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Ebettle/ vitalbet are scammers
Thorin | 
Netherlands midzimu 
Do not trust these sites i have read alot of complaints with accounts being lock when it wasnt fair. see here BTW this is the scammer behind all of it: Just don't bet here, once u start winning ul get locked.
2017-06-28 20:31
Good afternoon! Immediately sorry for bad english, I use google translator to create this message. The bookmaker "VITALBET" blocked my account without grounds and stole 1400 euros from me. My nickname on the site VitalBet - Angelofp0ker. I have been betting on sports for more than 10 years and during this time I first encountered such a candid kid from the bookmaker's office! Having answered several times in the support service, my subsequent letters are completely ignored. The account is blocked, my money is stolen in a brazen way. All I have to do is describe the situation on the forums and warn people + I'll try to find contacts of the organization that issued them a license and write there. Briefly, for those who do not want to read the details: I was blocked for multi-account, although I never created more than one account in their bookmaker office and did not violate any rules. I completely passed all the stages of verification of the person: scans, photos and skype conversation. My letters to the support are now completely ignored, my account is blocked, my money in the amount of 1400 euros is stolen. The only thing it can be connected with is the FriGate application (VPN \ Proxy), which I use to access sites that are blocked by the provider. Those. All who use a similar application or proxy \ VPN can at any time also get into this situation. Read more: I have been registered in many bookmakers around the world, I have not violated any rules anywhere, different offices are needed to find a more optimal coefficient and the possibility to put a slightly larger amount. Almost all bookmakers are blocked by providers now in Russia, so for access to sites I use a free VPN / Proxy application for Google Chrome "FriGate", as well as many other players around the world. This is normal for all bookmakers around the world and NEVER, no one had any complaints about this. In VITALBET, I have been making bets since May 2017. I made several deposits. I verified the account: I sent a photograph of my passport and utility bill. May, June and July I actively bets, and in July for the first time made a request for withdrawal of money, and then problems with access to the account began. First I was asked to go through the verification again, and send a photo on which I will, holding a passport and the inscription "VITALBET". I passed successfully and this stage of verification, but my account was "temporarily blocked" and told that I need to go through another stage of verification, namely, they will call me on Skype and will ask various questions about my account in their bookmaker office. I answered all their questions: I had to name some of my bets, the amounts I usually pay, the payment systems that I use and other data. I successfully passed the verification and the operator told me that everything is in order and your account will be open during the day. However, the account was not opened in a day, or through three. I wrote to the support team to find out the reason. And I received a letter with the name "Multi-accounts registered": Quote To Whom it may concern, Following a review of your account and a group of other accounts details and in accordance with the provisions of article 9.7 of's terms and conditions our security team has found sufficient evidence of and thereby closed your account for fraudulent abusive and betting practices. "9.7 We have a zero-tolerance policy towards inappropriate play and fraudulent activity. We will have the right to withhold or otherwise decline or reverse any pay-out or winning amount(s) or amend any policy in the event that we suspect you are abusing or attempting to abuse any of the following: (i) bonuses; (ii) palp errors; or (iii) specific policy or rules determined in respect of an existing game or a new game. It is clarified that we may determine that such an abuse has taken place also if your activity in our Online Casino/Sportsbook, by itself, is not abusive, but your activities in other Online Casino/Sportsbooks in addition to our Online Casino/Sportsbook, taken as a whole, constitute such abuse of our bonuses, promotions, policies or rules." We have carefully checked a group of accounts sharing the same Login and Register IP address and it has been confirmed that you have been placing very similar or/and the same bets the same time. Your bets have been voided and your winnings have been canceled. The total amount of 500 EUR l- atest deposits that have not been already lost, has been refunded to your Skrill account. We would like to kindly advise you not to open other accounts with us. Sincerely Yours, Customer Support The Official Sportsbook & Casino of Manny Pacquiao Those. I was accused of creating multiple accounts on