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Easiest language to learn
France i_surrender_ahmed 
My native languages are russian and hebrew i know english pretty well i can have a conversation with someone \ watch a movie without subtitels. Ppl have told me that dutch is the easiest but it seems hard to me, i try some german and it was easier Opinions ?
2017-08-12 14:56
2017-08-12 14:58
English, it's almost everywhere
2017-08-12 14:59
english is easy to learn but hard to master, finnish is hard to learn but easy to master
2017-08-13 08:36
Everything in life is hard to master whether it's video games or language
2017-08-13 14:22
not really, just like i said when you grasp the hard rules of finnish language you will master the language very easily. English basics are easy to learn but very hard to master due to it having words from several roots and pronounciation of words is retarded and has little sense in how it is written. Phonetically 6year olds probably write better english than how it is correctly written
2017-08-13 16:11
that's your opinion, you're Finnish that's why I can see you think that English is hard and Finnish is easy. totally opposite for me. My tongue won't even roll with your language :D
2017-08-13 21:14
It is not my opinion it is a fact. Finnish is a phonetic language unlike english. You have words that have silent letters like p in pneumonia, and same spelling on words with entirely sifferent meaning: example lead ( metal or what a boss does). When you hear a word you have not known before there is little hope to know how it is written or what it even means. In finnish you write the words like you hear them, and you always understand new words since they are not from several different roots mixed and puked out with an accent, basically. Also, im not finnish.
2017-08-13 21:29
Netherlands Tyberion 
2017-08-12 14:59
Why are there so many Russians in Israel? :P
2017-08-12 14:59
After ww2 many jews from ussr moved to israel to "build" our country \ some russians with jewish grandparents also could move here even without being jews
2017-08-12 15:07
around 2millions just moved to israel from ussr - and half of then a not even ethnically jews;)
2017-08-12 21:20
shroud | 
France mintzz 
English, Spanish.
2017-08-12 15:00
cyx | 
United States player5 
2017-08-12 15:02
English is the easiest.
2017-08-12 15:06
Germany Masekmeister 
english is the easiest language imo german is actually a hard language to learn for alot of people
2017-08-12 15:06
I struggle a lot with German, the rules for sentence structure get confusing, I've finally got good at that. But no matter how good I get at reading and speaking I find it impossible to understand fluent Germans
2017-08-12 21:09
Learn old english, then you will get along perfectly with german sentence structure.
2017-08-12 21:16
Jamie | 
United Kingdom Blorp_ 
There is a reason it's old English
2017-08-12 22:14
lol true
2017-08-13 00:21
LUL Truth spoken
2017-08-13 00:29
I've got good at sentence structure now but I can't understand anyone talking to me, it's too fast. And all words sound very similar when an actual German is saying them
2017-08-13 00:22
Canada kawoh 
Same here man. Been 4 years a I've been learning German, and although I really like the language it's really tough to understand German. Mostly because I feel like they speak too fast, and their words are long but they speak fast so I can't recognize the words :'(
2017-08-22 00:51
Yea exactly! They say it so fast and smoothly you're not sure where each word starts or ends :/.
2017-08-22 10:30
2017-08-22 10:39
Canada kawoh 
True on this man. Since when have you started learning German?
2017-08-22 13:10
almost 5 years for me :(. about 4 and a half years ago i started
2017-08-22 16:28
Dominican Republic de_insertion 
swedish then norwegian after that danish if you want to go really hard go for icelandic and after that greenlandic. gz now you can rule over the scandinavia
2017-08-12 15:06
Norway SkaMathias 
You forgot Faroese
2017-08-12 20:40
Norwegian is not even a language
2017-08-12 20:50
Norway SkaMathias 
Bokmål is danish, while nynorsk is "real" norwegian
2017-08-12 20:51
I guess one is danish the other is swedish
2017-08-12 20:55
Norway SkaMathias 
No, please just read about it before you say something you dont know
2017-08-12 20:56
Figure out your own language im not gonna decide for you whether you speak danish or swedish
2017-08-12 21:12
Norway SkaMathias 
Swedish had no influence. This is common Knowledge, everyone here learn the language- development and policy in 1800s. 400 years with Denmark, obv that we took your lanuage. Dont play stupid. Read about "Ivar Aasen og landsmålet"
2017-08-12 21:29
Fine peace?
