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Brazil ColdzeraIsLegit 
KNG is unlike any other Brazilian player currently playing in America, hes truly a favela guy, he was born and raised in capão redondo-SP, one of the most violent areas of the largest brazilian city, probably EU and NA guys cant understand that, but if you invent lies and stories about someone in some precarious and poor areas of Brazil, you really can be killed for it. FNS is probably a rich guy whos play cs for pleasure, KNg does it for living, is away for family and friends, thats why he take this tweet so serious. I agree when hltv in general says ''kng is dumb'', but try undestand kng backgrounds and you will be able to understand why he is overreacting.
2017-09-12 03:19
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BTW sorry for my bad english.
2017-09-12 03:19
You should be sorry for the dogshit you wrote above. Do you really think someone would believe that poorness, danger, violence, favela and capao fuckondo teach people how to be edgy on twitter?
2017-09-12 04:39
dont be so mad, be nicest and good luck with ur life, bro.
2017-09-12 04:42
United States Cario 
coldzera sucks kNg is dead /closed
2017-09-13 05:39
That's actually a legit reason dude.... Background matters. It doesn't excuse what he did but it explains why he reacted the way he did
2017-09-12 13:05
2017-09-12 13:52
2017-09-12 15:10
World pcmasterrace 
2017-09-12 15:39
Brazil HOM3RR 
2017-09-12 19:25
Canada PwnNewb 
2017-09-13 04:22
If it doesn't excuse what he did it isn't particularly relevant to the discussion. It's just an excuse for immature and unprofessional behavior (not to mention it wasn't even a lie that they were hungover).
2017-09-13 05:32
2017-09-13 15:39
JW | 
Sweden JW_top1 
he has been playing pro since he was like 14, no way he was brought up in a poor area
2017-09-12 06:32
CS is really an acessible game. You can play it on a shit computer with shit internet.
2017-09-13 03:53
If this is true than why is my CSGO unplayable when I have 40 fps and ping spiking from 20-500 on the regular? My PC isn't even that shit too
2017-09-13 05:33
40 fps is playable and you don't have to have any particularly fast internet connection to play but it does have to be stable. I usually play at 60 fps but unfortunately usually I can't seem to get less than 80 ping and I have massive spipkes too. Also, in the old days, lots of people played Counter Strike in lan houses/internet cafes in Brazil
2017-09-13 14:48
Canada PwnNewb 
ya dude sell some drugs then go to internet cafe
2017-09-13 04:22
Poland Looopie 
fuck man that's super sad I'm living in country when you could be beaten even without any reason so sad kng is a cunt liked him for playing pretty could, but he acted like a cunt
2017-09-12 14:36
No dude don't be sorry. This is really great insight into why he acted the way he did and it's something that not a lot of people could bring. Like you said it doesn't excuse his actions but it definitely is something to take into account when trying to figure out the reason he does the things he did.
2017-09-13 04:03
Rare to see someone being polite and nice here at hltv. ty bro.
2017-09-13 04:15
Doesnt explain why he is acting this way like after months in non favela world he should realize how to behave
2017-09-12 03:21
TaZ | 
Brazil br44444444p 
are you really from Colombia? (just curiosity)
2017-09-12 03:23
I understand background and etc but you know when people go to certain places events/society you cant behave in same way
2017-09-12 03:25
Here in Brazil we have a saying: ''você pode sair da favela, mas a favela não sai de vc'', something like: you can leave favela, but favela doesnt leave you. Maybe this can explain ... hahaha
2017-09-12 03:27
But when you are writing you should somewhat understand what are you writing but i guess he cant understand probably isnt smart in real life
2017-09-12 03:29
yep, definitely not smart send death threats when you are trying to get a permanently visa.
2017-09-12 03:30
I know like at this point he should say sorry and delete twitter
2017-09-12 03:31
Brazil Brazilian Wax 
For a period in his life, he was a rapper in Brazil. If u consider rappers aren't the smartest and educated, u will get from where he gets it. But Immortals should hire as quick as possible someone to handle and teach these guys how to behave in public. At some point u had guys like Taco, Fer and Cold doing the same shit... But they got assistance from their organizations in this way, Immortals need to do the same.
2017-09-12 03:48
Well i really wish he doesnt talk like that to people in real life like shop, gym airport etc
2017-09-12 03:50
Brazil Brazilian Wax 
He's the true favela stereotype from Brazil, haha. Only difference his black mom got fucked by an italian guy.
