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Turkey Mustafa- 
RiP CSGO already Shroud did the right thing with retire csgo and became full time streamer while playing pubg
2017-09-08 23:31
Turkey Mustafa- 
PUBG: 1.018.540 players CSGO: 566.259 players I just wanted to blame Valve for can't fixing premium hacks in 5 years and never add 128 tick servers
2017-09-08 23:34
oskar | 
Czech Republic portal_b 
thank mr mustafas
2017-09-09 01:07
its a marketing strat. if you create a perfect game, it will die faster than a game that has to get updated to the wishes of the community, it will just last longer cause people get reasons to come back to it when something new was added. when valve is desperate, they will add all those things slowly, just to make people come back and get new players in too.
2017-09-09 01:31
Wait.. What? A logical response on HLTV?
2017-09-09 04:10
its not logical. Reason why CSGO not updated because like 50x Valve employees deving dota2 and like 3 on CSGO who dont even play csgo on freetime
2017-09-09 11:30
"Reason why CSGO not updated because like 50x Valve employees deving dota2 and like 3 on CSGO who dont even play csgo on freetime" true af
2017-09-09 12:35
Spain akproxx 
actually true
2017-09-09 21:12
yeah I know therefore I wrote "true af"
2017-09-09 21:16
it's true tho
2017-09-10 11:06
true as fak
2017-09-10 11:27
u fak me true
2017-09-10 11:28
Lebanon Delsol 
Me true fak u
2017-09-10 13:35
ReDWateR | 
North America Oboe 
Fuk u me tru
2017-09-13 18:58
legit info from a Valve Software insider for sure
2017-09-15 14:30
tf you want you stole my fucking name((
2017-09-15 14:35
i didn't steal shit moron, get a life
2017-09-15 14:36
why you lying
2017-09-15 14:37
i didn't visit the forums until i registered, didn't see your nick before honestly
2017-09-15 14:37
Reason why its not updated is because it doesnt really need to. CSGO is a veeeery complete game compared to shitload of games out there. Obviously including pubg, but its new so..
2017-09-13 17:21
its not complete at all. CSGO has very low skill gap which is why nobody is really dominating, and most good players find it boring. 1.6 had more excitement for many years due to the fact that everyday you could improve something in your game play - movement/new drill spots/boosting tactics etc...
2017-09-13 17:39
All the same stuff still exist -ridicilously unrealistic wallbanging. There are a few dominant players yes. Its a team game afterall, domination is really not gonna happen in larger scale. Guess in your opinion icehockey and football have low skill ceilings..
2017-09-13 17:59
well considering your age, you were probably never really good in 1.6 so you wouldnt know what im talking about.
2017-09-13 18:50
Poland Speedfear 
Why would Valve be mad, they make money of pubg too. They take like 30% or more from every copy of the game sold
2017-09-09 10:38
nobody said valve is mad
2017-09-10 15:15
Valve should be mad, they had two of most played games on Steam and now its gone. That't not what you want as dev.
2017-09-10 17:16
lol what you want as dev is money they get money they are not mad at all it's totally the fucking opposite jesus
2017-09-11 01:56
Germany s2ily 
So? H1Z1 had also a big hype and then got fucked by the missing eSport potential. Keep going with that casual game. Falling asleep in front of your PC while watching a PUBG battle will probably cause two viewers per stream. Congratulations. There is NO fucking action in this game. Only entertainment once in 15 minutes. Wow... really nice.
2017-09-09 01:34
pubg shit game
2017-09-09 01:39
Germany s2ily 
Ai dreptate frate. ;)
2017-09-09 01:39
:) poate nu am, dar asta e opinia mea
2017-09-09 01:41
Germany s2ily 
No bine, iti zic eu ca ai. :P
2017-09-09 01:42
While h1z1 peeked 150k at most PUBG is peeking 1 million, good comparison! XD
2017-09-09 10:14
Germany s2ily 
Same shitty game except the name. ^^ Boring af.
2017-09-09 13:41
Not really, the games are alot different, but if you never played them i understand why you would say that. I rather run for 5 min in this game to get the action instead of playing against cheaters 50% of the time in csgo.
2017-09-09 17:07
Stop playing in non-vac secured public servers or whatever you're doing to even achieve such thing.
2017-09-13 17:24
Oh, you mean the MM servers are not VAC secured then? :thinking:
2017-09-13 18:49
Sry but not that much cheaters in there anymore, maybe you're just bad
2017-09-13 18:54
Well my last game I played wich was 2 months ago there was an obvious aimbotter that didnt hide it boosting friends, you know they have multiple accounts to switch between so they dodge overwatch by not playing enough games to get enough reports while boosting people? Well that was 2 months ago and the last couple of years, alot could have changed :D
2017-09-13 20:00
very different. I wouldn't touch h1z1, but pubg is fun
2017-09-09 19:25
You haven't played it if you think it's like H1z1. H1z1 is shittier than PubG and it's years older than pub.
