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EURO 2012 predictions
Germany 88_wh1t3p0w3r_88 
so 3 weeks left till euro kicks off :) i want to know your opinions about top3, golden boot, flops and tops :) for me there can ofc only be one winner xD 1. :D 2.netherland 3.spain/france/poland golden boot 1.robin van persie 2.miroslav klose 3.robert lewandowski flop of euro -cr7 (portugal in general) top -lewandowski (poland in general, i think they will surprise) so what do you think? :)
2012-05-18 15:44
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Golden boot two polish guys?:P I hope your prediction will be good:P
2012-05-18 15:51
only one :P
2012-05-18 16:09
f0rest | 
Russia goodjob 
actually two :D
2012-05-18 16:15
Klose is half german half polish but Lewandowski is polish as I know
2012-05-18 16:25
If half is good name for person who was born in Poland have polish parents and polish wife(as i know):P But i dont like him btw. good that he play in German team.
2012-05-18 16:36
klose has german father, but yes, he was born in poland. he could decide hby himself for which country he plays
2012-05-18 21:05
That doesn't matter as long as he feel he is a German and he doesn't even like to speak polish. I would call him a volksdeutscher and im really annoyed that some poles argue that he is polish - he isn't as long as he doesn't want to be.
2012-05-20 21:32
He speak with Podolski in polish
2012-05-20 23:15 Klose is polish same like Podolski
2012-05-18 16:28
German ancestors make them both German..
2012-05-18 17:34
They will always be Poles... And Podolski always says that he feel more Polish than German...
2012-05-18 17:49
source where he said that why doesnt podolski play for poland?
2012-05-18 21:06
becouse he got no porposistionas as podolski was joung the poluish tariner says: he dont pick a jung boy in this team only becouse he play 3 macthes good in cologne, after that he became a proposition to play for germany and he take it )
2012-05-18 21:42
Podolski doesnt play for Poland, because fucking PZPN some years ago not want him in the cadre... btw. Podolski have polish parents and family, his father play football in polish team (1980 year), his mother play handball in polish team too ^^
2012-05-19 03:45
he says it in interview
2012-05-19 03:42
they are german, that's for sure
2012-05-19 00:16
You need to be German in order to play for the national side. They took advantage of the German football education since young age. Why are you always so mad about that? Don't you have people living in your country who you can be proud of?
2012-05-19 02:26
I mean that they are half Polish half German that all. And they playing cuz their parents were athletes too. So talent thay have in genes
2012-05-19 13:32
who cares? they play for germany and have german ancestors(at least one of them). furthermore, germany made them into the footballers they are, not poland.
2012-05-20 19:42
So I also have German and Ukrainian ancestors, does it make me Polish, german and russian at the same time? Mhmh... ~~
2012-05-19 13:57
So you are French because you grew up in France. Same is true for Podolski and Klose in Germany who to learned to play the game there.
2012-05-19 17:26
True. Don't argue with my fellow coutrymen - they are mad since in Poland there is not many good footballers and they just want to convince others that players with some connections to Poland are in fact polish, which is entirely bullshit.
2012-05-20 21:40
Rotfl, grewing up in a country doesn't make you French.
2012-05-26 11:46
You don't get the point, that's sad.
2012-05-26 13:37
poland have a strong team this year and the paly at home so i expect they pass the groupstage and maybe come to the half final (or better to say i hope they come so far) <3 lewandowski, piszek, kuba
2012-05-18 21:40
Piszczek* :)
2012-05-19 00:32
hehe dzienki :-)
2012-05-19 12:17
dzieki* :)
2012-05-19 13:11
hehe i live in germany but i was born in poland and my polish typing is not so well but i can perfect speak polish :_D
2012-05-19 15:19
heheh, that's nice that you try to speak our language xD
2012-05-19 15:40
Winner: 1- Spain 2- Germany 3- netherland/England/Portugal Golden Boot: 1- Cristiano Ronaldo 2- Klose 3- Podolski Top Player: Cristiano Ronaldo (am very sure)
2012-05-18 15:51
2012-05-18 16:26
2012-05-18 21:46
CR is always on top until he fails in time where he's skills are needed. He wont be a star in this tournament, I don't even now if he was a star on any event.
2012-05-19 08:44
You must be joking... CR and messi are the best players because they are always amazingly in shape, and they can win games almost alones when the team needs it!
2012-05-26 23:37
Messi yes, CR definately not.
2012-05-30 17:52
they can win a match or two alone, but only in their clubs. When everybody needs them in NATIONAL team, even CR or messi without teamplay fails.
2012-06-03 01:50
hadik hiya kho xD
2012-06-03 19:51
Finland misqi 
1. England Golden Boot: Wayne Rooney .
2012-05-18 15:52
Sweden TLY 
u know he will miss sweden and france game right? He can play Ukraine so will be hard to be topscorer. He got a red card.
2012-05-18 18:25
Aye, I know that. But gotta trust <3 Rooney
2012-05-18 18:54
f0rest | 
Russia goodjob 
1.Spain 2.Portugal 3.Netherlands/Germany/France Golden boot: 1.Cristiano Ronaldo 2.Gomez 3.Benzema Top Player: Cristiano Ronaldo
2012-05-18 15:53
+1 top player: ozil
2012-05-19 18:28
Macau kek79 
1.spain 2.netherlands golden boot : van persie
2012-05-18 15:53
Will Sweinsteiger play ?
2012-05-18 15:55
ofc :)
2012-05-18 16:06
i think spain
2012-05-18 15:56
I think is gonna be between Germany and Holland, Spain is always dangerous of course but they have some problems inside team also Villa, Puyol injured, Torres without form since 2 years all players are tired (Barcelona, Real very intense season also Ahtletic Bilabo - 5 players on euro - europe league final and copa dela rey) + torres, mata before CL final. Of course I hope for Poland our Trio from Borrusia Dortmund had great season, all of them in 11 of Bundesliga by Kicker, Szczesny Solid season in Arsenal, Obraniak in Bordouex. But our defense sucks, wings are pretty good and we dont have alternative for Lewandowski, first 11 is decent but others arent so quality. Top Scorer? Klose is always good on Tournaments, also Huntealer maybe? cuz Van Persie in Orange is gonna be Winger I guess 1. Germany 2. Holland 3. Spain, Italy
2012-05-18 15:57
yep i was also thinking about huntelaar he played a really good season
2012-05-18 16:00
Ein Leben lang, keine Schale in der Hand :D I mean I doubt Huntelaar will be the one. Gomez will score the most I think, if Bayern wins on Saturday, otherwise those guys will lose their motivation.
2012-05-18 18:36
Gomez will not even score one goal, he is a walking peace of shit.
2012-05-18 21:05
stfu he will crush chelsea u can quote after saturday night
2012-05-18 21:08
Well, you failed!
2012-05-26 23:39
dont be that harsh :D he is decent in scoring but i also think he wont score many goals, because he isnt in starting squad
2012-05-18 21:10
2012-05-19 01:40
1.Germany Golden Boot : Van Persie
2012-05-18 15:58
portugal will win the tournament and cr7 will rape one by one :D
2012-05-18 16:00
Poland qater- 
I don't like predictions but I hope that Spain, Portugal and Germany will stand on the podium in the end. I would love to see Polish team playing more than three matches :D
2012-05-18 16:01
germany boot: gomez i hope we will pass the group stage.
2012-05-18 16:13
I agree with you when you say that the whole Portuguese team will fail, but I don't think CR7 will be the flop of euro.
