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Poland mjenta 
SK > B.O.O.T-d[S] (ez) Astralis > Renegades (ez) VP < Na'Vi (hard to predict, garbage vs garbage) C9 < North (north played very well in epl, valde carry + they had nice bootcamp) Immortals < Fnatic (should be close game but fnatic will win imo) Gambit < Mouz (no zeus no win) Faze > NIP (nip in 2k17 lul) G2 > Envy (should be close but i beliv in SUPERTEAM) Ez $$
2017-08-28 15:19
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2017-08-28 15:19
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your loss =(
2017-08-28 15:22
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Russia MahoneDes
i maek express bet i loose i kniev u ok
2017-08-28 15:44
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kniev me pls
2017-08-28 15:47
Brazil thinking_
agree but g2<envy
2017-08-28 15:22
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online yes but on lan ez shoxie and kenny imoooo
2017-08-28 15:25
France Sofio
wtf is this joke ? nv>g2 ? LUUUL nv is the shittiest team I've ever seen
2017-08-28 16:29
2017-08-28 15:33
Europe marekkingx
those are easy predictions none of those would be like very close games
2017-08-28 15:43
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i hope so ;d
2017-08-28 15:46
Dreamscape >>>> SK
2017-08-28 15:44
2017-08-28 15:52
Immortal is in top form, no way the new Fnatic can win. C9 x North and VP x Navi are a complete unknown for me. nV is in better form than G2, they can win.
2017-08-28 15:58
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1. if they will play like in Krakow should be easy for them 2. north played well with valde, interesting what they prepared on the bootcamp i don't trust tarik&rush, with old c9 lineup i would pick c9>north navi x vp - as i said garbage vs garbage, hope s1mple and flamie will show up, navi had bootcamp 3. that's true, it's 50/50 but i still belive in g2 on lan
2017-08-28 16:16
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Immortals took a map from SK in EPL less than a week ago... they are still on fire.
2017-08-28 18:28
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yea and day after they got rekt playing like retards by renegades on this map
2017-08-28 18:31
SK > B.O.O.T-d[S] (ez) Astralis > Renegades (ez) VP < Na'Vi (hard to predict, garbage vs garbage) C9 > North (ez for #C9CSGO #RUNC9) Immortals > Fnatic (ez) Gambit < Mouz (no zeus no win) Faze < NIP (RIP BOTMEISTER) G2 < Envy (should be close but i beliv in SCREAM)
2017-08-28 16:14
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nt c9 immo > fnatic maybe prepare anus for rape nip fanboys, ez fazeup g2 < envy 50/50
2017-08-28 16:21
not sure about mouz vs gambit (mouz was terrible in online matches, it doesnt matter that much but still) and faze will win vs RIP lol, also c9 vs north is 50/50
2017-08-28 16:18
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gambit was tarrible online too, lucky vs f3, raped by envy, lose elimination to eleague vs ago lel belive in ropz sunny and oskar
2017-08-28 16:28
i can't edit topic but probably i will go with immortals immo > fnatic
2017-08-28 16:30
2017-08-28 20:14
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