2017-09-10 11:07
France Afynop 
you said the exact truth
2017-09-10 15:22
stop playing 3rd person you pussy.
2017-09-09 10:59
Germany s2ily 
F*** Off. 3rd person or not. Game is boring... That's it. Live with it.
2017-09-09 13:40
its not boring at all on high level 1st. noob.
2017-09-09 14:06
Germany s2ily 
Yea ofc not. Big maps in games = zzzzzzzZzzzzz. Grabbing 15 minutes loot and running around on a battlefield that is so big... Played it for 10 mins and immediately switched it off because I definitely have things to do in my life that make definitely more sense. This game is made for retards or for streamers who wants to entertain their viewers without any stress to have tremendous amount of time to reply to questions because the action of a 60 minutes match provided is around 5 minutes. PUBG is shit and will die after it leaves beta.
2017-09-09 14:27
2017-09-09 16:38
If you loot for 15 min you are not playing the game correctly. And in another comment you said its boring to watch, how would streamers entertain people in a boring game? and why does this game top twitch if it's boring to watch?
2017-09-09 17:11
Germany s2ily 
Just saw a fist-fight when shroud played the game. But that was the highlight in 15 minutes watching and only because of shroud's comments. "Entertaining" in term of getting more interactive with the viewers because of more time to talk to them. So little bois feel being heard. All in all it's a casual fun game but stop a) comparing it with CSGO and b) talking bullshit that CSGO is dying. If PUBG exists in 5 or more years, get back to me to proof me that I was talking bullshit.
2017-09-09 18:09
I never compared it to CSGO. You on the other hand compared h1z1 with it's 150k top peek to a 1 million top peek player game and still growing. CSGO to me is also pretty casual when you see all the trash players that would have no chanse against good players in 1.6 having a chanse to kill better players in CSGO becuase CSGO is built to be forgiving for bad players.
2017-09-09 19:19
Germany s2ily 
Compared H1Z1 with PUBG because it has the same Charakter, not because its play base. However... Discuss this pls in a PUBG forum and stop talking about PUBG on HLTV. I'm surely there is a site in the www where PUBG fans can talk. Have fun there... These PUBG threads making me puke.
2017-09-09 19:27
We are in the offtopic section of the forums so if you want to read CSGO threads why you reading in offtopic? And btw you compared the 2 games in popularity wich I corrected you that PUBG is much much much more poular than h1z1 ever were even close to being, that's all.
2017-09-09 22:16
Germany s2ily 
Yes, it's offtopic but it's still annoying. PUBG = A better version of EA's Battlefield but still rubbish. :P My opinion. If someone can't deal with that, tough luck. Therefore, I don't care whether you or other like it. It is bla blaish to read this shit continuously on the right side on the main page of a CS:GO forum because ppl are so obsessed of something that will soon die anyway. Plus they are talking shit about a game and spreading misleading lies about another game(s) only because a hyped game gets a high(er) number of players. PUBG will not last long. Mark my words. Reading shit like this "RiP CSGO already" leads to asking myself whether ppl even know what they are talking about. And ofc why this damn retard is still here if he obviously wants to see CS:GO dying. Leave this game and forum then because we don't want such retards anyway. Comparing a shit hyped game with a trilogy that lead to EPL, ECS, Majors, ELEAGUE, DH Masters and a lot more is as stupid as the "wish" that a game should die even though being around in the community and playing the game. It doesn't make sense and it is completely retarded. CS:GO, Dota2 and LoL will last long, especially in eSport. Soon, we will get the Source 2 Engine and many other things in CS:GO. I do think an believe that the CS:GO devs are working on it but the time hasn't come yet to release the engine. CS:GO is a very precise game and fucking up the game with an engine that was released to early would lead to tremendous damage. So let's be patient and rational.
2017-09-09 23:40
I never said anything about CSGO dying or anything that you composed in that text but nvm xD In a competitive "E-Sports" game where the "Professionals" can cheat on LAN (KQLY, SF, smn) without getting cought, (they only got cought becuase of smn using his cheats on ESEA servers and got detected) the E-Sports scene of the game lose credibility. Comparing PUBG to Battlefield is even worse than the people saying that CS have died, so it leads me to ask myself if you even know what you are talking about? It just seems like you are jealous that a game you dont like is being more popular than anyone could imagine, and yes, only a few games can compare themselves to the PUBG popularity and growth. Only remains to see if the crowd will stay or not, considering that the battleroyale mod have been around for a couple of years I dont see any indication of it dropping in players a major amount. You just like different games. But you need to understand that everyone is not like you! If you can't deal with that, tough luck! By the way, it's not hard to ignore the threads that you dont want to read!