2012-05-18 16:21
1.spain ... that`s 4 sho :d
2012-05-18 16:23
2012-05-18 16:24
Denmark Eriksen > all
2012-05-18 16:27
Spain Donra 
i hope spain!
2012-05-18 16:28
they have a very good team... but villa injured, no puyol... :<
2012-05-19 18:12
Tournament Standings: 1.Germany 2.Spain 3.Holland 4.England Golden Boot: 1. Lucas Podolski 2. Klass-Jan Huntelaar 3. Karim Benzema Golden Glove: 1. Manuel Neuer 2. Joe Hart 3. Iker Casillas Tournament Player: 1. Mesut Ozil 2. Andres Iniesta 3. Bastian Schweinsteiger Young Player: 1. Mario Gotze 2. Oxlade Chamberlain 3. Thiago Alcantara 4. Robert Lewandowski 5. Alan Dzagoev I hope for England!
2012-05-18 16:32
ofm-.- man andres iniesta he is not in spain squad --.- ! and england has very low team and if some country deserve to win is : Germany, Portugal, NETHERLANDS ! cc
2012-05-18 16:57
I want to see Italy win, if they'll have a proper roster, of course. GB: Rooney / Lahm / Balotelli Best GK: Gigi Buffon!
2012-05-18 16:34
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong void0 
Zidan want Italy suck all day, all night :D
2012-05-18 18:53
Well..I think netherlands/germany will be the winner but cheer for germany obviously! They're so strong. I'd like to see ukraine passing the groupstage as well! :-) Ukraine <3 :D
2012-05-18 16:36
sorry, we shall not pass. LOL
2012-05-18 18:26
2012-05-18 18:37
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong void0 
sad but true :D
2012-05-18 18:53
they gonna do it! :D
2012-05-18 19:10
Why not. I watched your last friendlyes, and I think that you have a decent chance...
2012-05-18 21:53
Friendlies are friendlies, - no interest in victory of the opposite team, etiquette plus some random luck make us tie or even win sometimes LOL But when it comes to champs - we are awful noobs)))
2012-05-18 21:59
Guys you cant w8 for this event same like me?:D
2012-05-18 16:38
You all underrate Croatia. They will show to all of you what real football is. :D
2012-05-18 16:38
2012-05-18 16:40
Sweden ejjz 
2012-05-18 16:41
I think these guys will win...
2012-05-18 16:50
haha xd
2012-05-18 17:37
Croatia dabl 
Tournament Standings: 1.Cro 2.Spain 3.portugal 4.Ger Golden Boot: 1. jelavic 2. ronaldo 3. dudu Golden Glove: 1. Manuel Neuer 2. Joe Hart 3. Iker Casillas Tournament Player: 1. luka modric 2. Andres Iniesta 3. Bastian Schweinsteiger
2012-05-18 16:43
Jelavic gonna style all over Euro YOU JELLYVIC YUROS?
2012-05-18 23:11
cro will not pass group stage 4 sure...
2012-05-19 12:09
Yeah right. They will loose against Italy like always? Wait, they never lost against Italy.
2012-05-19 19:45
1.Spain 2.Netherlands 3.England golden boot 1.Xavi 2.cr7 3.Robert Lewandowski
2012-05-18 16:44
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong void0 
without germany? petros9n
2012-05-18 18:54
yes, without! Ukraine - Germany - 3:3 so I think, that realy, when some counrty, like England , stop Germany on semi-final.
2012-05-26 18:32
NEO | 
Poland camarpl 
2012-05-18 16:45
you are so pathetic...
2012-05-18 16:48
1.Spain 2.Portugal 3.Holand Golden boot: 1.Cristiano Ronaldo 2.Robben 3.Ribery Top Player: Cristiano Ronaldo
2012-05-18 16:56
1.Spain 2.Holland 3.Germany/France golden boot 1.Benzema 2.CR7 3.Torres flop of euro -rooney top of euro +Benzema but i hope final; Spain vs France or Spain vs Portugal ;D
2012-05-18 17:11
CR7 second playing only 3 matches? Hardly...
2012-05-26 23:42
OMG Netherlands, Germany and Portugal in the same group what a lame
2012-05-18 17:13
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
too right :(
2012-05-18 18:49
1. tiki-taka
2012-05-18 17:14
1.Netherlands 2.Germany 3.Poland Golden boot: 1.Robben 2.Affelay 3.Schweinsteiger
2012-05-18 17:36
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
affelay? you think he will have much of a chance to play competing with robben, vd Vaart, sneijder, van Persie and huntelaar? :P
2012-05-18 18:49
Russia hameleonus 
hope for Netherlands, Germany and Russia :D
2012-05-18 17:37
1.Netherland 2.Spain 3.Germany Golden boot : Cr7 Mvp : Arjen Robben
2012-05-18 17:40
CR7 golden boot playing 3 matches?
2012-05-26 23:43
cheer for Poland and Holand:D Germany and England go home :[
2012-05-18 17:39
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
interesting that you would name van Persie, and not Huntelaar, being a german :P huntelaar has been doing better in Orange than v Persie in recent years, but hey, it might be sneijder or robben aswell, who will be our golden boy. And then again, in a group with germany and portugal, I fear we might not even see the brackets :( but I think muller and ozil will shine, and give gomez a chance to put in a few aswell. I think spain will slightly dissapoint, as might Holland. huntelaar to score a load of goals though! :P
2012-05-18 18:48
yop hunterlaar is sick but i dont know who is in the starting eleven, thats why i said rvp^^
2012-05-18 19:09
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
aah :D
2012-05-18 20:41
Huntelaar is one amazing striker, however i don't think that he will shine in the Euro2012, i would bet my money first in Van Persie, one of the best finishers in the world, and for sure one world class player who deserves to win some big competition. And if Sneijder keeps passing the ball as today against Bulgaria (as he knows...) we will see much more class finishes from Van Persie in the tournament. About the group draw, it was for sure "unfair" as 3 of the teams who play good and offensive football are in the same group, sadly I think that Portugal is the one who is not going to play the brackets, but it will be decided in details for sure!
2012-05-26 23:49
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
yeah its a crazy draw, like there were no seeds. look at one of the other groups, with all do respect; russia, tsjechie, greece, ireland. nuff said :( sorry for whoever goes out as third in this group, and have to feel a bit sorry for denmark aswell :P
2012-05-27 12:39
winner : Holland golden boot: Huntelaar best player: robin van persie / robben
2012-05-18 18:49
1.Spain 2.Portugal 3.SK Gaming :p
2012-05-18 18:50
more like: 1. ESC 2. NAVI 3. FNATIC 4. SK 5. SPAIN 6. GERMANY
2012-05-26 17:03
Spain ferk 
I hope for Spain but I think we won't win the title this year. We have so many troubles, so many injures and tbh, Spain's latest performances were poor. Germany has the team to be crowned champions in this event. Anyway, this is an european championship played in bo1 matches, a lot of teams can win this because everyone can have a bad day, if this happen, you're out of the tournament. The little details are so important.