their site, and returned a miserable 490 euros to my Skrill (500 euros - 2% per withdrawal). Although my account was 1900 euros. And for all the time I played on this site I made deposits for a total of 1,795 euros. I replied that in every bookmaker office I have only one account and I am ready to prove it by any method. As far as I understand, they are networked with several other bookmakers, namely: EBETTLE and LOOTBET. In them I also had accounts and bets, I thought that maybe the reason for this? I wrote to them that I make bets there, but everywhere I have only one account and I did not violate any rules, to which they specified that they have no complaints about this. But wrote here that. Quote To whom it may concern, As we have previously informed, your account has been directly connected to a group of active VitalBet accounts sharing the same exact IP address that as per our Terms and Conditions is totally unacceptable. Only one account is allowed per one single IP and a household address. Our bonus Terms and Conditions have been breached as well. More than one accounts sharing this IP address took an advantage of the welcome bonus, which is considered as a bonus abusive activity. "Only "one new account offer" per person, household address, email address, debit/credit card number, or IP address is allowed. VitalBet reserve the right to withhold any bonus and winning amounts if we believe that the promotion has been abused or where irregular betting patterns have been discovered." The decision of the Risk management team i charge had been taken accordingly to our Terms and Conditions so we consider this case being closed. And this is Quote The number of the accounts that you have registered with other sites is not relevant to this particular case as we are not in a position to comment other bookies. The total number of 7 accounts (including yours) have been registered and/or been using the same exact IP address not accidently but multiple times to log into our system. This is an obvious violation of our general and bonus rules. As you should have read and agreed upon our terms and conditions before registering an account with us, such activities are considered being abusive. With that said, we consider this case as closed so there is nothing more to add to this email. I tried to explain in the most detail that I'm using the FriGate application to access their site, that I'm ready to prove that I did not belong to any other accounts and that I did not violate any rules, but they do not answer to me in the support service anymore and completely ignore my letters. Playing in a lot of bookmakers, I came across different cases: a lot of bookmakers cut their maxima to zero, simply because they did not like you or won a little money from them, or without explanation at all; Asked to undergo a bunch of procedures of all kinds of verification of ridiculous; Truncated the coefficients personally; But in all cases, their money could be taken away. Here I was accused of what I did not do, they took my money away and did not even want to try to understand the situation. This is the first time I've come across, so I endure this all for a general review, because I feel powerless in this situation. By the way, what is even more interesting: from the bookmakers of their network - Ebettle and LootBet, I successfully withdrew the money and no complaints against me from them, although I also used the same FriGate to access their sites. As well as to all other sites. In fact, this situation applies indirectly to everyone who uses different VPNs and Proxy to access your accounts on different sites. Thank you for listening, I will be glad to any advice or assistance on the return of their funds.
2017-07-15 06:02
Korea randykpro stole my 300mBTC also. The reason is "You have a lot of multiple accounts" It's the most unusual and fucking thing I've heard of.
2018-01-11 08:25
mohamed | 
Georgia bacchus 
but i got ebettle stickers on my p250 how is that a scam
2017-07-15 06:03
bacchus i feel like u'll appreciate my p250
2017-07-15 06:25
Just use the platforms which are promoted on HLTV and you're safe!
2017-07-15 06:41
Russia Norstron 
see the trustpilot - there are plenty of stories like this. these are totally scam, maybe not 100%, but there IS scammy moments there. pinnacle betway is decent. why people still using scams...
2017-07-15 12:44
Qatar lolzer 
Never open account on its sites are the same organization that scam the players, suppresion of bets, does not send the cashout, A false KYC law, A request for verification by skype but then a message that tells you that your account is lock and delete and money confiscate SCAMMER SCAMMER SCAMMER
2017-08-12 20:15
Russia Norstron 
nah, another scam..
2017-08-15 20:36
didn't read it all but he used a vpn and got banned? understandable. but if they are scammers that isn't surprising judging by that guy's face. skrill also a big scam performing similar practices which finally came to light recently
2018-01-11 08:34
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