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Brazil GoodPeepleNeverDie 
2 majors etc. i think only g2 can match us right now
2017-06-19 22:52
"we" Isso já tá irritando... Você não ganhou nada! Translation: This pisses me off. You didn't win anything!
2017-06-19 22:54
u brazilian too you dumb. you won as well
2017-06-19 22:59
This is why no one likes brazilians
2017-06-20 09:21
no noone likes brazil because of jealous
2017-06-20 09:22
na Astralis G2 Faze just as good and don't have nearly as much haters as you do
2017-06-20 09:44
i prefer even sk over faze g2 and astralis ty
2017-06-20 10:59
lol no you dont
2017-06-21 21:29
Welcome to HLTV where we tell other people what there opinions are.
2017-06-21 21:32
2017-06-21 21:34
So, u're the representative of the general opinion ? I don't think so.
2017-06-21 21:41
no we hate u cuz of the ego those monkeys have even tho they are not even top 1. and even if your top 1, you shouldnt start thinking ur the best ;.; cuz the scene is close af atm
2017-06-21 14:12
Indeed, im SK fan but ppl are too proud that they get to a point they're toxic AF
2017-06-21 14:20
ikr ;.; you are a "normal SK fan"
2017-06-21 15:23
ye are top 1
2017-06-21 17:43
r e t a r d c a n t t a l k e n g l i s h
2017-06-21 20:34
i cant talk england
2017-06-21 21:12
i noticed
2017-06-21 21:31
Glad to hear that it helps your country. ^^ Would be fun to know how does it help tho :D
2017-06-20 09:23
help in talents in csgo and esports
2017-06-20 09:24
So, you're saying that SK ( professional Germany organization ) has contracts that include money funding for Brazil eSports? :D
2017-06-20 09:27
yes i say that
2017-06-20 09:28
Oh, you're lucky to have a team like SK then.
2017-06-20 09:30
yes i am luck to have sk team
2017-06-20 09:31
if fallen make monye, he can make games academy bigger, with br's working on it, more and more good quality servers for cs, prize pool, oportunity for jobs, e sports grow as a hole :>
2017-06-21 15:17
IDK, i know that there aren't many BR people working in the scene, SK success doesn't even lead to more BR people getting jobs as they have staff members even from countries like Russia.
2017-06-21 15:29
Let's time show if he's right, do you think everything happened in 1 years in EU ?!
2017-06-21 15:34
Brazil won you dumb
2017-06-19 23:05
Lol, no. Team represent their org in first place, not their country.
2017-06-19 23:07
Brazil won a piroca larga. SK doesn't represents Brazil. FalleN doesn't care about CS:GO Brazil National Team...
2017-06-19 23:07
Yeah, giving 100k reais to a tournament here, he really doesn't seem to care about national CS:GO..
2017-06-19 23:47
Brazil won you dumb
2017-06-19 23:07
2017-06-21 21:39
We are best players in cs go so they say brazil not represented but we won 2 majors
2017-06-19 23:11
Oh damn, didn't know you joined SK, btw SK is german, so you definitely didn't win anything.
2017-06-19 23:17
Don't bother, most BR fans are delusional like this.
2017-06-20 09:10
He is fake flagging, you imbecile
2017-06-20 10:44
porra man, mas eh normal falar assim. Tu nunca viu torcida de futebol falar desse jeito? Por ex: A: Ah meu time eh bem melhor que o seu, nós temos 5 campeonatos brasileiros. B: Ah, até ai nada, até porque a gente ganhou mais do dobro de campeonatos estaduais que você.
2017-06-19 23:30
finalmente alguem que entede
2017-06-20 05:33
cara tu é chatão.
2017-06-20 06:21
vai te foder rapá, chupa ovo de gringo do caralho
2017-06-20 06:26
Chupa ovo de gringo do caralho
2017-06-21 17:44
Stopped reading after "we won"
2017-06-19 22:54
2017-06-20 09:27
"we" you didn't win anything
2017-06-19 23:00
i am braziliamn you stupid nazism i win 2 majors since sk brazilian
2017-06-19 23:02
cya 10 years
2017-06-19 23:02
brazil 2 major champion so "we" won is corect germany win word cup you say you won word cup so is fine i say i win major
2017-06-19 23:03
SK didn't represents our country, as Germany National Teams does.