2017-09-12 03:53
+1 but dont get banned m8
2017-09-12 03:58
everibody talks shit in twitter.EVERIBODY
2017-09-12 13:58
gAuLeS | 
Liechtenstein KotoPRO 
floyd mayweather and is out of the american favelas for years and i bilionare and is still acting like a retarded nigger murica favelian
2017-09-12 06:28
2017-09-12 14:18
He obviously isn't...
2017-09-12 11:02
The Brazilian press attacked him, Lucas and Henrique for allegedly playing the major final in hangover. that's why immortals hired Horvy to be the team's backup. As I said, he plays cs to survive and when the FNS tweeted this, he really took it seriously, probably fns didnt have any evil intent, but for all that had already happened the consequences for kng could be really serious.
2017-09-12 03:25
favela never leaves doesnt ERASE what he did,but explains why he acted in such a way
2017-09-12 13:54
But he has brain right?
2017-09-12 13:55
sure but some people never's a fact
2017-09-12 13:56
Why doesnt fns say something back like come and find me favela
2017-09-12 14:08
maybe hes actually scared
2017-09-12 14:17
What can kng do, for sure fns can find someone also dangerous or good in fighting to help
2017-09-12 14:18
canadian = peace and love i guess fns is super calm and shit
2017-09-12 14:20
Honestly i would go to police if further something came out more threats
2017-09-12 14:21
ppl think kng is serious cause hes from favela and stuff but most ppl in favela are nice and hardworking and honest.its a minority that has guns and commit crimes and etc.he comes from the more honest side
2017-09-12 14:26
He really needs to get put in a place like police or someone more stronger than him
2017-09-12 14:41
good one bro
2017-09-12 03:21
thanks bro
2017-09-12 03:29
I disagree. He needs this harsh response to set him into a position to meet at the standards the rest of the world has for cs sportsmanship and maturity
2017-09-12 03:31
Brazil nicknameBR123 
I agree with you. You know... FNS joking or not, FalleN would have never reacted this way. Also, would have never been in the situation of a hangover while in finals. Anyways, kNg behaved like an idiot, should be treated like so.
2017-09-12 03:45
2017-09-12 03:44
FalleN | 
Brazil Gagazo 
2017-09-12 13:42
They are getting shit in all social medias, brazillian players often get way more shit when they don't perform for too long or pull shit like that. Not wanting to trigger americans, but they don't pressure the players to perform and they are fast to throw shit at others especially brazillians. Few examples that come to mind is cloud9 not kicking a player like shroud, it took them so much time to actually do it. Shroud performed like twice a year and he still got support from fans, if he was brazillian it would be totally diferent. Brazillians don't ask players to stream more if the team is not performing, they ask to stream less and practice more. Another example is the hen1 case , i've seen few people asking why now hen1 is getting shit but the time of the headset incident brazillians didn't act the same as now, at the time it could be a legitimate mistake by hen1 and north american fans were really bothered that brazillian teams were doing better so they got really pissed, it doesn't help the way imt handled the suituation. Another is Liquid-LG incident, brazillians got pissed at liquid becuse of the lack of fair play, even if the rules state that liquid doesn't need to restart, restarting would be act of fair play, LG vs fnatic krimz pc froze mid of round, LG agreed to restart anyway, SK vs Optic IEM Sydney DMG was dealt yet SK agreed to restart the round.
2017-09-12 04:02
2017-09-12 04:19
Spain G3CK0 
Ur comparing SK/LG to inmortals. Thats like two different worlds
2017-09-12 10:52
who in the world", when KNG says "i will kill you", really believe that he means it?
2017-09-12 03:32
Turkey Yossi_Kohen 
sure. then why the fuck he was looking for fns in the hotel ??
2017-09-12 03:59
to say hello or sup or que passo
2017-09-12 04:43
Turkey Yossi_Kohen 
sry. my bad then :/
2017-09-12 05:02
the hotel part is literally retardeddekay taking a nba meme seriously on reddit and tweeting about it
2017-09-12 09:30
Turkey Yossi_Kohen 
you were there? how can you say it didn't happen?
2017-09-12 10:42
Cyprus Swishh_ 
was he rly looking for him at the hotel? lol
2017-09-12 13:29
no dekay as always speking shit to his followers creted this rumor
2017-09-12 14:28
Cyprus Swishh_ 
kk ty
2017-09-12 14:38
Turkey Yossi_Kohen 
Yolu were there? How can you say it?
