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dota 2
United States NA_CS_FAN 
should i start playing Dota 2? I've been watching the TI and it looks pretty fun to play. I currently have played league league on and off for 5 years and i also play cs (duh). Just wondering if dota would be something worth playing because I enjoy League and mobas in general.
2017-08-10 00:20
yeah if you enjoy mobas then dota 2 is definetly a game for you. just play a few games and see if you like it
2017-08-10 01:32
United States NA_CS_FAN 
i have before and people just raged in spanish xd
2017-08-10 01:38
haha yeah that's kinda a problem when you start that the mates aren't patient and they flame alot. if you're at a higher level, there will be less rager
2017-08-10 03:56
I tried sometimes to play dota but I never found a match
2017-08-10 01:36
Brazil uz1king 
Dota >>>> LoL
2017-08-10 04:03
Portugal dracø 
Dota >>>>>>LoL Give it a try, you have nothing to lose.
2017-08-10 04:05
2017-08-10 04:06
i tried dota once and after 10 minutes i wanted to kill myself. But i had the same feeling when playing league of legends so theres that mobas arent my thing i guess
2017-08-10 04:07
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