2012-05-18 18:54
thats why i h8 stupid kids from eu like u ? why so much h8 on cr? whats the matter? did u ever saw some1 doing prediction and looking for a flop? Portugal is not even favourite to pass the group stage , so i cant understand why u say flop of euro, u enter in a contradiction cuz u said that .De and .Nl will be first and second place
2012-05-18 19:00
everyone has high expectations on cr7, as you said pt are not favs to go out of groupstage so i guess many people will be disappointed about cr7/portugal
2012-05-18 19:08
no , i am cr n1 fan , and i cant tell u , his performances arent stable at all in portugal team , since deco left we have been strugling to have organization in center , we lost like 40% pass quality , now Portugal dont have a nr 10 player some1 that can organize the game so well , we only have defensive mid fielders with some attack features , and they re all shorty players.. and that will be hard against fisical teams like .DE for example, for me vs .de portugal must play 4.4.2 , with mid field in diamond , GL
2012-05-18 19:20
Poland qater- 
Germany is physical team? They're pure class and quintessence of technique.
2012-05-18 21:45 their story they have more physical power..
2012-05-18 22:04
Poland qater- 
That was long time ago, their team plays one of the most beautiful football right now.
2012-05-18 22:13
i am not saying that the football they practice is physical , i am talking about stature from players..sorry if u understand me ron cuz of my eng
2012-05-18 23:17
Poland qater- 
They're strong indeed, all these factors make them favorite of the tournament.
2012-05-18 23:20
not really.. people have expections that portugal maybe passes the group.. if they dont, theres no shame in it, because everyone in the group can beat each other ;)
2012-05-19 01:06
1 germ 2 netherlan 3 espan bot gomez/cristina/persie
2012-05-18 19:16
Netherlands 1. Germany 2. Spain 3.
2012-05-18 19:48
Best shoot
2012-05-18 19:49
ohja and about Cr7 everybody knows he's a crybaby with portugal, NO results portugal have they wont make it till nextround .GG
2012-05-18 19:49
Poland 3. Lol'd =D
2012-05-18 20:30
I think so too that Poland will not be in semifinals but I hope they will pass group stage at least from 2nd place :D Lewandowski,Piszczek,Blaszczykowski,Szczesny very good players you must admit :D
2012-05-18 23:54
Obraniak,Dudka,Brozek are also good not like 3 form BvB and Szczesny but good
2012-05-19 00:06
says a swede. c'mon... :PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
2012-05-26 17:01
Sweden > Poland in both football and CS XD
2012-05-26 23:34
yeah but not many skl
2012-05-29 11:20
Portugal wakens 
germany won't advance through the groupstage
2012-05-18 20:30
lets see :D
2012-05-18 20:36
There NEVER has been a World Cup or an Euro Championship where Germany didn't advance from the groups. They always made it at least to the quarter finals and you think they fail now with the team they have right now? :D
2012-05-18 20:36
Portugal wakens 
yeah, they have too many rising stars, that can disturb the teamplay
2012-05-18 20:42
Maybe but if one team has real teamplay then it's Germany..
2012-05-18 20:56
the thing is the players dont see themselfes as "stars" they play as team and not onemanshow :)
2012-05-18 21:06
They don't play like Ronaldo :-) It's a teamgame y0
2012-05-18 22:47
nailed it...that's the absolute opposite of the German mentality (I'm not German, jsut living in Germany)
2012-05-18 23:48
At the European Championship 2004, Germany has not managed to advance the group. I'm sure it was not the only time in histroy.
2012-05-18 21:29
You're wrong, Euro 2004.
2012-05-18 23:25
Well ok, one or two times they failed at EUROs but never at World Cups but still.. they are so strong right now it's not really likely that they will be out after group stages. It will be between Germany and Netherlands and Germany has clearly the edge here.
2012-05-19 01:39
Euro 2000, Portugal beat them 3-0, Sergio Conceição scored a hat-trick in that match! Euro 2004! huge fail
2012-05-19 01:29
Yeah Conceição awesome dude. He played in Belgium :)
2012-05-30 18:51
yeah i know, Standard Liege right? he's a coach in Portugal now aswell
2012-05-30 19:49
Denmark is going to own group B. Wait and see :D
2012-05-19 15:35
Denmark and Portugal will pass no doubt :D
2012-05-19 15:53
With Denmark on 1. place ofcourse :p
2012-05-19 16:10
Euro 2000 Germany was last in group A. Euro 2004 Germany was third in group D. Your point WAS?
2012-05-26 23:53
read my comments above
2012-05-27 00:34
2012-05-18 20:35
blaq | 
Denmark Enk3lt 
2012-05-18 20:38
u are the type of guy with makes only their own things, in this case your coutry. Open ur eyesss dudeeee this is the worst post ever ur prediccions are the worst i ever seen
2012-05-18 20:45
so whats yours? portugal in top3? in that case you would be one of "the type of guy with makes only their own things, in this case your coutry" too
2012-05-18 20:48
i am afraid that portugal will not pass the groups soo... But germany will fuck him self with netherlands... After Euro post again (:
2012-05-18 21:00
OH MY GOD please kill me if all of you think Podolski and Klose have German parents and anything else. -.- They have Polish parents, wifes and anything... They want to play in Polish squad but a coach didn't take them and they decide to play for Germany. :X Why on Euro 2008 when Podolski scores goals against Poland he cry? Do you remember ? And fu*k all of the people who think's they born in Germany. -.- Btw. 1. Spain / Germany 2. Holland / Germany 3. Portugal / France golden boot 1. Van Persie / Gomez 2. CR7 / Benzema 3. Robert Lewandowski flop of euro - Wojciech Szczesny top - Robert Lewandowski
2012-05-18 20:49
germany holland and portugal in same group.
2012-05-18 23:41
wow nice call at the flop there -.-
2012-06-08 19:11
I think Germany:-?
2012-05-18 21:03
i think poland will do well they are doing really good at the moment they have a solid team and playing really good with each other Poland 4 the win <3 :)))))
2012-05-18 21:20
I can see Netherland finally winning something. RvP + Huntelaar should take this one.
2012-05-18 21:20
listen to me bro, Argentina had Messi, Aguero, Tevez, Pastore etc and yet Germany beat them 4-0! so how come to good strikers are gonna win the whole tournament? they have no shot
2012-05-19 01:25
I didn't say they are going to win it alone,Netherland has a great team. U have C.Ronaldo and still u suck,right?
2012-05-19 02:24
what the hell is wrong with u kid? seriously...
2012-05-19 02:30
umad?it's true..
2012-05-19 04:34
he has a point, don't get all emotional. netherlands has: 3 world class defenders, 4 world class midfielders and 4 world class strikers
2012-05-19 06:16
2012-05-18 21:42
Winner: 1- Portugal 2- France 3- Croatia Golden Boot: 1- Cristiano Ronaldo 2- Modric 3- Ribery/Ibra
2012-05-18 21:52
:O a guy who is not portuguese (i assume by the flag), saying that portugal will win? :O You're more confident that many of the portuguese people xD But i hope you're right ^^
2012-05-18 22:02
Top4 1. Germany 2. Spain 3/4. England/Poland Top Scorrers 1.M.Gomez 2.Llorente/Torres (or whoever spanish forward will play) 3. Kuba/Gotze Flop: England & Portugal (but POR because of their impossible group) Tops: Poland - I say they have a great team and a young one with incredible players, and morever they are playing at home, so I say they have a great chance to reach the semi's
2012-05-18 22:06
You know that Kuba is his name? Its Kuba Blaszczykowski i know that in BvB he have only Kuba but this is only cuz Blaszczykowski is rly. long name and hard to say
2012-05-18 22:26
His name is Jakub afaik, Kuba is a nickname.
2012-05-18 23:30
2012-05-18 23:52
But still is a nickname ;PP
2012-05-19 13:13
I know his full name (actually I am a fan of BvB) but this is much more easy to write.
