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Racist government
rain | 
Norway Norsk 
The Norwegian government has just shown how low they can go in terms of humanity and stupidity. They just opened for this: ** Stop all asylum immigration to Norway by setting up own asylumcenters abroad. ** Permanent border control. ** Armed police. ** Introduce a minimum ten-year period of residence to gain Norwegian citizenship. ** More surveillance and monitoring. Banning refugees is no way to fix a humanitarian catastrophe. Everyone needs to partake in order to fix a problem, you can't just "sign out" We are in no need of armed police officers. Statistics shows that police has shot themselves more than they have had use for the guns against criminals. If the police arms themselves, the criminals will feel the need to arm themselves as well which creates a more dangerous society. More surveillance and monitoring is also bullshit. Everyone is guilty until proven innocent? If you haven't done anything, there's no reason to be monitored
2017-06-23 09:57
Mongolia AfRiCaNnIgErO 
its smart
2017-06-23 09:59
+1 They finally smartened up and consulted the only real source of truth in this world:
2017-06-24 02:58
Finland whitepower82 
Protects own country Is not racism
2017-06-23 09:59
rain | 
Norway Norsk 
This is not protecting the country. This is giving away all responsibility to someone else. In the big picture it will make it more insecure. It will create fear and racism.
2017-06-23 10:03
Finland whitepower82 
your opinion Take all migrants And ruined this country same like swe,fra,ger.etc
2017-06-23 10:09
your opinion that a couple migrants can ruin a country, is more dangerous than the immigrants, i think thats what he means.
2017-06-23 10:30
Brazil prkz0r 
Look at Japan and cry libtards
2017-06-24 02:50
2017-06-24 12:23
Brazil prkz0r 
Japan refuses 99% of Asylum applications, and look how many terrorist attacks they have. No muslims = No problem with muslims.
2017-06-24 14:35
holland also has 0 terrorist attacks. that one fact alone means nothing. you'd have to show that theres an actual trend. btw, countries where most terrorist attacks occur (africa, middle east) dont have a lot of immigration. people are trying to get the fuck out of there.
2017-06-24 17:27
Brazil prkz0r 
Im talking just about refugees, im talking about refugees, and economic immigrants. Is not just about terror attacks, the problems that they cause in society in general, i know that holland have problem with immigrants, i saw this vid from a guy from holland. So just cuz none is blowing up dont mean u dont have problem with them.
2017-06-24 17:33
you dont just talk about refugees, youre talking about terrorist attacks too. i think a couple phones being stolen is a lot better than the shit that goes on in brazil. we dont have a big problem with immigrants. if we did, there would be less immigrants.
2017-06-24 17:39
Brazil prkz0r 
"if we did, there would be less immigrants." Ye like is happening in Sweden, Germany, UK, France, they are accepting less immigrants right? lol With the difference of birth rate that europeans and muslims have, you guys are done Is not cuz now u don't see the problems, is a matter of time, do you think Brazil was always like that? The big majority of the population was white in the past, now look how it is. The way things are going this is the same fate of Europe, is all a matter of time.
2017-06-24 18:03
i read in the paper today that we are going to send a lot of economic migrants back, as expected. the muslims that move here dont need to have many children because NL is a first world country where people arent very religious, (half our 'muslim' population doesnt go to a mosque) condoms are available, and we have good pensions. i understand shitting on europe makes you feel better about your own country, but youre going to have to try a bit harder. " The big majority of the population was white in the past, now look how it is. The way things are going this is the same fate of Europe, is all a matter of time." no, in the past, 100% of your population was indians. then white people came and brought black slaves. white people were never a majority in brazil. in fact, most of the white people currently in brazil arent even white. fallen isnt white.
2017-06-24 18:18
Fallen is not white? How come?
2017-06-24 19:28
I hope Sweden does this.
