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Rate my car
Czech Republic respectedHLTVuser rate the exhaust noise ^^
2017-06-19 22:29
nice sound but if it was a nice car you would have shown the whole thing right? :D
2017-06-19 22:45
2017-06-19 22:53 not the prettiest car that exists. but i like it anyway.
2017-06-19 23:06
2017-06-19 23:23
lul that is so fucking ugly
2017-06-19 23:24
id love to see your car lmfao. i got this thing for free so idc. im getting a wrx soon.
2017-06-19 23:37
your car is fucking amazing bro. all these nerd talking shit i doubt they even go out at night. get em bitches bro!
2017-06-20 00:52
JonY BoY | 
Serbia SF94 
How did you get it for free???
2017-06-20 02:01
Canada Trudoh 
He is German, he probably has an AUDI or a BMW or Mercedes
2017-06-20 02:16
Did you tune it or something or why it has a sound like that?
2017-06-19 23:24
nah, everything stock afaik.
2017-06-19 23:38
wow... nice sound bro, what engine?
2017-06-20 00:10
It says it in the tittle of the video kek scuffed reading
2017-06-20 01:20
ty, didnt see
2017-06-20 01:52
NIce car m8, this kids are jelly as fuck that they have to ride their bike to school:)
2017-06-19 23:42
ns one, kid are jelly cuz they dont have car lmao
2017-06-19 23:57
2017-06-20 00:03
show me ur car? u cant cuz u dont have 1 poor fag
2017-06-20 00:04
my household has 3 cars between 5 ppl nt tho, what did you expect from calling an aussie poor fag
2017-06-20 00:05
haha alright kangaroo atleast i dont walk to school everyday
2017-06-20 00:06
neither do I n1
2017-06-20 00:08
riding ur bike, whatever
2017-06-20 00:10
"my household has 3 cars between 5 ppl nt tho, what did you expect from calling an aussie poor fag" what are you on?
2017-06-20 00:10
yeah ur dad, mother and abusive uncle take the cars, how do you get around?
2017-06-20 00:11
holy shit i thought u were joking b4 but now i think you're actually retarded
2017-06-20 00:12
yeah whatever atleast i dont have to share a car with someone else
2017-06-20 00:13
its hltv take it easy man it wasnt meant to make u feel suicidal or anything okay ur car is nice better than a ferrari gj you achieved something in life by owning that amazing work of art
2017-06-20 00:17
ty that made me feel better about myself On a serious note, I got the thing for free and im getting an upgrade next year anyway. 03-08 WRX Impreza.
2017-06-20 00:22
so did your grandmother actually give it to you? i think a paint job would make it look much better, it looks like a light purple colour probz bcuz of the lighting
2017-06-20 00:25
nah my dog. my dad got a 2017 STi and didnt need this anymore. and its more of a light blue silver colour.
2017-06-20 00:26
Germany TiwaZ 
I own an Opel Corsa-C which is 14 years old :D At least its my car^^
2017-06-20 00:05
United Kingdom mfdoom 
not even that bad nice one
2017-06-20 00:27
AHAHAHAHA im dying what a shitbox
2017-06-20 00:42
nt chav show me a pic of the 1990 renault clio u drive
2017-06-20 00:47
2013 seat leon 1.4 tsi but nt lul have fun with ur grannymobile
2017-06-20 01:00
getting wrx next year :) would rather grannymobile than some shitty spanish car 1.4L xD, a fucking hamster wheel makes more power than that
2017-06-20 01:01
oh shit, Leon buddies!! I got a '16 FR 2.0 tdi. all stock atm got any mods?
2017-06-20 02:03
niceee i wish i had an FR :D nah only got it half a year ago, all stock for now
2017-06-20 02:13
2017-06-19 22:54
sounds like a motorbike m8
2017-06-19 22:55
vroom vroom
2017-06-19 22:55
Brazil FreZeWasTaken 
2017-06-19 22:57
It's a good sound but I bet the car isn't that impressive
2017-06-19 22:57
is it a mazda?
2017-06-19 22:59
the ZZ engine lineup is made by toyota :)
2017-06-19 23:01
no its a toyota
2017-06-19 23:40
what is that car lul even ruski lada has better design
2017-06-19 23:52
What r u doing put a sunglass tint on the window Omg :o
2017-06-20 00:25
Nice lawnmower
2017-06-20 00:29
ns man
2017-06-20 00:41
sounds like a wet fart
2017-06-20 01:07
2017-06-20 01:14
Romania DAX1k 
2017-06-20 01:15
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