2017-08-12 22:35
Norway SkaMathias 
peace bror
2017-08-12 23:08
Norge er okay
2017-08-12 23:34
Norway SkaMathias 
Danmark også
2017-08-13 00:11
Telling the norweigans to figure out their own language while the danish sounds like they're talking some form of ancient norweigan with their mouths full while having a stroke lel.
2017-08-12 21:39
Wait arabic isnt the official language in sweden yet?
2017-08-12 22:31
Sweden k4rlsson 
Swe muslims: 7% den muslims: 5% LUL
2017-08-12 23:11
Norway SkaMathias 
Norway 3%
2017-08-12 23:18
Sweden k4rlsson 
yup, u got more poorlacks instead
2017-08-13 00:19
Norway kakemann 
but poorlacks work a lot, for little money so thats nice
2017-08-13 00:41
Sweden k4rlsson 
some, and some drives in vans and break in to houses everywhere
2017-08-13 00:43
Norway kakemann 
Lul so true, but dont forget that the Vans Are white with no Windows and free candy painted on the side
2017-08-13 00:48
Its 2% in Denmark
2017-08-12 23:32
Sweden k4rlsson 
(4.8% out of a population of 5.6 million[7]).[8]
2017-08-13 00:19
2017-08-13 01:39
Sweden k4rlsson 
about 270 thousand Muslims live in Denmark (4.8% out of a population of 5.6 million[7]).[8]
2017-08-13 02:48
Sweden MrIgnii 
Nyorsk seems to swedish
2017-08-12 21:23
Norway SkaMathias 
Sounds more like swedish yes
2017-08-12 21:34
Dominican Republic de_insertion 
ffs you are right my bad sorry
2017-08-12 21:32
i know israeli guy and dutch was ez for him wtf are you talk about
2017-08-12 15:07
2017-08-12 17:03
Spanish, definitely. I've always heard from ESL teachers and non-native English speakers that it's a difficult language to learn because of the general lack of structure; anyone agree with that?
2017-08-12 20:42
"ESL teachers"? What does "ESL" mean in this context?
2017-08-12 21:24
english second language
2017-08-12 21:28
nah spanish isn't that hard for us or at least for me it's not that hard i see a lot of similarities between spanish and english and can figure out some things just thanks to knowing english
2017-08-13 01:59
I'm referring to learning English, btw
2017-08-13 06:33
device | 
Hungary Rollie 
Definitely Hungarian, it's so easy to learn Kappa Btw if I'm not mistaken Dutch stands the closest to English, probably that's the reason why they say it is easy
2017-08-12 20:47
Germany Fabbsen 
German is a bit similar to dutch and also in many words similar to english,the only hard thing is the structure for non germans i guess
2017-08-12 22:17
Nope. Der/die/das und vor allem den/dem fucken die Leute ab.
2017-08-12 23:28
Doesnt exist the easiest or harder language, what makes easy to learn its how long you will be in touch with the language, thats why most of the People learn english quickly, because you can found everywhere.
2017-08-12 20:52
Norway kakemann 
there is no language that's easier or harder to learn. What makes a language easy or hard to learn is how often you will interact with the language. That's why many consider English to be the easiest language to learn, because you can find it everywhere* (i'm sorry :( I just had to)
2017-08-13 00:47
There is no language that's easier or harder to learn. What makes a language easy or hard to learn, is how often you will interact with the language. Many consider English to be the easiest language to learn because you can find it everywhere.* I am truly sorry. I just had the urge to do so.
2017-08-13 02:00
Norway kakemann 
Its all good, i saw ut comming :P
2017-08-13 02:04
Germany Munchentiger 
There no language more easy or more hard to knowing. Why language is easy or hard is you speak much you knowing more. English is easy people think because english is everywhere. Sorry for english my.
2017-08-13 03:37
that's why i love english i can type everything wrong and you might understand in the end. So fucking beautiful. And thanks for being a cunt with style I loved.