2017-09-10 10:31
Germany s2ily 
I quoted another guy and never said that you said CS should die. Sorry reading only the first sentence of your comment and for not reading your comment entirely but I would like to finish this. Have a good one.
2017-09-10 15:00
you're beyond retarded and i feel bad for you
2017-09-10 15:18
Germany s2ily 
I'm sorry for you.
2017-09-10 15:19
2017-09-10 15:19
Germany s2ily 
2017-09-10 15:19
Stop being a pussy then and drop school
2017-09-10 11:07
And after 3 minutes school is done. Then what? Disconnect and drop school again because u wont find people in next 15 minutes. PUBG is fine if you play 2's or more. Solo is boring, solos h1z1 > solos PUBG, squads PUBG > squads h1z1
2017-09-10 11:52
Norway FJooD 
h1z1 was shit and is still shit.... drive 50mph and just jump out of the car and boom headshot from the hips... yeah h1z1 iz zhe bezt...
2017-09-10 13:38
Europe tweekzter 
Yeah... there is no potential. Just casual gameplay where skill does only influence the outcome very little. Not sad about losing those casuals to PUBG. :)
2017-09-10 13:38
Germany s2ily 
Me neither...they should just leave the community. However, they will come back either way because it will soon die anyway. :P About two years is my prediction.
2017-09-10 15:02
Europe tweekzter 
I'd say even less for a major drop-off. Half year probably. Of course they will still have a decent player base. But two years, like you said and it will be pretty average I think.
2017-09-10 15:07
Germany s2ily 
2017-09-10 15:07
You can get unlucky in pubG but I rarely get killed by someone less skilled than me. Do you run out in the open a lot or how are you dying to casuals?
2017-09-13 16:32
Europe tweekzter 
Basically you can survive the vast majority by being sneaky, as they take it for a big Deathmatch. But for the ones playing it serious, luck is a major factor. The whole gameplay is just based on a big clutch scenario. :D
2017-09-14 11:54
Yeah, I think if they added more cover and less open fields it would help. Then players could be more tactical with their routes, and have better chance of fighting back if someone shoots at them from behind or whatever. I won't lie that there's a lot of luck, but there's a lot of things you can do to minimize your chances of getting "unlucky". Playing with squads is better imo because one player on your team might get gayed by a flank, but your team can still fight back and revive you after.
2017-09-18 18:21
Europe tweekzter 
2017-09-18 22:34
Latvia FripLV 
lmao, pubg fanboys saying csgo is dead all the time, pubg will be dead faster than csgo :)
2017-09-09 12:28
Nope. Unlike CSGO pubb actually has developers that actually care. Csgo has 2 devs sitting in a basement trying to see who can get their entire fist in their ass first.
2017-09-10 11:08
No matter what, CS GO has more esports potential. You can't even make a sick frag movie in PUBG. It may be fun for players but just boring to watch.
2017-09-10 11:34
PubG always has more viewers than CS:GO on twitch. Shroud's stream often gets more viewers than events rofl. I know CS:GO has more esports potential, I'm just disgusted at how much opportunity valve has wasted. They fucking maimed the game.
2017-09-13 16:25
Europe tweekzter 
Yeah, but the gameplay gets worn out fast. I played it for 50h and got the feeling to have seen everything there is. I do not feel the motivation to improve in this game, when it comes down to 10% that I can actually influence. On top, there is nearly no action 90% of the time.
2017-09-10 14:28
Hmmm, Idk how you play the game though. I kill everyone in my immediate area, find a vehicle, and drive to the center of the white circle and take over some buildings there. Usually I can snipe some people from there. I do agree this map is too big. The new map comes out this week though and should be dope.
2017-09-13 16:22
New map? Can i has source for this
2017-09-13 19:26 It was originally supposed to be 4x4 km instead of the current 8x8 which would've been great for shorter, more intense games. Unfortunately I just read that they changed their mind and it will be 8x8 km just like the current one. Kinda wish they had a 4x4 for those of us that want to take more fights instead of being sneaky.
2017-09-13 22:04
Yea i knew about the new map. Didnt know theyre gonna make it 8x8 tho. What i meant to ask earlier was source for new map coming THIS WEEK?
2017-09-14 01:03
Yeah, sorry about that. My friend said the big update was coming last week, so I wrongly assumed that included the map. Mb
2017-09-18 18:31
France NeoNIcoN 
Dunno for 129 ticks server, but PUBG is/will be infested by cheaters too, especially if the money you can win with the game becomes more and more revelant
2017-09-10 11:38
i feel thank you valve
2017-09-10 15:14
Turkey Mustafa- 
2017-09-11 22:25
I agree with this so hard. Its pretty retarded how its still so easy to cheat in normal CS matchmaking. And 128 tick severs would be awesome.
