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Brazil guferreti 
Ska(as AWPer); Elige(as rifler entry fragger); Twistzz(as frag maker 2 Entry); mixwell(as Lurker most of the time and 2 AWPer when needed in ct side as he don't like to play with it); NAF(Learn how to IGL play as support)/seang@res(It's already an IGL but he plays bad); Zews(as coach and teach someone to lead) If wasn't this stupid rule which makes a coach almost useless NA teams and most of the teams should have a better performance can someone say why is this rule even existing?
2017-08-20 22:34
Finland dev2ce 
it's not a stupid rule a coach shouldn't be spewing mid round calls as if they are in the game playing
2017-08-20 22:35
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