2017-09-12 19:03
are you retarded? it's a famous meme that was brought in from r/nba, because the owner of the dallas mavericks named mark cuban was supposedly walking around the neighborhood looking for deandre jordan (due to a false journal report) after deandre backstabbed him and resigned with the clippers even though he already went through and said he will sign with the mavs and just had to sign the contract. then deandre and his clippers teammates jokingly posted that they locked themselves in their house so mark cuban won't find them. someone literally took the exact lazy meme and put kng in it instead on the cs go reddit and retards didn't know its a meme and took it seriously, then dekay reported the meme as "sources" lmao. yall some fucking retards falling for a meme, that's why memes shouldn't be spread cause half the dumbasses don't even know its a meme and then it gets spread as a real fact cause yall basement fags don't watch or read about nba
2017-09-12 19:23
Turkey Yossi_Kohen 
srsly? this is why are you saying "it didn't happen"? also how do you know that dekay guy took it from reddit? maybe show us your flag? LOL
2017-09-12 20:30
KNG newcomer in NA was almost Major champion, FNS in years of international disputes, never won anything. He's a loser. Only that !
2017-09-12 03:35
Sure, irrelevant player like fns should'nt be saying bs like that on twitter, but it's not surprising they were hungover, after all it's lucas and henrique they are morons, with juvenile mentality, people like that they are goofy on stream, but they don't seen to take the game seriously as a job, its not the first time people say they were drunk before a final. They are behaving on twitter like fucking kids, they can't even act like men.
2017-09-12 03:43
Denmark mikey4320 
2017-09-12 05:17
And that is 100 percent relevant to kNg being a mong
2017-09-12 13:09
Low BR IQ detected
2017-09-12 13:47
TLDR please?
2017-09-12 03:37
Learn to read
2017-09-12 11:04
Brazil digozamaral 
Yeah,but he is still wrong,He is and ADULT and a PROFESSIONAL HE must know how to TALK like normal people and don't just say "I will kill you"
2017-09-12 03:49
yep, is totally wrong, no doubt about.
2017-09-12 03:51
Brazil Brazilian Wax 
The funny thing is people are talking about FNS or kng, but the real shit started with Ryu talking shit about this while being a coach and he wasn't joking for sure. For a guy in his position, being coach, org owner (or manager idk) and analyst, he shouldn't be spreading shit like that, true or not.
2017-09-12 03:51
Brazil nicknameBR123 
If he's absolutely sure about what he was talking I don't see how he should be worried about any of it. If he was telling the truth, I suport him.
2017-09-12 04:03
why not? and surely it being true plays a huge role in the validity of the statement.
2017-09-12 04:07
Brazil Brazilian Wax 
You're spreading a rumor without being sure in your work environment. You can fuck with some co-worker reputation or you can fuck with your career. Anyway, it's something you shouldn't be doing. One thing wrong doesn't justify another. And i'm not defending kng, he's really stupid and should be fined by the organization.
2017-09-12 04:43
not arguing about any of that. you said 'for a guy in his position' i meant, what has ryu's position got to do with any of this. also who gives a shit who/what he speaks to people about as long as its behind closed doors (i.e. not advertising it, which he wasn't).
2017-09-12 04:46
Brazil Smartzilian 
Not justfing his atitude but this guy lives a reality that HLTV users can't understand. He plays for live, to support his family, probably FNS did'nt realizes it. Despite this the trio were so unprofessional that I think Boltz and Steel rly deserve better mates.
2017-09-12 03:58
Exaclty this. And most of the hltv public dont understand how serious it is in Brazil make up lies about a person. Very different realities.
2017-09-12 04:01
So, KnG is favelaman who don't know how to life in normal and civilized countries? So this is his fault and he should be punished for his behavior.
2017-09-12 06:53
I agree. He totally should be punished.
2017-09-12 15:13
Denmark Notallama 
Everyone is a victim of their surroundings, terrorists and mass murderers as well. That doesn't justify anything at all. And yeah, the culture might be different as well. But your culture and behavior patterns doesn't apply to everyone you meet in the world outside of Brazil. Pathetic excuse. You won't ever be able to defend a death threat.