2017-09-11 22:28
Turkey Mustafa- 
128 tick coming hot in 2025
2017-09-12 00:10
2017-09-08 23:32
rain | 
Norway BrZ_ 
2017-09-08 23:34
2017-09-09 12:34
csgo is dead game nothing new
2017-09-08 23:33
Estonia swag420weed 
lol, CS has stable 400-600k for years... Not dead. Not growing.
2017-09-09 01:30
rain | 
Norway BrZ_ 
cs is not dead, just slightly crippled by Pubg, but still alive n' kickin'
2017-09-09 17:33
And no one cares about the casuals moving to pubg.. Well ofc valve might care a bit, but not too much since they get shitload of money from pubg too.
2017-09-13 17:27
Okay mustafa
2017-09-08 23:33
Netherlands Darkrain 
zz csgo count didnt drop in long time,, still ppl say csgo is dead, why?
2017-09-08 23:37
Turkey Mustafa- 
Why not? I'm sure you playing this game because of you are hacking.. Yesterday a german hacker drop 60-2 with spinbot and he said i like csgo
2017-09-08 23:39
thank mr mustafas
2017-09-09 01:12
2017-09-09 01:13
Turkey Mustafa- 
2017-09-09 01:13
well you're from turkeystan with dictator so maybe this is for you?
2017-09-09 03:05
Turkey c12345 
its for the dictator i believe
2017-09-11 22:30
CS is dead and in 1 month PUBG player base is going to increase +400k and since new maps are in plan at the end of the year it is going to go big in the whole world.
2017-09-08 23:41
lol, game is just new smartass. Gonna die off soon
2017-09-09 01:37
Name any other new game that peeked 1 million player at a time? :D
2017-09-09 10:16
if csgo 2 came out today it would
2017-09-09 10:28
ye probably
2017-09-10 15:20
if pubg somehow makes the performance better so you can play it on shit pcs it will easily get 2million
2017-09-13 16:33
2017-09-13 22:29
World of Warcraft. And as far as I know, that game is far from dead. But still, I think when settled the PUBG scene will be smaller, probably a comparison to the CS:GO scene. Every 12 yo just copy-paste what Shroud said without even knowing what he said. He never said that CS:GO is dead game, he stated CS:GO was dead for streamers. And since he is a streamer, continuing to play that game would probably affect his viewers a lot.
2017-09-09 11:04
If WOW is not dead how is that relevant to what I said then? I referred to the guy saying it would die like any other game and I never said anything about shroud lol, dont answer on my post and then switch to OP
2017-09-09 12:23
It is relevant because I just made your fucking point? There are plenty of games that peeked at 1 million players at release, are you dense?
2017-09-11 21:14
Ye, look at majors and tournaments two years back. That was hype, but now... CSGO is still strong on but look at twitch now. CSGO is third despite the fact that there is interesting tournament grand final.
2017-09-10 17:24
pubg biggest game on steam now and probably one of the biggest in the world for sure
2017-09-08 23:42
nope,csgo free in china
2017-09-08 23:42
not that many players tho
2017-09-09 00:02
Turkey Mustafa- 
nobody cares china btw
2017-09-09 01:02
valve does china > europe
2017-09-09 17:15
Europe Spoonman20 
PubG is a new game. The hype will diminish in a few months. CS:GO was released 5 years ago and still is very popular.
2017-09-08 23:43
^ this
2017-09-09 01:32
I mean, with that argument WoW is supposed to be dead. And CS:GO. And every game. What affects a game dying or not is if the content is updated a lot or if the base concept is really good. CS:GO lacks the first but really possess the second. Therefore; CS:GO isn't dead. But PUBG also has a good concept and decent updates, it will probably diminish (like every new released game) but probably to a very respectable level.
2017-09-09 11:07
6 months is new to you?
2017-09-13 16:34
Yeah its very new tbh.
2017-09-13 17:31
didnt ask you or did I?
2017-09-13 17:37
Doesnt matter, I still replied to you because you're a dumbass.
2017-09-13 17:39
lol why u so triggered Åland?:b
2017-09-13 17:39
You got triggered af for me even replying to you xD
2017-09-13 18:00
Brazil R_ananias 
Liar! It hasn't been 6 months since PUBG was RELEASED (not beta)
2017-09-13 17:43
csgo sucks 0skills,bad tournaments(low price),bad scene
2017-09-08 23:45
Poland vexq 
2017-09-08 23:50
Turkey Smokinlisa 
we understand,you are silver
2017-09-09 11:40
Pubg sucks 0skills, no tournaments, no scene
2017-09-13 17:32
0/8 :) shitkid
2017-09-15 00:20
Germany Vini_1337 
china players dont show up in steam, propably cs>pubg but still impressive
2017-09-08 23:45
lets see after year how much still be playing pubg, and how much csgo...