2012-05-18 23:34
how can it be a flop with such a dificult group? rofl.. it is a flop if spain doesnt pass their groups for example, because they have a easy group. while portugal has the hardest group ever and has everything vs them.
2012-05-19 01:09
This is the reason I wrote "BUT". That "BUT" means that they have a hard group and will not be 100% a flop, maybe 20-40% one.
2012-05-19 09:29
rofl, that is a 0% flop... even if netherlands or germany fail to qualify, its no flop.
2012-05-19 13:37
sure you say you have the best player in the world you say you have one of the best teams in the world you say it is not a negative surprise if your team does not qualify (you = portugese people) something does not match here
2012-05-19 15:59
Maybe because atm netherlands and germany have better teams? And btw, its portuguese ;)
2012-05-19 18:22
Mexico tim7 
Winner: 1- Portugal 2- Spain 3- France Golden Boot: 1- Cristiano Ronaldo 2- Nani 3- Ibra there is no nothing to do.
2012-05-18 22:08
1. Germany ofc 2. Netherlands
2012-05-18 22:27
1. Germany 2. Spain 3/4. Poland/Nl golden boot ronaldo,lewandowski, gomez, huntelaar, torres, podolski, klose, van persie. form me 1.ronaldo 2.lewandowski/gome/huntelaar 3.lewandowski/gome/huntelaar 4.lewandowski/gome/huntelaar
2012-05-18 22:31
Mexico tim7 
3. poland? you dont know a shit about this.
2012-05-18 22:44
They are hosts and have an easy group. Szczesny, Lewandowski, Piszczek and Kuba are the best form in Europe. Just to see matches BVB and the last amazing with Bayern 5:2.
2012-05-18 23:05
He knows more than 90 % of the people here, who think that there is a bronze match in the Euros.
2012-05-18 23:28
+1 I felt sick when I saw all these 3. X 4. Y lolz :)
2012-05-18 23:33
I wrote that 3 and 4 I know that there is no third.
2012-05-19 08:37
That's why you know more than most people :)
2012-05-20 02:32
germany/poland/NL...max 2 of them can make it to the semis
2012-05-19 00:04
why with the freaking polish greece will kick them out of the group you'll see
2012-05-19 18:44
1- Germany (YES, THE BEST!) 2- Netherlands 3- Spain Top Player Robben/Sneijder Flop Cristiano Ronaldo
2012-05-18 23:15
still bitter cause ronaldo told miss hilton to fuck off?
2012-05-19 01:22
are you going to flame everyone who expects portugal to fail? good luck flaming millions of people
2012-05-19 17:35
was that flaming?! im gonna have to review my concept of "flame"
2012-05-19 17:41
+1 for Sneijder as top player. A true nr.10
2012-05-26 23:33
Spain wins and Fernando Torres gets the golden boot ;) Ronaldo and Portugal will finish 3rd in group. Germany and Netherlands top3
2012-05-18 23:23
Italy will win. That's all.
2012-05-18 23:29
Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Italy will probably battle for the gold. Poland is the probably the dark horse at this tournament but I think they'll get eliminated in the 1/4 finals by netherlands/germany! I don't think England have a big shot at this Euro considering who their coach is and the team selected I don't think they can beat Italy/Spain...same like France, though never say never. Golden boot: RVP, muller, lewandovski, cassano and stop saying's very likely that he won't even be in the first team (muller, klose will probably be picked over him) MVP: Ozil :P :)
2012-05-18 23:41
MVP: Ozil :P :)
2012-05-18 23:38
what's so weird ? :) I'm not German btw, I'm Macedonian living in Germany
2012-05-18 23:42
if u write, write correct LEWANDOWSKI !
2012-05-18 23:48
whatever, don't get so hyped about it
2012-05-18 23:52
sorry but its important for me because now it look like he is from other country cuz we dont use v in surname...
2012-05-19 00:00
I think that everyone that knows sth about football, knows that lewandowski is polish
2012-05-19 00:02
I know but i just said im very supersensitive about that stuff. Lewandowski and end conversation:P
2012-05-19 00:13
Poland qater- 
Lewangoalski you mean? :D
2012-05-19 00:20
Cristiano Ronaldo is like a f0rest in game , the best ^^
2012-05-18 23:43
neo is like a Messi then :)
2012-05-18 23:51
2012-05-19 00:01
I'm cheering for Poland, Netherlands, Denmark (<3) and Spain of course gl
2012-05-18 23:57
The team that win the group B will win the euro2012. I hope for portugal, but i think that germany will win it!
2012-05-19 00:02
Top 3 in my opinion will be: 1. Spain 2. Germany 3. Netherlands I hope England will surprise us. Golden boot: 1. Cristiano Ronaldo 2. Klose/Muller 3. Benzema (I hope he'll be 2nd or at least 3rd) :D MVP: Casillas
2012-05-19 00:04
Golden boot: 1. Gotze 2. Robben 3. Gomez ofc Germany will champions
2012-05-19 00:40
u have no idea of what ur talking about
2012-05-19 01:20
rly?? oh fuck! i was born in a country that does not speak of futbol :((((((
2012-05-19 02:48
what?! ur even dumber than i first thought u were!
2012-05-19 17:53
if they can pass Spain, ofc
2012-05-19 19:32
sadly portugal got a fu cking group . in my opinion the team that host the tournment should be directly qualified BUT NOT the 1st seed , like wtf that will always make one group of death , it just dont make sense . i kinda believe that portugal can make it , with LUCK , GOOD MATCHES and concentration but is too hard when u have germany and netherlands in the same group . germany have one of the best teams ever and netherlands well . we all know what they are capable off . anyway i want ronaldo make a excellent performance cause this year he deserves the best player of the year
2012-05-19 00:18
i have read on the news that there is a pig who is gonna guess who's gonna win each match : D kinda silly : P but jeah NL will win : D also i hope for Poland <3
2012-05-19 00:28
+brazil+argentina World cup :P
2012-05-19 00:35
uruguay are better atm
2012-05-19 01:12
sure =))
2012-05-19 02:46
thats why they won right? argentina and brazil are full of pricks, so ^^
2012-05-19 03:34
sure =DD
2012-05-19 03:40
Tournament Standings: 1.Netherlands 2.Germany 3.Spain 4.England Golden Boot: 1. Gomez/VanPersie 2. Klose 3. Rooney Golden Glove: 1. Manuel Neuer 2. Iker Casillas 3. Joe Hart Flop of the tour: Ronaldo/Portugal
2012-05-19 01:27
still bitter about Ronaldo and Portugal? cmon man, let it go for crying out loud, its about time already. oh and u clearly dont know shit about football so, might aswell.. u know where im going..
2012-05-19 01:31
My opinion so stfu and im not from UK i just live there.
2012-05-19 01:31
+1 but IMO Germany will win!.
2012-05-19 02:51
2012-05-19 01:32
1. Spain 2. Germany
2012-05-19 01:39
2easy4 germany
2012-05-19 02:29
kNgV- | 
Japan kayenji 
good luck euro2012 i hope the prize distribution is nice, gl hf to all players and orgs.
2012-05-19 03:06
I don't get how people can assume they have the right to make a desicion in someone else's question of identity... in our present time it's not even necessary to make this kind of desicion at all...
2012-05-19 03:22
2012-05-19 03:36
u suck! u mad?