2017-09-12 04:14
wtf? Im not defendind a death threat, kng is dumb and have to pay for your behaviour, I'm just trying to explain why he acts like this. Read again and try understand.
2017-09-12 04:21
Denmark Notallama 
You're a real psychological genius. Everyone has a reason for doing something. I don't see why the background should matter, it doesn't change anything. So why make the thread in the first place? You are obviously trying to downplay the situation and defend his actions. The fact that you're lenient towards saying that he's an idiot is nothing but an attempt to sound righteous in your rambling.
2017-09-12 06:06
kNg is an idiot and OP is trying to show why. Nobody is defending him.
2017-09-12 06:36
2017-09-12 15:13
Denmark Notallama 
I know what he's is doing, but OP's intention is relevant as well. And his intention is extremely obvious.
2017-09-12 18:44
to murder
2017-09-12 19:29
Many brazilians act like they are the ultimate alpha males but deep inside they suffer from inferiority complex. Notice how they always start aggressive and confident byt when you get to the core and they realize they're wrong , they start to play the victim role. Its so pathetic...
2017-09-12 06:44
Where have I been aggressive?
2017-09-12 19:08
I do feel it is actually easy to understand why kng would be mad and I can see how cultural difference and such would play part in this really. But also FNS probably was pissed too when team who beat them then doesn't even go to play final in time and therefore he chose to make his tweets, it was pretty stupid too though IMO but I can also understand his feelings. Regardless the thing is, you shouldn't publicly make death threat to the person and refuse to apologize, it is just very bad look on you...
2017-09-12 04:38
Spain G3CK0 
When you go to a differemt culture you have to adapt. You cant bring your agressive favela attitude to a civilised country. Its not an excuse
2017-09-12 10:57
Yeah, he plays for living but he doesnt show up in the grand final, nice1
2017-09-12 04:49
2017-09-12 19:30
Australia Ohnorepo 
No, out of the two players FNS takes the game more seriously lol. It shows just how fucking awful kNg is if he rocks up late to a match, that is his livelyhood. If he truly did take this lifestyle as seriously as you think, he wouldn't jeopardize his teams chance of winning AND tarnish the orgs name that he is representing.
2017-09-12 04:51
United States darkun 
There is a time in your life when no matter where you came up or what you've done, it's time to be a man. kNg is obviously still a kid. You give a kid extra money and the kid goes out and plays, it's as s1mple as that. Do I personally give a fuck that he went out and got drunk the night before? Not at all. Would I consider him a man, No. Just a kid having fun.
2017-09-12 05:06
Hes not a kid he is simply stupid , low iq.
2017-09-12 06:31
United States darkun 
hes a fucking child
2017-09-13 03:52
so if youre from detroit or Oakland (two murder capitals in America) its still ok to just pop someone on the street? I mean you grew up with it right?
2017-09-12 05:20
it's not okay but it happens all the time which is why they are the two murder capitals in America. your statement literally makes no sense.
2017-09-12 09:32
It's not okay it just explains why you did it. It doesn't justify your action but if you grew up in an area where that stuff is normal, it shows why you did it.
2017-09-12 13:13
Cyprus Swishh_ 
wow you got roasted hard buddy
2017-09-12 16:08
Can anyone please run me through the whole situation ? (If u can add some screens) Havent been following the scene for a while. Thanks.
2017-09-12 05:54
On twitter: Player FNS from team CLG said something like: we lost against hung-over Immortals Player KNG from team Immortals said something like: prove it or i'll kill you Everybody over-reacted to what KNG wrote. Nothing more.
2017-09-12 11:06
Spain G3CK0 
Death threats are serious and very ashaming coming from a cs pro player.
2017-09-12 11:10
You are right. Death threats coming from regular cs:go players are ok though.
2017-09-12 14:36
Spain G3CK0 
Well, they dont get paid. Not their job. Not exposed to the audience
2017-09-12 15:22
I said: Everybody over-reacted to what KNG wrote. You said: Death threats are serious and very ashaming coming from a cs pro player. I do not see how what you said, relates to what i've said. Death threats. ON THE INTERNET. Are you serious ? Get real.
