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WW2 how we survived.
Poland bartk1342 
Hello guys, at the beginning of this massage i want to say "sory for my english". I want show u something. This animation is what Ruski and German deamons did too us in ww2. How we survive, how we fight and how we reborn ;) - ofc its a past and we shouldnt look at the past - so dont think i have some problems with GER or RUS ppl :) :) (english voice) what do you think about this video and this animation? :)
2017-09-15 16:55
United States jitteRs 
Great vid, seems like this is a meme for some reason.
2017-09-15 16:57
Turkey SLendeRuLeZ 
2017-09-15 18:11
Turkey dogboi2001 
yeah just another slav country who think they are "great nation", but got destroyed as usual...
2017-09-15 22:12
Sweden TutsiGOD 
2017-09-16 00:27
2017-09-15 17:02
f0rsakeN | 
Europe RJM 
I am think that your video is power fantasy of polish people :D I am know that >German taked polish prissoners to holokaust camps
2017-09-15 17:03
Lemmy | 
Poland MetalMan 
2017-09-15 17:07
Its didnt create this piece of art xd
2017-09-15 18:05
no one cares
2017-09-15 17:04
Europe Apzi 
I care.
2017-09-15 17:06
2017-09-15 17:08
2017-09-15 18:06
Germany iXoxo 
Sick video. "we shouldnt look at the past", - we should. History is important.
2017-09-15 17:09
I mean that we shouldnt dont like each other because some fuckers gives a order to attack us xd
2017-09-15 18:07
Germany iXoxo 
Defently. There is enough bad shit in the world.
2017-09-15 18:35
Sounds like the biggest cuck post of the entire HLTV history
2017-09-15 23:14
good that author of this video pointed also on what Russians did to Poland. Sadly not a lot of russians know that their nation did a key role in start of WW2
2017-09-15 17:10
Stop spreading lies... World War 2 was a hoax.
2017-09-15 17:13
Stop spreading stupidity
2017-09-15 17:57
2017-09-15 18:08
cry is free Poland. You have done nothing .
2017-09-15 17:14
Europe Apzi 
and your country ? fakeflagger......
2017-09-15 18:06
Nice fake history(not the gulag part)
2017-09-15 18:08
NBK- | 
France sacrebleu 
luuul watched the whole video and many things are false xddd
2017-09-15 18:13
2017-09-15 18:15
Which ones? XD
2017-09-15 20:41
u did not break Enigma.
2017-09-15 21:21
2017-09-15 21:23
they really didn't.... ask any actual historian
2017-09-15 22:16
well Poles actually broke it .. you can read it on UK news sites that they credited those Poles
2017-09-15 23:47
you send me dailymail and telegraph articles ill let you off since you are not from the UK but these are not reliable sources of information.
2017-09-15 23:50
LUL nice video but poland has done nothing important in WW2
2017-09-15 18:14
But isn't that obvious tho? They got fucked over by 2 super armies from both sides. Allies didn't give a shit about helping them. +alarming ppl of Holocaust and breaking Enigma especially I guess is kinda important
2017-09-15 19:58
Check what hitler thought about poles and then u will know why he wanted destroy us so badly :)
2017-09-15 20:49
now i know why we lost the war... because hitlers iq was below 50
2017-09-15 22:05
*poland hasnt done anything after pilsudski
2017-09-15 21:29
Brazil lopanBR 
2017-09-15 22:15
maybe you shouldnt have mass murdered germans before ww2
2017-09-15 21:22
DURATION OF RESISTANCE WW2 (in days): Greece 219 Norway 61 France 43 (The superpower at the time) Poland 30 Belgium 18 Holland 4 Yugoslavia 3 Denmark 0 (The Danes surrendered to Hitler's motorcyclist who was conveying Hitler's request to the Danish king for the crossing of the Nazi armies. The Danish king indicating submission surrendered his crown to the motorcyclist) Czechoslovakia 0 Luxenburg 0 Poor history like your nation So with 30 days resistance you did a video , with 219 days we have to do movie Poorlak?
2017-09-15 22:09
Turkey dogboi2001 
greece 219...yes cuz greece was/is a useless country to take
2017-09-15 22:13
Talking to me "poorlak" but greece first announce commerce cuz yours lazyass dont want to work xd but this thread is not about it xd
2017-09-15 23:41
there isnt a word about Greece in WW2 materials... And also why is Britain missing in your list?
2017-09-15 23:49
hades | 
United Kingdom Dave2303 
Im assuming he's not including any successful countries because he's trying to make Greece look better
2017-09-16 00:05
I really feel sorry for you , this source i gave its from Wikipedia , so i dont try to make anything , history did BUT forget that , did ever Germans conquered the entire Britain?? so thats why Britain its not in the list , i know that, and i am Greek, you dont know your own History?? How retarded HLTV can be
2017-09-16 00:25
hades | 
United Kingdom Dave2303 
Wikipedia lul
2017-09-16 00:25
where is NA?
2017-09-16 00:54
Turkey dogboi2001 
2017-09-16 01:42
Poland deserverd what they got, they killed many germans before ww2.
2017-09-15 22:20
can you give me any source to it? nor like i dont believe you, i just didnt heard anoything about something like this before ...
2017-09-15 23:50
that quote on the end of the video was nice
2017-09-15 23:22
The russians are the reason we won WW2
2017-09-15 23:25
they are also reason why it started
2017-09-16 12:29
Also the Italians killed more jews than Hitler.
2017-09-15 23:26
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