2017-06-23 13:55
no dude, the problem is their government, what are talking about shiffiting responsability? o.o
2017-06-24 01:32
Germany privatesx 
after so many threads of the government not doing anything i think this is a smart step
2017-06-24 18:24
Norway infusedboiz 
he's either the worst baiter in hltv or ar a fucking syrian faggot that wants his whole family to emigrate in Norway lul
2017-06-23 10:15
rain | 
Norway Norsk 
Neither a baiter nor a "Syrian faggot". All I want is the humanitarian problems of the world to be solved in a cooperative effort.
2017-06-23 10:25
Taking these people in is not a solution though. I agree, we should solve the problems of the world, but not by creating even more problems.
2017-06-23 10:58
bcs you cant help them in thier home country :(
2017-06-23 13:34
Brazil prkz0r 
Sure, then we get our butterfly dresses with shiny wings and roleplay about hentai highschool drama, fucking faggot.
2017-06-24 02:51
Become a communist then and fight against imperialism!
2017-06-24 18:20
gas | 
Norway Détruire 
Probably one of those world peace preachers. We must protect what is great about Norway, our nationalism and pride is misunderstood by many immigrants and if there becomes too many before we know it we'll be having them complaining that our national day is 'Wrong and unfair, us immigrants want to remember where we come from too :('
2017-06-23 10:32
Protect your beautiful country Sir.
2017-06-23 13:31
Pretty good actions from your government. In the future Norway will be one of the very few good places to live in Europe.
2017-06-23 10:20
That's why I can say his country is doing good. Brazil does the opposite of Norway and it's a shithole.
2017-06-23 10:31
thats why you cannot judge any country in europe as being a good place to live or not. go fix your own country.
2017-06-23 10:33
Following your logic people from North Korea can't say what is good cuz they need to fix their country first. Sorry dude but you are being stupid. I can say what is good or bad for me. And if you still wanna use this argument, them the refugees should fix their countries too.
2017-06-23 10:43
thats right. people from north korea cannot judge any country where people are free, because they are not free. they cannot comprehend it. the refugees are fleeing because trying to fix their country is a good way to get killed. now if you mean economic migrants, yes, they should fix their own country, it would be better for everyone.
2017-06-23 10:45
What I'm saying is: people from NK know what is bad. Not all of them are dumb. Many think about escape but it's too risky. Those who managed to escape can judge if some free country is going on the same direction of their homelands cuz they don't want to see the same shit happening again. If you keep your mouth shut and something bad happens you gonna regret. More people die in Brazil than Syria war and I'm not fleeing.
2017-06-23 11:03
source on more ppl dying (of violence/hunger/etc) in brazil pls
2017-06-23 11:50
i think its safe to assume there were more undocumented deaths in syria than in brazil, seeing as youre not currently engaged in civil war but thats pretty fucked up bro. 60k people.
2017-06-23 13:18
funny how guys like you act supportive of muslim refugees cuz of the situation in their countries, but once someone from another country with problems like brazil is against your view points you point out how shit their countries are. "thats right. people from north korea cannot judge any country where people are free, because they are not free. they cannot comprehend it. the refugees are fleeing because trying to fix their country is a good way to get killed. " and a korean trying to fix the problems in north korea isnt a good way to be killed. GET OUT OF HERE :DDDDDd
2017-06-23 13:33
anyone who does manage to escape from north korea, can get asylum in many countries. and you misunderstood my point. i didnt mean north koreans cant want to be free. the comparison doesnt really make sense. north koreans cant access the internet. if they could, and a north korean told you kim jong il is a great leader and democracy would cause the downfall of europe, would you take him seriously?
2017-06-23 14:21
Bro you got rekt so hard... twice
2017-06-24 02:39
youre retarded
2017-06-24 12:22
you are so naive
2017-06-24 19:10
you barely know what that word means hahaha
2017-06-24 19:13
means that you think that you know shit, but you clearly do not.
