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Funny twin peaks scene
Lithuania KoksSkirtumas 
hehe [youtube][/youtube] :D
2017-09-01 00:45
Denmark beastd 
boring as fuck
2017-09-01 00:49
lynch shat all over his legacy by releasing s3. total garbage. unwatchable for me.
2017-09-01 12:52
it has gotten amazing rating from both community and critics so it wasn't in vain tho
2017-09-01 13:05
Brazil tcesarsc 
I watched one episode of this and couldn't undertsand ANYTHING. It tilted me because I really tried, and I felt really dumb.
2017-09-01 12:54
Maybe you have to watch S1 and S2 first of "TWIN PEAKS" before you head into this season, idk doe cuz I havent seen it myself( maybe you did). But FARGO looks very similar too this so watch that shit instead if ya want, iz very ez to understand and vari noice.
2017-09-01 12:57
season 3 plays 20 years later to season 1 and season 2, so yes watching s1 and s2 would help
2017-09-01 13:02
25 years*
2017-09-01 13:11
yes, my mistake thanks s1mple
2017-09-01 13:12
I watched 3 episodes so far and still couldn't understand anything.
2017-09-01 13:00
Finland kommunisti 
This was hands down the best episode so far. S3 has been bit of a disappointment overall compared to previous seasons, but it's still a good show imo. Big expectations for the last two episodes. Dale is back <3
2017-09-01 13:20
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