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Hip Hop Music Video from MOROCCO
Morocco docx 
Hi guys, this is my first blog ever even tho i've been around for a while. I'm here today to share with you my newest music video, MOROCCO fatest rapper that's me :D feel free to give me feedbacks, reviews and advices it will be much appreciated ;) Like, comment, suscribe, give me like on my facebook page ... support guys support :P that's all, thanks for taking time to read peace up :b
2012-05-29 03:19
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gramatik let you use their song as background?
2012-05-29 03:29
Morocco docx 
yea man we contacted him for that he was cool with it most likely cuz we're from africa ;)
2012-05-29 03:30
keep doing that, then. they've a lot of good songs that would fit :) gj
2012-05-29 21:04
Morocco docx 
thanks man ;)
2012-05-30 01:45
Greece flqq 
its good man!but too long intro keep it up
2012-05-29 09:48
Morocco docx 
yea man lol that's a gramatik composition we took it and tried our best to get it right :P thanks for taking time to reply much appreciated ;)
2012-05-29 12:50
pretty nice :)
2012-05-29 10:34
Morocco docx 
Thank you mate :)
2012-05-29 12:50
Very decent i liked it :D
2012-05-29 10:50
Morocco docx 
Thanks man :D comments like yours makes us more and more motivated to give the best ;)
2012-05-29 12:51
high five
2012-05-30 02:06
Morocco docx 
haha thanks brah ;)
2012-05-30 13:59
I was definitely not expecting this when I read the thread title. Really enjoyed the video, editing and the feel it gave me. The beat is fire! Solid stuff for sure. What ruins it for me is that it's not in English. Would love it if you were rapping in English, because you seem to have control over your flow as well.
2012-05-30 02:11
Morocco docx 
lol man your comment gave me chills :D overall i was beyond your expectations that's awesome :b Thanks mate much appreciated ;) For the english rapping thing i'm not really into it because 95% of my fans can't undestand english properly :/ i would love to do some freestyle or so in english but i'll sound like a biggie with an accent haha :p Many thanks for taking time to reply :)) if i change my mind and do something in english i'll send it to you asap :P
2012-05-30 13:59
I'm glad! Why not do an English version or another track over this beat? It's really solid stuff, and you'd still be pleasing your existing fan base!
2012-05-30 14:02
Morocco docx 
That's what was on my mind lol :D Not necessirly over this one but i'll definitly do something in english thanks to you :P i'll keep you updated ;)
2012-05-30 14:09
It's been almost two years and I still don't speak Arabic. If you're still around, do you have the instrumental for this track? Still a fire beat.
2014-03-04 20:41
Very nice work from my country mates ;) keep up the good work
2012-05-30 14:05
Morocco docx 
Thanks man i appreciate the time you took to reply :)
2012-05-30 14:15
No need to thank me it really has something special :)
2012-05-30 14:28
Morocco docx 
Thank you !
2012-05-30 14:31
you're the best keep your head up mann , i support you for ever ;)
2012-05-30 14:18
Morocco docx 
thanks country mate ;)
2012-05-30 14:31
Poland kRAMERO 
flow on really low level
2012-05-30 14:25
Morocco docx 
Appreciate you thoughts mate :) Thanks for taking time to reply :)
2012-05-30 14:33
Good job! :]
2012-05-30 14:31
Morocco docx 
Thanks mah man :p
2012-05-30 14:33
Try in french mate i loves that beatz itz klin
2012-05-30 14:56
Morocco docx 
We use french words in our sentences :p Thanks for taking time to reply :)
2012-05-30 15:36
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