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allu depression
Morocco FastestUserInHltv 
u think allu is in depression? he hasnt tweeted since the major
2017-08-04 18:43
Finland Faust_fSt 
Every Finn is severely depressed. Even the chirpy ones are sarcastic, at best.
2017-08-04 18:45
2017-08-04 19:08
yes he had
2017-08-04 19:10
fnatic allu > olof
2017-08-04 19:12
well..he took the blame for the whole team again it seems...they would have done so great and went 3-0 at the major but that damn allu fucked everything up......right?
2017-08-04 19:16
he took all the blame, but all FaZe team did shit at he major... NiKo, Rain the two stars was also underperforming, so its not deserved. Allu is really a good AWPer
2017-08-04 19:18
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