2017-08-14 01:15
Italian for me. Spanish people will easly learn it, or portuguese cause they come from latin
2017-08-12 20:57
Once you've learned one language it'll get easier to learn a different one
2017-08-12 21:00
Germany jonko 
true, i have 2 native languages (german, polish) and I learned english, german, french and spanish pretty decently without trying too hard, now going for russian to impress a girl i like
2017-08-12 21:06
Dem nice,impress that booty with a suka blyat
2017-08-12 21:10
Just say " Cheeki Breeki, menja zawut Dosia"
2017-08-12 23:30
Germany Munchentiger 
U have 2 native languages polish and german after that how tf did u learn german isnt that hard for you ?
2017-08-13 03:40
Germany jonko 
Oh, sorry, little misstake there ;) Obviously I didn't learn german
2017-08-14 14:41
Germany jonko 
English, spanish, german
2017-08-12 21:05
Croatia mds818 
if u can speak russian other slav langs(cro,polish,serb etc.) should be pretty easy
2017-08-12 21:10
rain | 
Chile nachooww 
2017-08-12 21:17
Apart from the writing system japanese is pretty easy to learn.
2017-08-12 21:18
Really? The grammar is super weird and for a single expression, there are so many ways present it in a sentence (formal,informal,royalty etc). Writing system is actually the easiest imo because they are just symbols like abcde with specific sounds. Kanji is just words spelled by hiragana(letters) if you compare it to english. Maybe it is because me knowing mandarin helps me a lot when learning new kanji. If i were to choose to learn new language i would choose japanese.
2017-08-12 23:31
Germany ssaH 
wait but didnt has the new Mandarin nothing to do with Kanji, its not Cantonese which is "Kanji" ?
2017-08-13 02:25
Germany ssaH 
or do you learned the traditionell Mandarin ?
2017-08-13 02:30
Traditional is similar to simplified and is only used in taiwan and hong kong currently. I can read traditional but writing it is hard because it is much complex.
2017-08-13 07:55
English/spanish.But if u know a latin language it will be easier to learn another.For example i could learn italian quite easy
2017-08-12 21:21
As for russian it's Polish,Czech, Slovakian and other Slavic languages. Cuz it's too much similar words
2017-08-12 21:22
Turkey safakbskn 
spanish, swedish , dutch , danish according to language difficulty ranking. spanish imo.
2017-08-12 21:23
2017-08-12 21:25
United Kingdom HarryBotter 
A lot of European languages have a lot in common. Probably something with a lot of Latin/Greek roots as a lot of languages use them a lot.
2017-08-12 21:26
Latin is the basic language for Italian, Spanish and in some parts even French and English. Greek is helpful for baltic languages and even Russian, since the letters are partly similar. And Russian/Polish are very helpful when speaking any slavish language since every Slav can pretty much communicate with a Slav from an other country.
2017-08-12 23:32
United Kingdom HarryBotter 
2017-08-13 00:36
France unnamedlolz 
"in some parts for french"
2017-08-14 14:45
Czech Republic DemoroCZ 
PHP or c# lul
2017-08-12 21:27
He should start with a lower level lang like C lul
2017-08-12 23:24
United Kingdom Ruzkij 
Spanish que pasa ese? French c'est la vie c'est la vie tres bon
2017-08-12 21:29
ese lol
2017-08-12 21:43
probably finnish
2017-08-12 22:15
2017-08-12 23:32
Russia ez4u 
English for sure.
2017-08-12 22:16
Europe gnaaa 
2017-08-12 22:19
Brazil CaioOlive 
For me English is easy af
2017-08-12 22:33
2017-08-12 23:33
Spain xdavidlm 
spanish has way more grammar than english So english is easier
2017-08-12 23:33
United Kingdom Randog98 
Ukrainian (as very similar to russian), then german as you know ukrainian so it should be easier
2017-08-12 23:34
russian is the easiest
2017-08-12 23:37
Turkey Yossi_Kohen 
i aren't think that. you write like "o" but read like "a" in so many words and it does not have a rule. you should kinda memmorize all. lul
2017-08-13 00:59
Sweden bump2ndacc 
2017-08-12 23:43
Portugal luK,ws 
Spanish.. Maybe because im portuguese i can understand everything And i can speak very well And i never had a lesson..