2017-09-12 19:03
Spain G3CK0 
Well, Imt beat clg after the trio showing up drunk and late. Later, in the final they were late and drunk against north, and had to forfeit first map. Ryu (clg coach) tweeted saying that its not acceptable that behaviour Tweets: Then Clg FNS tweeted that it sucks to lose against drunk players Then kng death threated FNS (Deleted tweet) and apparently, he was searching for him in the hotel. All the tweets are in this video
2017-09-12 11:10
Thanks a lot my spanish compadre. :)
2017-09-12 12:33
Spain G3CK0 
u welcome mi amigo
2017-09-12 12:52
*DeKay claims that he was looking for him. I like DeKay and I trust him but his "per sources" on this incident is a load of shit in my opinion.
2017-09-12 13:14
Spain G3CK0 
Ty for the aclaration
2017-09-12 15:19
United States Free_Swag 
just because you used to live in favela doesn't mean you can threaten americans....back to favela he goes LuL.
2017-09-12 05:56
He didn't threaten an American. He threatened a Canadian
2017-09-12 13:15
America is a continent LUL Usa education
2017-09-12 14:15
You really think he was talking about it in the context of America being a continent?
2017-09-12 14:25
I just like how fns was more or less just making fun about how shit clg is but then kng took it literal lmao
2017-09-12 06:01
Brazil hugoooo 
And people took it even more literal by thinking that kNg would IN FACT try to kill FNS. He's a retard on his tweets, but the drama people are making over the "DeAtH TrEaTh~" is laughable.
2017-09-12 06:22
i think the drama actually started more with the community. I mean fns was basically making fun of the death threat later too so yeah it was wrong but i agree people are way overreacting
2017-09-12 08:25
India Reaper1 
Poor English + their recent success makes him think that he's a god or smthn, for example.. his insecurity on horvy's signing. And im pretty sure what he blabbers during the matches along with abnormal physical movements don't really present anything respectful either. So im not sure why does he think people owe him respect? Just because people cant understand your language when you insult/shout it is okay? But someone making a joke about himself/his team is not? Just because you can't understand the language properly? Time for fallen to include English, Discipline and some moral values to his CS school syllabus.
2017-09-12 06:22
Only pussies try to win no matter what
2017-09-12 13:16
India Reaper1 
Are you implying that Gabriel "2faced" Toledo can't teach them moral values? if Yes, then I agree. But he can surely help them with understanding tweets in English atleast :D PS : For those who wonder where does 2faced meme come from.. here you go:
2017-09-12 17:25
I do think FalleN can teach them morals. I think all of that mess is far and away and people can change. Just wanted to drop that joke in there. I think FalleN is a good person and HLTV-can-do-no-wrong don't believe that people can realize they are wrong after things have happened. In 2015 at the RGN LAN, FalleN roasted the fuck out of Liquid because they wouldnt replay a round where someone kicked the power out of fer's computer. So by HLTV logic, I should hate him. I still think he's a super cool guy
2017-09-13 13:48
kng is from a place that respect is serious, put him with a bunch of nerds that mommy bought mcdonalds everyday and this is what happens :> lmao he over reacted and got baited hard, but those NA streamers are disrespecful af lol people think 100% that braindead guy did nothing wrong, "inventing" shit about imt, people that he dont even know, hows that a "joke" LUL braindead!
2017-09-12 06:15
How the fuck is possible to reach to the conclusion that fns was dissrespectfull when he was actually making fun of himself and his team with that joke but kng is so braindead that it took it literally and as a personal offence and with this he basically adnitted its true because otherwise he wouldnt be triggered.... i mean you are either as stupid as kng either national stupid bias....
2017-09-12 06:33
i'm not saying kng wasnt stupid, i'm talking about the fact of those NA streamers ALWAYS bait people on social media, this is how their name is relevant, cuz they cant do shit on cs lol they been doing this for years, gonna say they are not doing????? really? lol never said that kng was right, or he wasnt dumb etc just talking about NA streamers baiting on social media =D
2017-09-12 06:32
I dont know what are you talking about , you're exagerating the fck out of your points and situations...almost delusional
2017-09-12 06:37
go on youtube and search for "na drama" or whatever you will find 23094823908489032489234 videos of steel, dazed, m0e, tarik etc so basicly my opinion is: cs should be around: games, skill level, individual good players etc, not big brother shit or gossip magazine thats my point this is basicly a situation of another NA streamer trying to be relevant making noise by creating "drama", cuz of course the guy been playing for 100 years and still irrelevant af my point has nothing to do with kng being retarded, I'm not defending him, he is 500% wrong, what he said is unexceptable... just making a point about the modus operandi of those na stramers lol at the end of the day kng was baited, cuz he is a good player, he was already relevant by his own level in the game, while playing for less than 5 months in international scene, way different than bots like fns, m0e, steel etc and no intention of offend you or who ever got offended by my point, also english isnt my first language peace and love for hltv fuck na streamers kng GOD, hope he learns and stop acting like 15yo
2017-09-12 08:08
But FNS isn't even a streamer. By your logic, kNg streamed during the qualifier vs Denial so a Brazilian streamer overreacts to a Canadian streamer calling his team shit.
