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Why can't he find or make a good team to compete in international lvl? IMO hes a great awp player and good with rifles, with a good team and sponsors could he become a top player? Thx already
2012-06-11 20:45
maybe he just likes mixing alot and playing for fun and not sooo super serious
2012-06-11 20:46
mab u are right... cuz i only see him mixing and etc...
2012-06-11 20:51
I saw him playing with sukitron and recki some days ago... that would be an awesome team
2012-06-12 03:29
42 years old...
2012-06-11 20:47
2012-06-11 20:49
who da fuck cares how old he is? 15,20,30 or 40? its all about the skill!
2012-06-12 02:29
2012-06-12 09:42
Would be cool to see him in a2g instead of olofm. And more than one event in that team ;-D -- And instead of Roga should be manne or rape :)
2012-06-11 20:48
Language barrier, I don't think they could understand eachother, however, chris can speak a good english
2012-06-11 20:48
If I and my mates can communicate on matches with other European guys (russia, poland, germany etc) without any problems, they should not either. :)
2012-06-11 20:59
It's easy to communicate basic tactics/calls, but naturally calling inround situations will be beyond most people
2012-06-12 01:46
rogga is really good, and most likely more motivated than manne or rape
2012-06-11 20:51
Yeah he is pretty good, but I really like manne playstyle. Like moddii but worse... I don't know how to say it :D
2012-06-11 20:59
hahahaha like moddii but worse :D nice description
2012-06-11 21:01
Yeah it's hard to explain for me since my english sucks :D I'll try: it's like "young" moddii you know? Like Neymar is similar to Ronaldinho, but Ronaldinho always will be better :D Ok I give up... :D
2012-06-11 21:02
Sweden ZOD! 
2012-06-11 21:37
manne is a beast like moddii but moddii is better :D
2012-06-11 21:01
THIS! Thank you :-D
2012-06-11 21:03
i like manne too ;D
2012-06-11 22:49
online beast manne
2012-06-12 08:48
I prefer berra. He's SO insane.
2012-06-11 22:56
dennis pronax BARBARR keiz chrisJ
2012-06-11 21:35
xhiroz chrisJ n0thing oskar sixeR
2012-06-11 21:55
And everybody will speak in own language :D
2012-06-11 21:58
Well you must admit that this team would be awesome if there wasn't any language barrier :)
2012-06-11 23:01
chrisj & sixeR are both awpers, and AdreN is missing on your list, he would definetly be there instead of chrisJ/oskar :)
2012-06-11 23:06
chrisJ and sixeR can handle all weapons, they aren't delpan.
2012-06-12 00:17
2012-06-12 06:18
2012-06-12 07:04
every single good awp (except maybe delpan) can handle riffles
2012-06-12 11:11
AdreN <333 He should jon M5, would fit in perfectly:*
2012-06-12 00:39
bloodR | 
Finland bIoodR 
i dont think he wants to play in a professional scene, just for fun
2012-06-11 21:58
are u this dumb?
2012-06-11 22:20
Cause he's a fucking dick that's why
2012-06-11 22:59
ChrisJ isi at every fucking LAN, Every fucking team. Jealouse ;( He play 4Fun.. mixing etc.
2012-06-11 23:04
because every Dutch teams disbands after 1 event
2012-06-11 23:43
there are much better players than him that dont get a chance, netherlands scene is almost dead , so its hard to him show his self without playing with foreigns
2012-06-11 23:46
. Who is ChrisJ?
2012-06-12 00:12
Netherlands LwDD 
2012-06-12 00:17
Chris is a very nice guy tbh ;p
2012-06-12 00:19
Brown tongue right thUr.
2012-06-12 03:23
2012-06-12 09:56
no reason be the guy you called me.
2012-06-12 11:48
Aktualny sk&#322;ad DkH: Nikola " LEGIJA" Ninic Johannes " tabseN" Wodarz Timo " xeni" Mangold Marco " fai" Sinato Chris " chrisJ" De Jong
2012-06-12 06:23
is he really 42 years old?
2012-06-12 09:19
yxo | 
Ukraine piratz0r 
2012-06-12 09:46
no thats a mistake i guess, he just turned 32
2012-06-12 09:57
thats just default age in profile.
2012-06-12 10:08
what is? 42 or 32?
2012-06-12 10:13
42 is default
2012-06-12 10:23
as far as i know there has never been a Dutch top player/team why is this -skill? -organisation? -team motivation? i have no idea
2012-06-12 12:25
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