2017-09-08 23:59
Turkey Mustafa- 
Pubg 2.5 million csgo 52,000
2017-09-09 01:23
World shield12345 
probably pubg gonna fall on 5#
2017-09-09 11:00
i just got my chicken dinner yum yum yum
2017-09-09 00:00
Poland Puncoll 
cs is popular since 2000. h1 was popular from 2016 to 2017 pubg is popular from 2017 pick one
2017-09-09 00:02
still u can't hide the fact that cs:go slowly is dying
2017-09-09 00:07
Latvia em1^ 
how tho, playercount not dropping
2017-09-09 00:21
Andorra glassis 
slow and painful death brother
2017-09-09 00:23
lmao, after 2 years cs will be relevant while pubg dead
2017-09-09 01:25
pubg same addiction level as cs:go. only way pubg die is somebody else creating a even better pubg.
2017-09-09 14:09
I dont really agree. You get easily bored to games like pubg. You get really hooked in the beginning but in time it will get boring.
2017-09-13 17:34
not that high views of cs tournaments csgo on twitch is not even top10 where there are no tournaments
2017-09-09 02:28
And? Games like PUBG base 90% of their advertising off of streamers (hence stream sniping ban drama, streamers are what makes PUBG popular). It would be pretty sad if CS had more views than PUBG...
2017-09-09 11:24
h1z1 peek player when popular 150k pubg right now with less time out there is peeking 1 million and you compare the two in popularity?
2017-09-09 10:18
Poland Puncoll 
of his time h1 was popular af
2017-09-09 16:10
h1z1 top player peek of all time was in july this year when pubg was already released, so what time are you talking about? PUBG have 850k more players at the same time recorded.
2017-09-09 17:02
mimi | 
Belgium usc 
2017-09-09 00:23
Andorra glassis 
yes i agree fake netherlands
2017-09-09 00:23
mimi | 
Belgium usc 
2017-09-09 00:26
Andorra glassis 
reported for caps
2017-09-09 00:26
mimi | 
Belgium usc 
2017-09-09 00:27
Andorra glassis 
i will miss u brother
2017-09-09 00:27
Turkey Mustafa- 
reported for ibp
2017-09-09 01:06
mad cause vac
2017-09-09 10:31
mimi | 
Belgium usc 
2017-09-09 11:49
cs is back on top and dota is 2nd right now and pubg behind them but still i want csgo to start losing a ton of players so volvo will make a new huge good update but it wont happen cuz gay ben
2017-09-09 00:31
Turkey Mustafa- 
csgo needs 128 tick servers and update vac system
2017-09-09 01:06
cs go needs vehicles
2017-09-09 01:45
Turkey Mustafa- 
lul wtf
2017-09-09 02:00
i know ur joking but it does
2017-09-09 10:33
Play on esea you broke scrub
2017-09-09 03:08
2017-09-09 10:35
Turkey Mustafa- 
esea in 2017 LUL
2017-09-09 15:41
Ur a moron in 2017 LOL
2017-09-09 17:26
Turkey Mustafa- 
Ppl still paying money for esea hahaha
2017-09-09 23:21
let me guess u play faceit?
2017-09-10 00:16
Turkey Mustafa- 
At least faceit free to play In esea you have to pay each month lmao hahaha
2017-09-10 00:48
9 out of ten games on ESEA I'll get a squad that contains 1 more of the following... (A) If you lose first round he'll blame everyone, mute half the team, and pretty much throw the rest of the game. (B) Player plays only for himself and his stats. Want him to help you while the enemy is pushing site? LOL kid yourself he's going to try to go for the 1v3 clutch instead of trading. (C) "Go out guys, push now!" Sits behind while rest of team pushes site. Blames teammates if round is lost. If you ask him to play as a team, HOO BOY better get ready for a mic storm. (D) Teenage faggots (E) No mic/Sound (F) Random B- gets into your game where everyone in the server is A+ (G-Z) more cancer, etc.
2017-09-10 11:15
Mexico romor3sp 
2017-09-09 01:06
Denmark BassA 
bye csgo hello pubg
2017-09-09 01:26
CS has a huge history it will never die dude
2017-09-09 01:34
i dont have pubg, but i know pubg>cs with Valve Allow Cheats
2017-09-09 01:39
tfw you'd rather play King of the Kill than this piece of crap you call PUBG
2017-09-09 02:36
Delusional people are the worst. PUBG is a great game, far better than H1Z1. It's not there for one or two months, it's legit. It's being played by shit loads of people because it is in fact a great game with great gameplay. The developers are way more interested on making it better, compared to Valve with CSGO. But, on the pro scene side of the things, it's not even close to CS and I don't think it will be. As a casual game, it's way more fun than CS tho.