2012-05-19 13:08
2012-05-19 13:35
1.England 2.Spain 3.Sweden Golden Boot 1.Lampard 2.Ribery 3.Ibra
2012-05-19 04:38
England has no chance against Spain
2012-05-19 05:13
the netherlands has by far the best team on paper, spain is severely crippled without puyol and villa, germany already think they won and are overestimating themselves after the practice match against a dutch b-team. germany and spain will not have as much time to prepare for euro 2012 as the netherlands. spain team is getting old whereas german team is really young the netherlands has a fully functional and fit team, van der vaart, sneijder, elia, de jong, robben, van persie, huntelaar, affelay, kuyt are all in a good shape the netherlands > germany >>>>>> spain underdogs: poland, russia & italy
2012-05-19 06:13
Ukraine generalUA 
and Ukraine>Sweden :)
2012-05-19 08:02
I thought all of your primary goalkeepers were injured? But I think ukraine will have an advantage playing at home. If it was at neutral ground i would say sweden. And sweden won against ukraine away in a practice game recently, however training games are not important in any way.
2012-05-19 12:44
2012-05-26 23:37
fifa rankings? lol fifa is politics. would you trust a politician?
2012-05-30 19:06
Yeah its only politics. And yes i trust politicians, rankings can't be 100% right but just making a point, Sweden is at least top 20 in the world and Ukraine ~50.
2012-05-30 20:06
ahahahahah SPAIN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ALL
2012-05-19 13:09
2012-05-19 18:31
russia drunk
2012-05-20 00:34
...and where's finland? oh, i home, in your igloos
2012-06-03 20:31
that just shows how little u know about football.. Spanish team is old?! humm: Iker, S.Ramos, Albiol and Pique, Jordi Alba, S.Busquets, Xavi and Fabregas/Xabi Alonso, Iniesta, David Silva and Torres! Bench: De Gea, Llorente, Mata, Javi Martinez, Thiago Alcantara, Pedro, Monreal, Alvaro Dominguez, Isco, Negredo, Soldado, Adrian! now, tell, how on EARTH is any team better than this team on paper? on the field? there are no national team in the world right now, better than Spain, they look like Barcelona! and no, their team is not, by all means, old.
2012-05-19 17:49
i prefer this lineup Iker, Ramos, Albiol(or Puyol), Pique, Montreal, Xabi Alonso, Xavi, Iniesta, David Silva, David Villa and Torres(or Soldado)
2012-05-20 02:44
btw. should make some adjustments to the dreamteam and have a dreamteam for euro2012. roles for goals, penalties, freekicks, yellow & red cards. points for match win, goals scored & conceeded etc.
2012-05-19 06:23
and rename to
2012-05-20 02:41
Ukraine generalUA 
Germany, Spain, Netherlands to strong for others.
2012-05-19 08:11
2012-05-19 08:38
germany or spain
2012-05-19 08:58
1. Deutschland :D 2. Netherland 3. Spain
2012-05-19 11:14
A: 1.Poland 2.Russia B: 1.Germany 2.Netherlands C: 1.Spain 2.Italy D: 1.England 2.France Poland < Netherlands Germany > Russia Spain > France Italy > England Netherlands > Spain Germany > Italy final: Germany > Netherlands Players: 1. Hunterlaar 2. Podolski 3. Lewandowski
2012-05-19 12:15
1 Russia 2 Ukraine 3 Germany
2012-05-19 12:35
cool story bro
2012-05-20 00:33
germany has the best song, but since its corrupt and germany just won in 2010, it will be any other random song that wins
2012-05-19 13:17
it's about football and not singing -.-
2012-05-19 13:35
wtf?!?! bait?!?! troll?!?!
2012-05-19 13:36
LOL, trolling lvl 9999
2012-05-19 13:38
2012-05-19 13:45
I think he is confused with the Eurosong festival :p
2012-05-19 13:46
no, klose is my favorite singer
2012-05-19 13:47
yeah I've heard about him..he seems to be a really good artist right? Top 10 hits all over the world and shit? dangggsonnnn
2012-05-19 13:51
ye got kinda mainstream, back in the days he produced raw underground stuff but i like his new music style aswell
2012-05-19 13:56
his new song with pitbull is kinda nice :))))
2012-05-19 13:59
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
from that one song, "it will be a very klose Christmas without you"
2012-05-19 14:02
loool ok you won this thread /bow
2012-05-19 14:29
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
well I think the main favourite to win is Sebastian Rammsteinschweiger xD
2012-05-19 14:54
do you like his microphone ?
2012-05-19 16:00
2012-05-19 16:38
some people tend to call it cock or dick ..
2012-05-19 23:58
never seen it, so cant comment on that sry
2012-05-20 00:12
Uhm.. could send ya some pics of mine. I mean it's not that big but i think you would like it..
2012-05-20 19:59
since your surname is "lovegood" and ure from the UK, i expect something like austin powers with strange hair and teeth and chesthair like a bear. so no thanks :D
2012-05-20 21:11
fuckin lmao hahaha
2012-05-20 21:38
2012-05-20 21:46
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
my real name is McLovin Come to holland and Ill prove it ;D or come to DH :D
2012-05-20 23:04
1. Spain 2. Netherlands 3. Russia/Germany
2012-05-19 13:24
Netherlands #1 after final with Shermany Croatia to Knock out England, and Italy wont pass their group
2012-05-19 13:31
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
shermany? angeldust? pcp?
2012-05-19 14:52
1. The Netherlands 2. ireallydontgiveadamn 3. ireallydontgiveadamn All I know is that Portugal needs to get fuckin smashed by us, for kicking us out of 2 tournaments. Then we have Germany who are very strong and I think we are a match for each other, so it's going to be really thrilling :p. And for last there is Denmark, they have a good squad, but they are no match I guess. I hope that Van Persie can maintain his form for the Dutch squad and that he'll be playing the center forward role.
2012-05-19 13:44
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
I actually hope for huntelaar, he ALWAYS scores. and van persie on right of left wing
2012-05-19 14:07
2012-05-19 14:11
NiKo | 
France motion:  
i hope you get fuckin smashed by Portugal :p
2012-05-25 13:19
2012-05-26 16:05
NiKo | 
France motion:  
actually, you failed ahahahaha
2012-05-26 16:24
And why is that, Mr Hilarious?
2012-05-26 16:27
NiKo | 
France motion:  
because i'm PT and you'll get smashed by us.
2012-05-26 16:34
ok, then you are the one who fails don't take proud after your country
2012-05-26 17:56
NiKo | 
France motion:  
i'm proud of my country, you're the one who did mislead my country.. i was born in France.
2012-05-26 19:35
van Persie wont score a goal just like in the world cup, i dont know why everybody says he will... Yes he played an awesome tournement in England but he doesnt fit in the orange colours
2012-05-19 14:25
or Spain or Germany will win this
2012-05-19 15:37
1.Spain 2.Portugal 3.England Golden Boot 1.Villa 2.Ronaldo 3.Torres Biggest Flop - Italy Tops - Greece, big suprise inc :)
2012-05-19 15:44
portugal 2nd? LOL of the year. villa is not even going play @ euro (injury?).
2012-05-26 17:00
Italy </3 
what? Imo if they manage to get out of the GS everything is possible
2012-05-26 18:38
i mean, you are not from this world the group of portugal is the most dificult of all, 3 top teams in it, if PORTUGAL passes the group i think they are one of the favourites 4 sure lololol poland
2012-05-31 10:31
I think Manuel Neuer will make the difference in final against spain.
