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Bomb sites holding player's
Brazil ru$h 
can you guy's help me with that? I mean, i need guy's that usually get to hold the B-site alone, like b-site b on dust2 and inferno... Can you guys help me? Thank you in advice! I'm willing to fit that space in my team.
2012-06-04 22:00
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2012-06-04 22:03
Well if you are following the 1.6 scene you will know that face from SK is the best defensive player beacuse of that he's entrusted with the sites to hold all alone.Search some pov's in the demo section
2012-06-04 22:23
I know about Face... I just wanted to know that if there are more guys like him around... edit: I mean, with a gameplay that look like his somehow
2012-06-04 22:56
face, starix, gux (inferno lately)
2012-06-04 23:02
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