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Macedonia lowndes888 
Watch the duels faggots. Ultimate esport. Epic games left and right. Newcomers. Veterans. Flickshots. Midairs. What more do you want?
2017-08-26 01:11
China wordEXE 
i want to buy p90s and rush b and i cant do that in quake
2017-08-26 01:15
Seriosly tho, you can't appreciate the skill these guys have or what?
2017-08-26 01:17
Netherlands ^!^ 
Honestly the people who have been playing quake for like ~15+ years are fucking godly, so much skill put into that shit... And to think that cs:go was nutty after about 4 years.
2017-08-26 01:19
Liechtenstein parish 
Haven't followed any of QuakeCon, but will we get another Rapha vs. evil final? lol
2017-08-26 01:21
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