2012-05-19 16:17
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Neuer is a beast, he deserves it. Andbwith players like muller, ozil, schweinsteiger, we will have a tough time getting through group. Pt are no pushovers either
2012-05-20 19:25
I hope Muller can step up again. His performances lately have not been that good. But Khedira, Lahm, Reus, Goetze and Klose are awesome as well :)
2012-05-20 20:36
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
indeed. and I know mullers season was not nearly as good as the one before, but in a different team (with his old buddy ozil playing) and different circumstances, things can change quickly. I really feel that after a long season a change of scenery can take out the best in some players. a world cup or euro cup are even more attractive than CL for players, it means performing with and against the best of the best, while being one of the lucky few representing your country. I really think germany has the best shot, even though both muller and schweinsteiger haven't been in their best form lately.
2012-05-20 23:03
1. Deutschland 2. Espana 3. Italia / England / Portugal / Netherlands and no hopes for russia
2012-05-19 17:09
1] Spain 2] Portugal 3] Deutschland MVP CR7
2012-05-19 17:44
I wish sweeden had a great team :(
2012-05-19 18:11
my predictions Group A : 1.Poland, 2. Russia Group B : 1.Germany 2.Netherlands Group C : 1.Spain 2.Croatia Group D : 1.France 2.England Poland - Netherlands Germany - Russia Spain - England Croatia - France Poland - Germany Spain - France Germany - France Best players in competition : 1.Gomez 2.Ribery 3.Lewandowski Best "new" player 1.Marco Reus 2.Mario Gotze 3.M'Villa tonight Bayern wins 3:1 or 2:1, Chelsea can only take the lead and loose it, again, because they don't deserve the finals nor a title !
2012-05-19 18:22
Netherland>Poland Sad but true ;s But ofc,I would prefer to Poland won ;D Btw. 1.Spain 2.Germany 3/4.Netherland/England 5/6.Poland/Sweden A: 1.Pol 2.Rus B: 1.Ger 2.Net C: 1.Spa 2.Ita D: 1.Eng 2.Swe Poland<Netherland Germany>Russia Spain>Sweden Italy<England Netherland<Gernany Spain>England Spain>Germany
2012-05-19 18:38
I predict Poland won't even go to brackets... Groupstage: 1 Russia 2 Czech Republic 3/4 Greece/Poland Sad but true ;]
2012-05-20 23:25
1. Germany 2. Spain 3. Netherlands Flop - Portugal
2012-05-19 18:25
Germany are chokers.
2012-05-19 20:34
winners Germany Spain or Netherlands golden boot CR7 Muller or Van Persie
2012-05-20 00:51
Germany deserves it more than anyone, they're playing on the highest level since the World Cup of 2002.
2012-05-20 02:41
oh really? the netherlands has been playing on the highest level since 98 and still didn't win a single title ending up as runners up twice. netherlands only won the euro once and never a world cup always falling short in the final against germany.
2012-05-20 09:19
Portugal - spain in final
2012-05-20 02:49
it is more likely to see ireland and ukraine in the final than portugal
2012-05-20 09:21
Ukraine??? iresland????
2012-05-25 13:13
WOOOOOOW in terms of football, ireland, ukraine and even sweden are so behind portugal looool, not all resumes to cs my friend
2012-05-25 13:16
what did portugal win? oh wait
2012-05-30 19:52
are you kidding me? seriously? do you want to compare portugal soccer to sweden? what a patriot!!!
2012-05-31 10:24
yes actually, portugal is pretty on par with sweden. with that being said, portugal is not very good
2012-05-31 16:42
are u kiddin me? portugal in the last euro/mundial has placed on top, and sweden-?
2012-05-31 17:16
Chile Cristoff 
Spain vs Germany into the final :P
2012-05-20 19:52
once again ^^
2012-05-20 21:13
I actually have a good feeling about Sweden. Might very well come out of the GS 1st or 2nd. They've only lost vs England once in the last 40 years or so and France doesn't really have a strong team this year, so anything is possible. With hard work and a great chunk of luck they could take down Spain/Italy in the quarter as well. The southern neighbours(Denmark) will on the other hand have a miserably hard time in the GS. Most unlucky group draw ever. 1. Germany 2. Spain 3/4. Netherlands/Sweden (assuming that Pojjara #317 is correct about A meeting B and C meeting D) flop of euro: C. Ronaldo hopefully top: Ibra
2012-05-20 20:27
totally signed
2012-05-21 18:13
"flop of euro: C. Ronaldo hopefully" Why hopefully?
2012-05-26 23:08
Winner:Spain Golden boot:Torres
2012-05-20 21:14
Portugal wins this shit, mark my words.
2012-05-20 23:17
2012-05-20 23:26
golden boot 1.robin van persie , GO SLEEP baby ! SPAIN or GERMANY gonna winn :) Portugal and England will fail :p
2012-05-20 23:53
1. portugal 2. spain 3. Netherlands 4. germany/england
2012-05-21 00:02
omg !!!!! pls exit!!! go to a psychiatrist ! three teams that come out of one group.
2012-05-25 12:41
if portugal can pass the groups, i think they are one of the favourites! if not i think Spain or WEED COUNTRY will win
2012-05-25 13:15
1. Portugal 2. Netherlands 3. Spain top: CR7 revelation player: nelson oliveira
2012-05-25 13:16
lurppis what you think?
2012-05-25 13:17
Winner: Spain Golden Boot: Would have been David Villa, but NoobAldo might take it this time
2012-05-25 13:19
Villa will not play on EURO 2012, Torres didn't have the form, and i think no one from Spain will get a golden boot ;/ Sad but true :] Sorry for my bad english. ;)
2012-05-25 13:34
I think these team will win Evro 2012
2012-05-25 13:36
Lol'd so much when I saw what you said about cr7 kkkk Flop? LOOOOOOOOOL Only the best player in the world... I hope portugal shut up the haters mouth's :)
2012-05-25 13:50
portugal will never win anything dude... the players just play to receive their money and to visit new countrys with everything paid and we all are paying for them to be in the best hotels and spending more money than the other teams, like we were richer than them... yeah right
2012-05-26 13:52
Only two good points in Poland are Szczesny and Lewandowski, a bit after them Blaszczykowski and Piszczek, and every other guy far far behind them
2012-05-26 15:27
Obraniak is also good...
2012-05-26 15:29
Not imo :)
2012-05-26 15:33
#381 You're wrong. I agree about Szczesny and Lewandowski are good points, but you haven't seen any matches when Obraniak transfered to Girondins Bordeaux, he play very good.
2012-05-26 16:07
Selectie Oranje: Goalies: Maarten Stekelenburg (AS Roma) Michel Vorm (Swansea City) Tim Krul (Newcastle United) Defense: Khalid Boulahrouz (VfB Stuttgart) Wilfred Bouma (PSV) John Heitinga (Everton) Joris Mathijsen (Málaga) Ron Vlaar (Feyenoord) Gregory van der Wiel (Ajax) Jetro Willems (PSV) Midfield: Mark van Bommel (AC Milan) Ibrahim Afellay (Barcelona) Nigel de Jong (Manchester City) Stijn Schaars (Sporting) Wesley Sneijder (Inter) Kevin Strootman (PSV) Rafael van der Vaart (Tottenham Hotspur) Offense Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (Schalke’04) Luuk de Jong (FC Twente) Dirk Kuyt (Liverpool) Luciano Narsingh (sc Heerenveen) Robin van Persie (Arsenal) Arjen Robben (Bayern München) fapfapfap
2012-05-26 16:16
so many great names on one team :)
2012-05-26 16:28
2012-05-26 16:21
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Wilfred bouma already gets injured out of pure stress when stepping through the door of the players hotel, anxious to meet sneijder v Persie huntelaar n Robben. We need a good leftback :< emanuelson would have been a better pick imo, hell even anita could have been a better pick :P
2012-05-26 16:26
My predictions for Denmark not winning any point in group stage just has declined to Denmark not even scoring one single goal ;) except for own goals maybe.