2017-09-09 03:31
u forget something , a game lives when the most ppl play on it when the game is boring the game dies , i dont care about develepers or superstars of cs go or how much competitve is cs go when the most of ppl leave it the game is dead , plus cs go has pretty bad pixel picks and very bad updates and the funny thing the most of guys who play cs go know that problem but they dont want to admit it
2017-09-09 04:27
CS has been around for over 20 years, Valve's doing something right if over 500,000 a day are still playing the current rendition.
2017-09-09 09:50
2017-09-09 09:58
correct CS not cs go , i play the game since 1.1 version and i know when a game is come to end , ofc is gona be a new cs but not cs go .
2017-09-09 10:00
sorry but no the developer is a jew game ban for editing ini file (config) if valve did that everyone would lose their shit bans people for insulting streamers, saw someone get banned for honking horn at streamer sucks streamers dick greedy jew promises no real money cosmetics until the game is finished valve is a better dev than pubg
2017-09-09 10:37
Ofc they suck streamers dicks PUBG would be irrelevant without streamers...
2017-09-09 11:27
Some people won't come back to CS but a lot will, just like with Overwatch aka CS:GO killer ROFL. Only thing PUBG has over Overwatch is streaming but it also has a lot of problems OW doesn't have so people will come back to CS.
2017-09-09 11:30
PubG is a filthy casual game that's fun to play for a while when you drink beer or so and cant be bothered to actually try. There are many filthy casual gamers, no surprise it is popular then is it? (Of course Pubg will be an afterthought in a year or two)
2017-09-09 09:59
csgo is pretty casual compared to 1.6, I guess your argument is true then! becuase cs blew up with csgo.
2017-09-09 10:23
Wrong. CS blew up because of skins and better overall production value, it's delusional to say CS blew up because it's a more casual game than before...
2017-09-09 11:33
My point is that it is indeed much more casual than 1.6
2017-09-09 12:26
Its not only that but also csgo is cheaper than csgo in terms of the game itself and computer specs. I bet if it had better optimalisation the peak would increase by 500k at least. Im buying graphic card this week so i can finally play pubg. Im super hyped
2017-09-09 10:06
karrigan | 
France SW4Y1 
hahahah gg ez fuck csgo
2017-09-09 10:07
Norway arrow2DKnee 
CSGO all time peak is 850k. PUBG a few months old game already has more than 1 million peak players even its current players 852k is more than CSGO Peak of 850k lol.
2017-09-09 10:35
csgo has more playtime peak players mean nothing if they launch the game for 1 minute
2017-09-09 10:39
csgo has more playtime peak players mean nothing if they launch the game for 1 minute
2017-09-09 10:39
the problem with csgo is theyre not making the best of it..they dont come up with innovative stuff which would be so fucking easy..implement mods and shit officially supported by would grow like crazy but oh well, music kits and gloves
2017-09-09 10:41
Do people really want innovative stuff? Go play Garry's mod if you want to play around with Source engine.
2017-09-09 11:36
2017-09-09 13:48
Most people I played with had no idea it was the 5 years anniversary lol they didn't even show it in the main menu what a bunch of lazy fucks
2017-09-09 13:50
Ukraine ksay 
valve making 30% of every sold PUBG (it's default cut for being on steam) and cs still played. valve ftw
2017-09-09 10:45
World shield12345 
So ? if PUBG was released in 2013 and CSGO 2 months ago i would guarantee you 90% of pubg players will move to CSGO for a time and will be 2 milion peak,gtfo
2017-09-09 10:57
Germany xoutblaze 
no1 cares
2017-09-09 10:59
Israel tonyyy 
Why u compare 2 different games? There is no natural competition for cs. A lot of pple play both because they are completely different. And I bet that pubg will die faster than CS.
2017-09-09 11:06
Sure, half a milion people playing but it's a dead game. What a fucking retard
2017-09-09 12:34
Zeus | 
Germany Tunio 
CS hype = 18 years PUBG hype = will be less than 2 years
2017-09-09 13:53
Literally every pro in Csgo rn that've voiced their opinion on the game has called CS:GO shit.
2017-09-10 11:19
Zeus | 
Germany Tunio 
yet they make their out of that so they should shut the fuck up
2017-09-10 14:02
I don't know what "they make their out of that" is supposed to mean, but if you're talking about money then how does your statement make any sense? If you're the best at a game, it doesn't matter how shit the game is, you still get paid to be a pro. There are professional hearthstone players (they play a fucking glorified card game wtf???) who get paid to play a shit game. I don't see your point. CS:GO is shit with respect to its potential. It's like Valve has made every possible wrong decision to fuck up the game at every turn.
2017-09-13 16:27
Zeus | 
Germany Tunio 
a living
2017-09-15 14:26 CS:GO is now 5 years old game, what do you think when pubg is five years old? I can show you: #cswillneverdie
2017-09-09 15:11
When all of your pro players call your game shit your game is dead.
