeflagger
2017-06-19 19:55
you are welcome mr honest, real, serious internet user
2017-06-19 19:56
blackmail shit
2017-06-19 19:54
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