2012-05-26 16:28
Sweden TLY 
Watch out for this guy Bendtner: I want to replace Messi at Barcelona!
2012-05-26 16:40
Only in his wildest, wettest dreams :)
2012-05-26 16:57
#384 Holland have great offense. Today Poland vs Slovakia ;) I will watch it. Lewandowski <3 ;d
2012-05-26 16:31
Today's (friendly/test) matches: Denmark - Brazil Ireland - Bosnia Poland - Slovakia Switzerland - Germany Spain - Serbia Portugal - Macedonia Finland - Turkey Netherlands - Bulgaria Czech Republic - Israel Greece - Slovenia Norway - England
2012-05-26 16:43
Looking forward to see germany playing without any players of Bayern!
2012-05-26 16:49
They will destroy Switzerland, Bayern players or not.. and to be honest, the German national team only needs Lahm and Schweinsteiger from Bayern. On the other positions Dortmund players (and others) are having the edge.
2012-05-26 16:51
Sure they're good without them as well. They still need to kick out 4 players for UEFA. Hopefully some players will show some good action today. Bayern players are pretty disappointed right now I think. Özil and Khedira just won the spanish league and of course players of Dortmund are happy too. Gonna be fun to watch I think.
2012-05-26 16:55
The Germans should just pray that Low sends Gomez packing, haha..
2012-05-26 16:57
2012-05-26 17:02
Fan? You know I'm right. :P
2012-05-26 17:05
Germany is getting raped right now though. :DDDD
2012-05-26 18:32
Special Tactix I guess.
2012-05-26 18:50
They destroyed yes! Switzerland 5-3 Germany.
2012-05-26 19:59
Okay they need Bayern players more than I thought (Neuer,Lahm,Schweinsteiger,Muller,Gomez,Kroos,Boateng were missing). Also Low let all the younger players start, friendlies don't matter in the end, it's just practice.
2012-05-26 21:04
I'm ok with your thought, but there was B.Dortmund players, you know the champions of Germany? They would have to win this with their eyes closed. + R.Madrid players.
2012-05-26 22:58
not really, germany always sux in matches like this because they actually use them to test :D
2012-05-26 23:31
Spain no Puyol and I think final will be netherland - Germany
2012-05-26 17:19
Spain-Germany the final
2012-05-26 17:20
no no :D final Poland vs Ukraine
2012-05-26 17:53
2012-05-26 18:43
france can do some damages too on euro i think. spain netherlands germany france
2012-05-26 20:00
Paulo Bento should fuck off. Before the match against Macedonia, I would say we had a remote chance now, IMO Portugal shouldn't even show up. Going to get our asses kicked every match.
2012-05-26 21:12
Well you shouldn't overrate this, these are just friendlies (practice matches so to say) and the coaches are trying out new things. Beside Portugal every side of your group disappointed. Denmark failed, Germany failed and Holland is currently failing too (their match is not over yet but very disappointing so far too), you are not alone. :P
2012-05-26 21:21
When I wrote the comment only knew about Portugal's result :). But still when needed to Dennmark, Holland and Germany will step up their game don't know if Portugal will be able to do that.
2012-05-27 16:19
TOP TEAMS: SPAIN: + They will dominate possession and controll the tempo against every team. - They will have some problems because everyone will play defensively against them. GERMANY: + The best teamplay, and counter-attacking ability. Strong in every area of the field. - No real weeknesses. NETHERLANDS: + The best attacking potential and quality midfield. - Defence not good as the rest of the team. ITALY: + Excellent midfield with great passers. they can create chances against every defence. Traditionaly good tacticaly. - they will miss Rossi imo. FLOPS: England or France. One of them will not pass the group stage. TOP PLAYERS: Silva, Iniesta, Ozil, Sneider, Pirlo TOP SCORERS: Huntelar, Klose, Soldado, Cassano.
2012-05-26 21:18
1.Netherlands 2.Spain 3.Germany golden boot 1.Robin van persie 2.Miroslav Klose 3.Gomez flop of euro -CR7 top -Wojciech Szcz&#281;sny
2012-05-26 21:39
2012-05-26 23:07
yap, germany rullz the world thats why switzerland fuck them up uh. btw top 3 Netherlands Spain Germany golden boot Van persie flop france
2012-05-26 23:41
1- Germany
2012-05-26 23:43
switzerland 5-3 germany
2012-05-27 16:28
2012-05-27 16:32
germany last in the group
2012-05-27 16:51
we will see. anyway germany > sweden
2012-05-27 17:05
I doubt, anyway, I'm not from sweden
2012-05-27 17:29
dutch, danish, portuguese?
2012-05-27 17:31
2012-05-27 17:51
ok. why do u underestimate our team so much?
2012-05-27 17:55
Spanih noobs, I'm sure Germany gonna crush Spain if they meet. :D
2012-06-08 19:33
not really unexpected tbh :)
2012-05-27 17:13
Played without Bayern players so stfu.
2012-05-27 17:16
Well, Germany started with their complete youth side (only 4 permanent players) and without all the Bayern players as well (like 7 or 8 of them are in the team), also all the players played on different positions than they usually did. Their trainer tested new setups and gave the younger players a chance and Germany will never play with this side again, it was a pure practice side, nothing that can be taken seriously. They are still a top contender for the title. More disappointing was Holland for sure, they did play all their stars and still lost..
2012-05-27 18:01
and what? germany have a really strong team , with a really strong players its just a preparation game
2012-05-27 21:19
blaq | 
Denmark Ajuulz 
da fuq im writing
2012-05-27 00:09
Brazil ? Hulk ? Messi this is an european championship !
2012-05-27 00:07
ahah, u were high or smething :D
2012-05-27 21:33
1.Germany 2.Netherlands
2012-05-27 17:16
Easy 4 Spain, but Schweinsteiger will destroy <3
2012-05-27 17:19
Tournament Standings: 1.Spain 2.Germany/Holland 3.Holland/Germany 4.France Golden Boot: 1. Klass-Jan Huntelaar 2. Mirosklav Klose 3. Spain striker Golden Glove: 1. Iker Casillas 2. Manuel Neuer 3. Maarten Stekelenburg Tournament Player: 1. Mesut Özil 2. Huntelaar 3. Bastian Schweinsteiger Young Player: 1. Mario Götze/Marco Reus 2. Robert Lewandowski 3. Badstuber
2012-05-27 17:50
2012-05-29 10:45
2012-05-30 21:49
Italy </3 
No ideia, you're thoughts aren't suspect at all.
2012-06-02 22:58
It's so unpredictable I just believe in my country and Croatia <3
2012-05-27 17:53
SUI vs GER 5:3 :D
2012-05-29 10:45
-testing side (different system/positions) -youngsters played (B/C team) -bayern players were still on vacations (neuer,lahm,badstuber,boateng,schweinsteiger,muller,kroos,gomez were missing) that match is meaning as much as the bag of rice in china u know? while holland were really disappointing here, they lost against bulgaria 2:1 and played at full strength..
