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New HLTV meme
k0nfig | 
World R4ZV1 
Everytime nip players and fans say they are the new #1 worldwide they lose. Nip fans and players are nothing but a new meme. DRAKEN: "I THINK WE HAVE ALL THE RIGHT INGREDIENTS TO BECOME TOP 1 IN THE WORLD" NiP? More like RiP.
2017-09-03 14:15
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2017-09-03 14:15
Poland ehx94
2017-09-03 14:16
k0nfig | 
World R4ZV1
2017-09-03 14:17
2017-09-03 14:17
2017-09-03 14:25
You cant force a meme , this aint even a meme you newfag.
2017-09-03 14:17
k0nfig | 
World R4ZV1
You are Signed up 2017-04-08 I'm Signed up 2014-10-19 inb4 talks about what hltv memes are
2017-09-03 14:18
you really think that this is my only account? also i called you a "new fag" cuz you forced a meme and everybody knows that you cant fucking force a meme
2017-09-03 14:20
920 comments on a 800k id account. states is not his only account. nt newfag
2017-09-03 14:21
yet ur forcing a meme, like stfu pls haha
2017-09-03 14:25
800k id calling newfag to a 500k id LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO btw he has a point you just cant force a meme
2017-09-03 14:19
no one is forcing but they
2017-09-03 14:20
You are basically forcing a quote to become a meme. No one is forcing it its just you
2017-09-03 14:22
1st sentence of my post: "Everytime nip players and fans say they are the new #1 worldwide they lose." guess you gotta try harder
2017-09-03 14:23
Talk kindly to me or i will do things that i won't regret. Do you even know who are you walking to?
2017-09-03 14:24
i'm walking to go outside and BMX
2017-09-03 14:24
I hate typos. You are lucky, I won't flay you today Lord Somsatu, enjoy your freedom.
2017-09-03 14:26
flay or flag? we can be friends or even romantically involved when we sleep 6 out of 7 nights together
2017-09-03 14:27
Do you even know who are you talking to?
2017-09-03 14:28
mom is thet you?
2017-09-03 14:29
I am Roose Bolton. Lord Paramount of the North, the Warden of the North, Lord of the Winterfell, the Dreadfort and House Bolton.
2017-09-03 14:31
amd Advanced Micro Devices elon musk is my father and my uncle, he works at counter strike
2017-09-03 14:32
Stop acting like a funny person, or you will get flayed this midnight, Lord Somsatu
2017-09-03 14:37
it'll be a while mr draken
2017-09-03 14:20
2017-09-03 14:21
shittiest meme ive seen
2017-09-03 14:31
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