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Koosta Threatened to Kill Me
United States Rivitur 
I asked Koosta to sign my Fat Head of him that i have over my bed and he replied with: seriously im now fearing for my life here. What if he comes to get me :(
2017-09-21 12:34
Turkey ramowarr 
then report him
2017-09-21 12:35
i did but i dont have a reddit account so sjw take my side :*(
2017-09-21 12:42
wow kooster :S did not expect... kicked from clg + fined for being stupid aSshole
2017-09-21 12:38
hope he goes through with it
2017-09-21 12:39
wow thats sexual harassment
2017-09-21 12:52
just memeing
2017-09-21 12:47
its only memeing until someone gets hurt.. what if koosta is yakuza????
2017-09-21 13:05
Hmm maybe he is but tough to prove he is serious until u have proofs :/.
2017-09-21 13:05
so are you saying prove it or i'll kill you????
2017-09-21 13:06
2017-09-21 13:06
now i have to worry about 2 people killing me... or well 1 because asians arent people
2017-09-21 13:07
2017-09-21 13:12
Yakoosta :O
2017-09-21 17:50
2017-09-21 19:06
RpK | 
Singapore Benjababe 
Fucking unacceptable. HLTV and reddit are already covering this up because he's not brazilian.........
2017-09-21 13:08
spread the word my friend
2017-09-21 13:13
Lost all my respect that I didn't have for him
2017-09-21 13:12
2017-09-21 13:24
FNS told me that koosta was racist too
2017-09-21 13:29
I asked a 5year old girl to sign my dick. Totally worth the 5years jail :))))))
2017-09-21 16:48
Israel PapaObama 
you gotted autograph or no?
2017-09-21 16:53
She drew a smiley face :))))) [*]
2017-09-21 17:47
Typical csgo player But hey when you get out she'll be 10
2017-09-21 17:03
Thanks brother always keep positive
2017-09-21 17:48
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Ugh... Seeing the OP and then clicking on the link... Not advised.
2017-09-21 19:09
2017-09-21 19:14
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Do so all you like to your will. Unlike yours, however, mine doesn't need reporting whatsoever. I only feel sorry for those who clicked on the link in the first place. It IS better than your previous "Flat-Earth" escapades, though. Kudos for being original, if a little dense with your baiting.
2017-09-21 19:17
enlighten me on how exactly this was baiting???
2017-09-22 09:01
Ugh...lost all my respect...
2017-09-21 19:10
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