2012-05-29 11:59
Switzerland von vs Spain in 2010 too and they didn't pass the groupstage.
2012-05-30 17:55
I know, I just said that Germany's match against Switzerland means absolutely nothing regarding their shape. Germany's side was filled with youngsters who played on different positions as they usually do.
2012-05-30 18:07
Wanted to reply to the swedish guy, sorry!:D
2012-05-30 18:15
played at full strength? Did you even see the positions?
2012-06-03 00:14
Spain. cuz whatever country Ive been in for the last 12 years have won ;D
2012-05-29 10:47
Then you should visit Luxembourg before WC2014 qualifiers and we will enjoy a great World Cup for sure.
2012-05-30 18:11
greece will hardly make it through the groupstage.I predict 2/3 place in the groupstage but i guess we will see
2012-05-29 11:20
all the way, spain.
2012-05-29 11:52
Poland Pab 
rooting for Spain/Ger/Pol/France ofc but realistic : spain/ger/hol/italy golden boot Klose / Ozil / robin van parsie/ FABREGAS!!/ Benzema / robert lewandowski (dream) flop of euro -cr7 (portugal in general) -agree
2012-05-29 12:21
Calling Italy a contender for the title is realistic? Get your facts right mate, I think we all can be happy if the whole Italian team isn't landing in jail before the EURO starts lol.
2012-05-30 18:14
Poland Pab 
was a missclick or dunno how to call it, i wanted to put them in my "rooting" list, since i fallowe their scene for long time ;) sorry for trouble
2012-05-30 21:04
lets get things right, Italy lost 3 consecutive matches and the last one they lost 3-0 against Russia, Portugal lost now 3-1 against Turkey and they will fail and will be flop, yeah right.
2012-06-03 01:20
Poland Pab 
you saw mmy comment above ? ;d
2012-06-03 01:58
nope, i didnt, sry. And im not saying that Portugal might fail hard because i believe that, they are playing so bad but we never know. Its not good to underestimate teams, things might be bad for the opposition ;)
2012-06-03 02:16
Final: Germany - Spain Winner: Germany Golden boot: Llorente
2012-05-30 18:20 2 German bombers in the air, and the RAF of England shot one down. Close thread
2012-05-30 18:22
and there was 0 german bombers in the air.
2012-05-30 18:30
Poland kiero 
Come to Poland You will see polish death camps
2012-05-30 19:53
1.Van Persie with co) 2.England 3.Denmark
2012-05-30 20:14
Portugal to crush everyone easy
2012-05-30 20:43
1. Germany 2. Spain 3. Italy golden boot Klose
2012-05-30 21:25
about ultras? as they are??
2012-05-30 21:27
The netherlands
2012-05-30 21:28
Winner 1.Germany 2.Spain 3.Netherland Golden Boot 1.Robin Van Persie 2.Mario Gómez 3.Karim Benzema Flop -Cr7 (Hope not but the expectations are too high and he can't do so much with that team)
2012-05-31 11:04
I seriously hope Portugal gets buttfucked in all 3 games, just for the fact that they don't give a fuck or even put effort in friendly matches.
2012-06-02 22:37
Bruno Alves is shit in def
2012-06-02 22:40
and if portugal wins the euro you will be celebrating like you never did before. retarded hypocrite
2012-06-02 22:43
What does one thing have to do with the other? And truth be told this is one of the worst teams Portugal has had in the last couple of years.
2012-06-02 23:47
wtf? so you wish they lose all 3 games and then if they win you will celebrate? how fucking poor is that? fucking fake fans thats what i call. be a man and support your country no matter what.
2012-06-03 03:21
Sweden TLY 
ye a true supporter ...
2012-06-02 22:45
Italy </3 
That's the nowadays portuguese spirit... Who had thought this nation started to navigate by sea and discover new lands when noone did, butkicked Napoleon, Castela, and so on... What Portugal has come. lol
2012-06-02 22:54
n1 Portugal keep it going 1-3 against Turkey. We're gonna loose all matches by 3,4 goals and not gonna score a single goal with Hugo Almeida up front.
2012-06-02 22:42
Russia i hope it was lucky vs Italy.
2012-06-02 22:47
final : spain - france england - germany 3rd decider
2012-06-02 22:47
Sweden TLY 
im not sure they have a 3rd place decider in euros :)
2012-06-02 23:07
ah you're right :D forgot
2012-06-02 23:12
What you think about this Rober Lewandowski goal : ?! I know vs noobs but impressive for me
2012-06-02 22:52
i hope he makes goals like this in cl next season for bvb :))
2012-06-02 23:59
yee i hope so especialy in this "for bvb"
2012-06-03 00:33
Portugal for sure gonna flop, i thought England was bad lol
2012-06-02 23:25
2012-06-03 00:06
2012-06-03 00:19
I hope u are Nostradamus.
2012-06-03 00:31
i hope not haha :D
2012-06-03 00:40
2012-06-03 20:07
1 Netherlands 2 Spain 3 Germany 4 England
2012-06-03 00:37
2012-06-03 01:01
1- DIEGO ARMANDO MARADONA :3 2- LIONEL MESSI 3- KUN AGUERO --------------------------------------------------------------------------
2012-06-03 02:19
Mexico tim7 
2012-06-03 04:22
Bahh, it will be so hard for Portugal to pass, if we win against Germany we have a chance if not it will be reallyyy hard.. Anyway, i will support Portugal till the end.
2012-06-03 02:32
Haha :D Don't understand your post. It would make sense if you write : They have good chances if they win against Holland. But germany? I think germany is the strongest enemy... if they win against germany, they should be qualified for quarterfinals.
2012-06-03 19:10
We have good chances if we win against Germany because the team will be motivated for next matches, if we lost against Germany it will be hard. Is that hard to understand? xD Portugal vs Germany is our first match..
2012-06-03 19:22
Brazil win
2012-06-03 19:31
Everybody does forget Ireland? They have a pretty good team also... I think they are gonna win theire groupstage. Good Defense, Good Golkeeper and very good strikers. Anyway, 1. Netherlands 2. England 3. Ireland 4. Germany 5. Italy Watch my words ;)
2012-06-03 20:12
Group of Ireland: Italy, Spain and Croatia. I really dont think so they are gonna win their groupstage but its ur opinion.
2012-06-03 20:15
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
I like your prediction :P could live with that happening ^_^ about time btw that England actually performs, because despite HUGE players like Lampard n Gerrard in their prime they never made it work, hell they always dissapointed me. but I don't fancy them to make it past quarter finals, unless they have a very lucky draw
2012-06-08 19:23
watched your words... xD
2012-07-10 23:25
Type of retard to not know shit and make a prediction. Lovely.
2016-11-07 17:28
Have u already seen this, my danish friends :) ?
2012-06-03 20:14
2012-06-03 20:28
what happened ? :O
2012-06-08 19:24
dunno why so much hate for Rondalo. Messi failed a lot of times in Argentina and ppl still love him so much. :)
2012-06-08 19:35
dunno either
2016-11-07 17:23
grave digger
2016-11-07 17:26
dumb nigger
2016-11-07 17:26
morons 2012-06-08 19:35:05
2016-11-07 17:29
2016-11-07 17:29
2016-11-07 17:29
Ireland LmaoAyy 
I reckon Irelands gonna win lads
2016-11-07 17:30
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