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IMT org idiots
Brazil MommyStealer 
Was only a commun twitter drama and they made a hell on it cuz of some reddit crying kids.
2017-09-20 20:39
Outside of SA, death threat are not that common.
2017-09-20 20:40
Hungary Tschonti 
2017-09-20 21:09
2017-09-21 08:46
2017-09-20 20:41
fnx | 
Brazil sl1ceman 
2017-09-20 20:46
It's not about in-game performance. It's about reputation and money.
2017-09-20 20:50
Money without good players... Yep, dude, you´re right. This is VERY POSSIBLE...
2017-09-20 21:04
unless youre 12 you would know that it isnt just by winning tourneys that orgs get paid.... there are sponsors, business deals, and other grown up shit that happens behind the game that you need a solid reputation to uphold. If imt lets their players talk like that without consequences then they are looked at badly. simple as that, justified.
2017-09-20 21:17
Yes what you said its true, but if your team is godshit no one gives a fuck about your org anymore, you need good players to be able to perform and get recognition for your name, imt are fucked brazil has good players, but 4 of them are probably making a team together, and they are left with bots to work it now on IMT
2017-09-20 21:19
if they want their cs team to be great, then maybe look elsewhere other than brazil. unless they feel like they need to be a 100% brazilian team then idk what they should do. but you dont have to be a completely mixed team like faze or mouz. but you can pick up some people who are avaliable in EU.... as long as the remaining imt players speak english
2017-09-20 21:23
Yes but boltz and steel english is pretty trash, they can do ok interviews but if they had to speak it on a daily basis it would be pretty bad.
2017-09-20 21:25
I think steel might have an english decent enough to make the calls, but yeah i think is unlikely to happen
2017-09-20 21:35
Yep. #34. They´ll lose Major Spot and probably will be shit at scene.
2017-09-20 21:25
Oh, kid, it´s more likely you´re 12. Obviously I know that. But orgs WITHOUT good players doesn´t win TITLES. Without good players = less sponsors and some other things. They´ll lose Major Spot, who is the bigger event an org of CS:GO could play. The dumb CEO of IMT can decide to fire kng, but with this it was obvious that the twins would leave the team. So, I hope he has a plan to elevate imt again.
2017-09-20 21:23
no fucking shit retard. I was addressing your point. At the end of the day kng cant be on the roster, now they have to find more talent elsewhere. jesus christ how dumb are you
2017-09-20 21:25
oh, you´re a joker. Shut the fuck up sillyboy.
2017-09-20 21:29
IMT org has plenty of money. If the sell the twins for a good amount, they can get young talents for a few bucks and make huge profit.
2017-09-20 21:23
they might not be able to sell those players anywhere lmao. they cant speak english, and sk doesnt need anybody... and no other t1 teams in SA.
2017-09-20 21:27
An international org probably will want to make a team with the twins, kng, fnx and more one. The twins + kng + fnx is too much firepower. They only will need to find more one good player to make this team strong and probably tier 1.
2017-09-20 21:31
I guess theyll build a new roster with FNX +1, surely there is an org willing to pay for that roster.
2017-09-20 21:31
Yep, and the Major´s spot counts a lot for this, too.
2017-09-20 21:40
Good players = titles = money >> sell to have profit and to buy young "talents" (always dangerous).
2017-09-20 21:27
Depends on how you define your goals. If they make more money selling players than with price money, i guess the org is fine with that. Just look at the dortmund football team. They always get young talents for cheap and sell them for 20-30 million one or two years later.
2017-09-20 21:33
It doesn´t depends nothing. But I understand you. If Imt thinks that it´s so bad for the Immortals´ fans. Cheers for an org that thinks more on profit than wins titles (major) is disgusting. If they defined their gols that way, I´m so sorry for the fans.
2017-09-20 21:37
i also see your point, but lets be real: there is no proper solution to this issue. The Org cant just jail LUCAS and HEN1 for the major spot, the team chemistry is fucked anyway, so they have to make the best out of it. Which is: get the most money out of it. Just my opinion.
2017-09-20 22:00
IMT is totally right they should get a team with disciplined players not party animals
2017-09-20 20:57
only a tweet? check your facts right...
2017-09-20 21:09
kng played with a suspension W.O vs LG in ESL PRO LEAGUE W.O vs NORTH in DH Montreal finals GOING PARTY 1 DAY BEFORE MAJOR FINALS want more?
2017-09-20 21:21
and brazilians are crying more about it than non brazilian imt fans are
2017-09-20 21:23
Brazil mth^ 
1. kNg thinks he is a thug guy 2. acts like a retard proof: 3. party guy while working/tournaments (steel and boltz confirmed on ELEAGUE) 4. death threats/trash talk on twitter 5. toxic 6. he didnt follow IMT's rules and punishment by IMT's CEO and the ORG/CEO are idiots? I'm brazilian and I can't believe u can reach kNg's brain lvl :>
2017-09-20 21:26
Well said. What an idiot.
2017-09-20 21:29
Sweden LimeyGaming 
+1 to this. This guy doesn't deserve a shot at professional esports. It's on the verge of becoming something mainstream, you don't need this kind of shit happening at that point. Good on the org for setting standards.
2017-09-20 21:33
Russia sNQ- 
pls translate this monkey trashtalk
2017-09-20 21:50
Brazil mth^ 
when I get home i do this, im at work now haha
2017-09-20 22:01
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
sup boys , im "summoning" you guys to see the game today , the game will be crazy,who really like us go and cheer for us bcuz today will be a awesome match against the guys and they're good aswell.
2017-09-20 22:16
Russia sNQ- 
2017-09-21 08:13
Portugal KwwG 
It wasn't just that probably
2017-09-20 21:27
Brazil mth^ 
2017-09-20 21:28
Brazil tcesarsc 
Guys, I don't know what the problem is. Immortals is on their right, if they think they absolute needed to release kng, even with two other players demanding his staying, they can. Also, the Immortals players have the freedom to ask to leave. Everyone is on their right, I don't know why it has to be yet another drama.
2017-09-20 21:29
Portugal justszzzGOD 
you still eating shit?
2017-09-20 21:33
North America onder00 
Rip imt 2017
2017-09-20 21:36
Zeus | 
Turkey oz1ko 
common twitter drama ? lol he said i will kill you man wtf
2017-09-20 21:42
2017-09-20 22:24
kng childish cunt lul
2017-09-20 22:25
Belgium kinghsq 
hen1 lucas fnx kng fox GG WP !!!
2017-09-20 22:27
who would want to play with those 3 anyway? brazilians hillbillys who got a little bit of fame and cant handle their shit.
2017-09-20 22:37
Noah Whinston is no idiot. His LoL and Overwatch teams are his money makers. His CS:GO team was a side project. Toxic players/personalities like kNg and the twins, who could damage potential sponsorship opportunities are not worth it for a side project.
2017-09-21 00:18
steel | 
Belarus Ruble 
2017-09-21 02:12
nitr0 | 
Canada Surzz 
2017-09-21 02:14
fer | 
Brazil rabanetin 
KNG deserved it, and the twins are just dumb enough to follow him, they deserve to be forget with fnx and KNG, maybe we will see them in Neymar's parties
2017-09-21 02:17
Netherlands sha1 
cry is free
2017-09-21 08:35
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