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Happy | 
United States KinglyFish 
I know G2 is a rich org, but not as rich as Faze or VP, probably around the same level as EnvyUs in terms of wealth. How can Ocelote afford to let Shox play IGL for 7 months and not do anything about it, G2 is going nowhere fast.
2017-08-20 21:19
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i have 3 ocelote in my minecraft house and i feed them my goodest bread from my wheat farm
2017-08-20 21:19
2017-08-20 21:20
United Kingdom J0nty04l32 
2017-08-20 21:20
xd lol
2017-08-20 21:25
ffs lmao
2017-08-20 22:17
2017-08-20 22:19
2017-08-20 22:19
Finland TuureBoelius 
2017-08-20 22:20
wtf :DD
2017-08-20 22:20
G2 needs a change Shox, kennyS, Happy, Rpk, apEX entry is underrated, Shox just isn't using apEX right, apEX was a beast under Happy.
2017-08-20 21:25
so dumb, dont talk if you have no clue please
2017-08-20 22:15
Nope just choosing players who were good under Happy's leadership, I think you should get a clue.
2017-08-21 02:52
World jzuzz 
no, its just swedish and french csgo teams are dead
2017-08-20 22:16
Twistzz | 
Estonia dev2ce 
haha one of the most retarded roster moves i have seen
2017-08-20 22:18
2017-08-20 22:12
Ocelote wasn't a top tier LoL player and isn't familiar with the new competitive aspect of esportas. He himself actually played on a star team in League back in the day, full of good players but no teamplay and no IGL. Maybe that's why he thinks that is the way to go for his CS team as well.
2017-08-20 22:14
ocelote is one of the best CEO's in eSports scene. He created everything almost from the scratch and did huge moves during the time in G2 1) he sold players to FaZe for tons of money 2) he got players back and formed star team which brings organization tons of money from sponsors/advertisers 3) he formed best EU team in LoL 4) he got Vodafone as a main sponsor for Academy teams in CSGO and LoL which other organizations can only dream about 5) he has huge fan base of him for his past career as a LoL player, he has own brand oceloteWorld ocelote is a genius of eSports scene, of course he wants G2 to become top1 team in CSGO and their lineup is very promising, just they are missing something and there is nothing to do with ocelote as you can't be sure which move will fix the situation
2017-08-20 22:28
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