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math is useless
Turkey cowardgangsta 
algorithms, polynomial and more. what we gonna do with them ? they won't help us but bodybuilding and boxing can help us. you can't beat stronger guy with math subjects. but you can with the power.
2017-08-27 12:47
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good in maths = high IQ bad at maths = low IQ math is useless but its fun
2017-08-27 12:49
bad at maths = low iq ? when human find the fire. it's because of math? when human find the spear, axe. it's because of math? these things changed the whole world's future. so you are saying they were had low iq ?
2017-08-27 12:50
You failed at your theory. When you need to construct something "harder" than fire/spear/axe you need math. Ex.: to construct the plane. You can't do it just by axe... xd
2017-08-27 12:53
but you shouldnt force kids to learn this kind of shit if you dont want to be a architect or some shit.
2017-08-27 12:54
shox | 
Denmark Bagsy
2017-08-27 12:55
And I agree with you in that case... For sure you shouldn't force kids to learn this shit.
2017-08-27 12:57
lol if you want the population to not be full retard you need to teach these basic subjects, these are also a basis for physics, engineering and such... lol if you don't wanna force people to learn math, why learn physics, chemistry biology, hell even history, cuz you don't need it for your specific profession. this way more than half important subjects are useless to you because your future job may not need it. either way people's average IQ would stand at 40-50 without atleast basic math being taught at school. plus, even if you really don't understand math, you don't need to learn it at a high level, just going minimum is easy as fuck, all you need in a basic functional logical brain to get an easy 100. no math = no education = no job
2017-08-27 13:55
2017-08-27 14:38
+1, i have so big problems with math its unreal, everywhere else im just a god but math is fucked up, now im going to new school tomorrow, its going to be so much fun with 0 math skills and new math teacher
2017-08-27 13:42
good luck tho have a exam at the beginning of the year because of math
2017-08-27 13:50
ah dont worry m8, i had my final exams in spring and i got 17/100 points in math and im still going strong even tho my teacher used to bully me sometimes, now im going to new school tomorrow it will not be easier, life is full of shit, it just a beginning trust me
2017-08-27 13:52
Vietnam yunfei
2017-08-27 14:32
you stupid? in math you have simple set of rules you have to do, not that hard..
2017-08-27 15:19
im not stupid, when my math teacher gave me homework i just said fuck off every single time, 0 homeworks, never listened in class but im still already at very good place, i just have skill
2017-08-27 15:55
Math is needed in studying economics, physics, chemistry, medicine, commercial science, computer science and much more. There are so many jobs that require you to know math.
2017-08-27 16:08
i said math is useless. physical science + biology + chemistry usefull than math. and plane not made by math. people who reading books a lot. or people who is living in imagination they help a lot.
2017-08-27 12:56
If you were a schollar you'd know those 3 sciences use math as a tool, without math you wouldn't have planes, cars, computers, most medical equipment it exists, houses and much much more, math not important?
2017-08-27 13:01
yes math is not .
2017-08-27 13:03
ty for revealing us that you are ignorant and have no understanding about science but still attempt to talk about it, really funny tbh
2017-08-27 13:05
what do you expect from a goatfucker
2017-08-27 13:17
Math is needed in studying economics, physics, chemistry, medicine, commercial science, computer science and much more. There are so many jobs that require you to know math How can you even study chemistry without math?
2017-08-27 16:08
you think you can find something without math right NOW?
2017-08-27 16:13
2017-08-27 12:50
good in maths = high IQ bad at maths = low IQ NO. Math is more about short term memory if im not mistaken. Generally this could be true, but it's not a definit thing. You're just a math geek, which is why u say this.
2017-08-27 14:34
Let's say that there are two guys. One of them has an IQ of 190 and the other has an IQ of 100. They both study a same topic in math for 100 hours. Which one will be better at it after the time?
2017-08-27 16:13
Repeating what you have been told & learned has so much to do with iq.
2017-08-27 14:40
And some people (dumb people) can't even do that
2017-08-27 14:41
Let's say that there are two guys. One of them has an IQ of 190 and the other has an IQ of 100. They both study a same topic in math for 100 hours. Which one will be better at it after the time? +Usually people with low IQs and those who struggle at math say what you just said. Only people with a high IQ are naturally talented at math. Others have to work to understand it.
2017-08-27 16:16
Lel MATH is just PUZZLE, its not true that HIGH IQ people know math, Like for Puzzles you need to train so..
2017-08-27 15:13
Only people with a high IQ are naturally talented at math. Others have to work to understand it.
2017-08-27 16:17
guess you r talented?
2017-08-27 19:40
Math is there to make you feel shit and useless because of one shitty lesson that is irrelevant 99.9 % for your life. If you want to go full math shit get a course
2017-08-27 12:52
High school math isn't going "full math" it's actually really basic math compared to what there is out there
2017-08-27 13:02
You cant call this shit basic math basic math for me is +/- x / : % etc.
2017-08-27 13:14
Yeah I get what you say, but that's the math my brother just went through from first to fourth year of school. I know math you learn isn't that basic, but if you go take a math degree you'll see everything you learn in school is just the basic of basics
2017-08-27 13:16
Jordan LBJ
You can't beat stronger guy with power because stronger guy has more power than you so it means that stronger guy will beat you with more power
2017-08-27 12:52
seems calculated by using math
2017-08-27 16:01
how you gonna calculate your gains without math
2017-08-27 12:54
Expected from 3rd worlder
2017-08-27 13:03
if you use math to invent gun you can shoot big powerfull guy get rekt in 2017
2017-08-27 12:55
true story
2017-08-27 12:58
physical science > math.