2017-06-24 19:24
sure buddy
2017-06-24 20:00
Why do Bra71lians care so much of europe ? In Bra71l i have higher precentage to get robbed or shot compared to Europe
2017-06-23 13:35
Oceania BotKaiser 
who the fuck wanna go to brazil just to get his phone stolen LOL , even people from Syria dont wanna go to brazil its a shithole
2017-06-23 21:09
Sweden captain yolo 
we need a world where everyone gets along and like theres no money and everyone just does what needs to be done for the sake of society
2017-06-23 10:21
i know youre making a joke but fyi, society did work like that for most of human history. you were part of a tribe. money didnt exist. if you didnt do what needed to be done, you would get left behind.
2017-06-23 10:29
yeah yeah, everything was beautiful until the bad dutchpeople started to rampage the coast of africa in order to collect humans... so easy to pose like a nice and cool guy while pretending to not know that the stones sustaining your prosperity are covered with the blood of millions of innocents.
2017-06-24 02:42
youre really really retarded
2017-06-24 12:23
delusional/naive kid...
2017-06-24 19:08
you completely missed the point. i was saying that humans have existed for a long time before we invented farming and started living in larger groups, and in that time, if you didnt work hard enough for your tribe, well, they wouldnt take kindly to that.
2017-06-24 19:13
yeah yeah, i was talking about your whole line of thought (from other posts as well). And clearly you also do not understand shit about antropology nor human interactions. You see, as per your arguments I can say that you see past human dynamics as being uncivilized, brute, uncultured, and with this same 'progressist' eyes, you judge what is going on around you. Meaning that you really think that the ones posing as refugees flocking into Europe, really need the assistence of a superior culture (your assistance) in order to live.
2017-06-24 19:24
what the fuck are you smoking.
2017-06-24 20:00
rain | 
Switzerland W1SHmaster 
Booking holidays in norway, well done guys from the north.
2017-06-23 10:21
as long as you still take enough refugees that have good opportunities, i dont see much of a problem?
2017-06-23 10:28
rain | 
Norway Norsk 
Their vision is to deny all immigration from non-western countries
2017-06-23 10:29
well thats not legal. there are treaties you know.
2017-06-23 10:31
rain | 
Norway Norsk 
It's not difficult for a country to deem someone not a refugee. There are almost no legal documents or ID Papers of refugees from war counties in the Middle East/Africa. They can simply say they believe that the person is lying, and that he is actually from a safe country in Africa. It recently just happened with a man who has been working as a civil engineer in Norway for many years, paying taxes and been a valuable contribution to society. The government said he lied when he came here when he was 17, and got sent to somalia
2017-06-23 10:35
i dont really believe that. we can do dna tests, analyze someone's accent, do a lot of things to accurately determine where they come from without a passport.
2017-06-23 10:43
rain | 
Norway Norsk 
He had lived in norway for 17 years. Took an education in bio engineering. Worked and paid taxes. Spoke Norwegian. Followed the Norwegian culture. He had papers from the Somalian security counsel, and from the Somalian president himself confirming he's from Somalia. The Norwegian government simply said that "Somalia is not trustworthy" This happened this year
2017-06-23 10:48
17 years and he didn't obtained norwegian citizenship ? strange
2017-06-23 11:30
rain | 
Norway Norsk 
He had obtained Norwegian citizenship, and had it for many many years, but the government revoked it, made him "stateless" and sent him out of norway
2017-06-23 11:51
no i don't think so, having citizenship in a country means you're from that country for example in case of that guy he is norwegian on paper so norwegian court won't allow it unless you're a national threat, and government can't revoke citizenship it's up to the court and the state needs to show alot of valuable proof, either that guy didn't have citizenship or he was national threat which i doubt or maybe you read the news on a right wing source which pretty much all of it is made up
2017-06-23 12:12
rain | 
Norway Norsk 
It doesn't really matter what you think about this case. What I stated are purely facts in its mere form taken from the government and articles themselves.
2017-06-23 12:21
I see nothing wrong with that. Every country should be able to deny anyone for whatever reason. If its a security concern (look at london, paris, cologne, stockholm) then its justified aswell.