2017-09-10 11:19
Sweden aer1aL 
PUBG will die LOL, CSGO is a game came out back at 2012, how many of you guys remember what you did that year? PUBG is in BETA.
2017-09-09 17:11
Played real cs games and not this wannabe rng garbage with skins.
2017-09-09 17:28
Sweden aer1aL 
CSGO >> 1.6 In terms of mechanics and gameplay.
2017-09-09 19:11
Macedonia scrubi 
have to disagree with movement being better in csgo but everything else > cs 1.6
2017-09-09 19:15
Sweden aer1aL 
2017-09-09 19:16
I can tell you never played I understand why your name is scrubi
2017-09-09 19:17
Macedonia scrubi 
only played hns, kz and surf so
2017-09-09 19:17
Just like I thought no competitive play lol
2017-09-09 19:20
I can tell your a source player off this comment.
2017-09-09 19:16
Sweden aer1aL 
I'm 13, never played Source except when i was 9 and had a Intel 82495G, tried Source but lagged out like hell, never played it since. Have 210 hours on 1.6 and counting, never said it was a bad game but GO is better than 1.6
2017-09-09 19:17
Ur 13 telling me csgo is better then 1.6 because you have 210 hours in it lool..shut your mm shitty ass up.
2017-09-09 19:19
Sweden aer1aL 
Wow, you don't have to be such toxic. I'm keeping my attitude, not dropping onto your level. I don't play MM, rather play Condition Zero's SP.
2017-09-09 19:20
Sweden aer1aL 
I can prove you that GO is better than 1.6 in mechanics and gameplay.
2017-09-09 19:20
You are wrong....
2017-09-09 19:23
Sweden aer1aL 
I said i can PROVE, i'm talking off of Facts, not opinions like yours.
2017-09-09 19:24
There is no facts..your fucking retarded.
2017-09-09 21:10
at least learn proper grammar before insulting someone
2017-09-10 11:21
Sweden aer1aL 
Yeah, there ARE facts, let me list some you ignorant embecile. 1 - Grenades do damage through walls in 1.6, that doesn't make any sense and it's just broken, you could kill an enemy that was behind a wall with a grenade on the other side of that wall. That's just broken. 2 - Guns have different spray patterns, Every gun had 3-4 spray patterns that you had to memorize, and you couldn't tell which spray pattern the gun was going to use before you shoot and see the spray, that's completely based off of RNG. 3 - Every gun except the DEAGLE, AWP M4A1 AK were useless at 1.6, where's the gun balance? you could only win force rounds if you had a full deagle team and that is very hard to manage since deagle isn't even accurate even when one tapping. Movement in 1.6 is better, i'll give you that. But the rest? CSGO wins.
2017-09-10 11:26
LMAO 15 yo kids....
2017-09-09 20:02
Belgium KenshinS 
wrong wrong wrong 1.6 had a way harder competitive nature
2017-09-09 22:07
1.6 first bullet accuracy is more RNG than csgo.
2017-09-09 19:21
This bait though loool
2017-09-09 19:22
No bait, if you actually know both games, you would know that
2017-09-09 19:27
I do know both games you downy and your wrong..
2017-09-09 21:08
Nope, I know I'm right.
2017-09-09 21:10
And I think your wrong...I remember your name now ur that moron that defends csgo with a passion.if I recall you even said some shit that you only pubbed In cs 1.6. and how you only play mm in csgo never seen any leagues in your life.
2017-09-09 21:13 csgo > 1.6 in accuracy
2017-09-09 21:22
see in 1.6 you can shoot and pull down...oh wait your a moron you dont know how to control recoil or better yet understand the spray patterns.
2017-09-09 21:56
Don't change the subject. It was about first bullet accuracy.
2017-09-09 21:57
but u can control the first bullet accurancy... or u dumb or what?
2017-09-09 21:57
lol wut? It doesn't get more accurate than by standing still long enough. you begin about spray control, that is irrelevant.
2017-09-09 22:00
hes retarded dont bother
2017-09-10 11:03
I don't see how this is relevant when we are talking strictly about first bullet accuracy. Also 1.6 has 4 spray patterns that activate randomly, don't see how thats less rng than csgo's single pattern.
2017-09-10 11:04
WTF are you on about?
2017-09-09 21:56
typical response..i bet if i look up the thread and i can expose you for being a fraud.
2017-09-09 21:57
Who the fuck are you? lmao. Facts seem you really piss you off, why?
2017-09-09 21:58
not really seems like butt hurt kids like u hate being exposed for being a fucking idiot.
2017-09-09 21:58
You seem very angry.
2017-09-09 22:00
nope nice try though
2017-09-09 22:25
Not sure what else I can make of it. I only stated a simple fact and you got all hysterical almost. You can't even admit that it's true.