2017-08-13 00:14
IMO French is pretty easy and could be considered one of the easiest (this coming from an English Canadian)
2017-08-13 00:15
Faroe Islands Spicyyboi 
Spanish and French
2017-08-13 00:32
Denmark Dane01 
Spanish, Italian and French should all be quite ez
2017-08-13 00:38
french german is harder than dutch
2017-08-13 01:14
Esperanto is. Google it ;)
2017-08-13 01:43
yeah and you'll be able to talk to 10 other people on an internet forum if you learn it
2017-08-13 02:03
no1 speaks it /
2017-08-13 02:06
Dutch is one of the hardest languages to learn fam
2017-08-13 01:49
Germany ssaH 
not for Germans
2017-08-13 02:20
German is not that hard to learn for dutch people either
2017-08-13 16:20
a different slav language or spanish
2017-08-13 02:03
Poland flikx 
It depends on what your native language is. If it's Russian, it could be easy for you to learn another slavic languages such as Polish or Czech / Slovakian. But honestly, English was the easiest language for me to learn, I don't even know why. Spanish also seems pretty easy.
2017-08-13 02:13
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Ironically it's probably English. Despite it's diversity and horrendous, overly complicated colloquialism-- the actuality of the matter is it's the most spoken language all over the world. By that alone it proves it's easiest to learn. That being said however, it depends on where you are from also. For example: If you are Italian, Spanish is a cakewalk for you, vice-versa if you're Scandinavian and wish to learn your adjacent countries language as it'll be practically identical to your own with obviously different dialects. It might be the most difficult to master fluently, but the basics of the English language are definitely the easiest to grasp for anybody. I'd probably say the hardest language to learn and completely understand is that of Japanese. First of all you have to decipher the Kanji (Japanese symbols) to Latin_Japanese, then into English characters from there. No wonder there are people who will play to decipher and translate Japanese Manga for you. :s
2017-08-13 02:16
Germany VerySmugGuy 
do you mean with latin japanese Hiragana and Katakana? They are very easy to learn, i learned both in around 1 week and burned them into my mind by learning kanji. Kanji learning is hard and very time consuming, but i think chinese is way harder to learn because there are way more kanjis and everything is writin in kanji only. Dont know how its about gramma in chinese but it must be hard if you have only kanji to use :/
2017-08-13 16:39
Brazil FrizoR 
English ofc
2017-08-13 02:22
English and French maybe Spanish aswell but it's too hard to understand someone talking to you since they just speed flow every sentence
2017-08-13 02:27
Australia nutmaster44 
I've been learning Serbian and it doesn't seem too hard?
2017-08-13 03:23
Jordan human928 
2017-08-13 06:39
2017-08-13 07:58
so ez when you attend pasha london school
2017-08-13 08:17
Australia VeryJuanGuy 
Judaism is cancer
2017-08-13 08:23
2017-08-13 08:38
Serbia zleks 
2017-08-13 08:45
Finnish easy for me at least :D:D
2017-08-13 14:25
Sweden AlcoHoliCz 
2017-08-13 16:13
2017-08-13 16:14
2017-08-13 16:26
2017-08-14 14:54
liTTle | 
CIS Dowa) 
2017-08-22 11:48
Netherlands ASIS 
Dutch is one of the hardest languages to learn lol.
2017-08-13 16:27
Italy marxie 
latin languages like italian spanish and french
2017-08-13 16:36
why do you need so much languages???
2017-08-14 01:22
Spanish and Japanese the only languages that are pronounced exactly as they are written
2017-08-14 14:54
Khoisan, just make noises with your tongue! Good luck
2017-08-22 00:56
2017-08-22 00:57
Finnish, it's very easy.
2017-08-22 10:33
Finnish, it's very easy.
2017-08-22 10:38
Germany AntiPoorlack 
2017-08-22 10:50
zet | 
North America RosT- 
italian / spanish dnt know which
2017-08-22 10:52
If your native is Russian, the esiest for you should be Ukranian Czech or Polakish
2017-08-22 11:46
liTTle | 
CIS Dowa) 
1.german 2.spain 3. jewish
2017-08-22 11:47
It all depends on what your native language is. If you found German easy and you have a good command of English, I'd recommend trying Scandinavian languages, they share similarities with both aforementioned languages. Ignore everyone in this thread telling you to try Finnish, lol. If you want a challenge then sure.
2017-08-22 11:50
^ this guy gets it
2017-08-22 13:12
2017-08-22 13:19
written chinese is pretty easy
2017-08-22 13:20
Poland sitarskee 
2017-08-22 13:20
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