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IBP should not be banned in the first place
North America cake1 
When IBP threw that game vs Netcode Guides years ago, skins had no value, they didn’t steal money, it’s like throwing a football match for Pokemon cards. There was no rule against throwing games. IBP or Epsilon did not break the rules so they shouldn’t have been banned in the first place. What IBP did was scummy but they were technically allowed to do it. You can’t argue against my flawless logic. There is no counter argument to me.
2017-09-07 03:18
You can’t argue against my flawless logic. There is no counter argument to me.
2017-09-07 03:19
You can’t argue against my flawless bait. There is no counter bait to me.
2017-09-07 03:38
Switzerland GT3RS 
They robbed people so they should be in jail imo just like ScamtonL0rd
2017-09-07 03:20
Let me know when you earn your law degree then come back to me on that, k?
2017-09-07 04:33
they robbed pixels?
2017-09-07 04:39
It's done all the time, called pirating. Even though I don't agree with it. Someone steals a woman's purse, its gone, everything in it is gone. Pirate a game or movie, its still there.
2017-09-07 06:35
Ive had pokemon cards stolen from me in 1st grade. Guess that kid should rot in jail too, huh?
2017-09-07 04:50
He should
2017-09-07 04:51
Youve robbed me from my time. You need to rot in jail now
2017-09-07 04:53
L M A O !!! wpwp
2017-09-07 05:34
Never go full retard USA
2017-09-07 15:03
he should get death penalty for it, you can fuck a guys mom, but NEVER never fuck with his pokemon cards!!! #RUNPIKACHUG #ashthebrazilianfer
2017-09-07 07:31
Sadokist says snax has stolen it from navi Snax should rot in jail too huh?
2017-09-07 07:37
My most rare pokemon card is worth around 28$ lol
2017-09-07 07:43
dont be retarded nothing is illegal without breaking rules
2017-09-07 04:56
"but they were technically allowed to do it." damn you are brain dead
2017-09-07 03:26
Costa Rica vuvuzuela22 
are u new or something. skins had value back then. everyone was gambling and trading on lounge
2017-09-07 03:27
He means from a legal standpoint in that counter strike global offensive skins aren't a globally accepted currency with no government backing. Valve themselves admitted during the whole gambling fiasco that skins don't have any real value for the sake of their argument that opening valve cases isn't actually gambling since they hold no real value and you are guaranteed an item from a case. Not saying what they did was by any means ethical or okay but it was a very gray area. You throw a match and you get cash is one thing. You throw a match and you get items which hypothetically could have value is different. It's like when people get bitcoin scammed, there is nothing the person can do since it is not regulated.
2017-09-07 07:40
United States r0seCS 
lul im using Kappa everywhere extension and ur username is an emote
2017-09-07 03:29
Sweden 1nc0g 
does both LUL and LuL work?
2017-09-07 03:36
United States r0seCS 
idk whats going on but LUL doesnt work on ur message but LuL does
2017-09-07 04:25
Stewie2K | 
North America Xheng 
Should have been banned for a year and bring the precedent they made in DOTA.
2017-09-07 03:32
Canada Surzz 
not sure if dumb or bait. probably both.
2017-09-07 03:36
+1 the former is likelier
2017-09-07 04:41
" skins had no value" are you retarded yellow toother?
2017-09-07 04:58
the game was fixed when you fix things you make them work better i see no problem with that cmon now
2017-09-07 05:38
Sweden Snipatore 
I think it was when bettig made this game alive so valve had to care about that
2017-09-07 05:43
HenryG | 
Canada Esyx 
They maxed out their bets on multiple accounts, that was thpusands of dollars. And Gambling skins are WAY different then average skins. Higher value for rarity and such. Even back then the skins used for gambling didn't even come close to a low price. What they did was immoral. Do I think they deserved a LIFETIME ban? No, not really. But in the end they got what was coming to them. And I'm alright with that
2017-09-07 06:30
United States ViKaLiBuR 
We just got to deal with the fact that DOTA 2 is Valve's golden child while CSGO is the black sheep. No matter what, everything favors DOTA 2 progress, major, and ban wise.
2017-09-07 07:17
World Buick 
u r f u c k i n g s t u p i d d u d e if u get cheated and scammed i hope no one cares too
2017-09-07 07:25
0-8 m8 nt tho
2017-09-07 07:30
hardstyle | 
Turkey B^S 
Do you have any moral codes or ethical understandings?
2017-09-07 07:44
2017-09-07 18:15
United States gtmaniacmda 
I lost my most precious P250 Sand Dune on that game, perma-ban please.
2017-09-07 08:08
Macedonia AstralisGoat 
They should just be happy they aren't living in south korea which actually has laws and regulations for eSports, in Korea it's not even the fact you gain monetary value for match fixing, the money is irrelevant there, if you get caught match fixing you go to jail whether you're gaining money from it or not.
2017-09-07 08:16
fnx | 
Australia saldi_ 
skins can instantly be withdrawn for real money /close
2017-09-07 12:51
They should be in jail
2017-09-07 12:52
To all the idiots who say they should be in the jail, chew on this: there were no rules pertaining to match fixing when they did it. The only thing they compromised were their moral values, and legally, they didn't do anything wrong. It is Valve's own fault for it happening in the first place.
2017-09-07 12:54
Poland Banan_IDK 
nO vALuE
2017-09-07 12:58
The most disgusting part is that not everyone got ban but they all played the game and kept their mouths shut... Yes I'm talking about u ska, piece of shit. He also deserves the ban
2017-09-07 15:09
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