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why pgl krakow isn't a real major
Poland boltzzon 
-not only shit grand final but also: -bad production/alot of fails and delays -no hype, no dududu songs which make u feel "OMG MAJOR IS REAL" -boring casters -boring plays -a lot of upsets (csgo fault as a game)
2017-07-23 13:41
Netherlands Klitaris 
Cool story.
2017-07-23 13:43
Europe L30n@rd0 
2017-07-23 13:44
0/8 b8 vp fangirl m8
2017-07-23 13:44
"boring casters" ah didn't know other majors had different casters
2017-07-23 13:44
United Kingdom Szbitzel2 
semmler wasn't casting a lot in the last majors. we don't want no haHAA semmler btw.
2017-07-23 13:49
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp 
-vp got fisted by beta sk
2017-07-23 13:44
shox | 
Serbia ravi0ll1 
2017-07-23 13:45
best fucking thing ever
2017-07-23 13:50
nice bait
2017-07-23 13:46
Poland sajlent 
-no hype, no dududu songs which make u feel "OMG MAJOR IS REAL" r u fckn 12?
2017-07-23 13:47
Poland Queltas 
Is is Major's foult that top teams lost to better playing teams? Fuck your logic.
2017-07-23 13:47
lover | 
Other Gala0 
Poorlak - check VP raped - check Crying like a baby - check
2017-07-23 13:47
United Kingdom Szbitzel2 
monkey - check sk destroyed 2-0 16-6 - check retarded just as expected - check.
2017-07-23 13:50
favela fans - biggest toxic on as always - CHECK.
2017-07-23 13:52
NBK- | 
France sacrebleu 
2017-07-23 13:50
Omg such an powerful arguments to convince ppl that PGL wasnt a Major. Go with them to primary school, maybe there kids will buy it.
2017-07-23 13:51
World neomax360 
Bullshit. The playsoffs of this major were great. We also got some great games during group stages. Of course it is not the most popular team who reach the final. but still we got some great games wtih deep strats and gameplan.
2017-07-23 13:53
JW | 
Sweden peterrrr10 
csgo is 50/50 anyway. u win or u lose =)
2017-07-23 13:53
United Kingdom DJ_Nr8 
there will be probably not a single grafitti ;/
2017-07-23 13:55
probably feels like it because CS got stale. If you are following the game since 2014 or so its just nothing new anymore nothing exciting. You cant even bet on Games to keep artifical excitement. Time to move on my friend.
2017-07-23 13:56
France Afynop 
we want e-league back !!
2017-07-23 13:58
Why do ppl see upsets as a bad thing rofl wtf its so nice to see different teams battling it out for the title imo.... Also, they had small issues in the beginning but it seems to be better since the semis. And I actually like the production but ok.
2017-07-23 13:59
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