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Wrong veto process??
Bulgaria vsk47 
In the news report about the veto changes in the PGL major is stated: "In the first Swiss round, the "Legends" automatically have the higher seed and get to pick the map.". Then why did G2 get the higher seed, ban 2 maps and pick the final map? If I am missing something, tell me...
2017-07-16 21:05
I havent seen the article, but i think high seed can choose to ban first or second
2017-07-16 21:07
United States n3h 
Legends get to decide who goes first. So they can decide to ban 3 maps or pick the map.
2017-07-16 21:08
Bulgaria vsk47 
I understand now, thank you.
2017-07-16 21:10
Lithuania xeNNw0w 
as far as I know Legends have a choice to either be team A or team B
2017-07-16 21:09
Ex6TenZ | 
Belgium jelacy 
Bulgarian can't read not surprised really
2017-07-16 21:09
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