2017-06-19 23:05
"" didn't appear in the title so it's a wrong use tbh
2017-06-19 23:05
No, SK is german organisation so german team with brazilian players won 1 major
2017-06-20 08:07
wrong, sk is brazil team
2017-06-20 08:57
Nt, Brazil 0 majors. LG is Canadian and SK German.
2017-06-20 09:27
cmon GoodPeepleNeverDie get fakin reported
2017-06-19 23:03
You sir are a fat virgin that thinks YOU win , when its obviously 5 guys out of all brazilian people that win .. get real dumb cunt
2017-06-19 23:02
are u stupido^??? if you team win word cup in your country u will say you won "we won word cup" is normal i say i win major so we won
2017-06-19 23:05
thats national team, csgo teams arent national, na has like 7 teams so stop
2017-06-20 05:34
2017-06-19 23:04
Dreamhack was Tier 2...
2017-06-19 23:04
2017-06-19 23:23
ONE Tier 1 team..
2017-06-19 23:38
Yea you are right, only G2 can win against SK right now. :)
2017-06-19 23:06
yes i am righte
2017-06-19 23:07
Nope actually Astralis can
2017-06-19 23:07
However, SK are in the worst case top 3, maybe top 4, With G2 Astralis and Faze.
2017-06-19 23:11
+1 Bratan
2017-06-19 23:13
2017-06-19 23:17
2017-06-19 23:20
i dont thing the favelas won Cologne 2015, Dreamhack 2015, ELEAGUE 2017 ps: fnatic have 3 majors, sk just 2 :)
2017-06-19 23:07
brazil have 3 majo
2017-06-19 23:07
2017-06-19 23:07
brazil have 3 majo too noob remember 1.6?
2017-06-19 23:09
remember what?It's not csgo LUL,so it's not major haHAA
2017-06-19 23:10
So Sweden has like 100 major titles, nice.
2017-06-19 23:18
Lol 3 premier wins in 2016 that's it. 1 premier win in 2017 that's it. Their achievements in premier tournaments are small compared to teams like Astralis (TeamSoloMid/Pre-2015 dignitas), Fnatic. They have more achievements than VP and FaZe but still.
2017-06-19 23:15
SK doesnt have more achievements than VP lol
2017-06-19 23:44
Oh yeah my bad. VP's current roster has 8 Premier wins (if you don't count online tournaments and also 1 of those wins is from when they were ESC Gaming). Meanwhile SK's current roster has 4 premier wins if you don't count the 2 online premiers that they won (2 premiers as Luminosity which were ESL Pro League season 3 and MLG Columbus and 2 premiers as SK which were ESL Cologne 2016 and IEM Sydney.)
2017-06-20 01:05
monkeys only win life time imprisonment.
2017-06-19 23:20
weak bait
2017-06-19 23:21
2017-06-19 23:25
thats why all hate braz fans
2017-06-19 23:25
baited by fakeflagger lul
2017-06-19 23:30
HLTV boys are so jealous! Congratz man! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-06-19 23:31
ty man
2017-06-20 05:32
We 0/8
2017-06-19 23:49
flawed logic
2017-06-20 00:15
WE you are so poor :D
2017-06-20 01:06
"We" Mania de torcedor de futebol brasileiro, voce tava lá por acaso? vc nao ganhou nada, nao ajudou nada além de queimar o filme do seu pais fazendo a gente parecer idiota
2017-06-20 05:39
claro que ganhei seu doende, nós ganhamos 2 majors e somos campeoes mundiais 5 vezes no futebol para de frescurinha
2017-06-20 05:40
Vai sonhando que vc ganhou alguma coisa, inclusive aproveite a grana do premio
2017-06-20 13:06
nois samos campeoes 5 vezes do mundo nois ganhamo majo tmb otario
2017-06-20 13:17
"we" hahahah you did nothing you little nerd you really need to boost your ego with the achievements of other people?? that is sad SK won...not you or BR ppl
2017-06-20 05:46
2017-06-20 06:05
hahha insecure little kid :,)
2017-06-20 06:18
2017-06-20 06:22
You didn't win anything.