2017-09-09 22:44
Czech Republic manik999 
He could take more money in Cloud9 and more viewers than in some PUBG, CS will die after PUBG by the way, CS is there from 2001, battle royal games exist for one maybe two years because there will be concurence what have better graphics or something xD CS cant have concurence because every FPS game is something else
2017-09-09 19:17
cyx | 
Russia lyfz 
gay porno simulator
2017-09-09 19:20
Russia Norstron 
if PUBG will be supported, it could be a new cs easily so :))
2017-09-09 21:04
Lithuania Vcm 
500k of those are AFK bots.. Top kekinson
2017-09-09 21:04
Oh shit you watched liriks stream..
2017-09-09 21:09
nt kalinka
2017-09-09 21:58
shroud is getting more views than cs go tournis with tier 1/2 teams... and all he has to do is sit in a chair playing the same thing over and over lol.
2017-09-10 11:07
Turkey Mustafa- 
shroud can play in any tier 1 team u know that
2017-09-10 13:28
Hungary mf1216 
2017-09-10 11:43
PUBG: 1.018.540 players LOL: >100000000 players shroud should play some popular game,not this pubg shit
2017-09-10 11:44
now remove the fake chinese players and its its less than 1m in league
2017-09-10 13:29
lol you are pretty stupid
2017-09-10 15:07
defending league and being smart ok
2017-09-10 15:09
I'm not defending league, but if you call league a game that has 1million players outside of China/Korea, than you must be either mentally ill or you are just baiting. And I would assume you are not baiting considering the way you are trying to point out the "facts" (at least according to your assumptions).
2017-09-10 15:10
league is dying and the faster it dies the better
2017-09-10 15:11
definitely not dying anytime soon... but whatever, I wont argue with 17 y/o kiddo from bulgaria, I would rather hanging myself instead
2017-09-10 15:13
Well do it I am really tired of cringy weaboo kids defending their stupid games Wow he said something bad about my game better tell him how stupid he is 1ST WORLD BTW SO SMART XD Fucking low life faggot
2017-09-10 15:14
who told you league is my game tho? think outside of the box for once in your life... i'm not defending any game, because sooner or later every game that we know right now will eventually die, the question is which one is going to be the first, and considering the fact that csgo has no anticheat, no support, no company that stand behind it - it will die faster than league
2017-09-10 15:16
2017-09-10 15:17
u can't run bot in lol - u gonna be banned in 1minute - u can easily use bot in pubg for a whole month.
2017-09-10 17:10
no one will watch the game, where 100 people run around on the map and try to kill each other. this is not a team game This is a game that is not related to the cs. P.S: RIP DOTA2 - LOL have 1+million but in Dota people still play. hmmmm
2017-09-10 11:59
Canada uhJake 
can't wait to see pugb tournaments... oh wait
2017-09-10 13:31
why would you need tournaments when you can stream the game itself and make twice as the money you will make from all the csgo tournaments that you could possibly win? LUL you gotta live in 2k17 bro, csgo is gonna die soon if valve doesn't pick up and do something
2017-09-10 15:08
Canada uhJake 
Watching someone get a kill every 40 mins LUL #RUNOVERWATCH #WHERESTHEMETA
2017-09-10 15:20
and? if you don't like it - don't watch it... obviously there is millions of people who like it and find it better than csgo, keep playing cs and stop trying to pull out stupid points out of your ass
2017-09-10 15:24
Canada uhJake 
Its just overwatch v2. Btw, its a counterstrike website. So take your pugB and give shroud money
2017-09-10 15:39
Brazil Waldemar H. 
casual shit game vs a game that isn't easy at the first time
2017-09-10 13:36
H1Z1 is better
2017-09-10 15:04
United Kingdom IdyllicWolfe 
Honestly, PUBG was great for a few weeks, then you notice the massive flaws it has and the game got dull really quick. (My opinion so don't lynch me over it <3)
2017-09-10 15:24
i just dont get the hype around that shit game. boring to play, terrible to spectate.
2017-09-10 15:29
2017-09-10 15:40
Norway SkaMathias 
So strange to not see Dota 2 as the most played game, been that way in like forever
2017-09-10 17:12
still the most played steam game, perfect world numbers don't get counted by steamcharts.
2017-09-15 14:31
let see when chinese ruined this game like h1z1....
2017-09-10 18:38
Argentina [Darkaren] 
"RiP CSGO already" Not really, PUBG will slow down their hype and CS:GO will live on, that's how it has always been.
2017-09-10 19:13
*only cares about player numbers* my god, you are dumb as fuck. expected from kebab tho.
2017-09-13 17:22
0/8 nt
2017-09-13 17:29
World n0d3x 
2017-09-13 22:30
pubg at 97k rn lol
2017-09-14 01:06
Still 3rd, not bad for a 2012 game Let's wait for the PUBG hype to go down, everybody went nuts with Overwatch too when it came out, "this is the future of esports" lmao
2017-09-15 14:33
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