2017-06-24 02:31
gj Norway do not take in rapefugees
2017-06-23 10:34
Sweden EnAiPi 
Sweden needs to do this
2017-06-23 10:36
ropz | 
Czech Republic rusteD 
Nice, really good steps by the goverment.
2017-06-23 10:36
All of your poilices are only paliatives to the real problem: sticking your nose in the middle east and bombing the shit out of its population, while taking down regimes and creating failed states in the name of "democracy".
2017-06-23 10:39
Libya especially was a massive disaster.
2017-06-23 13:34
Thats a step to take for countries like norway..there is no other solution...Refugees bring nothing good to the country other then criminality...Refugees can solve their problems in their own countries if not no one cares..thats their problem.
2017-06-23 11:53
Poland general007 
0/10 bait
2017-06-23 11:56
polack brain checks out as always
2017-06-24 01:26
Wtf u talk about? Is it a bad thing that Norwegians wants to preserve Norwegian culture in future?
2017-06-23 12:14
"Norsk" don't need to say more i guess
2017-06-23 13:33
Norway SkaMathias 
Norsk is just a blood-red leftist who don't see the problem with multiculturalism.
2017-06-23 14:42
yeL | 
United Kingdom JME_ 
Norsk thread so I can't take it seriously
2017-06-23 12:15
France Verdammi 
its smart, you cant let every poor people in the world coming to Europe, if you wanna help them, its in their own country.
2017-06-23 12:17
I'm envy of your government.
2017-06-23 12:23
Your level of human decency is too high for this forum.
2017-06-23 12:29
cuck level: 99999999999999999999999
2017-06-23 12:34
or how about ending the fucking war?? When peace comes all the refugees should be deported back and start rebuilding their countries.
2017-06-23 13:22
It's actually funny to look at political debates from the 80s when mass-immigration first started and how the politicians and the pro-immigration idiots all said that the refugees were to be sent home when peace broke out in their home countries.. guess what.. many conflicts have been resolved and nobody has been sent back. Today they scream about "integration" instead.
2017-06-23 13:30
I thought this thread was gonna focus on how the corrupt norwegian government is giving more welfare and housing to immigrants than to ethnic norwegians and how they are being discriminated against, but then i saw that it was norsk that started the thread. In my opionion it's too little, too late. All forms of immgration except for temporary work permits should be banned and people like norsk should be sent to re-education camps where they can analyze their own stupidity. It is amazing just how short-sighted these idiots are.. i'm sure this pleb of a mongoloid retard was cheering on when norwegian f-16s on behalf of NATO and the good ol' US of A was bombing libya and created the current stream of immigrants.
2017-06-23 13:28
Regarding you first and second paragraph: It's like that in almost every civilised european country. Sad but true.
2017-06-23 13:35
This so much. It's ridiculous to take matters of other countries to our hands and try to forcefully implement different government types like in Libya, Egypt etc. I also don't get the reasoning behind going after terrorists in the first place. If after WTC attacks certain people didn't start going to constant wars in the middle east, the terrorist movement and organizations wouldn't have nearly as many followers as today and we would not have to deal with all these refugees, who worst of all are not even trying to fit into our societies but stand around and complain.
2017-06-23 14:47
rain | 
Norway Norsk 
Can't read anything you say because I've blocked you. You are brainwashed to the point of no return, and it's sad to read what you usually say. Looking at your replies to this, you probably wrote a book of this anti Jewish, fascist brainwashed shit that you usually post about Gå vekk
2017-06-23 14:53
Of course it's sad. It's the truth and you will do anything to avoid it like the coward you are.
2017-06-23 20:54
Finland Kashmir69 
Can you link a source for this info i want to read more about it
2017-06-23 13:29
rain | 
Norway Norsk 
2017-06-23 14:36
Norway SkaMathias 
Do you really think people are racist just because they are against a liberal immigration policy? People wont get integrated if we take too many + they cost many millions each refugee. Please see the reality and look at economy and statistics. Tar ikke SV-folk seriøse...
