Sweden Ploap 
HAHAHHA seriously loled so hard
2017-06-19 20:53
Norway insy 
2017-06-19 20:54
2017-06-19 20:54
Russia Maxul 
2017-06-19 20:54
funny but ban
2017-06-19 20:57
Sweden wyv0 
only kids thinks this is funny
2017-06-19 20:58
2017-06-19 21:06
Turkey lulpump1 
2017-06-19 21:00
Argentina kolma 
Are you turkish?
2017-06-19 21:01
Turkish life 6.00 - I wake up 6.05 - I open HLTV 6.10 - I see someone insulting to turks, I insult them back 6.15 - trainment for my pro csgo team (Yes, we are pro, I am gold nova 2 and my friends are gold nova 4 but they will be mg soon) 6.25 - My mom comes and says "Ogluuum you will be 3th grade next year, az study." and I say "fuck off blyat cyka" 8.00 - When my teammates gets online, we go and play mm 8.40 - get banned and swear to my teammates 9.00 - breakfast 9.30 - I go and open a thread "SpaceSoldiers to major" and I say "omg I am so excited to see them in a major and cant wait to buy their stickers." 9.45 - Then I type xantares to google and fap while looking at his pics. 10.00 - My mom catches me while fapping and then she says "yeter biktim senden are you gay oglum?" 10.30 - I go and play football with my friends (I am 9 years old but I play better than 11 years old friends) 13.00 - I come back and check my thread if people congrulate spacesoldiers and xantares 13.01 - People are saying "0/8" "Shut up kebab" "Your kebab is poisoned" "shit bait" 13.03 - I search on google what bait means 13.05 - Swearing to the ones who say bait 13.20 - When my ban time ends I go and play solo mm 13.40 - I shoot my teammate and get banned 14.00 - I bet 50$ on fnatic 15.00 - Fnatic lost the match, I went to twitter and insulted every single fnatic player 15.15 - I open some cute erdogan pics and I start fapping 15.30 - I go to mosque so that I can pray erdogan 5 times a day. 17.00 - I call my gf and we fuck (my gf is my right hand) 17.30 - I go to mm again, and surprise! enemy team is full of armenians, I get ace in every round and finished the match with a 80/0/0 score (16-0) 19.00 - I check if someone opened a thread about top 10 players or something, if they did I go and say "why is there no xantares faggss, fucking racists you hate turks, xantares is top1" 19.30 - I go and watch cartoons 20.00 - I play mm again and lose to cyka russians 21.00 - My bed time comes. My mother tells me to sleep and I go and sleep
2017-06-19 21:02
eheheehehee its so funny man u are best
2017-06-19 21:03
Thx man
2017-06-19 21:03
Good read +1
2017-06-19 21:04
The 'Your kebab is poisoned' got me laughing so hard xDD
2017-06-19 21:11
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