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Poland ~mkr 
imo when team not take part in eswc, matches with this team must be refund becouse it 1:0 win to opponent ,and we who beat on this team doesn't know that the team will be DROP OUT off event and we lose our money on this bet :< sry my english sux :P
2008-08-25 21:43
Bulgaria Nike. 
i need my money too pls refund bets with team whose wasnt on the tournament
2008-08-26 00:18
Poland bkx 
I really don't know, what you mean. If team A didn't arrive to the tournament (bets 2%) plays with the team B (bets 98%), so how could you lose your money? Did you bet on N1 or other weak teams?
2008-08-26 00:25
Denmark Nix0n 
Matches are being refunded, there might be some that got entered with results, if so, please report it to us.
2008-08-26 00:28
Poland cnfsd 
Count remaining girls matches. thx
2008-08-26 16:37
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