2017-09-12 13:18
if from na = streamer you dont need to stream, you are already a streamer if u na pro lul :>
2017-09-12 13:19
Ok so basically you are not being reasonable. I mean, I didn't know Skadoodle, autimatic, Nahte, Koosta, RUSH, NAF, Twistzz, EliGE, nitr0, jdm, stanislaw, SicK, ShahZaM (some other names I might be forgetting) streamed every day. I guess you stopped trying at this point?
2017-09-12 13:21
if you didnt know now you know =p stream is a lifestyle, a way of style, you dont comprehend cuz not OG na cs player one day youll understand my friend
2017-09-12 13:22
Ok. I mean I kind of find it funny how in this same thread, you gave people shit for assuming all Brazilians are from favelas. Then in the same exact thread you call all NA pros streamers. They're not on the same level but you are still a hypocrite at the base for generalizing
2017-09-12 13:23
the context of playing specific game is 100% different than putting and image of br people, when br is fucking huge, 50% of br is bigger than countries and countries together, so not the same thing at all NA cs community isnt that huge, so my point is legit both times xd
2017-09-12 13:25
Your point that NA pros are all streamers but all BRs are not from favelas is legit because the BR community is larger than the NA community?
2017-09-12 13:27
yes, cuz I'm not talking about videogames, I'm talking about 100% of br population, and when talking about NA, is NA cs go players on the internacional scene, not wholeNA population xD
2017-09-12 13:29
You don't get it. I don't think calling all NA pros streamers and all Brazilians favelas are the same. I know calling all Brazilians favelas is far worse. But at the base, you despise people for generalizing about Brazilians, but you generalize about North Americans. And then you actually think its ok. Just because other people say stupid things doesn't mean its ok for you to do the same. If people generalize about Brazilians, you be the bigger man and you be smart enough to look at each individual case as it should be. Just because kNg acted out of hand and he is from Brazil, I don't go "Hes Brazilian so its normal", because I know there is a world where humble players like coldzera (aside from the RNG case), FalleN (aside from the Liquid case), steel, yeL, pretty much all of the lower end Brazilian teams exist.
2017-09-12 13:34
the difference is... "drama" is a thing that happens with humans, doesnt matter regions, skin color etc but search for for example, EU cs go drama, BR cs go drama, fnatic, nip, vp etc then get all the dramas together. then try like "na cs go drama" you will find 50x more content than the whole rest of the world together drama xD so calling those guys "streamer" and sayin is a "lifestyle", is everything together, having huge egos, talking shit on everyones mistakes while still shit in cs, talking shit behind peoples back, crying when losing, making excuses etc you need to see the big picture my friend xD
2017-09-12 13:38
Ok, sorry. You're right. I was taking the term "streamer" very literally. I look like an idiot now LUL
2017-09-12 13:39
holy shit, I replyed and you reply back in like 0,0003 sec o.o very impressive my friend <3 thank mr flash
2017-09-12 13:40
Having to read large textbooks for college taught me how to read super fast. Plus the way your post was structured made it easy to read
2017-09-12 13:41
oh cool =D how you rate my london? from 0 to 8 xd hltv helping br's to improve english skills <3
2017-09-12 13:42
It's 6/8. Your english is good but there are some sentences with weird structure. "you will find 50x more content than the whole rest of the world together drama xD" Even native english speakers can easily understand what you mean by this but it still should be "You will find 50x more content than the rest of the world's drama" Together does not need to be there. The context of the sentence will make what you mean obvious. US Americans are not the right people to ask for English lessons though because our English is shit too
2017-09-12 13:49
Who cares if he grew up in favela or not... i mean we can tell it anyway dont worry we dont need your confirmation... but if you think this is an excuse to his behaviour you are just as braindead as he is....