2017-06-23 14:46
Bangladesh Ploxzz 
How fucking stupid can they be to do this xd
2017-06-23 14:48
Japan jia 
nice movement
2017-06-23 14:48
Amazing news. Norway is already best place on the earth to live in, congrats guys to having such a smart government which act patriotic and is free from Germany dominance in Europe.
2017-06-23 15:01
Europe Apzi 
First of all, what point is there in taking refugees who will just abuse your country's welfare system. In Finland we take refugees and immigrants from poor countries. Do you know what is their employment rate? It's 15%. Most of these people don't contribute to the society in any way, they don't work, they commit crime and break the law constantly. We gain nothing from these kind of immigrants/refugees. If a "refugee" went first to Hungary for example and then decided to make their way in to Norway, it's obvious what they are doing. They are not fleeing war when they are coming from Hungary, are they? They are only coming to Norway because they'll get more money there. These people must not be considered as refugees and they must be returned to the original country where they came from if there's no war in the country. Many "refugees" are coming from countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh etc where there is no war, we must only take refugees who actually need it, not everyone who wants to live a better life with hard-working taxpayer's money. Only around 28% of the refugees that came in 2015 for example where actual Syrians fleeing from war. Plus, the people who are coming as "refugees" are usually men, strong men. Where are the women, the children and the poor? They are traitors to their own countries. They are many times coming to countries that are independent because someone actually fought with their life to protect their freedom and independence. When Nazis attacked Norway, you fought, you resisted. You didn't flee like these refugee cockroaches. And funnily enough, the politicians who support taking refugees and spreading multiculturalism usually live in rich areas where there is no refugees or immigrants so they won't get to actually expirience what multiculturalism really is.
2017-06-23 15:11
wow your government loves your country and it's citizens more than you do. i hope it passes for your people.
2017-06-23 21:06
stfu cuck. They are trying to protect you and your future generations and you are complaining
2017-06-23 21:13
Fuck you man, get the fuck out if you want those sharia monkeys blowing up your friends and family here? Our prime minister should buy poisen and kill those stinking ass rats herself instead of letting other countries to do the fun part (i guess?) For her. Its not only muslims in that refugee wave.. im pretty sure isis and baghdadi came to europe as refugees and all there is left in raqqa is civilian almost as ugly muslims. ;)
2017-06-24 01:17
Norway SkaMathias 
I think he is from Pakistan, thats why
2017-06-24 01:20
About fucking time. They should check every single eastern european cars and norwegian cars with foreign owners at the borders. Polacks and baltics smuggling drugs and other shit into the country every day, and government spending money on europeans sitting in norwegian jails.
2017-06-24 01:23
he's saving your country, at least trying
2017-06-24 01:28
Actually I don't get why are you triggered by Norway setting up asylum centers abroad? Thats actually a good thing.
2017-06-24 01:44
what the fuck is wrong with armed police
2017-06-24 01:50
I'm honestly glad they're finally doing something about it.
2017-06-24 02:36
Not a horrible bait Norsk, but all of these things sound good to me. Monitoring is obviously a slippery slope but if it is done properly, it can prevent countless crimes and attacks against the country :-)
2017-06-24 02:41
Portugal dracø 
Takk mr norway
2017-06-24 03:02
i remember 2 years ago when ppl say ye we welcome every refugee from middle east . and now 60% of them are also against refugees haha . if cant see the truth u will deny it .
2017-06-24 12:24
Not sure if OP is retarded or just a brilliant b8. Can never tell with the cuckoldry of the far left.
2017-06-24 17:35
United States sushiisdank 
Tell me how this is racist?
2017-06-24 18:18
Denmark Baitvice 
Norwegian cuck detected.Thank god they did this.
2017-06-24 18:22
I want this you want that.
2017-07-02 20:47
cry is free idiot, u can always immigrant to sweden if u enjoy taking ahmeds dick
2017-08-04 08:54
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