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Thanks HLTV
GeT_RiGhT | 
Sweden slyde123 
I just wanted to thank you guys for going and voting on my post, everyone was respectful in the thread and it was really cool to see what you guys think, so I just wanted to say thanks, to everyone who voted! We had exactly 225 votes at the time of this post! thanks so many guys and Eleague pulled ahead with the most votes with 36%. So once again, thanks and have a lovely day (Poll is open for 6 more days here-
2017-09-22 00:51
page doesnt exists bruh
2017-09-22 00:53
opps ) was at the end of the link! this time is correct, sorry!
2017-09-22 00:55
already found original link man. eleague all the way
2017-09-22 00:55
Thanks for checking it out!
2017-09-22 00:56
i'm feeling thank you
2017-09-22 00:57
Lol, thanks for voting, or just checking it out!
2017-09-22 00:59
I expected PGL.
2017-09-22 01:01
I loved the crowd at PGL! but if you read #9 I'm a bit biased to Dreamhack!
2017-09-22 01:10
meant that sarcastically, PGL's downfall was the many issues they had during the last major.
2017-09-22 03:28
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Good thread. I voted. :) For the record, I voted DreamHack just because the last few CS:GO Majors have been ESL, ELEAGUE and PGL in that order. I would like a DreamHack Major again, the DreamHack Majors have never been a let down, bar Cluj-Napoca. Of course the less we say about MLG Columbus the better...
2017-09-22 01:02
Thanks! I appreciate it, if I could vote I would 100% do Dreamhack I actually was @ Dreamhack winter 2014, that was actually me and my now wife's first date!
2017-09-22 01:04
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
OMG that's amazing! :D That was of the best CS:GO Majors to date, people still agree that it was one of the best. even if the "Olofboost/Boostgate" didn't exist, it's production quality and electrifying Grand-Final was the absolute best. She is a very lucky gal. :D
2017-09-22 01:12
I try my best ;) we are actually gonna attend the next major together!
2017-09-22 01:13
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Ah, congratulations. I sincerely wish you both have a wonderful time! :)
2017-09-22 01:15
The link do not correspond to your info, you are now under investigation.
2017-09-22 01:11
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
It's fixed in post #2... Keep your wig on, Columbo.
2017-09-22 01:12
I accidentally put a ) at the end of the link, the correct link is
2017-09-22 01:13
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