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World 8ttio7uan 
2017-09-01 21:31
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Russia MahoneDes 
2017-09-01 21:32
He is a good guy, saved JW, and agreed that Immortals is a childish team
2017-09-01 21:33
Brazil klauz1337 
Let me correct you my darling. Saved JW? More like agreed and was friend of him. Immortals a childish team? More like the social media guy (Just like fer said) is childish. Have a nice day!
2017-09-01 21:34
Immortals is a fuckin childish team honestly. Steel is a good guy, but the others got the IQ of a bread. They played good CS today, but they will never win anything, cuz they are mad and kid-ish.
2017-09-01 21:39
Denmark fm100 
someone has got to tell me what have happened pls..
2017-09-01 21:45
They are more calm since the game vs big tho. You can see they don't scream like mon*** like they use to do...
2017-09-01 21:46
Brazil klauz1337 
what you mean with childish? who are you to judge someone IQ? lol you maybe can judge them by their lifestyle, hen1 and lucas are more like fnx, like to party and think about girls a lot kng is absolutely not childish at all, he is a man with attitude, he is the reason imt is going well and motivated like this only bad thing is that he screams a lot, but again, who are we to judge? if its a tool to improve he/the team performance, i'd do that too. stop judging start admirin'
2017-09-01 21:55
Okay, thats ur fangay-ish opinion. I told you the fact, they wont win anything in their life. /end
2017-09-01 22:09
Brazil klauz1337 
if they win malmo i will come back here
2017-09-01 22:31
I won't see you soon then :(
2017-09-01 22:41
So I just gotta come back to this thread if I don't want to see you again? Got it
2017-09-01 22:44
lmao as much as i hate north they will destroy monkeys, immortals and winning tier 1 turnament HAHAHAHAHA
2017-09-01 22:45
Brazil klauz1337 
kng el mito
2017-09-01 22:47
Brazil adre221 
Looks like someone is mad because their trash team just got raped...
2017-09-01 23:10
Europe Hempxz 
players immt dont say nothing. only immt org say that shiit for jw
2017-09-01 23:48
It's kinda sad to have that guy as their social media representative.
2017-09-02 00:12
United States Darkinsision 
Can you type the text of the tweet im at school:(
2017-09-01 21:33
@sk_fer na cs lul
2017-09-01 21:37
World pcmasterrace 
Immortals social media guy is a fucking retard
2017-09-01 22:38
Canada kthxy0 
2017-09-01 21:33
immortals twitter guy is retarded
2017-09-01 21:34
I agree with him, Portilho is a child
2017-09-01 21:35
what did the immortals twitter guy say?
2017-09-01 21:36
"Better luck next time"
2017-09-01 21:37
lol. thx
2017-09-01 21:38
NiKo | 
Denmark happyDane 
2017-09-01 21:38
Nepal Askje 
Jw said im not gonna miss this arena, when they lost immortals twitter MORE LUCKY NEXT TIME but after few min they deleted this
2017-09-01 21:38
thx bro
2017-09-01 21:40
Nepal Askje 
np brottha
2017-09-01 21:41
Japan papa_smurf 
what did immortals tweet?
2017-09-01 21:39
Nepal Askje 
Jw said im not gonna miss this arena, when they lost immortals twitter MORE LUCKY NEXT TIME but after few min they deleted this
2017-09-01 23:54
bruttJ | 
Brazil kaiteN 
look that!! it looks like we have a functional illiterate here
2017-09-01 21:41
looks like fer is top1 in the world and nice guy too #runskg #FERTOP1
2017-09-01 21:47
Norway felt 
these players beefing and talking shit and all that sit the fuck down all you are is some dweebs playing a fucking game behind monitors and keyboards god damn
2017-09-01 21:48
Netherlands Lynch^_^ 
And you are?
2017-09-01 21:59
isn't it obvious? a guy who is pissed at the dweebs and the drama addicts and calling them out. if you ask me he made a great point.
2017-09-01 22:40
Netherlands Lynch^_^ 
I love shit talking for example how k0nfig does it. But I hate the way people over react about it.
2017-09-01 23:08
tbh i might have been wrong after rereading it. not really sure what he meant tbh, whether it was how i initially understood it or him frowning upon pros not being introverted. either way i completely agree with what you said. the people over reacting are the real problem.
2017-09-01 23:44
Norway felt 
What I meant is that players should shut the fuck up and not act what they're not. Anyone of those dummies you meet in the streets 1on1 will conveniently lose their trash talking all of a sudden. Just be fair play and play your god damn game without taking it where you'd embarrass yourself. JW is fine and dandy in opening his mouth behind his keyboard and behind his teammates on LAN, but he'd be like a little bitch if approached on his own. That's that.
2017-09-02 14:05
2017-09-01 22:58
Argentina [Darkaren] 
For context: IMT's social media guy made a joke about JW losing the match. JW answered with a lol?, like the joke wasn't shit enough the guy got put to shame by the piggod. Then he said "it's joke xdxd" so JW answered "y tf u delet joke if funny?" And then Fer said "yo, got fuck yourself imt faggot"
2017-09-01 21:59
fer homao da poha
2017-09-01 22:51
Suggesting that someone had respected him before.
2017-09-01 23:46
Mexico FookenCoont 
2017-09-01 23:52
lul i just now realised what ur name means, loved me some good o'll 91an...
2017-09-02 00:19
is it bad that i found the whole exchange funny?
2017-09-02 00:20
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