2017-06-20 06:16
yes we did
2017-06-20 06:22
yes my friend and they are jeleous of us, they can't say "congrulations" because they know we are the best and they are jeleous of us
2017-06-20 09:03
2017-06-21 21:37
HLTV boys are so jealous! Congratz man! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-06-20 09:04
lost all respect i had for HLTV_respectful_user
2017-06-21 21:35
Switzerland d^b 
cant believe noone mentioned 7-1 in this thread
2017-06-20 09:13
So YOU lost 7:1 to Germany and not the National team? kk
2017-06-20 09:15
yes, we lost to germany 7x1. thats actually corret. as we won 5 word cups
2017-06-20 09:20
5 word cups? nice
2017-06-21 21:37
2017-06-20 09:18
2 majors<3 majors
2017-06-20 10:46
Canada Zoey 
you're right
2017-06-20 10:52
KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK 2 majors? HAHA! POLAND 8 MAJORS !! We are number one. support us, hate us, fuel us. Love ya.
2017-06-20 10:52
Poland is dead, we are talking currently
2017-06-21 14:18
Currently 9th major coming soon for Poland.
2017-06-21 18:41
Russia YUWA 
WE (SK gaming)
2017-06-20 11:00
l also say we if im fan and supporting the team no matter what do you think im sharing for the team its including we but to be honest you all hate brazilians cause HLTV is filled up with fakeflaggers and you guys fall for the bait that shows up how stupid you are
2017-06-21 14:31
Oh yeah the good old "EVERY TOXIC BR FAN IS A FAKEFLAGGER!!" excuse.
2017-06-21 14:41
are you serious?
2017-06-21 21:22
2017-06-21 21:29
so why is there so many brazilians that cant speak portuguese? cause they fakeflagging and want to trigger and people falling for this baits like stupidity.
2017-06-21 21:32
Yeah there are many but not every toxic retarded user who is acting like that (you know what I mean) is a fakeflagger. "We" dont hate brazillians because we get triggered by fakeflaggers only. Guess why there are so many brazillian fakeflaggers in the first place? Why did it not happen with other nations before? Tbh I dont really understand why brazillians dont accept that their fanbase is cancer. Who cares about it as long as youself arent cancer?
2017-06-21 21:38
we :D
2017-06-21 14:38
Denmark zink 
Astralis hasn't had to show anything for a very long time. Don't be surprised if they come out EXTREMELY hot at the major.
2017-06-21 15:14
says they won almost everything only names 2 majors LUL autism
2017-06-21 15:17
2017-06-21 15:22
lol people who take this bait seriously are retarded
2017-06-21 17:51
Sk are shit, they only been wining t5 tournaments with no astralis, no vp, no faze and no g2. Lost a map to fnatic that is t7 team atm.
2017-06-21 17:56
2017-06-21 18:58
I won 2 World Wars!
2017-06-21 19:02
The american people won 2 world wars, thats correct. you are american, thus i see no problem saying that. Congratz. And pls, win the 3º world war against the muslims, thanks.
2017-06-21 19:05
btw you created cs:go as well
2017-06-21 20:41
I invented wifi. Right guys?
2017-06-21 20:38
>"we" patriotism at it's finest!
2017-06-21 20:39
2017-06-21 21:24
2017-06-21 21:34
G2 > SK > FaZe > Astralis > North > VP (i believe in their comeback)
2017-06-21 21:26
Hahaha all these mad europoors in this thread think that you cant associate with your team :D embarassing for your countries :D
2017-06-21 21:40
they are no patriots no nationalizm at all they are libtards
2017-06-21 21:48
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