2017-09-12 06:30
people joke about "favelas" but the thing is, people who usually been playing cs since 1.5 like me, or whatever generation of pros, are usually people from good and stable familys... people joke so much about favela that the average cs fan think everyone from BR come from favelas LUL the fact of the guy been from a real favela, having a fucked up back ground etc, is a KEY point to understand why he act like that, dont make ir less wrong... but dont fuck with people you dont know, disrespecting people is a huge thing here in BR lol, not our fault if FNS is a nerd that talk shit without thinking =p you put that + kng english being trash = gg another "NA drama" for NA streamer count xD
2017-09-12 08:11
What you dont get is that fns was actually making fun of himself , what disrespect like who the fuck does he think he is ? They are basically both the same they have the same job. And why do you keep saying streamers when we clearly talking about 2 cs pros . Now this is disrespect , not an auto ironic joke that was missinterpreted by a retard. Stop searching for alibis please , its pathetic , the situation is clear as daylight..
2017-09-12 08:58
If he takes it seriously than he should respect Western culture seriously. He didn't so that means he doesn't take it seriously. I just laid your retarded argument out.
2017-09-12 08:11
You can't stop being a Brazilian just because you moved outside the country. He is just being himself
2017-09-12 09:22
REZ | 
Czech Republic Nikoleo 
true you cant stop being monkey just because you escaped from Zoo
2017-09-12 14:15
Oceania venjful 
Someone needs to knock him down a peg.. reality check.. needs to learn to control his anger if he wants to continue to be a professional as people look upto him.. if i was immortals id dump his ass.. making the org look crap..
2017-09-12 09:26
Europe kennyBeast 
everyone will still call him dumb, doesnt matter where he came from.
2017-09-12 10:54
Netherlands Darkrain 
> 'KNg does it for living' > comes late for final and drinks the night before pick 1
2017-09-12 10:57
Netherlands Dimok_Beast 
2017-09-12 12:55
This totally makes sense. Thank you for sharing your point of view. Rich and "blind" people can't ever understand how it's like to be raised in an environment that teaches you to defend against everything. Unlearning this defensive nature may take YEARS, and in cases of childhood trauma, may never be completely accomplished. That being said.... in my view, they are professional players and they should act professionally.
2017-09-12 11:01
inserts *THANK YOU* gif
2017-09-12 13:07
Understandable. But after spending a few months in the us he should realise by now that people dont kill eachother over a tweet. And he has spent time with other pros whether it be rank s or real life. For him to say ill kill you is dumb but i see why he said it, but he also said that he wont apologize to fns and that he means it, That is fucked up and shouldnt be allowed to compete again
2017-09-12 12:45
Lithuania Deci 
true fact ... people don't kill over a tweet ... they kill over candy or stupid words ... instead they nuke or drone over a tweet
2017-09-12 12:57
When you go to a differemt culture you have to adapt. You cant bring your agressive favela attitude to a civilised country. Its not an excuse
2017-09-12 13:36
This thread is the embodiment of why the world is evolving so slow. (note: most threads on HLTV are)
2017-09-12 13:00
2017-09-12 19:09 This is a thorough explanation video
2017-09-12 22:57
So acting like an uncivilized cunt is justified because of his background. Can't he think for himself?
2017-09-12 13:03
Switzerland hanniba1fade 
i expected reddit overreacting to this but hltv lol
2017-09-12 13:09
Croatia mds818 
you only question is,why the fuck would i respect someone who dosen't respect others?
2017-09-12 13:16
u can leave the favela, but favela never come out from you.
2017-09-12 13:38
I understand that where he comes from, but if its like that then he shouldn't be allowed in murica because mentally ill. I've born and been raised also in not good conditions even though I never missed anything, but today I live by the standards that is required too because if i'll live like when I was small kid then I would be probably be long in jail, just like anyone. again what u said makes sense but also is stupid because means that a guy can't change!
2017-09-12 13:59
France Meerkat_
2017-09-12 14:28
Brazil kiker1 
vc disse tudo mano!!! gostei das palavras
2017-09-12 15:19
Vlw mano, os gringo não entende que o cara veio de um lugar que vc tem que manter o que vc diz, o kn tá errado pra caralho e provavelmente se fodeu pq não vai ter o visto renovado, fodeu a carreira toda dele, só tentei explicar pra gringaiada o pq dele ser tão ''porra loca''.
