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why allu in faze?
Snax | 
Spain Arzheus 
why allu in tier1 team? mixwell is a better opcion to be a top1
2017-07-17 13:24
nt despacito
2017-07-17 13:26
I don't know the words so i say dorito, i didnt ate a breakfast so i bought burrito
2017-07-17 13:30
nitr0 | 
Canada Surzz 
i read mixwell /close
2017-07-17 13:27
2017-07-17 13:28
Finland jonttu 
why k1o in faze?
2017-07-17 13:28
Yeah i bet mixwell would mix well with Faze.
2017-07-17 13:28
yeah you mean why karrigan and kio in faze? 0 kills since 20rounds
2017-07-17 13:28
India Gandhii4 
you are all idiots, fuck you
2017-07-17 13:28
kennyS and FaZe would win every event
2017-07-17 13:28
ye blame allu with 23 kills when kio on 10 xDDD
2017-07-17 13:28
shox | 
Israel Andre___ 
its not allu its kio ...
2017-07-17 13:29
Every other decent EU awper already had a contract and they spent way too much money buying our NiKo's. It's their IGL that's the problem. Some of the duels he tries to take are terrible. Their terrorist side in that over time half was fucking deplorable.
2017-07-17 13:30
second highest kill count.. thats why
2017-07-17 13:31
s1mple | 
United States iScorps 
Ur mixwell is horrible and never in faze rather than allu.
2017-07-17 21:42
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