2017-08-27 12:59
you need math for everything if you wanna do shit yourself instead of being lazy and let smart people create stuff for you
2017-08-27 13:19
is your math good ? if yes > did you create something for the humanity? > will you ?
2017-08-27 13:20
2017-08-27 13:20
i might be biased cus i study math but you have no idea how much use math has been to the general development of science, and therefore of society, quality of life etc.
2017-08-27 13:00
Come back after you are done with primary school. That's basically a young crying kid failing a class type of post :) Edit: Ah, you are a turkroach. Nothing to do here.
2017-08-27 13:01
my math was 0 in basic school but everywhere else i was god in my class and overall in school, u cant say that ur stupid if u dont know math, i will be next it genius or actually i already am but i know shit about math, such a useless topic it is
2017-08-27 13:46
Is math related to science?
2017-08-27 13:02
Yes, math is the most pure form of science, which other kinds of science use as a tool
2017-08-27 13:06
Nt sales manager
2017-08-27 13:03
not sure if b8 or legit retarded
2017-08-27 13:19
Turkey Shanon
both i'd say
2017-08-27 13:39
Europe KappaKaako
Im bad at maths no motivation
2017-08-27 13:27
don't worry, go to France and start selling drugs, don't forget the PSG tracksuit
2017-08-27 13:54
Australia Raychippy
How is maths useless? It's used in real life, and can get you jobs
2017-08-27 13:30
Math = Life
2017-08-27 13:34
ayy u hear that scientists, stop your science and go workout. We don't need your new technology and cures for diseases. Gtfo.
2017-08-27 13:37
Turkey Shanon
2017-08-27 13:39
I'm studying to be a scientist and I workout, what am I? :o
2017-08-27 15:08
lul, b8 thread?
2017-08-27 13:50
sometimes i see threads like this one and i ask myself if the dude is baiting or absolutely retarded. kebab aswell so may be the second thing
2017-08-27 13:52
Turn off your PC and go back to your tent. This is how useless math is. Wait. You just have to throw away the PC
2017-08-27 13:55
Japan Amamiya
And pretty much every thing he owns.
2017-08-27 14:06
well for a tent, kebab and donkeys you don't need maths...
2017-08-27 14:10
Actually you need geometry knowledge to make a tent, if he wants to buy one he still needs to know numbers xd And kebabs normally follow a recipe, so, there's still math...
2017-08-27 15:10
the thing you are using right now to post this shit , heavily uses maths(internet) nt 10 iq bad at math kid !! Maths is god !!
2017-08-27 13:56
Belgium i_am_alexa
People good in maths are generally richer than people good with boxing and bodybuilding.
2017-08-27 13:58
>says algorithms are useless >uses computer on a daily basis Bad bait
2017-08-27 13:59
Japan Amamiya
You are taught maths to have basics for whatever studies that require it, plus it helps develop the brain. You may not need it afterwards but it's not doing any bad to have some knowledge.
2017-08-27 14:04
Other TanriQQ
it doesn't develop his brain because he doesn't have one
2017-08-27 14:28
Japan Amamiya
True xD
2017-08-27 16:04
+1 but it's hltv mate, kids will not understand
2017-08-27 14:30
Other TanriQQ
You are probably a person that got less than 50 out of 100 in math lesson and then crying about how bad and shit the education system and school is
2017-08-27 14:27
you are useless
2017-08-27 14:29
it depend what your future job is
2017-08-27 14:33
Finland Hoffenberg
Read the title , saw the flag stopped reading .
2017-08-27 14:34
0/8 but im so triggered Math is useful for science not for boxing By your logic Boxing is useless because u can't create computer with it.
2017-08-27 14:35
Kazakhstan aqua4kz
Algorithms are useful lol Interviews to top companies like google, microsoft, amazon etc are pure algorithms
2017-08-27 14:39
mathematics is the only true universal language, but i see what your saying, brb need to finish my reps.
2017-08-27 14:41
lmao 8-8 m8
2017-08-27 15:09
This might be the most autistic thread yet on HLTV.
2017-08-27 15:09
Korea ferizy
math is important to learn other subjects like science, engineering, economics and statistical analysis on csgo.
2017-08-27 15:11
With boxing you can take out 1 guy, with math you can destroy an entire country. (Math -> Science -> Nuke)
2017-08-27 15:59
With boxing you can take out 1 guy that has nuke.
2017-08-27 17:00
oki 1st grader
2017-08-27 15:59
India Gandhii6
what a bait, triggered so many of these idiots :D gj man
2017-08-27 16:01
math = necessary evil the world needs
2017-08-27 16:03
I gotta love those kids in junior high school and high school saying that "I don't need to study math or science they are useless education is useless!!!!!11111 Bill Gates and Steve Jobs dropped from school I can do it too!!!!11111111" Do people really think that those people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs etc don't know basic math and science that is taught in pre-college schools? I can tell you: they do know and if you don't, you are stupid and therefore can't succeed so just stay in school, please.
2017-08-27 16:28
Poland torrmess
When basic math does end in your opinion?
2017-08-27 16:31
Everything before high school = 100% basic High school math = you should know that if you are smart and want to succeed
2017-08-27 16:48
math is the reason why we can watch TV, PC, built eiffel. if there's no math, we'll still live in tent. lold at ur logic bro
2017-08-27 17:36
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