2017-09-12 15:33
dont make fun of scream, he might hijack a truck
2017-09-12 15:23
So whats up? Everyone should suck Kngs dick cause he was born in a poor neighbourhood? ffs man, its genius! Ima tell the law enforcement in sweden that the people committing crime AND grew up in a poor neighbourhood should not be arrested, they should freely behave like fucking monkeys cause they were born in the "wrong" place. fuck that shit, if you grew up with a mother and/or a father and you are not taught to be polite and you are rude, you should get knocked the fuck out and i promise, the rudeness will eventually go away.. So the lesson here kids is as follows, roughing up someone sometimes is needed to put those idiots in place.
2017-09-12 19:04
2017-09-12 19:10
Its not a legit reason to overreact, he is retarded, he has the brain of half a monkey.
2017-09-12 19:14
Indonesia FinZzz 
"If you grew up with a mother and/or a father and you are not taught to be polite and you are rude, you should get knocked the fuck out" "He is retarded, he has the brain of half a monkey" How ironic.
2017-09-12 19:19
Indonesia FinZzz 
Great post. If you guys wanna hear something similar and along these lines :
2017-09-12 19:17
Germany iXoxo 
gtfo of twitter if u cant handle jokes. crybaby.
2017-09-12 19:21
2017-09-12 19:24
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
Holy shit, what kind of stupid bullshit did I just read? Because of people like you that we are so hated here in HLTV.
2017-09-12 19:25
Read again and try understand what i said. functional illiteracy still a thing in Brazil apparently
2017-09-12 19:32
>brazils >brains Cant have both. Im i gonna get killed now?
2017-09-12 19:56
Argentina [Darkaren] 
Thorin made a tweet i believe sayin "It's ok to come from a different culture, that doesn't mean that it justifies your actions" and "You have to adapt to the culture you're getting into, not that we have to justify everything because of being from a different culture" Basically, it's ok he had a shit background and that his father killed 400 cops on a favela, i don't give a shit about it, teams don't give a shit about it, other players don't give a shit about it neither do tournament organizers, but he has to adapt to the culture he's going to. He needs to understand that Montreal isn't a Favela, that Malmo isn't a favela, he's not going to play to a favela, he's on a place with civilized people and he needs to behave. Otherwise i think that a temporal ban should be necessary for him to understand and reform. ofc, he then said on twitter that he was sorry and he said things from the heat of the moment, that's ok, but you can't go out there saying "I'm gonna kill you u piece of shit" and then go like "It was just the heat of the moment, understand me, i got a shitty backstory." Just saying, there's no way justifying him, he was on the wrong one and i hope he doesn't fuck up again. Otherwise i'm hoping him to get banned and reform.
2017-09-12 20:07
Para que la boquea el wacho tonto ese , esta bien lo que hizo el vito papa , se merece una cagada a trompadas el cheto de fns
2017-09-12 20:17
Argentina [Darkaren] 
FNS es un musulmán down pero el otro enfermo le dice que lo va a matar por una joda que hizo por un jueguito. Sarpado ignorante el Vito, le conviene ir más tranqui, es un juego, no es MMA, no te vas a cagar a piñas con el loco. De onda le convenía tirar un "oie, que chiste de mierda" y saludos. Sin tener en cuenta que el chabón se presentó 1 hora tarde a un torneo previo a todo el drama.
2017-09-12 20:53
Si la verdad que bastante pelotudo por madearse por una pelotudez,y fns que pierde siempre el estupido le da la cara para andar boqueando y despues seguro no se aguanta una cachetada, pero bueno son distintas culturas . Vito se tiene que dar cuenta donde esta jugando y al nivel que esta jugando y no cometer estos errores , ya que la org lo puede dar de baja por esto . Y aparte enojarse al pedo porque sabe que le gane todos los matchs.
2017-09-13 01:21
I live in a country where you can be told that your nan is dead if you reply to someone trolling you, so I can totally sympathize with kNg
2017-09-12 21:16
I agree. People should stop writing shit for no reason. I like him.
2017-09-13 04:04
as thorin said, thats his world this is OUR world adapt or die ya feel?
2017-09-13 04:05
United Kingdom Jeremy_Kyle 
I live in a country where your local corner shop may run out of rich tea biscuits once in a while, so I can totally sympathise with kng
2017-09-13 04:29
prove it or i will kill you
2017-09-13 13:51
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